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Resolutions Revisited

Since it's the first of Feb, I thought it might be worth checking back on my NY resolutions.


Well I'm getting closer to my goal weight. I'm not sure of the total lost for Jan but it's definitely slowed down. I've been doing more weights and working on that stuff too.

Running 5 km - well I ran 3 km, that's more than halfway! When my friend Simon comes home for a flying visit in March, we are going to go for a run together. I am going to beat him!

Diabetes stuff - oops. I've been awful slack on this.

Get a massage once a month - damn, I didn't. I tried to book in for one the other day at the gym but I didn't know what was happening work wise. Maybe I'll just have to do two this month.

Appearance and Self Image:

Well I went to the shrink yesterday and we had a good session. She is going to work out a plan for me and we doing an initial 6 weeks. She was lovely and I think I'll enjoy working with her. And I did have the best tee shirt at the Big Day Out - that's a definite boost!

I still need to organise health insurance so I can get dental work done.


I found out today I got into my Writing and Editing course. Woohoo! I was pretty confident I would, but didn't want to count any chickens. Now I can go to Smiggle and buy nice new stationary (or is it stationery - always get that one confused).

My plans have kind of changed for this year - I still want to finish my novel plus I have ideas for two new projects that are really exciting. Much to do.

I also need a job to pay the bills. There is one opportunity in the air that is perfect but I don't want to say too much.


Ha ha ha! I'm scraping by, I guess that's something.

Living Environment:

Still crap.

Friends/Social Life:

I haven't done any of the classes I said I'd do and I'm not sure. With all my other plans plus work and gym, I dunno if I'll have the time.


I went on one date. That's a start.

I'd give myself about a B for January. Some things take more time than others and I think I need to work on getting the balance right in my life.

Arrgghh and I missed out on the zoo fun run tonight. Damn Melbourne weather - it's supposed to be summer not raining.

I had to google Smiggle and am glad that I did ... mmmm stationary porn mmmm

By Blogger Sharon, at 8:39 pm  

What a great idea to re-visit your NY resolutions - most people make them and forget about them.
It should be "ery" - the way I remember it is that Envelopes are part of stationEry !!
Have a good one !

By Blogger Me, at 8:59 pm  

And I always remember that cArs are stationAry LOL. The things we are taught at school.

Congrats on getting into your course and well done on scoring a B on your scorecard. That's pretty good only one month in. :D

By Blogger M, at 10:17 pm  

Congrats on getting into the course Kathryn - Where is it?

I like how you went through the resolutions you made in Jan - food for thought...and a B is an above average result you know :)

By Blogger Lucinda, at 10:32 pm  

I remember stationary the same as M, (cars).

Well done on your B for January :o) It's a fab idea to check how you are going after a month.

By Blogger lms, at 10:49 pm  

oh please give beck a massive hug for me! i miss her : P but there is noone you want to go to a beauty expert more than with beck - she rox at that stuff! I think that you did very well and I would definitely give you a B plus! You did heaps well : } ooh! and a sticker!

By Blogger airlie, at 11:52 pm  

how scary is it...feb already, seems like u sure took some good steps in this first month....and theres still 11 month of the year to go...go u

By Blogger laura, at 3:04 am  

I always remember stationEry and lEtters go together? Hope that helps you! I have major trouble with affect and effect.
I'd give you a B+ for your efforts this month, you've done really well. Fantastic that you got into your course.
Have a great day.

By Blogger Briony, at 7:29 am  

My remembering trick is that you get stationery from a stationer!

By Blogger Sue, at 9:02 am  

The interwebby: fun AND educational

By Blogger Sharon, at 1:49 pm  

Excellent way to digest eactly what you have done and what you havent.

A B is great in my eyes!

By Blogger Beckie, at 2:12 pm  

Well done with everything. You're very positive and it's great to hear about the course too. I look forward to hearing about your novel also. I seem to be surrounded by writers atm :-) I am studying a Sub Editing course this year myself, whoot!

Now go get that massage...

By Blogger Mary, at 9:27 pm  



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