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Arrrghh! After yesterday's post, things got worse. I went to the gym to do my run/walk intervals and couldn't run. I pushed myself as much as I could but was really having trouble.

After that, I did my upper body workout and that went much better. I have to do push ups. I've never really done push ups before. Sure I did them in pump class but I cheated! I did those girlie push ups on my knees and used my legs more than my upper body. But my personal trainer made me do them properly last week. Well, he had me doing them on a bar on one of those weight lifting machines, not on the ground so they are modified but you can't cheat. It's amazing when you can feel that it's the "right" muscles lifting you.

I'd been hungry before I got to the gym and my workout took longer than I expected so I had to rush off to meet the girl who bought my BDO ticket off ebay. I got the cash off her and had planned to go shopping but first I needed to eat. I was famished and my favourite city eatery is that side of town - a sushi train place - so headed there. But alas, it's closed down and another Japanese place has taken over. By then, I could have eaten a nun's bum through a convent railing, so I went in anyway.

I needed real food, not just sushi rolls so got a miso beef with stir fry vegies and rice. Then I forced myself to eat slowly, not an easy thing for me to do when I'm that hungry.

Afterwards, I felt so tired. I couldn't shop. I just wanted to get home. So I came home and slept for hours. I really think I need to see the doctor about this - it's one thing sleeping during the day if you don't sleep enough at night but having a 2-3 hour nap during the day and still sleeping normally at night is just abnormal (well for me anyway).

I ended up having a late one last night though - my pal, Sugar Lips, can over and we headed to St Kilda - the Espy was having an Australia Eve thing with heaps of bands but it was crowded and hot so we grabbed a beer each from the bottle shop and walked along the pier for a while. Got back in time to see the Spazzys then headed home.

I hate the Espy. Seriously. I forget how much I hate that place and think I like it but really and honestly, it's crap. Last night most of the crowd were blonde and shiny and looked like they should have been at some dance club not at a pub watching bands.

So anyway, I am feeling perkier today. If I decide to brave the weather, I might go to the gym and do my legs workout. If not, I'll do a modified version at home. I'd like to go swimming if I could think of anywhere that isn't overcrowded.

I don't think I've ever done a proper push-up in my life. Once when I was in marching band they made us do 10 push-ups on the field as punishment for something and my friends actually laughed at my pathetic attempts. I would have been mad if I wasn't sure I looked like a fish flopping around :)

By Blogger PastaQueen, at 3:14 am  

I've only disocovered my love of sushi in the past 6 months so any and all recommendations welcomed.

Hope you are feeling less tired and I do think you should speak to the doc.

Lainey. PS) am loving having you drop by my blog

By Blogger Lainey, at 3:51 am  

I did girlie push ups on my swiss ball on Monday and my arms and chest muscles was sore for days! I am just feeling ok again today! Pathetic eh!
Have fun at the BDO .. please post photos!
Definately suggest you do go see a doctor ... something sounds not quite right!


By Blogger Thinner Nancy, at 7:34 am  

Babe, can you promise to go get a check up? Maybe you just need a week off or something and you're not a failure if you take some time off!!

By Blogger Mary, at 8:54 am  

Agrees with Mary on the checkup!

I have never been to the espy...but if it has moved on to the blonde and shiny crowd, i'll never step foot in the door.

By Blogger Lucinda, at 9:38 pm  



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