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Wish Jeans

Even though I've been losing weight, my measurements have been staying the same. How annoying is that?

So, a while back, I bought my wish jeans - a pair of size 12 jeans that I want to fit into - and I've periodally been trying them on and measuring the centimetres needed to fit into them. Last time I tried, it was 23 cm. Today it was 10 cm. How does that happen when my waist and hip measurements have stayed basically the same?

The only thing I can think of is that my belly fat is getting more jiggly and easily compressed. Kinda like if you have 12 oranges in a bag made out of some firmish, shape holding fabric then you took out some oranges, the size of the bag stays the same. Until you take out all the oranges and the bag kinda collapses on itself and goes all saggy --- arrrrgghhh! Don't want to think about that.

So yeah, with only 10 cms needed to get the wish jeans done up, I did the old lay on the bed trick. I got them zipped and buttoned! Sure I had the muffin top to end all muffin tops, but I go them on.


I'm not one for fancy cooking, but I thought I'd post my new favourite dinner recipe.

Kathryn's "I've just run my butt off at the gym and now I'm too stuffed to cook dinner" salad

Half a bag of prepared salad mix from Coles (get the cheap Farmland one)
Half a small tin of 4 bean mix
A tomato chopped up all rustic, Jamie Oliver style
Some chicken slices - get the Farmland chicken breast supreme, it's as good as Weight Watchers and cheaper
One of those little cheeses from the pick and mix cheese thing at Coles

Chuck it all in a bowl and add balsamic vinegar.

Easy, peasy lemon squeezy and it's got all your vegies, carbs and protein. I think I'll be eating that for dinner often.

How good did it feel to get them done up??! I hope you danced around the room!

Loose skin certainly doesn't appeal, but it has to be better than having it full of fat. Whooo-hoooo!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 12:20 pm  

I’m with ya on the muffin top ~ I’m rocking my own! But even though you did the little metaphor thing I still think it'd be amazing to have only 10cms left!! Like Caramel said how great did it feel to get them done up? AND size 12 to boot. nice.

Congrats on 77.6kg that's bloody awesome Hun!! I hope you're strutting around everywhere.

That dinner sounds super yummy I've copied it am going to try next Monday (when shopping is due) thanks for sharing ;D

By Blogger Dee, at 1:39 pm  

I use those salad bags too as a base .. I buy the one from Woolies, has different lettuces, cubed cheese and cherry tomatoes already in it. I then add 1/4 avocado, an egg and a small can of tuna or for a change 1/4 breast of cooked chicken. I then put the "free" ceasar dressing on it, so easy and .. YUMMO!

Congrats on your continued losses .. have been reading your blog for a long while and loving it .. first time I have left a message.

By Anonymous Karen, at 4:12 pm  

Hey Kathryn, congratulations on being able to do the wish jeans up. i agree on the measurement thing, it is hard to tell sometimes when you pull the tape tighter or looser, but you can tell with clothes. fitting into a nice pair of jeans is a great incentive for me also. i love wearing jeans lately, after 4 years of leggings with a skirt on top. i found some cute opshop jackets and loosish tshirts to help hide the "muffin top". Plus i cut the band on the sides of one pair of jeans to allow a little extra space at the waistline, and wore a tshirt over the top. i went out to see i mean listen to Henry Rollins the other night, and it felt so easy to just put on a pair of jeans, tshirt and boots and feel comfortable and relaxed.

thanks for the salad idea, great for summer. Another quick meal idea that i use wnen i am very hungry but very busy, is to cook a frozen microwave meal, but put a big bundle of spinach leaves, mung bean sprouts and tomatoes into the bowl ready to add the meal on top. Or i cook up onions, capsic, mushroom, celery and zuchini slices ie tons of "free" vegies for 5 minutes in frypan with a bit of water and the lid on top to help steam thru. i add these cruchy vegies to the cooked meal. Sometimes i add tamari, or sprinkled chilli powder or other herbs and spices while the vegies steam. But the frozen meals usually have a sauce in them. i kinda fee that some cooked rice and things in the frozen meal is ok nutritionally, provided i have added a bunch of fresh vegies.

By Anonymous Barbara, at 6:56 pm  

I can definitely relate to your wish jean story and now that I am at goal, I still can't fit into mine properly! I decided it doesn't matter now LOL but yay for getting into yours!

Yum, I like the salad too. I did something similar last week but with one of those flavoured capsicum/tomato tunas instead of chicken. Yeah, I'm not a fan of WW products either. Firstly, they are more expensive but they don't taste so great either. I'm a foodie, always will be so it's gotta have something going for it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

By Blogger Mary, at 7:35 pm  

well done on the jeans woohoo and the loss thats such a great effort.
have a good weekend

By Blogger Fiona, at 9:17 pm  

weights a funny game huh...i swear i've been pretty on it with the sit ups and yeh, i think my stomach is bigger than its ever been...go figure, i love the quick salad isea, gone off it a bit but may have one well :)

By Blogger laura, at 1:50 am  

good on you for getting those jeans done up. I have the same problem with the wobbly tummy. Measurements don't shift much but I fit into smaller clothes......... It i squite achalleneg to do the 14.7 fun run isn't it but good to have something to aim for.

By Blogger michelle, at 7:33 am  

Not long now and those jeans will be fitting like a glove.

Good to see you on the running forum. Nice to see a familiar name.

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:07 am  

omg, it must have felt fantastic to get 12s done up!!!!!
that salad sounds great!!!

By Blogger Kt, at 5:11 pm  


As for the jeans, I bought the first size 18's in a long long while before Xmas. The fitted great at the shop etc but that night when I jammed on the "hold it all in" undies and put on my jeans, the looked great. But the roll that was pushed up above them and stuck out further than my 18E breasts (I know - disgusting) was so foul that I had to wear a big baggy hippy top.

Just you wait until the muffins have gone and you will lose it with delight!!

By Blogger Jules, at 7:00 pm  

Whooo hooo for the pants being closer. I do think that the stomach gets a bit more squishy and easier to manipulate in clothing. Well, that's happening with me anyway.

Love the salad. Very similar to what I have planned for lunch. Which I am going to get right now.

Hope you have a great day :D

By Blogger M, at 12:54 pm  



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