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Even though I'm trying to NOT spend money, I popped into Jeans West today. And boy am I glad I did. They have an extra 25% off all their reduced stock (am I sounding like an infomercial or what?). I got a few things to try on and then the girl suggested a few other things. She showed me a black top that was nice but they didn't have an XL or a L, only an M. The girl looked at me and told me I should try it anyway. (I almost kissed her) So I tried it, and it fitted! Woohoo! It's on the tight side but not unwearably so. I ended up getting that and a purple singlet for $13 - bargain city.

wwwooooo hoooo, you go you skinny thing!!!
I LOVE a good old summer bargin!

By Blogger Ang, at 6:03 am  

As soon as I say that I am not buying anymore clothes until I lose 40 pounds, I see a sale.

It's a sickness I tell ya!

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 7:56 am  

what the hell! $13 for 2 tees in JW?! Awesome!!

what's much more better is you're a MEDIUM!!!!!!

Yay I'm so bloody excited for you.

By Blogger Dee, at 9:16 am  

its easy to get stuck in the 'i'm a big size and nothing will fit stage' and a medium...thats almost a small :P go u and the sales (no point buying clothes that will be too big for u soon anyways)

By Blogger laura, at 9:55 am  

AWESOME!!!! A medium! How great does that feel?? Way to go!

By Blogger Blissful Loser, at 10:48 am  

I love good shopping stories :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 10:55 am  

Can you believe I am too scared to even walk into that shop because I figure they won't have anything to fit me! I went to another shop last weekend and needed a top. I told the lady what I needed and the other salesperson...way over the other side of the shop yells out "what size are you" and the lady next to me yells back loud enough for everyone in the mall and half way down the street to hear...."She would be an extra large"

It was the most embarrasing day of my life....almost

sorry about the life story. I am still pissed about it!

By Blogger A Girl Running, at 2:16 pm  

YAY for discount shopping !!

By Blogger Me, at 2:18 pm  

When there are bargains like that to be had, it's criminal not to spend - you probably saved more than you spent, so in effect, you saved money!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 4:09 pm  

Just read a comment of yours on Leighanne's blog: So we were allowed to go, Dad took my friends and I to my first BDO when I was 14 (although we got in the gate and he said "see you back here in 12 hours" and took off to watch Billy Bragg, TISM, Custard, Nick Cave and Radio Birdman). 10 years later we still go, although now it's together... maybe I've finally become cool enough?

I am sure you're cooler than a lot of his friends parents ;op

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 4:26 pm  

Hey!!! well done *grin* isn't that just the best feeling in the world! *grin* I've definately got to take you shopping with me!!

By Blogger Beee, at 5:55 pm  

even if the sizes are mixed up in the shop doesn't it make you feel amazing when you get something a size smaller?

By Blogger airlie, at 8:17 pm  

Go you good thing!

Target Country are having a I may get new trackpants and a top early tomorrow!

and I'm being taken sports bra shopping :)

By Blogger Lucinda, at 10:27 pm  

bargains - jeans west have great sales and woohoo to the 'M'.

By Blogger linda, at 10:43 pm  

Well done Kath!!! That's brilliant! It feels so great to not have to sift through the piles of clothes for the XL's anymore, doesn't it!

Must be the week for great shopping stories. I went to Cotton On yesterday and got a gorgeous black top in an S/M!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 11:02 pm  



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