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Some days...

Since I had today off work and a free pass to Fitness First that expires today, I thought I'd go to the boxing class at Victoria Gardens at lunch time. I got ready to go but couldn't find my gloves. Then I remembered. I went to a boxing class at lunchtime last week and, since I was going to the movies after work, I put everything I didn't need in my drawer at work so I didn't have to lug it with me!

So the plan changed and I decided to go to the 5.30 cycle class at Melbourne Central. I wanted to go to Borders anyway so I could do that and walk home. I'd burn so many calories I would be able to justify going to Spudatoes on the way home. Except when I left Borders, I couldn't work out how to get to Fitness First - I could see it, I just didn't know how to get there (found out later, the lift is next to Borders). I was too late for the cycle class so decided to muck around on the cardio equipment and go to the 6.30 cycle class instead. I only did a light workout because who wants to exhaust themselves before one of those classes?

At 6.30 I went into the class, set up my bike and began pedalling. Five minutes later, the class hadn't started. Ten minutes later and someone came in to tell us the class was cancelled. By then, I was fuming. What a waste of time. So I walked home and skipped the Spudatoes (had leftover chilli with salsa and salad, which was just as good anyway).

Sometimes you can have the best intentions in the world, but it doesn't help one bit.


Following on from my last post, normally when I go to Borders, I grab a diet/exercise book or two to browse through while having a coffee in the cafe but today I looked at them and realised I've probably lost more than most people who have written those books. Sure there are some that are real life stories, but most of them are written by doctors or whatever that just out to make a buck.
I need to break the diet book habit anyway. I need other interests. The other day, I decided I needed a craft project so I bought some felt and stuff to make an ipod cover but it's been sitting on top of the computer monitor ever since. Other possible interests include learning a new language (although that might be costly since I'm not working), joining a sports team (except I have no idea how to go about it) and taking up some kind of drawing class.
I take back all the nice things I said about my friend, Simon in my earlier post too. He was on msn last night, asking whether he should go to Milan or Rome or Dublin next weekend. There is no need for that. Especially when the most exciting place I'll probably go next weekend is the laundrymat in Clifton Hill.
I went to the op shop today and got some jeans. I wanted to get some smaller sizes that I can "grow" into and measure my progress. I got a pair of size 16s and a pair of size 12s. The size 16s fit me now and I dont' think I'll ever fit into the size 12s. Not because I'm being negative but they are so small - I think they must be a very small size 12.

How annoying that the cycle class was cancelled!

I love op shopping. Sometimes you can pick up some great bargains.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 9:41 pm  

Bugger about the cycling class - I might head into there tomorrow, and try a class out ... I should also head to the op shop and pick up some clothes...I need some summer things for Perth...I would love to try a boxing class, but don't own my own gloves :(


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:20 pm  

Wow you clever thing, planning to make a cover for your ipod. That is very industrious. And LOL at you not liking Simon anymore. I am sure if he were home he would love to go to the Laundrymat with you.

Yep, some size 12's look like they were made for Barbie. Well done on getting the 16's that fit.

By Blogger M, at 11:54 pm  

Must take myself to the op shop and get rid of all of my 'fat clothes'.
All these different classes at the gym sound like so much fun and I am very tempted to give some of them a try


By Blogger Thinner Nancy, at 7:36 am  

I'm really familiar with the cancelled exercise class, as well as personal trainer who doesn't show up, shoes that can't be found and motivation that hides somewhere else for days. It's a wonder we get any exercise at all sometimes. :)

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 7:49 am  

Cycling classes are very cool and make you break a sweat something chronic! I do hope you get around to doing ones of these, I think any class is great as it gives you a bit of variety and even if you don't really enjoy the class you walk away learning some new things. I also brought a size 12 pair of jeans which seem absolutely tiny! I'm not sure if i'll ever fit into them at my goal weight but I will be trying to tone my butt off too thats for sure lol...unlike you I was not wise, I should've brought these at the op shop, op shopping rocks doesn't it! Hope the rest of your week is great.

By Blogger Kiwi Gals Rock, at 8:27 am  

I know this probably isn't the same thing, but here's a website with free language learning lessons on it

I've considered learning Italian as my daughter is also learning it at school and it would be fun to help each other out!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 9:54 am  

Whoopsa, what a way to try out a *new* class/gym. I hear you about the diet books too. I don't look at them anymore either but I look at cook books now and *food* fiction. I am reading Eat Me by Alexandra Antonioni atm. The humour is a bit forced but a light, fluffy read. Some interesting recipes and ways to approach a date LOL.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:32 pm  



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