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Oh Man

I went out with my friends last night - we went to see a show called Clique at the Spegieltent, a burlesque circus. Afterwards we decided to get something to eat and ended up at Pellegrinis. If you know Melbourne, you might know of Pellegrinis. It's an old style Italian place in the city - very old style. Stupidly, I was the one to suggest it. Why, oh why did I do that?

So I ended up ordering the Ravioli Pellegrini - with a napoli pesto sauce. I coulda had the plain napoli sauce but no, I had to have the pesto as well.

My meal came out - a mountain of ravioli coated in sauce, covered in parmesan cheese and surrounded by a lake of oil. A Lake! I coulda minimised the damage - just eating a half portion, but no I ate the lot plus the bread and butter that came with it.

When I got home, I did a rough estimate of calories and worked out it was about 2000! That is a helluva lot of calories. More calories than I eat in a day. And, you know what, it wasn't even that good. If it had been the most superlative pasta, I could have justified the one-off extravagence but it was stodgy and mediocre.

I've felt bad since. I know it's not an everyday thing and I can recoup from this. I know I can put it behind me and keep on with my healthy eating. I know one meal isn't going to break me. But I feel bad. Like I know better and should do better. Of course, having all that fat and sludge in my system isn't helping; I can feel it weighing me down.

Today is going to be about light eating and getting moving. Damage control. I need to feel like myself again.

You do know that this is what normal people eat like?? It is completely normal to overeat on a night out. What normal people do is get back into light eating (like you plan to) the next day. You are just being a normal person. If you were still in the fat mindset you would be using this as an excuse to binge out for a week and then feel like shit for another 5!!

By Blogger Jules, at 9:45 am  

Totally agree with you natural jules. Dont feel bad about the pasta! You can do pasta! I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading it. Im a VIC girl as well. I actually used to live near revolver in Chapel Street (in Windsor, Union Street?) anyways, it bought back some memories@!

By Blogger Esther, at 11:15 am  

Agreed, don't feel too bad about the pasta. Just go into damage control mode for a few days and you'll be alright. You don't do it all the time so it's nothing to feel too bad about. I hope your back is better today!
There's a cafe in Surry Hills called Il Baretto which is like dietary kryptonite to me. It's the best pasta place in Sydney but I only go there once every two months now, I don't want to go every week and spoil a good thing!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 6:11 pm  

On the other hand, one time I went to a great Italian resturant and had plain chicken and vegetables whilst all around me ate rich pasta dishes and stuffed themselves full of bread. I didn't come home from that feeling too good either. Sure, I stayed on my plan but I missed being one of the gang. There's a lot of sacrifice in weight loss, either way.

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 8:30 pm  

It wouldn't have beenb too bad if you meal was not floating in oil - I always want to go to P - but now, maybe I'll just have coffee. Jules is right thought...normal people do eat like this when they go out, however normal people, are getting bigger by the day :(

Good Luck tomorrow - remember your race number!!

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 10:41 pm  

I LOVE Pellegrinis!! I try to just stick to the coffee though. Completely agree w Jules, most people do overeat on a night out and you don't want to be "on a diet" forever, chalk this one up as learning how to have a night out and continue on from where you left off the next day. If you can, fit a walk in and you will feel so great that the pasta will be a distant memory.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 12:03 pm  

Next time you will know only to eat half. You are human and this journey is about getting our tools and using them. Sometimes we use them good and sometimes we don't. But we keep working it.

A couple of light days should see you feeling better in the stomach. Keep smiling :)

By Blogger M, at 3:14 pm  



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