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My Christmas bootcamp isn't going so well. The exercise is up to scratch - well except the tricep dips. Who was I kidding when I said that? Tricep dips are satan's own exercise. I'd do crunches before I'd do tricep dips. I'd even do chin ups.

But my downfall is food. It's like I have the sugar in my system now and I want more. Well that another itty problem. A problem called banana bread. See I've been going into the city to go to my gym and in the city is Borders. And in Borders is the irresistable banana bread. But no more. None. Banana bread, bad. There will be no banana bread while I'm over 80 kgs. And no alcohol either. Except for New Year's Eve. I mean, come on.

So today I went into Melbourne Central (I caught the train, I might be a machine but walking into the city two days in a row is fool talk). I did an RPM class. Not just an RPM class but a killer RPM class. Then I moved into the Relaxation Zone - steam room, sauna, aromotherapy room and monsoon shower. Have I said how much I love my new gym?

Then, to get my money's worth, I went to Pump tonight. Man, my first Pump class since I hurt my back. If I can get out of bed tomorrow, it will be a miracle.

I think a lot of the problem lately is that I've been feeling rather glum. Christmas can be hard - I just feel like it gets too big and I don't have enough family and friends to fill it. I think it's something I need to work on. I'm going to think about that for a while.

Hi Idiet, i do not have a lot of family either, and so this is usually a pretty quiet time of year for me. i have learnt to really enjoy the quieter gym sessions in other years, and the peaceful beach walks this year. After a few years of bringing my son up alone, and having such a hectic day on christmas day making christmas special for him, it does seem so quiet now he is grown up. i find your writing to be so entertaining and refreshingly honest and fun. you are a very talented writer. Hope your new year is fabulous, and hope that by fitting in the gym workouts rather than a heap of wine nights on the social scene, even though it is a bit tough and lonely joining a new gym and taking the path you know is right for you, even if it seems you do it alone, hope that you find yourself feeling absolutely great for the new year cos you know you are headed in the direction that is true for you. Good luck for a great new year and new you. The 70's and a great fit lifestyle are getting very close for you.

By Anonymous Barbara, at 2:50 am  

Your new gym sounds amazing. What's a monsoon shower? I've never heard of that. Christmas is a hard time of year for all of us, don't be too hard on yourself. You really are a machine!
Have a great day.

By Blogger Briony, at 8:58 am  

Your new gym sounds fabulous. My sister joined a Fitness First gym in Sydney and all the little extras sound so great. Im fairly certain I'll join Fitness First too when I move to Sydney....

By Blogger lms, at 10:10 am  



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