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Today I got a huge shock! I got a letter in the mail saying I owed basically $1000. Crumbs. I rang them and it turns out it's more like $350 but still too much for me. I can pay it but I had money earmarked for shiny new running shoes that don't give me callouses *sob*.

I think I'm going to have to call my temp agencies. I hate temping. I hate it so much. You get treated like shit and the money is poor but if I want IT work, it will take forever - rounds of interviews and waiting then stretched out pay periods (last time I got a contract, I had to wait 6 weeks for the first pay) while temping you get paid the next week.

Why can't I find a part time job that doesn't involve reception or doing accounts?

On the happy side, today I did a Body Balance class. During some of the yoga stretching, I did things I never thought I could do! My flexibility is improving. Go me!

Now I'm tossing up whether to cook dinner or have pizza. I've got plenty of calories left and Andrew's coming over for dinner so pizza (with a huge salad on the side) is highly likely. Especially if he pays :)

Getting big bills suck... go for the pizza, yum yum.

By Blogger Chris H, at 8:18 pm  

I hope you had the pizza after that terrible fright!!!

By Anonymous Lee, at 10:25 pm  

oh - don't u h8 when that happens? I saved up for a phone the other day and bought one on ebay and it turned out to be the wrong one - so now i am down 300 bucks with a phone i dont want! it sucks when u have money for something and it doesn't work out! at least you got them down 600 bucks plus though i guess

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:36 pm  

I feel for ya. I hate bills and shoes that don't feel good. I'm new to this blogging, so I don't know you too well right now, but I hope your luck changes.

By Blogger Weight Master, at 6:46 am  

Go the pizza, especially after virtuous body balancing! and my condolences re the dosh and the prospect of temping, arrgh temping sucks arse :|

By Blogger Shauna, at 7:50 am  

Yay pizza!

Ooh I know the shock of which you speak, having gone through something very similar just last year. Luckily enough for me, it turned out to be the biller's fault that the bill never got paid, not the billee, so I was off scot free except for the agravation of having to deal with them, more than once. And that was plenty of Agro, not the cute fuzzy kind either.

Haven't temped, don't ever wish to, horror stories I've heard scare the bejebus out of me. I salute temps the world over!

By Blogger Kada, at 9:55 am  

No don't do the pizza! They're all salty and greasy and leave you feeling sick inside AND you can never stop at one piece (well I can't anyway) AND then you feel guilty afterwards AND then you'll moan next week when you've put on another kilo.

You might need to put those shoes on your birthday list, or start a "Help Kathryn's feet" fund.

By Blogger Debstar, at 2:28 pm  

Pizza sounds good :-) You don't have it all the time! I hope the money thing works out and good luck with the temp agencies. They can be shocking but just keep at 'em.

By Blogger Mary, at 6:56 am  



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