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I can't seem to stop eating at the moment. I am Snacky McSnackster. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just for a day but it's been going on for the past few days and it must stop now. I've been trying to analyse why I'm doing it but I have no great emotional traumas going on in my life at the moment. I think it's just my natural piggy instincts coming out. I get into bad habits - I start snacking then I'm not hungry for meals so I don't have a proper meal and just keep snacking. It is a bad cycle.

I don't think the change of routine from full time work to no time work is helping either. When I'm writing, I snack - well it's one of whole range of procrastination techniques. Plus I'm starting to realise how much I write about food. Like I've been editing a scene where tiramisu plays a pivotal role. Maybe I should change it from tiramisu to donuts - I can write about donuts without feeling hungry.

One day off isn't going to hurt me, but when it extends to 2 or 3 or more days off or days that aren't quite so good, then I'm sinking back into bad habits. Why are bad habits so easy?

On top of all that, I have been buying foods that are easy to snack on. That is always a bad thing for me to have around. If I have a choice between fruit or making an effort to get a different snack, I'll have fruit. Currently, I'm having the other snack and the fruit!

All this is going to stop right now - well except the writing (but the snacking while writing will stop - unless it's on carrot sticks) . I'm cutting down on the snacks - I got my popcorn machine out of storage so that will make a healthy, yummy snack. I think I need to be more aware of my snacks too - eat consciously.

I have to listen to my body. I think that's the golden rule - it all leads back to that. Knowing when I'm really hungry. It's such an easy thing to say but so hard to do. I think when I master that, I'll be done.

Damn this seems to be contagious at the moment. Perhaps we should all get the snacking immunisation. Maybe we should invent one. And make millions. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour (can't believe I just said that)

Am booking in some 'me' time next week to read some of your stuff on your other site. It looked so great that I didn't want to rush it. I am very excited about this..

By Blogger M, at 9:37 pm  

Kathryn, this sounds ominously familiar as an outcome of the freedom not to count calories or points. Sometimes it takes a while to become adapted to the idea that if you don't have to count it, it doesn't count as much. And I'm with you on eating as a procrastination to writing (or whatever one is supposed to be doing). When you're an orally fixated person, eating always seems to be the solution.

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 10:58 pm  

Hello there Kathryn!

I went to spudatoes for dinner tonight...chilli con carne is evil...especially when it isn't even hot which means I have no trouble gobbling it down... = two walks today.

Nectarines are in season they will be my best friend until i turn into one around february!

And congrats for the loss and bmi superstar results!

By Anonymous Lucinda, at 11:29 pm  

I find that when I'm bored I snack. I'd got into the habit of snacking right through the day (going to the supermarket at lunchtime was my big downfall) and then get home and eat a big dinner as well.

Have now got back into my "zone". Hopefully it'll last a bit longer than before!

And can I book in for one of those immunisations please M!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 9:32 pm  



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