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Gym Adventures

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and, of course, as soon as I left the house, the cool change came through - by "cool change", I mean it was absolutely pissing down. It eased off for a while but then started bucketing down again when I got the gym. There is about a metre of open area near the gym and I decided huddle under the awning of the cafe opposite rather than risk getting wet (is that confusing? my gym is in the QV building in Melbourne so there are lots of open air cafes with big awnings around it).

The guys at the front desk kept opening the door and yelling out for me to run but I was wearing thongs. Wet weather + running + thongs = disaster - if you ask me.

I had a great workout doing walk/run intervals on the treadmill then I went to Ab Blast class. I think I need this class because I will do anything to talk myself out of ab work. It's boring and nasty and you don't even see the results until you strip off a shitload of body fat.

After about 2 minutes in that class, I'm sure the other girls were calling me Oinky McSweatsalot in their heads. I'd done my cooldown but was still perspiring heavily. I was even having trouble doing planks and things because my sweaty arms were slipping around on the mat. Urgh!

Now that would have been fine if I'd been left alone to wallow in my own sweat, but no. We had to do a circuit. I bet those girls were looking at my mat and shuddering. I wanted to apologise but how do you say 'sorry for making my mat all sweaty'... well I guess you could say it like that. Instead I got my towel and wiped it down. I would have swapped it for another one but I'd been kinda disruptive anyway, coming in late and being disorganised so I thought the instructor would yell at me over her Madonna mic.

It mustn't have been too bad in the end because one of the girls came over to chat with me afterwards. She told me I'd be sore today but ha, I'm not. Maybe it's because I did everything at the easiest level. Next time I'll try harder.

So today, I'm tossing up whether to go shoping or to stay home and do some work. Shopping looks good.

Wow, there are a lot of food/recipes blogs popping up at the moment. Yum. This is a short list of my faves:

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Hey there! so what if u sweated tons! I sweat like theres no tomorrow sometimes! icky yucky i know.. its your matt.. what do they care!!??!!
Good to hear you werent sore!
Good on you for going and working out! That ab effort will show up soon!

By Blogger Tiffany, at 5:00 pm  

your gymimg lately has been amazing!!! you are so inspiring!!!

And i sweat buckets too...actually the more I sweat the better I feel because i think im loosing

yes im silly i know. but really, there is something in sweating while exercsising that makes me feel "cleaner" inside. I really feel like the toxins are getting out, etc.

And 78.4 yesterday??!!!!

You met your mini goal you know!!!

By Blogger Silverella, at 6:47 pm  

gyms are meant to be aweaty...hence the whole take a towel thing...go you, your exercising seems so commited....i think i need a abs class....i'm very proud

By Blogger laura, at 4:21 am  

Yay, you called shoes "thongs". I have not heard that term in so long - since they came out with the thong panties...we always called them that as kids ;).

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 5:34 am  

LOL yep, thongs + rain = definite disaster. I was walking home with a friend in the rain recently who was wearing thongs and I basically had to carry her. It looked very comical I was told because she kept slipping.

Good going with the workout! Try not to worry so much about the other girls. I know what you mean though. I feel this way when going to yoga classes but I really think most people are worried about themselves I am realising.

The food blogs are great hey! Although my reading list is growing now LOL. It's all good though. What a great community we've got going!!

I hope you have a great day matey.

By Blogger Mary, at 9:04 am  

I was so confused and amused when I read about the thong thing. In the UK a thong is a g-string. I was wondering why you couldn't run just cause you had small underwear on.

Tres amusant!

By Blogger Lainey, at 1:35 am  



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