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I learnt a valuable lesson last night. Yesterday, I'd been thinking about going back to a shop where I'd seen $50 cowboy boots but decided I shouldn't because I'm trying to be frugal. So last night I was heading out to pick up Andrew to go to the movies. I got pulled over by the breatho - blew nothing, of course, but one of the cops seemed determined to get me for something. I forgot to put my current rego sticker on the car and he thought he could bust me for being out of rego so I had to wait impatiently while he phoned about that. He finally got back to me, and told me that he was giving me a ticket for not having a current sticker. Who knew you could even get fined for that? I mean, it's not hurting anyone. So anyway, if I'd got the cowboy boots and stayed home last night, I'd have been much better off. Plus I'd have saved all the money I spent at the movies!

I drove off with many scathing things I could have said burning on my brain but I said no of them. I always think it's best not to give cheek to anyone carrying a gun.

All the way to the movies, I told Andrew off. For it was his fault I got fined. I don't care if he's left home, putting the new rego sticker has always been his job.

Oh and here's a very handy hint if you live in Melbourne: The choc tops at the Nova have around 800 kj compared to around 2,000 per choc top at Village. Last time I went to Village, I nearly died when I read the info on the back of the choc top. That is more than a Drumstick even and it was a very small choc top, they must make it with pure lard or something.


I discovered a good/bad thing at the market yesterday. One of the stalls sells lollies and all kinds of yummy biscuits. This is a good thing if you feel like a little treat - I could never trust myself to buy a whole packet of biscuits and use them sensibly, but it is nice to be able to buy just one or two. But it is bad when one litte treat becomes three or four. I didn't need a small bag of chocolate sultanas (boy, are those things fattening!) plus a couple of iced vo vos, plus some gingernuts. Next time, one treat and one treat only.

The same stall also sells the best blueberry bagels. They make an excellent breakfast (or lunch) with some honey and low fat ricotta.


It seems like everyone out there is preparing for Christmas - with their super dooper Christmas challenges. I thought about jumping on the bandwagon but Christmas isn't very inspiring for me. We are having the lowest key Chrissie day imaginable. Because my family came over in September, we've decided not to get together. None of us are particularly flush and airfares are so expensive at that time of year. So it's just going to be Andrew and I. Andrew is the ultimate no-fuss, no-muss boy. He'll eat Christmas lunch and then go back to his Nintendo. He actually told me that and I said that wasn't showing much holiday spirit or family togetherness. So he offered to let me play Nintendo with him!

Our plans are thus - he's making a chocolate ripple cake because it's his favourite. Good for me too because I hate them so won't be at all tempted. I might make a big fruit salad for myself. We are just going to grab some ham and turkey from the deli and I'll fix up a couple of salads - potato, because Andy loves it (and so do I, who doesn't love potato salad? Must look for a good and not too damaging recipe) and some healthier salads. Maybe I'll get a dvd we can both watch for after lunch.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here - where the hell did the year go???? Sad thing was I never realised til I walked into Woolies and all the tinsel was everywhere and i'm like HOLD UP are we near Xmas??

I'm not too fussed on Christmas either (which is weird because my family always makes such a big deal) it's never just immediate either it's streams of aunts,uncles,second cousins... Maybe that's why I'm glad it'll just be me and my flatmate this year - Low key sounds relaxing to me ;D

(gotta love me some potato salad too! - that stuff is hmmm making me salivate now LoL!)

OH yea and that cop is an arse.

By Blogger Dee, at 10:51 am  

dont you hate the cops always trying to pin ya for something. oh well i guess shit happens. how was the movie any ways. what did you see.
yeah xmas is a bit over the top these days, im a practical person and i hate getting inpractical presents and things, this year my siblings there is 4 of us are all going to put $20 in each and go in lotto and see if we can win. better then wasting the money on stupid pressies.
anyhow enough dribble have a good weekend

By Blogger Fiona, at 12:00 pm  

There is some show place on Brunswick St that is closing down that had shoes for $10 and boots for $20 - I think they are near the bookstore (on that side of the street anyway). Bugger about the fine. I am using xmas as a motivator as i have not seen alot of my family since xmas - so I would want/need them to notice something! Is that stall at the preston market? If not, there is one like that there. I agree with you about the laundrymat - and on weekends besides workers there are a few odd balls that hang out at mine.

Have a super dooper ;) weekend!

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 12:48 pm  

I think the universe was telling you to buy the boots...oh well, you'll know the signs for next time.

I am not a big fan of xmas, the best thing for me is that now I have gotten old enough to choose (and recently separated/divorced parents helps!) I make the most of the time off and catch up with like-minded friends. Another thing I do is flit amongst their family bashes and hope I make it to each in time to see the kids open their presents - it's almost like I'm five again..

(A totally unrelated Q: What does the '*' mean next to my name on your blogroll? Just curious ;o))

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 10:58 pm  

There's definately a message in there for me. My rego expires in December and the sticker is still sitting in a bowl on the sideboard! The other thing they can do you for is if you have the old and the new sticker stuck on your car....I guess the cops have to get their Christmas booze up money from somewhere!

I love Christmas and am up before the kids on Christmas morning. I've got a photo of my then 4 year old still asleep on Christmas morning, soooo cute. I love that my kids are so excited and this year my brother will be here from the UK. This will be the 4th time I've seen him in 23 years so it's going to be an extra special family Christmas.

By Blogger rolypoly, at 11:33 am  

Bummer about not buying the boots but getting fined instead! I love shoe shopping.
Sounds like you have a quiet Xmas planned which must be a good thing. We always have a very easy, relaxed small Christmas gathering with my family and BF kids which is great. No fuss, no stress.
Christmas seems to be getting shoved in our faces earlier and earlier .. I live in a smallish town but shops started selling Christmas decorations last month! Give us a break - it is still just under two months away!

Hope you had a lovely weekend


By Blogger Thinner Nancy, at 3:09 pm  

maybe you could write a letter regarding the cop. It could be worth a try, they might let u off the fine. Its not like u didnt have a warrant.

Welldone on passing the 25kg mark too!

By Blogger Kt, at 3:28 pm  



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