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Omg, you should see my bicep. It's huge. I keep flexing my arm to check it out. All my pushups are paying off. I heart muscles, especially when they are mine.

I went to the gym tonight - did 40 mins on the treadmill (plus warm up and cool down) and ran for 35 mins of those 40. Only thing is I need to remember to leave some energy in reserve for walking home from the train station! I was stuffed. I think I felt it more cos normally I grab a sushi roll after the gym but tonight I had to rush because I had 5 minutes before my train ticket expired.

I also walked this morning. My car is dodg-a-rama because the left driver's wheel bearing is stuffed (do I sound like I know stuff or what) so I decided to catch the train but, because I'm working in the suburbs, I worked out the most time efficient plan. This won't make any sense if you don't live in Melbourne but I walked to Clifton Hill station to get the express train then got off at Jolimont, walked around the MCG to Richmond station and caught the outbound train there. Saved myself much stuffing around with the city loop and got some exercise in the process.

My temp contract finished today after 2 days. I have a problem with temp work, I feel. I'm too good. Seriously. It bugs me that I'll do the job in half the time they are expecting yet I get paid the same rate as a temp who drags the work out the full time. I could slack off but I hate that. I'd rather work fast and not get bored.

I'm a bit over it all anyway. I have a few job possiblities at the moment but they are all airy-fairy. I want things worked out. I want a routine. I want to know what I'm doing from one day to the next so I can slot in all the other things - school and gym and stuff - around it. I also want the income. This poverty thing is getting boring. Hopefully I'll have it all sorted in the next week or so and I can whinge about how much I hate my job instead ... hahaha.

i heart biceps also but when i 'flex'in front of hubbie, he thinks its his god given right to grab the chicken wing underneath thus destroying my illusions that I am the Termanitor II chickie. (one day right?).
I dont heart when someone says, "Oh - this is xxxxx, she's the temp!".. The job i'm in currently started off as a 3 month temp assignement and I've been here for 3 years and a previous 1 day temp job ended up being 9 1/2 years so who knows - the yukko temp job may end up putting your foot in the right door. Enjoy the rest of the week.

By Blogger linda, at 10:51 pm  

The transport made perfect sense - clever you - I hate the loop, never seemed to work for me.

It must be lovely (and just desserts, sp?) to see your muscles shining through. Would make sense if it keeps happening as you lose the weight hiding them - whooo hoooo!!!!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 12:48 am  

Those biceps must be allowing you to finish your work even faster!

Okay, maybe not. But that's gotta be the best feeling to see your biceps bulging out. Can't wait until mine do the same! Do I have to work my muscles or something for it to happen? ;)

By Blogger Zara, at 4:28 am  

We'll have to start calling you 'Muscles of Melbourne'

By Blogger Sue, at 7:10 am  

RAn for 35 mins. I am in awe!!!!!!!! Good luck with the next job.

By Blogger michelle, at 2:18 pm  

*drool* I am really liking chick muscles LOL. Good luck with working out a solution to your job situation atm. Are you looking for part time or full time? I'll see if there's anything going at my work in the Melbourne Office. They employ writer/reader/transcriber types to do just that. Read, analyse etc. I'll email you when I look at the job list on Monday.

By Blogger Mary, at 9:30 pm  



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