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The interview seemed to go well. She's contacting my referees and calling me back in the morning. I get so paranoid about reference checks. I had an ex-boss once who, I'm pretty sure, bad mouthed me when giving references. I was going to get someone to do a pretend reference check to see but just couldn't - it would have hurt too much to find that out for sure because we'd had such a great working relationship.

I had to sit though a 40 minute induction video. It was so boring. You'd think that if you had to tell a person not to turn up to work stinking of BO, then maybe you shouldn't hire them in the first place. But seriously, they told you that in the video. They also kept showing signs that said "good housekeeping is everyone's job". I want one of those to put in the kitchen for my housemates.

After the interview, I went across the road to my all time favourite Japanese place for lunch (was going to go before the interview but at 1.00 the queue stretched out the door and down the street). I had a plate of miso beef with rice. They have me a mountain of rice so I divided off roughly a cup to eat. Still I feel like I've eaten all the food in the world. I have to eat slower. Normally I have a light lunch - sushi or rice paper rolls or a salad roll - so my belly is hating all the food in it. It's as tight as a drum and I just feel like napping but that's how sumos are made.

I so don't want to go to spin class tonight. I'd much rather nap and my thighs are killing me from my personal training session yesterday. I swear he made me do 500 squats. I never want to do a squat again in my life.

Yesterday I bought a notebook so I could keep training notes. Normally I just do a rough calorie total and try to do over 500 calories worth a day. That's fine for monitoring weight loss but it doesn't tell me if I'm challenging myself with my workouts.

I wrote a list of what I want to do each week in the front. Do you remember that episode of the Brady Bunch where Marsha starts high school and joins every club and goes mad running around to them all? Well that's what I was like. This was my initial list:

  • spin class x 2
  • pump x 2
  • weights x 4
  • run/walk intervals x 4
  • boxing x 1
  • pilates x 1

Then I realised that I can't do it. Not unless I clone myself and have two of me working out. I mean, I could do spin class plus weights on the same days and I could do pump and run/walking on the same days but it's all just too much. I'd have trouble doing it now when I'm not working so imagine fitting that around work and study. I think I need to work out what I really want to do but I want to do everything. When did I become this person?

Well...arent you glad you became this person?
And I do the same you do with your son, with my husband.

By Blogger Silverella, at 6:49 pm  

If you get hired by this company, you should copy the video and play it on your t.v. for your roommates...

By Blogger Haloranch, at 2:59 am  

Why don't you work out a fortnightly exercise schedule, so you can get in all the things you want to do without killing yourself? And that way you're not doing the same every week.
I really identified with your 'fodd pusher' post about your son. That's so insightful of you to recognise that.

By Blogger Sue, at 6:42 am  

Good Luck Hun!!!

On the excercise - you have 4 different classes ther why not do one class a day mixed in with the running and (I forgot the other thing LoL) And then on the 5th day do whatever you fee like doing or especially enjoyed again.

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 2:26 pm  



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