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Today I am no longer obese. That's right, folks. Today I weighed in at 83.2 which puts my BMI under 29. I'm just a regular overweight chickie now. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have no living memory of not being obese. This was the last time I wasn't obese:

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The not tracking has been working just fine and dandy so far, of course it's only been half a week. I love it though. The other day I got a chicken burger from a place I've been meaning to try - they have big signage advising their burgers are all low fat. As I eat it, I began mentally breaking down the ingredients - roll, chicken breast, etc. Then I realised - I don't need to do this. Woohoo! Just eat and enjoy, no adding.

I've also been thinking - I've lucky really. Things seem to work for me (touch wood, big time). If I do the right things, I lose weight. The few times I've gained weight, I've known why - normally because I've been sick so I can't exercise plus I've eaten too much. You can't argue with those facts. Even if I have a day off or a meal off, I still manage to lose. I can work around it. I'm so grateful for that - especially when I read someone's blog who is doing all the right things and not losing. That must be so hard.

There is something else I've noticed as I cruise through the world o' diet blogs. Have you noticed how we seem to use our blogs as a confessional? If we have a blow out, then we purge our guilt by getting online and writing out our sins - listing the tim tams and the hot chippies and the pizza. All very catholic, isn't it? It got me thinking, does it help? Is it some kind of release mechanism - you know, once you've blogged it all then you no longer have the guilt. Because sometimes guilt is the heaviest weight we can carry.

Well done. That is such an achievement. Bet you feel proud!! I know I would!! XX

By Blogger Jodie, at 11:16 am  

It's interesting that you compare blogging to the confessional - there are lots of similarities - including the anonymity. I guess we all need a way to offload our 'sins'. Some use religion and some use the World Wide Web!

By Blogger Sue, at 11:25 am  

Well done on the loss - I did my BMI yesterday too, and mine is 28! I'm no longer obese either - yay!!

The way I read your post it sounds as though this has really become a way of life for you now, and you don't need to be obsessive, and nor do you need to keep this up for a certain period of time before having the mother of binges. It's a lifestyle now, and it's really working for you, which is fantastic!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

By Blogger Philippa, at 11:39 am  

Yay for your BMI of 29. You are doing so well.
I do think that "a trouble shared is a trouble halved" and blogging is our good place to share our troubles and our triumphs.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 1:05 pm  

I don't know about using the blog as a confessional, but I think the reason I confess the odd slip is because that is what is really happening to me and learning how to manage those moments (and their aftermath) is almost the whole ball of weight loss wax if you ask me. :)

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 2:24 pm  

Woo Hoo Kathryn! Congratulations on your loss.

And I was totally spellbound by your story about the liposuction!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:48 pm  

Congrat's - what a milestone! I just finished reading your Lipo story, and I must repeat how impressed I am that you are doing this weight-loss thing the long, hard, regular way and doing so well at it too!

Re the confession of dietary sins, for me it is just to show my lovely readers and supporters that I am not perfect all the time, and this journey is all about the good & the bad things, therefore I try to have some balance in what I write about.

By Blogger Emily, at 9:53 pm  

Congratulations on your loss Kathryn. This is so great that you are now no longer obese. In mind, spirit or in body.

My guilt is never erased by putting my details in my blog but I put in there, along with my feelings, thoughts and other stuff, so that I can understand later how I was feeling at the time and how I attribute it to the food I ate. But it is not an absolution.

By Blogger M, at 11:02 pm  

woohoo! well done. and you were a cute wee baby, btw!

agreed on the confessional thing. tho once people you know start reading it, it's not the same anonymous thrill... sigh :)

By Anonymous dg, at 1:47 am  

Oh babe, this is awesome! Well done :-) I personally don't like to read too much of the *confessional* blogs because honestly they piss me off. I like blogs like yours that inspire me because you actually DO stuff to change your situation. Seriously, well done!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:48 am  

well done on no longer being obese!
thats great news. Hope u have a lovely weekend :)

By Blogger Kt, at 12:59 pm  

bravo bravo bravo!!!!

By Blogger Silverella, at 6:32 pm  

AWESOME@ the WI!!!! How exciting it must be to say that. Wooohooo!

AS for the purging of the guilt, that's why I have my blog so I can think and analyse all my emotions and how I react so I won't just eat them away.

And very true, guilt is sometimes the heaviest weight.

By Blogger Dee, at 6:50 pm  

Congrat's on no longer being obese :o)

I confess my sins on my blog, because leaving them out of my blog would only tell half the story of my journey.

Unlike Mary, I like reading when others confess to eating junk because it helps me to feel more normal and also helps to reinforce that we can lose weight while still falling off the wagon occasionally.

By Blogger lms, at 11:09 pm  



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