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The Things We Do For Lard

Lately I've been reading a lot of diet books and I've learnt one thing... don't read diet books! Seriously, the kind of advice is so flimsy. Like in one, the theory was that sales of low fat food are at an all time high yet people are fatter than ever so eating low fat makes you fat...aha! No mention of the deep fried chicken and and pizza that is served along side the low fat stuff.

In honor of this, I have developed my own diet. The Sleep A Lot Diet. See, when do you weigh your lightest? First thing of a morning, of course. When all you have been doing is sleeping. When do you weigh your heaviest? Last thing at night when you have been running around all day. So the moreyou sleep, the less you weigh. Brilliant but simple. Now I just need to fill it out with some case studies and recipes and I'll have a best seller on my hands.

As far as diet/weight loss books go, I tend to prefer books that either deal with emotional issues related to weight loss or else people's real life stories (just like reading weight loss blogs, really). But there is some really trite advice out there. For example, if you eat when you are lonely, call up a friend to chat. Well, der. If I had a friend I could conveniently ring, I wouldn't be feeling lonely now, would I?

Another standard is to take a bubble bath when you have food cravings. If I did that I'd have permanent "dead man's fingers" from spending my life in the bath (plus the bubble bath thing doesn't go down well in the workplace).

But despite cravings and comfort eating and life stress and my general laziness, I've been dropping down a few kilos. I've been trying to get to the gym as much as possible, even purchased a monthly pass (no more "week before payday" excuses). I'm still doing the 8 minute abs and losing waist weight too.

I'm going home to see my family for the long weekend. Hopefully, I'll finally get someone to notice I've lost weight. My sister said she'd say something but it doesn't count when you have told them already. I think last time I was home, I was about 25 kilos heavier so they should damn well notice. If I lose another 7 kilos, I'll be at my all time lowest adult weight. That is pretty damn amazing. Woohoo! Go me. I wanted to lose 5 kilos before I went to Tassie but it looks like it will only be 3. Still better to try and fall short than not try at all.

love that diet, think you should bring out a book ;)
and happy long weekend!

By Anonymous Rah, at 10:41 am  

Hey now, the sleeping diet works! The days I've been exhausted and fighting off some bug, sleeping many hours of the day away, I didn't eat much. Those were low-cal days. Of course, I don't eat much when I'm working out in the yard, either - tend to work outside until I feel those low blood sugar woozies.

By Blogger Gardenwife, at 1:52 pm  



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