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More Misery

Arrrggh! Not only are my multiple medical conditions annoying, they also don't get along harmoniously. I got some decorub for my sore back but, when I put it on last night, realised it didn't go too well with my spotty skin disease. Ouch.

The coughing from bronchitis isn't exactly helping the back, nor is the abdominal cramp from my period.

I didn't sleep too well last night. I kept waking up, wanting to turn over in bed but not able to because it hurt. I felt like a big, fat, beached whale and woke up miserable. Then it took me forever to get ready for work. Putting on pantyhose was difficult and doing up my shoes almost impossible.

Once I was dressed, I couldn't find my keys. I tore my room apart looking for them, getting more and more miserable. It's hard to search when it hurts to move. I just felt so sore and sorry for myself. The place was a mess and I didn't feel up to doing any cleaning or tidying. And I was very late for work.

Mostly I don't mind living on my own, but in situations like this morning, it isn't nice. Sometimes it would be so comforting to have someone around when I'm feeling sick - to pick things up off the floor for me when I can't bend, to do up my shoes, to make me dinner and help tidy up, to look after me and give me sympathy. I had a little self-pitying cry, then pulled myself together. After all, if I don't get my shit together and get to work then I don't get paid.

So I went to the chemist on the way to work and got some Nurophen and made an appointment at the doctors for tomorrow. And moped around work all day.

It's so hard not being able to exercise. Normally I have around 1,500 calories a day but after exercise it is under 1,200 net calories. So I've been trying to stick to 1,200 a day while I can't exercise. I'm finding that hard though. It doesn' t take much to go over.

This afternoon I thought about getting some chocolate. Then I realised even if ate chocolate, I wouldn't feel any better and I'd have eaten all those extra calories. Smart thinking, huh. Except I went to the munchie machine and got the chocolate anyway. And ate it. And felt sick and miserable afterwards. Damn Toblerone.

I keep thinking I can't lose weight while I'm ill. And, if I think like that, I won't. I have to pull myself together. It's one thing to stay on top of things when the goings good, but another when you are being tested. And I feel like this is a test. A test of my determination and good intentions. At least tomorrow is another day and tomorrow I will rule!

Oh dear, Kathryn - I agree with the living alone...good 99% of the time, but when you are sick, it is shite. I hope you get something that will help at the doctor tomorrow.

Stay positive :)

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 10:17 pm  

I live with a lovely DH and 2 boys. I still have to do everything myself when I am sick. Well most of the time anyway :)

You are right in what you say. If you think you can't lose weight when you are sick - you won't. It is a heck of a lot harder but if you just aim for maintenance that sure beats a gain.

You will come out of this soon and then you will be ripping up the pavement again. Hope tomorrow is a bit kinder on you :)

By Blogger M, at 11:21 pm  

I'm with "m" -- the myth of living with someone is that they will take care of you when you need them to. Sometimes they do, but frequently, they don't. My beloved does wonderful things for me when I ask, but sometimes gets annoyed and angry when I'm sick -- his own fear that there is something he can't fix taking over his generous good nature. Sometimes when I'm sick I'd rather be alone to moan and suffer in sufficient quantities to satisfy my martyred self. Ah, well, there are advantages to both kinds of living and disadvantages as well. Sorry you're having such a hard time of it. Take care. :)

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 5:22 am  

Hey Kathryn - hope you are feeling better. The trip to the dr is definately a very good ideas - hope all goes well and you have a much better day today.

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 8:06 am  

Ugh, sounds like you're having a really sucky time!

M is right - just try to maintain while you're sick and don't worry about losing. Make sure you are eating enough though - your body won't heal if you starve it!

Hope your doc provides a miracle cure for your ailments :-)

By Blogger Emily, at 8:54 am  

I hope that by the time you get this you are feeling much better. It sucks when you are sick and don't have someone to look after you but sometimes their help when you are sick isn't outweighed by the extra work they cause when you aren't !!!
Just do the best that you can and don't put your body under any extra strain until you are completely better.
Take care and lotsa hugs !

By Blogger Me, at 9:32 am  

Oh, how miserable you must be feeling! I'm with M - aiming for a maintain while sick is easier and it's much better than gaining!

I hope the trip to the doc can give you some meds to get you on the up and up ASAP.

By Blogger jak, at 9:47 am  

I think you just need to concentrate on getting better babe. Don't worry about this weight loss thing right now. Be good to yourself *hugs*.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:13 pm  

Sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell! that sucks. hope the nurofen is some help and that the doc can help u out some more. Never mind the toblerone, it was only one, one can't hurt you. Just remember that smart thinking next time you want some.

By Blogger Kt, at 1:09 pm  

Just concentrate on getting yourself better. Sounds like you need to give yourself some TLC at the moment.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 2:55 pm  

oh my goodness what a horrible mess u have yourself in! Just remember that it will pass one day.

By Blogger { the.Moranbah.Scrapper }, at 3:46 pm  



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