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Christmas and other things

Like everyone else, I ate too much yesterday. Andrew made a chocolate ripple cake - his favorite - and I thought I was safe because I hate chocolate ripple cake. Trouble was, he told me to have a taste and it was the best chocolate ripple cake ever. He is the king of chocolate ripple cake. So I had three (small) pieces. He also made truffles (I'm not sure if what our family call truffles is the same as what other people call them - those balls made from crushed biscuits mixed with cocoa and condensed milk and rolled in coconut). They are my absolute faves. Luckily he'd eaten half of them before yesterday. Well he'd made one batch and eaten them and had to make a second batch - that is definitely a Christmas tradition in our family.

I picked him up yesterday morning for lunch and we exchanged presents. I'd gotten him a cheese grater. Aren't I the bestest mummy in the world? Ha ha. Well he wanted stuff I couldn't wrap - cash and tickets the Boxing Day Test - and I wanted to get him something. He said he didn't want chocolate and he is always complaining about not having a grater. I also got him some Ferrer Rochers so I could nick one.

He gave me some dvds - Bruce Springsteen unplugged (I'd already bought myself another Bruce dvd so I had a Bruce marathon last night) and the John Saffran Music Jamboree dvd. He'd promised to buy me the Music Jamboree dvd about 2 years ago and never did so that was really a late present rather than this years.

We had a yummy lunch - too much potato salad. That stuff is like crack for me. Then we watched the whole Music Jamboree dvd.

I took him home and went to the gym. It was deserted except for a family who had obviously never been in a gym before. It made me wonder if they were related to the dude working there because one of the girls was wearing thongs. She was telling the others what to do and how to use the equipment but she had no idea herself and I think they will all be very sore today.

I wanted to go see Chronicles of Narnia today but Andew said the movies would be bedlam so we are going later in the week. I should go do some walking before it gets too late.

At the gym yesterday, I realised just how happy I am to join my new gym. Half their treadmills don't work. They work okay for a while then suddenly stop, sending you flying across the room. Well not really, but they do jar you. They also don't have any air conditioning or any fans; they just open the windows. But the only windows that open are near the dodgy treadmills - so you can either risk jarring and stay cool or else sweat your arse off.

christmas is always bad for eating...the gym u r going to or leaving sounds horrid, i like the gym that i go to (when i get there) hope the new one brings a bit of inspiration :)

By Blogger laura, at 12:41 am  

Sounds like you had a great day. I love potato salad too, it's a killer, I could eat a whole batch by myself! Good on you for going to the gym, even if its a little dodgy.
Have a great day (I think we're the only ones left who are still blogging!) LOL

By Blogger Briony, at 9:08 am  

Just put a picture of "the chair" on my blog especially for you! Wish they came in adult sizes - it would be a great place to hide with a good book (and some chocolate!!).

By Blogger Briony, at 10:23 am  



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