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Man, I've been Eaty McEats Everything In Sight lately. I dunno what's wrong with me. I'm not hungry, I think it's just bored eating and it's got to stop right now. It's bad habits and I don't want them taking hold.

Sometimes in life I think you just need to use a bit of self-discipline so I'm going to only eat at designated meal and snack times.

The wedding dress shopping was fun on the weekend. Well fun for me, not so much fun for my friend. I felt sorry for her because she's put on weight and isn't at all happy with the way she looks. Not that she's all that big, just bigger than she used to be. Of course, trying on all those fitted dresses does nothing for your self esteem especially when you have to parade them around a showroom filled with size 8 girls.

We walked out of one bridal shop and she just kept muttering, how did I put on so much weight? I told her it's easy.

I don't want to start bombarding my friend with advise so I've just been giving her a few hints and tips. She's just joined a gym and she has until March to lose the weight, which is enough time to get to her goal weight if she loses at a steady rate. But I also think she's in a state of mind where I can't say too much or it will just get her down.

One of the things I find weird is that she doesn't want the big fancy wedding. She doesn't even want to get married. But her partner wants it all done right. I'm sure it's pretty rare for the guy to be pushing for these things.

So anyway we are off to look at more dresses next week - we found one that is the absolute stand out from the bunch of white satiny things but didn't have an appointment so have to go back next week for trying on.

While we were looking, I found the wedding dress I want - it was a Victorian dress in purple with a black sleeves. Now I just need to find a groom! Andrew downloaded the latest season of the Gilmore Girls for me and I've been catching on up that. I think I'd like my potential groom to be a lot like Luke from the Gilmore Girls *swoon*. He's surly and manly and he fixes stuff. I love a man who fixes stuff.

Wedding dress shopping is hard work. So much hard work that I bought my dress on eBay! I just couldn't face the women in bridal shops, in fact I find it extremely hard to walk into those shops. I tried twice and ran away in a blind panic both times. That said, I am looking forward to being married! I just can't deal with the bridal stuff and the expectations.

:) Sarah

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 12:33 pm  

I know nothing about wedding dress shopping yet but now that brides maid dress shopping is bloody difficult!
At least if you found one you like it will be easy when you marry Luke from the Gilmore Girls!
I too have been eating everything in sight! and I have no idea why!

Have a great day


By Blogger Thinner Nancy, at 1:26 pm  

oh wow, your wedding dress sound lovely. I wish I had done away with the whole ivory/white thing and worn what i wanted.

I was a size 22 wedding was so damn depressing

By Blogger A Girl Running, at 7:36 pm  



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