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I've been planning to the training runs for the Run For the Kids since they started last week and was all prepped to go tonight. Thought I'd miss out because my boss came over with a bunch of scanning for me to do at 5.00 (note: don't ever do that to a temp) but I put it through the scanner, got changed, chucked it on her desk and ran for the train.

I made it in time and got all registered up then realised EVERYONE looked like they could run much faster than me. I wanted to just fade in the background. Then they started the warm ups and I was right up the front and felt like a goon.

We started running and I did okay, although we had to go down Swanston St and I realised I might see someone I know. How embarassing would that be. Got to the Yarra and I needed to go to the toilet so I had to stop running for a while. So I alternated jogging and running until I got around to the loos. I thought I was dead last by that stage but the group leader said there were a few behind me.

After my toilet break, I was sure I was way behind. I ran a bit, walked a bit and ran some more. I had just started walking again and the group leader caught me with me and made me run up a hill. After that, I ran all the back to into the city. I even overtook one of the girls who was ahead of me. Not that it matters but I like to not come last - that's winning in my book (I'm sure there is a Homer Simpson quote that's applicable here).

It was great running with a group and having the leader giving advice. It was also great, albeit a shock to the system, to run outside instead of on the treadmill. Outside is much harder.

I have a new running goal now - when I run by the Yarra, I want to be fast enough to steal one of those yummy smelling sausages off someone's bbq and get away with it.

Afterwards, we went back to the N1ke store and got free water and fruit and had a cool down. The running people are mighty friendly and I have to go back now cos I have a frequent runner's card. I only need 7 more stamps and I get a runner's kit. I am a total sucker for that stuff.

So then I went to the gym and did Body Balance. That was a great cooldown and stretch plus it got my abs exercise over with.

Now don't go thinking that I'm like all good or highly motivated for going to the gym after running. I can see how you might think that but this was my rationale - I could have gone outside and caught a tram straight home but that would have meant lighting up a cigarette in full view of the running people while wating at the tram stop. So I thought I'd walk a couple of blocks to the gym and have one on the way. Of course, the showers and change room at the gym were looking awfully tempting by then too.

I can't wait for my next session. If you have been thinking about going along and haven't ... eg. Lucinda... then I'd highly recommend it. I'm so enthused at the moment, it's a great feeling.

Got home and the power was off so I had to light candles. Luckily it's back on now or I'd have no internet and be going crazy.


A few people have apologised lately for leaving long comments. Don't. I love long comments. Write me an essay if you like.


I have two possibilities for interesting longer term work come up today. Fingers crossed. Oh, and on the topic of work, I usually don't take lunch cos I hate doing that (and I'm lazy) but since I'm so poor atm I've found the ideal cheap and easy lunch. A banana roll - just duck into the supermarket and get a roll and a banana - voila! It doesn't help though when you get home so late that dinner is one of those biscuit and cheese packs on the train. I need my vegies!

wow! Sounds like you had an awesome run! I think its a great idea to have running groups like that. I wonder if they have something like that here.. i'm going to look into it as soon as i'm over my jet lag (which is absolutely horrible I might add).
You should definately add some peanut butter to your banana roll.. *drool* great for giving you energy for the run too!
Sounds gross but trust me its really good.

By Blogger Beee, at 11:51 pm  

go you good thing! i could just picture where you were running and that's quite a way! your sausage-stealing goal is a goodun too. hehe.

and i'll second that PB & banana combo. it's noice.

By Anonymous dg, at 1:35 am  

Sounds like you had a good work out tonight - well done !
I often think I would like to run but I know that when push comes to shove I will look like a dork and so then land up just walking - good for you for giving it a go and especially for overtaking the girl so you didn't come last.
Hope things work out on the job front.
Take care and have a great week !

By Blogger Me, at 2:36 am  

I have this hilarious image of you now...stealing a sausage during your run and then hiding away somewhere and eating it while smoking a cigarette after your run. LOL! Love it!

Who knew that a cigarette would have the healthy benefit of getting you to the gym? Be careful what you admit here in writing or the tobacco companies will be ringing you and asking you to be their new mascot. Big brother is everywhere you know, hehe.

