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Weigh In.... and Men!

The result of today's weigh in is 78.4. That's a nice round kilo down from last week - woohoo! I wasn't expecting to lose so much this week but, hey, I aint complaining. I've had a few big lunches this week - I seem to be starving at lunch time - so instead of fighting it, I figure I might start making lunch my main meal of the day for a while.


Men, can't live with 'em, can shoot 'em! Especially my housemates (well especially the shooting part - although it is tempting at times) I had to confront the males in my household yesterday. Seems one of the guys in this house is reticent to flush the toilet and, since I'm usually the first one to use the bathroom of a morning, I'm often greeted by the smell of stale urine. It's not the best start to the day - trust me.

Last night all three guys were in the lounge watching cricket. It was the moment to speak. I asked, really nicely, if they could make sure they flush.

Afterwards, I really felt bad. I hate doing stuff like that so much. I like to think of myself as being very upfront but, when it comes to the crunch, I'm so not. I worried that they would think I was being a bitch, even though I said it nicely without complaining or being bitchy. I shouldn't worry like that. I should be able to have my say. It wasn't even like it was really a confrontation - just me saying my piece. Maybe if I do it more often, it will get easier.

Yesterday was really a day for thinking men suck.

Most of the day was fine - I went to the Fitness First branch in St Kilda and did a workout (not so good because they don't have air con) then finished off with a swim. After that, I visited friends and had lunch (too much dip... but it was yum). I started driving home and got about a block and was sweltering so I called in at the Jam Factory until it cooled off.

I think half of Melbourne had the same idea - it was packed. I went into Borders and got some books and magazines then found a seat in the overcrowded cafe to have my coffee.

A little while later, a woman came over and asked if she could squeeze in at the table. Fine. Then her partner and baby followed behind - damn sneaky if you ask me. So the four of us (there was already a guy sitting there) were crowded around a tiny table overflowing with books. The woman read for a while then the baby woke up and she tried to make up the baby's bottle - balancing everything precariously around the edges of the table. Another table became free and she asked her partner if he wanted to move and he told her NO. He was comfortable.

After they left, another group of people sat down at the table - they got their coffees and the girl went to add sugar until her bf told her she couldn't - she'd had enough calories already!

Now, I know these are just tiny glimpses into other people's lives but it amazed me that these woman did as they were told. There was no yelling, no abuse, no physical violence. I don't get that at all. Maybe that's why I'm single, because no dude would ever tell me what to do like that. But if that was going to be the alternative, I'd rather stay single my whole life.

ps. it was quite the day for incidental exercise. Firstly my friend and I walked to Chapel Street to get salad rolls for lunch but all the bakeries were shut so we walked for blocks and blocks (in the heat). Then the lift in the Jam Factory car park was broken and I was parked on the 4th floor! Arrrgh... but I ran up the 4 flights without even losing my breath!

Well done on the loss Kathryn!! And what's this about stale urine? *eewww*

I like reading observations of everyday human interaction and I would have felt the same as you about those particular ones. I am lucky Dan is not like that. Actually, all the women I hang out with would not tolerate it. I like things to be on a level playing field, regardless of sex or sexual preference. I strongly believe in treating someone the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Good going with all the incidental exercise!

By Blogger Mary, at 9:09 am  

Woohoo - up 4 flight without puffing - you da girl!

By Blogger Sue, at 11:19 am  

Woohoo! A whole kg is excellent!!

By Blogger lms, at 11:56 am  

what a fantastic loss.
I cant believe the girl not adding sugar because bf said so.. what a d*ckhead and within earshot of other people. anyway - thanks for the comment on my blog, u are right about the change of temp I think.
Have a great day at the BDO. I hope the weather is ok and well done on all the exercise. see ya.

By Blogger linda, at 12:23 pm  

Whoo hoo! Excellent loss!

It's very interesting to people watch, and observe the subtleties of human interaction.

It's amazing what some people will put up with.

Respect for each other is, I believe, the cornerstone of a happy, fulfilling relationship.

This bloody heat! Well done on doing so much exercise - I've been in a vegetable like state on the couch or in bed with the fan on full power!!

Have a great time at the BDO!

By Blogger Philippa, at 6:14 pm  

That is so fantastic to now be "comfortably" in the 70's. It is so nice to see the first just make it into a particular weight category, but then it is fantastic when you realize you are now comfortably in. It must feel terrific to know you persevered that bit extra after reaching that goal of being in the 70's.

With regard to share households, i lived in a few for a number of years, and they were a source of interesting conversation at the least. In fact some households were akin to the Young One's household. In my first share household one guy tried to throttle one of the others. One mentally disadvantaged girl arrived with a baby one day, and after questioning her a couple of days later, i found out she had taken the baby from a friend without asking. So I had to get onto a bus to Nimbin to help return the baby. Those were the adventures of living in a squat, after leaving home as a teenager. So then later when isecured more normal accommodation but had the occasional tough flatmate, i was not too perturbed. However after living with just my son the last few years, i wonder if i could go back to share household.
I have to say from being a cleaner in many households, that it is just as likely, perhaps a little more so that the women leave the most mess.
Maybe you are getting to see what great qualities YOU have. You are responsible, tidy, entertaining, creative, funny, witty, honest and direct, polite, and have a sense of self belief, and you do not play the victim games etc that you say some women play today.
A lot of guys like a woman who is not a slob, and who is responsible and upfront, and who knows her own mind, and is not always waiting for the guy to have to decide everything in life.
i once had a guy semi fall for me, when he saw me assertively tell a guy who was harrassign someone else, where that guy could go.

A lot of men are really turned on, and have great respect for an assertive woman. Maybe that was why that guy did not want to move tables!

By Anonymous barbara, at 9:02 pm  

Well done on that loss - good for you !
I'm so with you on women just taking it from men - I wouldn't be able to live like that and thankfully Al isn't anything like that.
Have a great weekend - Me

By Blogger Me, at 9:41 pm  

I was at the Jam Factory yesterday - into borders to grab the latest copy of runners world and past the sushi place to grab sushi.

'enough calories' wtf! He would have got enough calories well you know where.

Once I find out my tutoring timetable we can organise a regular run/i run and fall over thing. So we both get to the tunnel in two hours...I'm sure you will!

By Blogger Lucinda, at 9:43 pm  

ewwww, and whats with guys leaving toilet seats up.....go the loss, very cool

By Blogger laura, at 2:21 am  

Thats a big loss! Congratulations!

Boooooo to stale urine!

By Blogger Beckie, at 7:51 am  



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