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Weak as a Kitten

I left work tonight feeling dead tired. I'd have given the gym a miss but I was meeting a girl from Diet Club for Pump class. I got there way early so I went on the treadmill. I started sweating and could hardly move. And that was just during the warm up.

I thought I could push myself through it. But that was the dumbest idea ever. There was no pushing. In the end I decided to quit and go home. No way could I manage a pump class.

At first I thought I might be coming down with the flu but I think it's more likely that I've been pushing myself so hard for the last few weeks. I'm having a rest day tomorrow then I'll see how I feel. The temp job I've got is only for a week so I don't want to jeopodise that by getting sick.

Arrrghh! I might be a machine but at the moment, I'm a machine in dire need of a grease and oil change.

I think a day off will give your body that much needed rest! You have done well, so have a break and you will be back at it before you know it :)

By Blogger Angie, at 8:14 pm  

just think your bodies trying to tell you that it might be tired... have a fantastic day off, and just think you'll have all that extra energy to use tomorrow!

By Anonymous ali, at 9:29 pm  

Hi there.

Thanks so much for popping into my blog! I love the way you have decorated yours...very peaceful, might just pop in from time to time to have a sit and chill!

I hope you are feeling 'back on top of the world' by the time you read sounded so tired in your blog I felt like tucking you into your little bed right there and then!

By Blogger shasha, at 9:34 pm  

Rest Kathryn, I don't need collapsing halfway up the bolte bridge!

It would be great if you could come along for the 8km walk in March - plus the sausage sizzle is free! or at least it was last year :)

By Blogger Lucinda, at 10:10 pm  

You're right to give your body a rest and a few days off always makes me more enthusiatic the next time i'm out there.

By Blogger linda, at 10:49 pm  

yep...time for rest...and u so deserve it, you've been working so hard, at least u can enjoy it without feeling guity...i can only imagine wat u'll get up to when ur all recharged

By Blogger laura, at 11:59 pm  

In the heat a lot of people can barely sit and do anything let alone energy to exercise at all. i fell asleep and missed my main walk today. However i recall you had a personal trainer in gym advise that exercise not to overdo by exercising each day. This is my take on that advise. We can exercise most every day, and that is best for fat loss, but only if we do moderate exercise. If we do extra where we really push ourselves like run as far as we can or do a personal training gym session or do some new class that hits the muscles different than what we are used to, or do max bench press or whatever, then we sometimes have to cut right back on the days and times. FIT it is called, if you want the Frequency and Time to be high, keep the Intensity low. Or vice versa. So i am just trying to say, enjoy your well deserved rest days, cos after doing those extra hard runs etc you deserve it. And your body actually restructures during the rest cycle after doing hard exercise, so give yourself that important rest. You have worked so hard and deserve it.

By Anonymous Barbara, at 1:16 am  

Even machines need a maintenance break now and then! You're better to schedule regular down-time than wait for a breakdown...

By Blogger Sue, at 8:18 am  

Having a break is a good thing. Let your body and mind re-energise which doesn't mean failure, it's just what we have to do.

By Blogger Mary, at 8:30 am  

I think your body is trying to tell you something so listen up. Hope you feel better soon !

By Blogger Me, at 9:32 am  

Sounds like a rest day will do you the world of good. Enjoy!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:34 am  

hey! get well so that you can go at it 100% again. Otherwsie you will just wear that machines parts out and be no good.

Have a massage maybe and release your bad toxins!

By Blogger airlie, at 10:43 am  

so very true @ having a rest. Exercise will always be there lol Just get you back in order before you do more hindering then helping.

By Blogger Dee, at 12:54 pm  

A day off sounds like a great idea - If you feel like Io feel it's a must

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 3:04 pm  

Hi Kathryn! I'm back!

Have a day off darl, I think you need it! You've been working so hard.

And well done on getting into the 70's!! I'm so jealous!!

Keep up the great work, and looking forward to chatting with you soon xxxx

By Blogger Philippa, at 4:06 pm  

Enjoy your rest day Kathryn...sounds like you really need it!

By Blogger Tina, at 9:13 pm  



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