Congrats on that run!!

By Blogger Zara, at 4:24 am  

well done on all the running - you've come such a long way. banana on crumpets is my fave.. yummo

By Blogger linda, at 9:10 am  

OMG you've totally romanticised running for me again <3 THANK YOU! That sounded like such a great run and well done, taking over someone and everything!!

I've heard that running outside is completely different to the treadmill and that it's also I don't know "more freeing", if that's the right wording.

I'm so pumped to exercise again tho.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the good job opportunities come good for you.

By Blogger Dee, at 10:05 am  

Sounds like your run was just what you needed and the group leader sounds very motivating indeed. That is always a positive!! Well done. XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 10:28 am  

Goooooo you.

I was getting little hits of adrenaline while reading about your running. that is the weirdest thing ever! (My adrenaline - not your running).

I cant express how proud I am of you.

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:47 am  

I was reaaly self-conscious about runnig in a group, but there's almost always someone slower than me - although that seems impossible to me. Running outside is definitely harder than on the treadmill, but so much more interesting, especially if you're as nosy as I am - love perving at people's gardens and in their kitchen windows...

By Blogger Sue, at 12:35 pm  

Okay someone had to find the Homer Simpson applicable quote and this was the best I could come up with in the short amount of time I had to comment:
Homer to Bart: "Son, when you participate in sporting events, its not whether you win or loose, its how drunk you get".
Great going on your run, you'll be the leader of the pack in no time!
I know what you mean about vegetables, I really miss them if I have a vegie free day.
Have a good one!

By Blogger Briony, at 1:24 pm  

LOL at your sausage goal...stop, thief! :-) What an amazing effort. You are continually suprising me and inspiring me to really push myself too, no matter the reason. Banana on a roll? Freak LOL but you know what, I'll probably try it now. Have a great week.

PS. I hear you about the boredom factor kicking in with drunk friends. We don't go to many parties anymore for this factor and I find that a bit sad but I just get bored too quickly and want to go home.

By Blogger Mary, at 2:55 pm  

Sounds great Kath - very motivating and positive. And LOL at the sausage goal! heh heh

Keep up the great work darl xx

By Blogger Philippa, at 3:16 pm  

Hey good on you! The next few are bound to be easier as you will know what to expect.

mmmmm banana + bread. can't go wrong!

Thats one way to sneak your 5+ a day in.

By Blogger Ang, at 4:56 pm  

maybe you "carbed up" at the market on the weekend, in subconsciously realizing you were in for the big run soon. apparently a lot of athletes do that, cos best not to eat too much day of run so sometimes they eat some extra in the couple of days before hand.
you must be getting superfit, Kathryn, to see the body pump at the gym as a nice cool down after your exercise.
As far as dollars are concerned i am sending you lots of good thoughts that you can get some nice rewards, afford your exercise and find some nice things. Your ability to run even got you to the tram and run on time. And you got to meet some cool people. So glad your hard work is starting to come together for you.

By Anonymous barbara, at 6:09 pm  

It is so cool you are doing this - and I read that Philippa might be thinking about it too. Coincidince that she met up with Lucinda before the post - I think not!! LOL

When I read about you nicking the sausage I pictured the KFC ad where the guy nicks the potato things and now I am all hungry. Time to put on the steak and veg.

Have a great night and well done again on your running :D

By Blogger M, at 6:55 pm  

wow, you are getting some awesome exercise there!!
good luck with the job prospects!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:17 pm  

That is one hell of a yarn. Really love the idea of running with sausage in hand, ciggie in other. You could be the poster girl for ANTI-PC!! Have a great day.

By Blogger Jules, at 8:25 pm  

Kathryn I'm so jealous that you're close enough to be able to get to these training sessions. They've got nothing out this way (apart from our own little running group).

Just remembered that I haven't signed up for the actual run yet. Better do that soon.

Congratulations on having the guts to get out there and give it a go....we really are a nice friendly group, us runners!!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 9:15 pm  



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