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Thoughts and Resolutions

In a recent post (which I am far, far too lazy to find and link back to) I talked about that magical, mystical day where I'd stop tracking - my healthy new lifestyle would take flight on wings of it's own no longer needing the guiding hand of calorie counts.

Well, I think that day has come, folks. Lately I've been so over tracking. Not in a bad - I don't care any more, I'd rather eat my own body's weight in lard - kind of way, but in I want to have a life outside of dieting and counting and fussing - kind of way.

I see it like this - most of my life has revolved around food and body stuff and all those related issues, its just that lately the focus has gone from a negative thing to a positive one; still the focus is there though. A princely part of my brain works is devoted to what goes into my mouth.

Recently I've had other things in my life - good things, interesting things, challenging things. Nothing major or pulse racingly exciting (well except for that builder who's going to spending the next week fixing up stuff around my house... what is it about a cute, young tradie in shorts and work boots? Best I start doing my hair and makeup before I go for a shower in the morning. Actually, with my slothful, unemployed lifestyle at the moment, best I start showering in the morning!)

So, now I've cooled down a little... the point is that I don't want live for food, I don't want my life revolving around what I eat, how many calories I've consumed, blah, blah, blah! But, on the other hand, I don't want to go insane. I still don't fully trust myself.

I kind of see it like this - I've taken my new eating patterns through the baby years, the years I have to watch them and nurture them and protect them but they aren't quite ready to move out and set up house on their own. These are the teenage years - the age where they are testing their limits and push for their freedom. They still need rules and curfews. I figure, I guided my son through adolescence without any dramas so I can do the same for my eating habits (although I trust Andrew much more than I do my appetite).

From now on, no more tracking. But I'm going to monitor my weight carefully and if I stop losing then I'll go back to it. It's a scary step but necessary one I feel.


I had a bit of a splurge day - financially not dietary. Since I'm in the mood for resolutions, I've decided this is the last splurge until I start working again. My shopping will be limited to the op shops except for Christmas gifts. What's the point of spending good money on clothes when they are only going to fit for a little while anyway?

I've been good with food shopping; Andrew and I have been making a weekly outing of the Preston Market. Since I stopped work, we've been going during the week which is much nicer than the Saturday crush. We actually get to browse in peace and chat with the stallholders. Then head to the souvlaki stall for lunch (bad, I know but I've been restricting myself to half a pide - yum).


Oh I guess I should say what I bought: a top/dress from Jeans West plus a singlet top (and I got a $15 voucher to spend next time); a new quilt set from Freedom - that was the big splurge but it has cherry blossoms on it and I love cherry blossoms, plus I virtually live in my room so having nice bedding is important. Oh that's it except for phone credit. Not so bad after all.

I did go into the Fila outlet shop to look for gym clothes. I did that thing where I looked at the stuff on the racks and realised nothing would go close to fitting me - except that, der, I was looking in the kids section. Still didn't buy anything though.


Anyway, it's a hot day so I should go see if this builder would like a cool lemonade.

Sounds like you've had a great day. And I'm very proud of you that you've recognised this new part of your journey, where you're going to trust yourself to make the healthy choices and control the portions without slavishly counting calories. It's never meant to be a crutch.

And good on you for getting a few nice new things for yourself - you deserve it. What's the dress like?

BTW, the cardigan I'm wearing in the photos I posted last Thursday is the same one that you bought on our little shopping outing last week! It's the Sylvia Plath cardigan!!

Hope you're having a great week :)

By Blogger Philippa, at 8:57 pm  

Sometimes I think that if we are in agreement with our unconscious self that we want to be slim and healthy, we don't have to count calories, points, grams or anything -- we just "naturally" make the right choices day after day. It would be a wonderful thing if that is the place you're in now.

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 10:38 pm  

kathryn, try this...

Would you like a cool lemonade? Or perhaps


Best of luck in your experiment. It is my dream to successfully monitor my eating habits without writing it all down!

By Blogger Zara, at 3:37 am  

After losing 26kgs you know how to lose weight so I am sure you will be OK not writing everything down. I think as long as you monitor your weight carefully and take action if you start to gain, things should go well. You know the choices to make now to stay healthy and fit.
Shopping expedition sounded great.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 12:13 pm  

I really identified with this post as I have too "gone off of the grid" lately as far as counting goes. I find that I eat healthier now, and just so you know, since I stopped counting almost a month ago, I have lost 7 pounds total when I had been stagnant for months.

Good luck!

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 6:00 am  

You have to love a good looking builder ;D

By Blogger M, at 10:57 pm  



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