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I tried on my wish jeans today. I only need lose 15 cms to get them to do up. I am really finding this a much better way to measure belly fat than doing a hip measurement.

This is my plan (I've mentioned this stuff before but need to remind myself):

  1. Get down to 70 kgs
  2. Stop weighing and focus on my measurement
  3. Maintain

How easy does that sound in point form? Ha ha. Maintenance is something I've never had to think about before really. I mean, I've maintained my fat weight easily - I had periods where I stacked on weight but mostly have stayed the same weight most of my life but I think it's easier to maintain your 100+ kg figure. On the plus side, I have so many fitness goals that I want to achieve now for the sake of actually achieving them, not just for the sake of losing weight. Exercise is an essential in my life now as a hobby that I love.

The other thing is that even though I still snack far too much, I find it hard to eat junk food. I left the gym the other day, ravenous, and went to the QV food court. That devil on my shoulder was saying "go ahead, you can have something naughty, you just did a huge workout" but I couldn't do it. I went to Sumos for a salad instead. I'm like Spike after he had the chip implanted in his brain except it's a junk food chip instead of a human blood one.

Ah you bugger! I read about 'Run for the kids' the other and went 14.7km too far - but then I found you could walk/run or jog it - and there is a 3hour time limit - and because I finish the 7.5km in just over and hour, I'm in.

Crap, now I will really have to train!

Those pants will be falling off in no time!

By Blogger Lucinda, at 7:08 pm  

Hey where is my chip? hmmm haven't found it just yet. But I WILL>

You go, you exercise machine.

:) A

PS thanks for the idea with the scales, I am 99% that they are correct. DAMN it all

By Blogger Ang, at 9:29 pm  

I think it's a great idea to remind yourself of your plan. I find that I get flustered if I don't. I am with you on the exercise and the junk food, things have certainly changed for us! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 9:16 am  

You know I think I'm inlove with you more now that you're quoting Buffy episodes!!

I love the fact that exercise is seen as a hobby now, that's so awesome.

By Blogger Dee, at 10:03 am  

A fellow Buffy fan! Love the Spike reference though I can't imagine you clutching your head and screaming when you crave junk food, hehehe. I love Sumo Salad though, you definitely did the right thing there!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 10:59 am  



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


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