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Today is Blah Day

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I'm just not a happy little vegemite. I've been exercising well but my eating is like a runaway train and my mood has been the blahest shade of blah.

I think one of the problems is that that since I've stopped working, I need to get out of the house but getting out of the house usually means going to a cafe or somewhere like that and even if I choice wisely, the food is never as healthy as the stuff you make at home. I get frustrated with cafes because it seems like they are always trying to sneak baddies into your food - butter on the roll or a few chips on the side of the plate or fatty meat.

Last night we went to a gourmet burger place in St Kilda. I got a chicken burger and it was fantastic. The chicken was grilled so it was pretty healthy. The only problem was it had aioli on it. That stuff is so high in fat. I didn't realise until I got home and looked it up. What is aioli anyway? Is it like mayo with added lard? I don't even like the stuff but I didn't think to ask for it without. I need to be much more on the ball when I eat out.

The other thing is to NOT eat out so much. All calorific concerns aside, it costs too much money. Okay now and then but not all the time. Maybe I could make a nice sandwich or a salad and go to the park or somewhere and eat it. Then I'd be getting out of the house but not spending money. I could even pack a picnic lunch and go for a long walk.

Another problem is lack of sleep. I think sleep is just as important as eating well and exercise. But lately I've been neglecting that side of things. I must sleep more.

Oh yeah, plus I think I'm putting too many expectations on myself. Like if I go to a class at the gym, it's not enough to do the class any more. I have to stick around and spend time on the treadmill or the cross trainer. Then I feel bad if I do less than an hour of additional cardio on top of the class. Stupid, I know.

I think there are other issues too. Tonight I might have some quiet time and try an exercise that's worked well for me in the past. I actually got this from a writing book and it's fantastic if you have things that you need to dig out of the mire of your brain. You write a question at the top of the page then just freewrite for a couple of minutes answering that question without stopping to think about what you are writing. When you finish the first one you can keep going, digging further into things that come up. It's a lot cheaper than therapy anyway.

Kathryn, every time I make a major change in my life (working, not working, moving, relationship start, end, etc.), it takes me a few weeks (or longer) to reorient myself to whatever has happened. Perhaps your current struggle is related to that kind of transition; for example, feeling let down because you aren't with your workmates anymore. This is true even if the change is very desireable and highly anticipated. Those of us who have had a somewhat chaotic upbringing tend to forget that change has a hidden penalty, and it can be difficult to prevent ourselves from bearing down harder on ourselves when we feel it ("shoulding" ourselves as it were). Maybe a question you could ask yourself is: do you miss your former job?

By Blogger The Troescher Team, at 11:06 pm  

Aïoli is mayonnaise with garlic, that's all - but mayo is a traitorous little condiment. The Light stuff we have at home is pretty healthy, thus lulling me into thinking mayo is OK, so I catch myself buying sarnies with the regular stuff in them when I'm out...

An hour of cardio on top of a class? How do you not fall from the crosstrainer with exhaustion? I'm pretty impressed by the people who do 40-minute chunks without stopping (I do 45 minutes, but in two sections with weights in the middle). I would be bored long before 40 minutes.

By Blogger K, at 11:37 pm  

Not only it is cheaper than therapy, but it is indeed one of the major tools!

Try to send your brain on holidays while you answer the questions. Our brain tends to rise all the walls when we hit issues that hurt.

Also, I got the two magical questions I have to reply to at most of the sessions I'm having. For instance,let's say I whine and say...shit, I dont really understand why I'm eating so bad lately, since when I eat good and exercise I feel like a trillion euros! And the questions my therapist always poses are:

Tell me 3 things you gain by this and 3 things you avoid.

Since you're on for the ride, you might want to visit this path too :)


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I know that the weeks where I eat out I have the smallest loss or not loss at all. I sometimes wonder about them sabotaging our efforts. Hey have to have someone to blame right! LOL!! In saying all that you need to be able to live your life and never stop doing what you love. Just minimise it. XX

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