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You know what really gives me the shits? When some skinny chick, who's worst weight problem is stuggling once a month to fit into her size 6 jeans, gives me diet advice. Wouldn't it be great sometimes to NOT have to be polite in company? To be able to say "shut the hell up or I'll kick your scrawny little butt to the curb"?

What the hell do these girls know? They read a couple of dodgy articles in Cosmo and think they are weight loss experts. For example, I went out to dinner with some friends, and friends of friends, the other night (the night we went to Pellegrinis, if you remember from the post below). Afterwards, I complained about the fat content of the food. I don't normally worry about that kind of thing - if I go out to dinner, I enjoy myself because I know one meal won't hurt, so long as it is just one meal. But this was exceptional, like eating deep fried lard or something.

But it's okay, my friend's friend told me. You have overeat for six meals in a row to gain weight. Ha, right. Wouldn't that be nice? Eat a cream cake for dinner every night - it doesn't matter because you aren't eating it for "six meals in a row".

It's not even worth arguing with something that stupid.

Even worse, I hate celebrities talking about weight loss. I don't give a damn what Nicole Kidman or Paris Hilton or some chick from Desperate Housewives does to "lose weight". What weight have they got to lose anyway? Let's face it, it's their job to stay thin. That's what they are paid the big bucks for, to look like toothpicks. If they gain a kilo, they can devote their lives and the best Hollywood expertise to gettig rid of it, without having to worry about cleaning the house or going to the office or driving the kids to footy training or the million and one other things we have in our lives. As much as I can't stand Oprah, at least she can talk about weight loss with some authority. She's walked the walk and it's the walk of the wobbly thighs.

I get more out of reading any weight loss blog out there than a magazine filled with "celebrity diets" because this is real life.

And, while I'm in ranting mode, you know what else I hate? People who tell you that you can forget about your diet just this once. How egotistical is that? Think about it. Yeah, you can have a meal every now and then without worrying about calories or points or fat or whatever you count, you can have the occasional treat. But they aren't saying that. What they are saying is that this has to be the treat. Of all the treats in the world, you have to have theirs. They never stop to think that maybe, just maybe, you'd prefer a better, tastier treat. Maybe instead of having a slice of dodgy work cake, I'd rather have a great meal with my friends. If you are only having one treat a week, you want it to be worth it. Again if I wasn't so polite, I'd be saying: "yeah I can have a treat, but it aint gonna be yours."

I just had to laugh while I was reading your post because I could identify so well with what you said ! What a great post and how true it is.
Have a great week and don't let anyone tell you what your treat for the week should be - you decide !!!
Be good and take care.

By Blogger Me, at 3:09 pm  

Oooh, fantastic post! Made me laugh, and it's so bloody true! Don't know if I can say anything you haven't already said. It's about time we stopped all the bulls**t and just got on with living our lives the way we want. And sometimes throw being polite to the wind and tell it like it is!

Have a great week :)

By Blogger Philippa, at 3:38 pm  

I soo understand this - how would they have any idea how it works!
my friend who was borderline annorexic a few years back gives me "tips". Hmm no thanks doll, dont wanna weigh 39kg!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:43 pm  

Had to laugh (and nod my head along) to your post! I also had to laugh at KT's comment!
Skinny people giving weight loss advice is funnier than my pet hate - people scoffing their faces with pies and cream buns while they are asking me how I lost my weight! *bang head against brick wall*
Oh and don't you love the magazines that show Naomi Cambell, Nicole Kidman etc with cellulite! Is that supposed to make us feel better somehow!


By Blogger Thinner Nancy, at 7:14 am  

*grrr* I can't handle diet advice from people other than my blog friends and people I know have studied/researched/worked it! You got to laugh though. Just know that you are succeeding in how you are approaching it and at a much healthier rate too.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:25 pm  



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