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Time To Get Serious!

Last night I decided I have to stop faffing around with this stuff. I've got 7.2 kgs to lose to get to goal and once that's gone I can slacken off a bit. Well not too much but the occasional treats can wait until then. The glasses of wine and snack sized chocolates and banana bread at Borders cafe will still be there when I'm at goal. They aren't going anywhere.

I've gotten soft, folks. The rot has set in. Since the beginning of the year really my eating hasn't been good. The only thing that has kept me losing is that I've been doing a shitload of exercise. That's not good enough. The bad habits are creeping back and I have to nip them in the bud cos the minute I cut back on the exercise, I'll put on weight.

My friend's wedding is in 6 weeks. That's 5 weeks until my friend's come home. I can lose at least 5 kilograms in that time. If I want to look my best, I've got to give it my best. So, this is the deal:
  • Exercise every day (barring sickness) including 3 heavy cardio sessions a week and light cardio the other days. Weights 6 days a week (ie. 2 sessions of legs, 2 of upper body and 2 of abs). One session of yoga, pilates, body balance or some other stuff like that.
  • Increase incidental exercise.
  • No treats. Well one treat a week. Other than that it's just fruit or yoghurt or other healthy snacks.
  • Portion control.
  • Tracking every day.
  • Lots of water. Lots and lots. If I don't wake up busting for the loo then I'm not drinking enough.
  • No booze (except for the hen's night)

I'm not going to say that I'll get down to 70 kgs in the next 6 weeks. That's a 7.2 kg loss and I think that's unreasonable, but I'm going to get as close to it as I can.

Awesome pump up post! I need to do this too, I've been slacking so much and losing the same 500g for the last 2wks.

I'm with ya on giving my best starting right now.

now if only we could speed up time to 6wks..

By Blogger Dee, at 8:56 am  

sounds like a plan! I'm glad I read your blog 1st up this morning.. you are sooo going to do this!

By Blogger linda, at 9:05 am  

Perfect timing - exercise is the only thing that's been saving my arse (literally) as well. Thanks!

By Blogger Sue, at 9:11 am  

What a great post Kath - I feel like you're really psyched to get moving again. You say such sensible things too - the icecreams, the grog, the treats that I have all too often will still be there when I'm at goal! What a wise girl you are.

I hope it all goes well, give it your all and I know you'll succeed. You'll outshine the bride if you're not careful heh heh!!

Have a great week :)

By Blogger Philippa, at 9:23 am  

Go Girl! You make me want to run outside now...except I'm off to the dr, so i'll wait to bob about afterwards.

It's true you know, i forget...all those things will be there when i get to goal...I just must not make up for not having them when I get there.

The plan look great:) Have a great week!

By Blogger Lucinda, at 9:43 am  

i've felt this way too...although u seem to be getting some results....i dont think i have had any....yep so this is the time to get serious....and kathryn u have it in u...i'm totaly behind and i'm sure everyone else is too...go go go!

By Blogger laura, at 11:08 am  

YAY You can do this IDiet!
A lot of us need a kick up the ass at the moment!


By Blogger Mucky, at 12:58 pm  

You sound totally ready and realistic about this, so go ahead and do it! You are right all that stuff will be there once you reach goal, if not something else equally as good will be in it's place.
Here's to a great week!

By Blogger missjesse, at 2:45 pm  

Thanks for your comments Kathryn - wowsers? It's not that great ;) No they are the same glasses I had on when we met at SIS - it's just the makeup, hair and no sweat make me look alot different, if I have my hair straight I look like another person - one of my best friends walked past me the other day because she didn't recognise me with the straight hair.

Indie look? What is that...I'm a bit slow with the times.

I SO want a spudatoe! but I had a bagel for lunch :(

Biggest Loser tonight - YAY!

By Blogger Lucinda, at 3:46 pm  

yeah! great idea. faraway, so close, i know the feeling!

and i know you can do it, coz you rule the school.

By Anonymous dg, at 11:37 pm  

I've got two weddings in May and June and I've been thinking similar thoughts. Like, I've just noticed that all formal dresses have no sleeves! What?! So, I now have 3 months to try and make my upper arms less flabby. Or crochet a jacket :)

By Blogger PastaQueen, at 2:20 am  

You can do it!

I'm on a similar mission and it's great to read posts by people who are ready to crack down. I'll be checking back frequently to see how you're doing!

By Blogger Jessi, at 5:59 am  

With that attitude you are going to do really well, GO FOR IT! I know you can do it :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 5:03 pm  



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