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I'm feeling a bit better tonight. I was planning to go to the pool this afternoon and trying to decide which pool would be least crowded when I decided, bugger that and drove down to Torquay to the beach.

By the time I got there, it was too cold to swim but I went for a huge walk and did a lot of thinking. I had a lightbulb moment - one of those times when something so obvious suddenly makes sense.

I guess the best way to explain it is to use an analogy - it's like if you have a toothache and you take painkillers to soothe it. You stop taking the painkillers and you start feeling the pain again. The pain hasn't gone away, it's just been controlled.

It's the same when you use food to ease an emotional ache - stop with the food and you lose weight but there is nothing to soothe the pain.

If you have a tootheache and you stop with the painkillers, it's easy while the pain is dull or has gone away and you can be all - "look at me, I'm strong, I don't need the painkillers" but you are only tested when the pain comes back in force.

And, like a toothache, the only way to exist in the long term is get a permanent solution. It's not easy but it's the only way.


I've mentioned in previous posts about the evil weighing machine at the Jam Factory (which is a shopping centre for non-Melbournites) that keeps telling me YOU ARE VERY MUCH OVER YOUR RECOMMENDED WEIGHT (I'd link back if I wasn't so lazy). Well I got weighed today and it said - YOU ARE ABOVE YOUR RECOMMENDED WEIGHT. No VERY MUCH... ha! Got to be happy with that.

I can't believe you get on those bloody machines, let alone one in such a crowed place...braver woman than I! Congrats on the readout tho ;o)

The beach is great for thinking, even just driving there is soothing. From personal experience of such escapes I can recommend the Queencliff - Portsea round trip, the ferry ride is another good thinking spot.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 3:02 am  

its a small world, i drove to torque too...but at like 2am, we got there, looed for like 10mins then drove back to melb...i hate those weight machines too...i think i hate any scale

By Blogger laura, at 4:40 am  

I had to smile about the "very much" now being gone. Very good!

By Blogger ms ralph, at 7:47 am  

Gotta love no "very much" in the read out !!
Have a great day - Me

By Blogger Me, at 5:48 pm  

Yay, well done. I would have taken a sledge hammer to that damn weighing machine by now - but you have beaten it in a much better way!

By Blogger Briony, at 11:01 am  



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