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Dissing on the Date...

Okay, the gory details. He turned up wearing a black shirt (buttoned up to the neck) tucked into black pants. The worst part was, because he was kinda pudgy around the middle, he had the belt buckled really tight to create a "waist". Plus he had thinning hair on top with a really long ponytail - very Miami Vice. He was also sweating a lot when he turned up - which I could understand, it being a hot night - but if it were me, I'd have excused myself and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Definitely in need of a queer eye makeover.

There were a few things that disturbed me through the night too. It's funny, at the time I was prepared to overlook them, putting them down to first date nerves or something, but on reflection I think they could be major signposts that he was a complete tool. Firstly, he talked just a little too much about other woman he'd slept with or who want to sleep with him. Yeah, really tacky.

Then he seemed awfully impressed with himself because he was doing post grad study. I think maybe I didn't show enough interest in his thesis for his liking, but there was a good reason for that. I didn't care. Well not enough to discuss it for hours. He also was proud of the fact that he was 'an intellectual snob' - in fact he reminded me a bit of Frasier (which a bit of trying too hard to be 'arty' thrown in).

The other thing that I let pass at the time, but I think should have been a big red flag was that he said he smokes pot every day. I don't have an issue with people smoking pot, but every day? That's a worry. It's like if someone said they had to drink booze everyday -- that's getting to be a problem.

Finally, with the email: I sent him an email the next day saying I'd had a fun time and was keen to see him again then (because he'd said he was going interstate for the weekend) told him to have a good time while he was away. His reply: "will do". How offensive is that?

So I think it's no great loss. Time to move onto greener, and less self-important, pastures.

On the dieting front, I think I have to be a bit less social. I've gone out and had 2-3 glasses of wine every night for the past three nights. That's a lot of drinking for me. And it's so damn hot, I haven't wanted to go to the gym. At least it's too hot to eat much though.

sounds like you had a wonderful time on your date, dont ya just love listening to all there crap and talking about chicks he has slept with and pot, yep his a keeper........Not.
sorry if you are going to go out with him again but i think he sound like a bit of a tool

By Blogger Fiona, at 10:04 am  

Man. I have some dooooozy dates that are pretty much on a par with that one.

I think you handled it with class.

Im down with the 'tool' synopsis.

You ARE better than that.

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:24 am  

Hmmm...I think you deserve better! It's great that you got out there, though! :)

And miami vice? ewww?!

By Blogger Zara, at 11:28 am  

Ooo there are some good ones out there! One day when you least expect it "he" will come of that I'm sure.

Hens night - Yes presents!
Other than that I don't know much either! Someone sent me a link to this thing calle dthe chefs toolbox which would be awesome and you tell all her guests to put money in for stuff she wants from the party (kitchen stuff etc) They come in and cook for you and show you how to use things etc which would be cool. Then you play the games (like pin the dick on the cute boy etc) and head out to the pub!

Make sur eyou have predone slushy buckets and have heaps of ice and some tarantulas on hand also (in case the slushy buckets a) run out or b) you run out of room in the freezer for thr copious amounts of daquiris, margaritas and pina coladas you will all drink

Other than that just have fun!!!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 4:03 pm  

I haven't heard of buying presents for hen's nights...

You definately deserve lots better than that guy. The smoking pot every day is definately not good. I was with a guy who did that, only I didnt know at first, it's not much fun.

By Blogger lms, at 6:42 pm  

He smokes pot every day? Nah, he's a loser and you deserve so much better than that. Firstly - what a waste of money and secondly - doesn't he have a life to live? You're right, anyone who has to smoke everyday has a problem. I used to live with a girl who had "Breaky bongs" as soon as she woke up everyday before work - she was a big loser then and she still is a loser.
He also sounds just a little too full of himself. Who cares who wants to sleep with him, if he's THAT popular why does he need to to meet you?
Move on to the next fish!

By Blogger Briony, at 8:24 pm  

I defintiely think you are better off without him - I am sure that the right man for you is out there somewhere - it is a really a case of having ot be patient (a bit like the weightloss thing !!!)
Have a great week and don't give him another thought.

By Blogger Me, at 10:32 pm  

Of COURSE you will not date this man again....look at all the hot men at the fun run...they sweat...but I didn't see any with pony tails...and I doubt they could run and smoke pot everyday.

Hope it is cooler at your place than it is here!

By Blogger Lucinda, at 12:15 am  

Intellectual snob who smokes pot hey? Adios Amigo. Reminds me of a few people in Newtown LOL, who are dead boring! You're a smart girl and a fun girl and certainly no snob. I'm with Lucinda thinking about all the guys in the fun runs!!

By Blogger Mary, at 5:16 am  

You know i i like that look with the all black and pony tail on a guy, and i like it if they talks about their interests such as pHD stuff, and sometimes speaking about women who like them, is just cos they are nervous and are trying to convey what type of person appeals ie what went right or wrong in the past, without giving you the third degree. But drugs are a "deal breaker" for me also. Still i do think he was remarkably honest and open and realized over the night that you are more into fitness than marijuana, and that you and he have differing ideas on fashion and relationships. So i think he made an effort, but realizes like you do that you and he are a long way apart. sometimes the talk about what sort of girls like him is just a way of him being a bit nervous about meeting you.

because you are a fairly confident type of person probably you deserve a more confident guy, but i think he was really making an effort in that he did try to share with you about himself, even if that self is not really right for you. His defensiveness now is cos he realizes that you would not be interested in a doped out guy. Much like food addictions probably he is not proud of it, but was honest.
While you do deserve better, at least that guy opened up about himself. He must have liked you enough to be honest and open. Probably he is a little more experienced with this dating game than you, and realized faster than you that you are not suited. Maybe he feels rejected also in some ways, cos he would have picked up that smoking dope etc did not impress.
so good luck for the next date

By Anonymous barbara, at 6:08 am  

Good heavens, he sounds horrid! Why would you email him and say you wanted to see him again?? You deserve waaayyy better and your guy is out there...

By Blogger WifeMomChocoholic, at 3:41 am  



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