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I felt sick today so I gave myself licence to pig out. Why do I do that? Sickness is no reason to be a garbage guts. My biggest weakness is when I have easy to eat food in the house - things I can pick at without having to go to any effort. Luckily this has been mostly fruit (oh and some ham!).

I had brunch with my sister yesterday then we went shopping. I got some new sunnies (pointy, cats-eye ones) and some hair clips - nothing exciting. I went to buy the cowboy boots I've been looking at for months and they didn't have them in my size - I snooze, I lose - is the lesson there.

Tomorrow I have to post my ebay stuff off and pick up my mail from the city. I'm also buying myself a present - since no one in my family is buying presents, I'm buying my own. Well I buy myself a present every year but this year more so.

Otherwise, my life is uneventful. My arse is still busted so that restricts my exercise. I feel like I'm not working hard enough now if I just walk. It's damn frustrating. But tomorrow I'll go to Spin and the rest of the week I will work around it. Damn butt.

thanks for the comment on my site. hope ur feeling better, I got my weekend off for christmas we are headin out here on Friday evening after my sister in law is finished work she is our ride home. your doing great. should look into vegetarian. hamburger and such i know we have it here and most of it is good stuff.
I think I need to get back to that again......

By Anonymous angie nicholas, at 7:03 am  

Don't worry, I do the same when i'm sick, or hungover, or just feeling down. I'm really hopeless! hehe
I love ebay - i've just recently started buying stuff and have only had one dodgy purchase so far. What kind of stuff do you sell?
Have a great day! Hope your butt gets 'unbusted' soon. LOL.

By Blogger Briony, at 9:15 am  

hope you're feeling better. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'd love the carmen electra dvd. Please email me with your details so I can reimburse you - let me know how much you want fo r it. (

By Blogger Tina, at 3:13 pm  

so what did yu buy yourself?

Hope you feel better soon. I always pig out when I am sick....also when I am happy, sad, mad, bored, hungry, not hungry.........

I won't be blogging till after December 25th so wanted to wish you a brilliant christmas and look forward to reading to 2006


By Blogger A Girl Running, at 5:54 pm  

I do the same thing when I am is so much easier to pick than to make this 4 course healthy meal :).

Feel better soon!

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 6:11 am  



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