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Arrrgghhh - up 200 grams this week! Not that it's unexpected, I've not been tracking properly and I've been snacking like a crazy snacking machine. Nothing really insanely bad for me, just constant eating. Oh yeah, and the free supply of Kingston biscuits in the kitchen when I was working! Damn it. It shits me when I'm borderline bad and put on weight - I feel like I may as well have pigged out on chocolate and tiramisu and got the bang for my fuck!

So, the date last night went okay. After the initial awkwardness, the conversation didn't stop. Drinks turned to something to eat to more drinks.... but there was no kiss goodnight (there was a hug). And he did say we should do it again. Oh and he didn't email me afterwards. I guess it's a case of seeing how things pan out.

The plan for this week is -
  • drink more water since I've been awful slack about this
  • get rid of all food that is easy to snack on - I've had a lot of food in the house that isn't really "bad" ... Saladas and dips and things ... but is too easy to keep picking at. When I have food to pick at, I find it hard to curb the constant snacking so I need to stop.
  • more fruit for snacks and more salads

I think that should do it.

I find it much harder to resist the treats in the pantry than I used to, but I can't really deprive the boys just because I have no willpower!

By Blogger Sue, at 8:43 am  

MMMM Kingston biscuits!!! The USED to be my favourite. Glad the date went well. XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 8:53 am  

Yay... glad the date went well. What did you decide to wear?
You didn't mention what YOU thought of him? Is he worth waiting for a reply from?

By Blogger Ang, at 9:47 am  

I want to hear more about the date!
Its good to have healthy snacks, I guess we just have to learn when we dont NEED to eat anymore...
have a great weekend!

By Blogger missy vas, at 2:28 pm  



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