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I still feel like crap even though I slept for 11 hours last night. But I made it through the day at work and that's the main thing.

At lunch time I went to Vic Market and got some fruit. It's so cheap there, much cheaper than Preston Market. So I decided to walk home after work - I know I'm having a rest day but I figured a slow, leisurely walk home wouldn't hurt. Anyway about halfway home I went to cross the road and stumbled. Then my fruit-laden backpack flipped over my head and took me with it and I ended up sprawled on the road. I didn't hurt myself and it was kinda funny. I was just thinking the other day that I never fall over now I've lost weight. I guess I still have the clumsiness.

Glad u didn't hurt yourself - the main thing is the fruit survived right?? Is Vic Market really cheaper than the Preston?? My dad will be mortified.

By Blogger linda, at 7:45 pm  


glad you didn't hurt yourslef... how's the fruit!?!

nice to know some things never change hey!

By Anonymous ali, at 8:16 pm  

i think sometimes you just don't have the strength to stop yourself from falling when u r tired, not so much clumsy! I fall over sooooo much now that my ankle is dodgy, so much so that once an employer dobbed me in for being pissed on the job.

Get some red bull babe : )

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:20 pm  

LOL you poor thing, I remember the last time I fell like that was last year after getting off a midnight to 8am shift and I was walking to the car (when everyone else was going to work) and I stumbled and my backpack when over my head and took me with it. SHAME! But I laughed so much, I would have been embarrassed if anyone rushed over to help.

Hope you feel better soon, remember to rest up!

By Blogger Dee, at 10:29 pm  

hehe you sound like me!!! Once you have the clumsy gene you can't get rid of it too easily.

Hope you aren't bruised.. and hope your fruit isn't bruised either!

By Blogger Beee, at 1:17 am  

At least no one saw you, right? I once fell on my ass right in front of an elevator full of people. I really wanted them to just let the doors close and go away, but of course they had to be all concerned and make sure I was okay instead. Damn their compassion!

By Blogger PastaQueen, at 3:53 am  

At least you found it funny!

By Blogger Sue, at 6:49 am  

Hope you didn't bruise the fruit? Love the fact that you chose to walk home. A great attitude. Shows how much you have changed.

By Blogger michelle, at 8:18 am  

at least you can laugh at yourself over the clumsiness. I am glad that you are getting so much fruit into you. Must apologise for being gone for so long. really missed your blogs and relate to the lack of friends thing. In a different way though, I have always surrounded myself with friends but have found out in recent years that so many of them were "surface friends". They were there until the chips were down and then they disappear into the wood work. If you can count your good friends on one hand you are doing well! If we lived in the same city we could be friends!! Have a lovely day.

By Blogger Jules, at 11:30 am  

Glad to hear that you didn't hurt yourself....that said, now I can LOL! Great that you can laugh at yourself...I'm a clumsy one too...lost count of how many times I've toppled over...and thats being sober too!

By Blogger Tina, at 5:12 pm  

It sounds like you really did make that a 10 type workout when you did that run with the km markers. Your legs must be saying please give me rest!
I have a personal theory about running. And that theory is that running sends a message to the brain, that says, it is in the interests of this body to lose fat, cos it will be easier to run if lithe. And when i sit in a corner stressed and binging it sends a message to conserve fat, due to body feeling it needs fat for stress times. ie it interprets the hide away eating as a sign of famine or stressful times approaching. The running says, body if you want to survive these times loose the fat, cos running is needed to survive and you will increase your ability to do the flight thing if you are slimmer.

But also your legs must have got such a workout that you deserve all the rest you need this week, it was an incredible effort doing all that running the other day

By Anonymous barbara, at 8:01 pm  

Hey it must be contagious - glad you didn't hurt yourself!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:48 pm  



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