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Gots It, Needs It

What I've got is a job. For next week anyway. I'm not sure how long the role will last - initially I was told a month then 1-2 weeks. I'm going to have to get my shit together so I can go to the gym after work every night. I also have to pop into the city and look for some work clothes.

What I need is friends. I want to go to the Makeover Expo and none of my friends are girlie enough to want to go. Anyone interested?

I ate too much yesterday, I'm such a pig of fruit... and of turkish bread. Oh well, it could be worse. I always seem to go overboard on market day. It's like I want to taste everything. I did get a big box of fruit for $1 that I made into a yummy fruit compote last night. A while ago, I talked about getting a stab blender for my 30 kilograms lost reward, but I can't really afford it at the moment. So when I was stewing the fruit last night, I thought I might go buy a heap of spices instead. All I had was cinnamon and nutmeg. I really want some ginger and cardomon and cloves. Afterwards, I realised I could have chucked some of my Chai spices in.

I've always loved reading diet magazines especially the success stories. Of all the stories I've read over the years though, the one that made the biggest impact on me though wasn't someone who'd shed a truckload of kilos or had a dramatic loss. It was the story of a woman who'd lost a bit of weight but what got me about this story was that I thought she looked better in her "before" photo. She looked awfully gaunt in the "after" photo. At the time, I checked out her before weight and thought I can do that.

Well yesterday, I had to take Andrew over to our storage space. He wanted to buy my complete Chronicles of Narnia (yeah, the books that I tried to get him to read his entire childhood!). While we were doing that, I grabbed a heap of old magazines to read through and found that story again. It was strange - the woman's weight in her before photos was 91 kg. Of course, her weight distribution is completely different to mine but she still looks too thin in her "after" photo.

Sorry I can't come with you to the make-over expo - looks like it would be really good.
You have done so well - have managed to catch up on some of what has happened since I left - WELL DONE on getting to be a 70's girl !!!!
Also good luck with the job - hope that it is something that is what you want and turns into longer than a week !
Have a great weekend and take care !

By Blogger Me, at 9:39 am  

AWWW i would have loved to come to Melbourne for the expo pity it's so far away ;(.

That's really odd about the weight loss success story, I'd love to see it, what mag was it in? Or is it an old issue...

Anyways how's it feel seeing 7-somethingkg on the scale? Enjoy your weekend!

By Blogger Dee, at 11:23 am  

Expo sounds good, wish I lived nearer too. I would love to see that article too, wow, i've never seen a bad one.
Have a great weekend.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:40 pm  

sorry cant come with you either... might help had i been in the same state!!!! lol

it's funny how different people feel about their weight nd how they look... and how others percieve them...

like an at goal person or person close to goal at ww meetings... if you don't know that they're at goal or close to goal... a lot of people talk abou how why are they here etc!!!!

goodluck with the job... you never know they may love you and want you to stay forever!

By Anonymous ali, at 1:41 pm  

Ohhh I would have loved to go to the expo too!
I love reading the success stories...thats what keeps me going!
Good luck with the job!

By Blogger Tina, at 2:52 pm  

I love reading success stories in WL mags too! You know what gets me? People who are my weight now (80kg) and are size 16/18. I think...WTF?!?! I am a 12/14 at the moment. Funny how the weight sits with people. I have one story I need to go back and read over and it is of a girl whose SW was around the same of mine and she made it to finding them!

Anyway, thanks for visiting my journal! Will keep checking in on you as we are around the same weight at the moment! You can be my motivation :)

By Blogger Angie, at 3:52 pm  

Makeover expo???

Beauty stuff, hair stuff, slimming things, exercise bits....


I would LOVE to go to something like this!

*pencils the dates in*

By Blogger Beckie, at 8:13 pm  

Before and After photos can be a telling sign. I think that we can get a little skewed in how we see ourselves. I know I didn't realise I got so big. When I got to 100kg, I kind of still thought that I was like 65kg. Of course deep down I knew I wasn't. Now I have to be careful not to unreasonably think I am still too big after losing. We've got to find that happy medium = balance.

By Blogger Mary, at 9:13 am  

PS. Well done for getting the job!!

By Blogger Mary, at 9:14 am  

Hey girl - I would love to come with you to the Make Me Over Expo - tax right off for me anyway :)
Get in touch!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 2:57 pm  



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