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I've been lacking motivation for a while, I just don't have the losing weight fire I used to have. In the past 6 weeks, I've only lost 2.5 kgs! I feel like I've been hovering around the low 80s/high 70s forever.

Yesterday, that little devil voice suggested that maybe I just stop for a while. Not to give up but to just try maintaining. After all, I've come a long way and a break would give me time to adjust.

But really, I don't want to. I'm too goal focussed and my intention has always been to get to 70 kgs, even when I believed that was impossible. Lately I've been wondering if maybe that isn't enough but for now, I've got to go the distance. When I get within the normal BMI range, I can take a break.

One of the things that bugs me is the way my weight is distributed - I wish it would sort itself out. I wish my body was like a feather doona - you know how when all the feathers clump down the bottom, you grab it and shake it up so that they distribute evenly. If I could do that, I could move the fat from my belly to other parts of my body where I need some fatty covering. Weirdly enough, I seem to have lost weight off the soles of my feet!

This week, I want to get back to basics - tracking everything, cutting out all the little treats, keeping up my water intake. I haven't been to gym all weekend - no way was I going anywhere in that heat - and the two days off has done me good. I'll be back into it today.

Maybe too, I have to accept that I'm not going to lose so fast as I get closer to my goal.

You're sooooo close!! Keep it up! Just think of your satisfaction when you see those magic numbers on the scales. A break now wouldn't really be the best idea... would it?

By Blogger Ang, at 1:31 pm  

I also don't think a break would b a good idea.

Here's the deal. You are a creative person. Like to be creative, see creative, be entertained. So you need to shake this shit up so that it does motivate you.

Bite the bullet and seek out activities that really get you excited and push you out of your comfort zone. Dance classes. Bike Riding (want a great ass - get riding, seriously), belly dancing classes.

You look amazing to me. Big changes have been made and I can understand how you would feel unmotivated. Right now you aren't seeing a payoff. Something that makes it all worthwhile.

We love the little things like health benefits etc, but sometimes it isn't enough to keep us going.

i was just watching Kirsty Alley on Oprah. She was saying that after every 15lbs (6kgs or so) she re-starts her program. She creates new goals, starts new things and pushes new boundaries. Could this work for you? I know it would for me.

My advice is to choose a selfish as hell payoff goal, then start shocking your body.

If all else fails, please give me a call. I'd love a chin wag.

By Blogger Beckie, at 2:19 pm  

Your last sentence says it all.

My reward system gives me $10 for each kilo lost at the start and $50 for each of the last 10 kilos, reflecting the extra effort and resolve required as one nears goal weight. So for my purposes, 1kg near goal is worth 5kg at the start. If you lost five kilos in five weeks at the start, you would be happy. By the same reckoning, at the end, 1kg in five weeks is also great.

My ratios are just figures pulled from my arse, but hopefully the sentiment translates.

As far as food and exercise goes, have you tried the tactic that sees you eat the same kj for the week, but doing so unevenly (nfi how many kj you are on, but for arguments sake 3000kj one day, 5000 the next, 4000 the next etc. It seems to work for some people.

You will get there. That's a fact.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 3:33 pm  

keep your chin up. I lost 85 pounds during my first year of serious weight loss efforts, and only 20 the second year. it does slow down, but you've come so amazingly far to quit now!

By Anonymous lk, at 3:34 pm  

Soles of your feet....I've been trying to convince the boys for weeks that my feet are losing weight! My shoes are definitely looser - Jake says it's 'cause the not being squished out by carrying so much weight.

By Blogger Sue, at 6:21 pm  

I agree - shake it up a bit. Get out of your comfort zone, beckie really made some great suggestions. Maybe you could rollerblade or something?

In a few weeks I'll be able to go on a regular run/jog and fall to the ground :)

By Blogger Lucinda, at 8:43 pm  

I feel your pain.. I have been "maintaining" for over a year now and it doesn't seem to be budging either. The good thing is that I have been maintaining and not putting on at all. That alone is a miracle and we should all be proud of ourselves when we can do that. You can't quit when you've come this far. You are doing so well and you will get there!!!! I know deep down that I will too and it is really hard to see that sometimes. Hang in there and just stay focused.

By Blogger Beee, at 1:15 am  

I totally agree with you with the feather doona, I've noticed that the areas you could get away with a little less losing, seems to take the weight away first!

Hehe @ the soles of feet, I remember when the first few months of losing weight I went down 2 shoe sizes ~ completely shocked because I didn't think my feet actually had that much, if any fat lol.

As for that little voice... oy vey, I'd tell you to try and silence it but I can't do that to mine so heh, what I do love is that you're not giving up! You're so close and you CAN do this. It doesn't matter that it's taken 6wks to lose 2.5kg believe me in 6 wks I could do a lot of damage to the whole WL game and you've kept losing!!!

Have fun at the gym today, bust that booty ;D

By Blogger Dee, at 8:11 am  

I really think it is harder to lose the last few kilos as there is less to go and at the start you have heaps to lose and there's all that fluid and stuff.
Who cares how long it takes as long as you get there eventually. I would rather lose slowly, I figure it's more likely to stay off then.

By Blogger Briony, at 11:20 am  

You've got the right idea, BACK TO BASICS and keep going. I know you can do this and get to goal!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:23 am  



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