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I like counting calories. I like knowing how much I've eaten in the day and how it compares with other days. I like to know that I can eat what I want so long as I stay under my calorie limit. But there is one thing I don't like. I've been finding that I'm starting to go for food choices that are easier to count.

The other day I went to get lunch and walked past a sandwich shop that looked pretty yummy. Well, the sandwiches looked yummy not the shop itself. But I decided to go next to the Maccas for a Deli Choice sandwich instead. That way it would be real simple to work out the calories, after all they are on the wrapper. So I was standing in line waiting and it struck me how insane that was. Instead of eating something I wanted, I was going to have something I didn't really want just so I could track it. Not smart.

So I left Maccas and went back to the sandwich shop. I had to guesstimate the calories but I bet it was much better for me anyway.

Definately have what you would prefer. This way you avoid cravings and overindulgences. XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 11:10 am  

Thanks for the suggestions - yes cleaning definitely isn't something I think about doing when I want something to eat !!! I think the trouble is that I don't have enough time to get a big project going. I would love to repaint (although I repainted the whole house when we moved in) but that isn't something I just just pick up and do. Maybe I should pull some of the craft projects that are stuck at the bottom of the cupboard and see if I can get them finished !!
Cheers for now and carry on choosing the food you want and not the food that is easy to track (although I am hearing what you say - I've had a WW meal because it tells me the points rather than having to cook and work the points out !!!)
Take care and be good !

By Blogger Me, at 2:50 pm  

this is my first time to your site and i love it! very interesting!

By Blogger { the.Moranbah.Scrapper }, at 3:43 pm  

At least you left!

By Blogger Sue, at 5:12 pm  

Well done for having the guts to walk out. I am guilty of doing that too, mainly at night with the ww meals. Hope your sandwich was delicious :)

By Blogger M, at 6:14 pm  

Haha @ the "not the shop" oh lordy I swear, hahaha.

I think it's awesome you were brave enough to walk out of maccas and go to the sandwhich shop. And I find myself doing silly things like that too...

By Blogger Dee, at 6:38 pm  

awesome stuff - i sometimes find myself doing that too,just coz i know the points. quite often i just eat whatever i want too & stuff the advice isn't always good :P

By Blogger Kt, at 8:21 pm  

I am naturally drawn to the path of least resistance or the easier option - and this is evident in what I eat as well. Eventually when we change our patterns we will learn what the new ones are and it will be easier. So once you work out how much the sandwich is calorie wise it will be an easy choice for you in future. Have a great

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 1:04 pm  

Thanks for your comments today. I am with you on looking at it from the other point of view - I have often thought "I can't go and introduce myself because they will look at me and think - gosh she's fat" and have probably missed out on quite a few opportunities because of low self confidence. Not that I am a big one for introducing myself to people but I know that I have more confidence in myself now and often find myself walking taller because of that feeling.
You are doing so well with your weight loss - you must be feeling so good about what you have achieved.
Take care and have a great day !

By Blogger Me, at 2:50 pm  

LOL, I so know what you mean! It can be tricky. I am so glad you went back to the sandwich shop. Real food is ultimately much better. I'm still not a fan of Maccas even if they are going *healthy*.

By Blogger Mary, at 3:03 pm  



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