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Ahhhh... relief

The back is getting better, slowly. I managed to walk for about half hour after work today - it's fine while I keep moving. At least that's an incentive to not slacken off.

Then I had a massage. Brilliant. I am amazed at my range of motion.

After that, I was too tired to do much so got a Spudatoes spud for dinner. Very heavy on the calories even without the garlic butter and the sour cream (I can give up the sour cream easily but the garlic butter was a sacrifice) but I figured I rarely get takeaways and it is still much, much better than pizza or fish n' chips.

I've been considering the bath idea, only problem is that I live in a share house and the bathtub is not in such a good state. I don't think I'd feel right having a bath in it without cleaning it first. Trouble is, I can't lean forward to clean it! I wonder if I could visit friends on the weekend and take my towel and a rubber duckie and disappear into the bathroom...

I'm so glad you're back is feeling a bit better.

Oooh, giving up the garlic butter would've been a huge sacrifice for me! Good on you! :)

By Blogger jak, at 12:42 am  

Glad you back is a little better. Hope it keeps improving. Bad luck about the bath as a nice hot bath really helps.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 5:50 am  



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