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I Can't Believe I Forgot...

6 Things I Hate:

I mean, to paraphrase Ralph Wiggum, hate: that's where I'm a viking. How to restrict myself to just six things!

1. My housemates. I ebb and flow with this, sometimes I don't mind them but at the moment they are getting on my nerves. They stand in the hallway talking loudly. They make noise at night. Late at night. They NEVER buy toilet paper - I am so sick of this that I refuse to buy it any more and have a secret stash. Since no one else has bought any, I think they have secret stashs too. Damn them. One of them, buys old cars and does them up then resells them. He parks them outside the house so there is never any parking in the street anywhere nearby so I have to lug my shopping from faraway.

And, get this, this is the worst. We live in an old house and one of the guys had his window open the other day. They are the old fashioned swing windows with old wooden frames and, because the wind was so strong, the hinges broke off. Now he has no window. Instead of fixing it or ringing the landlord to fix it, he's just left it. Now everyone walking along the street can see there is no front window! Who the hell would do that? Who? Luckily when I moved in, I had a huge paranoia attack and put about 50 locks on my bedroom door - big locks with very long screws (the screws are the key - you can have the best locks in the world but without sturdy screws, they are valueless - they are also the once that sit flush so you can't unscrew them. Yeah, I'm that paranoid!)

2. People who walk slow and block the street. If you are going to walk slow, at least walk to the side of the footpath so people can pass you. This is annoying enough in the city but extra annoying when it is on a walking track that is used for exercise. Think of someone other than yourself people. Don't hog the track. Don't walk 2-3 people abreast (or cycle like it either). This is enough to send me into an insane rage. Trust me.

3. People who think if they acknowledge their character flaws, they need do nothing more about them.. and that other people will in fact think it's cute or something. You know the type - they turn up late, again and just roll their eyes and say 'you know me... always late' or they stack on a hissy fit over trifles then say 'but you know I'm a drama queen'. Being honest about your faults doesn't excuse them.

4. Similarly, girls who say they are princesses and expect to be treated like it. I mean if someone wants to think they are a princess, then it's nothing to me. But when they expect to be treated better than anyone else or think they are special, then forget it. I don't care what your daddy says, honey, you are no better than me.

5. My internet connection. It's been as dodgy as lately. And slow. I hate that.

6. Another one that sends me into an insane rage - people who ignore the lap lane signs at the pool. They don't swim laps in the lap lanes but play with their kids or stand around chatting or other stuff. And people who swim the wrong speed for the lane. You have no idea how much this infuriates me. I used to fume silently, now I tell people. I'm like 'this is a lap lane, honey. The aqua play is over there.' Polite but firm.

That is the tip of my anger iceberg anyway. I didn't want to get into politics or any other can o' worms like that. I feel a little better now.

hehe i agree with that, i hate people that walk slow in the street, thanks for your comment

By Blogger Fiona, at 8:53 am  

I have never understood why people hog the path, or walk with 5 people and expect that they be allowed to all walk side by side and everyone else has to walk on the muddy grass. I generally just keep walking and hit them with my shoulders. I am a classy girl :)

By Blogger M, at 11:28 am  

Wow, this is the best post I have read in some time. I admire your honesty and candor. When I was younger, my roommates never chipped in either and it drove me bonkers, I tell you. Even now, my husband and I have a room we rent out and I don't think this guy has once bought laundry soap but uses ours continually - what an ass.

Anyway, I followed you here through Mae's blog and just wanted to say hi.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 8:02 am  



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