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Single Figures

One of the most exciting milestones during my weight loss was getting into double figures - that magic moment when the scales click over from 100 to 99. It's not much of a difference but mentally it means so much.

Well I had my weigh in this morning and I've reached another milestone. Single figures! Not that I've shrunk down to a tiny 9 kgs overnight but I have less than 10 kg to go to get to my goal weight. My weight this morning - 79.8 kgs - woohoo, I'm in the 70s.

I can't believe it. I mean, maybe I'll get to 70 kg and want to rethink my goal but I'll worry about that when I get there. The weird things is that when I started out, I felt like I had so much to lose that I'd never to anyway near my healthy weight range. To be honest, in the beginning if I'd lost 10 kilograms and kept it off, I'd have been happy. As a diabete, I knew that losing 10% of my body weight would make a big difference to my health so that was worth achieving.

Then one day a tiny little spark entered my head - I can do this. I tried to fight it because I'd lost weight so many times in the past and regain it again. This time though, I began to believe it. It's not enough to want something or to think it would be nice. You do have to really, honestly believe that you can do it.

I think my overriding philosophy, the thing that has been different this time, is not even that I can do it but that I can keep doing it. Day in and day out. Even after a binge. Even when I'm sick. Even when it gets really tough.

Last night I didn't want to go to spin class but I got up and did it. I've come so far and, except for illness or injury, I've never missed a gym session when I've made up my mind to go. Now I've got to the point where I don't want to break that record. It works for me.

Now I've just got to keep going and kick the arse of this last 9.8 kilograms.

Well done on getting into the 70's. I remember being there once, *sigh*, and how annoyed I was when the scales ticked over into the 80's. It's such a different feeling when the scales go in the wrong direction but I do hope to be back there soon. Have a great day.

By Blogger linda, at 8:27 am  

Wow!!! That is just so awesome! And being in the 70s for some reason does sound a LOT different.
:) A

By Blogger Ang, at 8:42 am  

That is terrific! Well done on your determination. This will be your year.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 9:02 am  

Very inspiring post - thanks for sharing!

By Blogger Denise, at 9:19 am  

wow - congratulations...that's so exciting! ou've done so well and you're so close.... you're an inspiration ;)

By Blogger Madamx81, at 9:28 am  

That's fantastic!! How exciting! I would have been running around in circles and dancing through the house if I were you - I hope you did!

Thinking you can do something has such a huge affect on the result, but it's not always a feeling one can bring about at will. I don't know what it is exactly, but for me there seem to be windows of opportunity and when they come I need to throw myself through them. Quitting smoking was like that, tried so many times and then one day I just felt like this was it; I stopped and it was easy. I have an inkling that I have one such opportunity now and plan to take a flying leap.

So uplifting to see that it can be done.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 9:39 am  

OMG that's sooo awesome!!! (I had a giggle at shrunk to 9kgs because i thought when I seen the title you're in like a size 8 now ;D)

I can't believe you've got 9.8kgs left to lose Hun, you've come such a long long way and like most everyone that reads I am so very proud of you! A true inspiration.

Love the mantra by the way, its like the whole if you step on the court, track in sports thinking you can't win then you won't.

SO very true!

By Blogger Dee, at 10:03 am  

wow you'e on the home strech now... under 10kgs to lose.... woooohooooooo

you'll be there in no time!!!!

how good do those milestones feel when you reach them.... can't wait to join you in the 70's soon!!!!


By Anonymous ali, at 11:10 am  

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. All downhill from here.

By Blogger michelle, at 11:23 am  

Well done on getting to the 70's! This year will definitely be yours to get to your goal weight.

I'll be checking on you every day!

By Anonymous Stacey, at 12:09 pm  

Congratulations Kathryn!!!

Less than 10kg to lose is sooooo good! You are just on fire! Woohoo :o)

By Blogger lms, at 12:12 pm  

WOOHOO! Thats great! I think what you say is true, lots of times I have heard "if you want something enough you will do anything" nd I am sure this may be true for some, but I think it's possible to want something badly and not actually do anything to get it.
Thanks for being an inspiration!

By Blogger missjesse, at 12:52 pm  

hooray! Those numbers are just that, but its amazing how they affect us! Its like we are just that little bit closer to getting there! Well done vxx

By Blogger missy vas, at 1:15 pm  

OMG How exciteing!! I am so thrilled for you!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 2:28 pm  

That is awesome! Congrats for becoming a 70's girl!!

By Blogger Tina, at 2:32 pm  

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is a HUGE milestone and you really have done so well. How does it feel to be in the 70's?? I'll catch up soon :) You have totally inspired me today!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 6:05 pm  

bravo and bravo some more!!!!

"the thing that has been different this time, is not even that I can do it but that I can keep doing it"

this is no small thing you know!!!!

By Blogger Silverella, at 6:25 pm  

Well done, you'll be 70kg before you know it, you're doing such a great job and you are an inspiration to so many of us. Thanks for sharing!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:33 pm  

Yay! under 10 to go - you'll be running past me in no time ;)

By Blogger Lucinda, at 10:18 pm  

wooohoo! milestones rule. well bloody done :)

By Anonymous dg, at 1:05 am  

go you...thats fantastic news, i was feeling a lil crappy and its put a huge smile on my face...yayyyyy!!! your gonna get to 70 in no time!

By Blogger laura, at 1:20 am  

You got it so good girl! You've worked it out!! YOU CAN DO IT and yep, even after a binge, even after being sick :-) This is such a brilliant post and well done.

By Blogger Mary, at 6:49 am  

We are around the same weight andd have similar GWs!! I am pretty sure that I will hit the 70s this week too!!

By Blogger Angie, at 3:46 pm  

Congratulations on getting to the 70's girl! All your commitment to your exercise over the last month has paid off. What a great way to start off week 1 of the new year!

By Anonymous Barbara, at 6:35 pm  

Ohhhh, I can feel your excitement!

By Blogger Beckie, at 8:11 pm  



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