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Okay, in the US where sizing is different from here, you hear of people being like a size 2 or a size 0 but do they get any smaller? What I really want to know is if they start going into negative figures.. can you be a size -2?

I also want to know where these people put their internal organs.

My understanding is that if you're smaller than a size 0, you have to have your clothes specially tailored or go to girl's sizes. The reason for the Big Zero is because clothes are larger now than they used to be (I guess to flatter us into thinking we're smaller sizes). There are size zero women who look perfectly normal to me (being short and petite as well). They look fine. It's when the women who are 5'7" and above start heading for zero that you wonder where their internal organs are. Hope that satisfies your curiosity!

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 7:25 am  

I have heard of a size 00 which is smaller then a 0. Very scary.

By Blogger SkinnyME, at 4:47 pm  

That is why all the stars have those huge oversized handbags. They use them to store all their internal bits.

I have often wondered about US sizes. When they go on and on about so-and-so being a size 6. And we think omg how can that be. But in our reality they are a size 8 and 5 ft nothing so probably an OK size for them. I would rather be a size 12, have curves, be healthy, and know that I look like a woman.

Am catching up on your blog so will be back :)

By Blogger M, at 8:53 am  



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


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