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I Love Lychees

I only got into lychees last summer - boy, was I missing out! I love them. I love the fiddly peeling and I love the juicy centre. I love rolling them around on my tongue and biting into the membranes. I love the sweet, almondy taste and sucking on the smooth pip. They are February's Fruit of Choice.

Today was up and down. Up was walking home from work. I've moved offices so it's only 10 km now not 12. Damn it. I need that extra 2 km (only joking). It was weird - I came over all funny on my walk. Like I had a big lump in my chest restricting my airways and couldn't get enough oxygen. I figured it was either a panic attack or a heart attack and either way there wasn't much to do except keep on walking. I'd got to a bit of the track that detours from the main path - it's extremely narrow and there are no handrails - just a steep drop to the river. Since I'm a little bit scared of heights, that might have been making me panic.

Last time I walked it, there was a dude riding his bike along it (despite the no bikes sign) and I had to go right near the side when he passed. I am so sick of cyclists. They whinge all the time about how discourteous drivers are but they are damn shocking. Since I've lived in Northcote, I've seen 3 people (one an old lady) knocked down by cyclists on the footpaths. There is a bike track on the road, for god sake. Use the damn thing. I had somone abuse me for not getting over to let them pass on the bridge near my house (yeah, I didn't hear their bell because of my music but again, there is a bike path). When I'm walking along the paths near my house, they act like they own them.... it's a walking path too people!

Well... got that out of my system... the other bad thing today - my new office has a place of evil. Just near the kitchens is a bookcase and on top of it is a cornucopia of fund raising lollies. Boxes of the buggers in all shapes and sizes. Normally, I act like these things don't exist at all but, at this office, I've started thinking - if I were going to buy one, which one would I buy? And that kind of thinking leads to acting.

Yeah, I thought I could buy a bag of peanut nougat today and stop after a sensible portion. Well I did end up throwing some away. But I ate 3/4 and threw away 1/4 instead of the other way around. I had to throw it away cos no way could I stop eating it otherwise. Nougat, I love you.

I think I'm addicted to sugar. Seriously. If I go cold turkey, I'm fine but once I start with it, I can't stop.


I had a first interview for a job this morning. I don't want to say too much - it jinxes it, don't you know. But I want it. It's somewhere I used to work and I loved the location. The work sounds easy and well paid. And it's for 6 - 12 months. The agency people seemed very keen. Fingers and toes crossed for this one.


Tomorrow I have to come straight home from work. My landlord is coming around to collect the rent. They do this in person and with cash - because they are as dodgy as hell - and they said I could leave my rent (we all pay separately) with one of my housemates. But since they are all dodgy and totally flake too, I am not leaving money without getting a receipt. So, that means no gym after work. I'm thinking of going before work. Scary, huh. Okay, maybe not for you... but I'm the worst morning person ever. Showering, eating and getting dressed is the most I can manage. If I don't manage, I can always go for a run after paying the rent. Or run off with the rent money and buy shoes - woohoo!


After my last post, I have to mention this (I was actually reminded by Argy's post). As I was walking home tonight, I was crossing a bridge and a woman and man were coming the other way. She was trying to balance her handbag and carry an uncovered chocolate cake. In the cake hand, she had her cigarette. Now, I love smoking as much (okay, much more) than the next person but carrying an uncovered cake across a windy bridge with a lit cigarette? Even I baulked at that. Must have been a delish cake with that unique ashy flavour.

WOw the amount you walk is amazing - I wish I had the motiavation to walk that far each day on top of all the exercise you do at the gym (when you don't have to get home to pay the rent of course !!!!)

Will be crossing fingers, toes and legs (well at least until Thursday !!) for you - hope the interview goes well and that you are successful with it.

I totally hear where you are coming from with the sugar thing - I am trying not to start at all because I am the same - once I start I just can't stop !!!!

Have a great week - good luck and look after yourself !

By Blogger Me, at 11:00 pm  

how could someone show such disrespect for a CHOCOLATE CAKE?!?!!!

will keep toes and fingers crossed for your job kathryn! and eyes too! X-)

By Anonymous dg, at 11:01 pm  

Damn DG keeps beating me to post first! I'll get you one of these days, pesky DG.

Anyway- loved this post! Lots of things I totally relate too- spesh the sugar thing. Had a bit of a battle with a tin of syrup and nothing but a spoon the other day.

Well done on throwing away the rest.

By Blogger Lainey, at 12:42 am  

I have never heard of lychees before. Is this an Australian fruit or am I just dense? I was watching a British show the other month and they started talking about leeks which was another vegetable I'd never heard of. I have to widen my food horizons.

By Blogger PastaQueen, at 3:58 am  

I am with you on the sugar - I am beter off cold turkey!!
Fingers crossed about getting the job you want:)

I didn't realise you lived in Northcote - I used to live off high st a long time ago:)

By Blogger Leighanne, at 9:20 am  

I think I'm courteous when I'm riding, but will try to be a bit more aware - many of our paths are for pedestrians and bikes.]
I'm like you with the sugar - okay if I keep right away, but once I start, oh boy!
From a morning gym person - I like the mornings so much more than the evenings. More energy. I think, and no waiting for people to get off the machine I want to use (and then having to wipe it down because they're pigs). Good idea to get a few carbs in you though - perhaps a banana or an apple - so you don't crash.
Cake and smoking - two things I like, albeit infrequently - should definitely be kept well apart!

By Blogger Sue, at 10:38 am  

Poo. Have smoke. Enjoy it. Don't juggle god's gift with cake. Wrong. In all sorts of ways.

By Blogger Beckie, at 10:57 am  

And, yes, fartlek is one of my FAVOURITE exercise workds.

By Blogger Sue, at 12:43 pm  

Oh, I haven't had a great lychee since I've been in Australia! I get them here in Canada but they just aren't the same. To me it was like eating a little piece of heaven. Do you find that they almost taste a little of what you would imagine roses to taste like...just a hint? yummmmmmm When I first saw it I thought they were the most bizarre little things I've ever seen, but who knew that that's what laid under that barky looking exterior.

By Blogger Blissful Loser, at 1:24 pm  

Fingers and toes are crossed!!

By Blogger Ang, at 4:36 pm  

Hope you get the job. I am disgusted that someone would hold an uncovered chocolate cake and a cigarette at the same time, especially WITHOUT a glass of champagne to top it right off! LOL.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:30 pm  

I like your Lychee description, yum! Christ and I'd be having a panic attack too if there was a chance I'd drop into the river LOL and as for cyclists, grrr. I live in an area where a good majority are cyclists, even my partner, but sometimes I reckon they need to be made to get a licence too and learn the rules!

Fingers crossed for the job!!

By Blogger Mary, at 10:56 am  



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