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I'm not really feeling any pain after my gym session yesterday - a few twinges in my arms but nothing too bad.

Since my massive 2 kgs weight loss last week, I've been on the scales a few times and not seen a number nearly as low. I have a feeling that last week's loss was a bit of a freak and I might not even be that low this week. Oh well, guess I've got to just suck it up.

All yesterday morning, I looked forward to my yummy blueberry with banana for lunch. Except when I put my bagel in the toaster and pushed down the lever, the toaster sparked a little and all the power went out in the house.

I was home alone and had no idea what had happened - whether it was just a co-incidence or if I'd broke the electricity with my toaster. So I did the only thing I could - I went out for the afternoon.

I went on a huge walk and had a good browse through the shops on Brunswick Street then headed over to Lygon Court to Borders.

At Borders, I got some of their yummy banana bread. It's not at all low in calories but after that walk, I figured I had some calories to spare. I got a pile of books and magazines to flick through in the cafe and settled in for a while.

One of the books I picked up was about exercising for your shape. I am so definitely an apple - thick torso, no butt and shapely legs. They had a combination of gym and home workouts to do. For my shape, the focus was on toning the torso and further enhancing the legs. It looked like an interesting book but the problem with books like that is it covers all four body shapes so there is only about a quarter of the book you actually use.

I walked home via Edinburgh Gardens and watched the puppies follick in the park for a while.

When I got home, the power was still dead. I rang the owners to let them know but only got his voicemail. Then I realised one of my housemates was in the shower so laid in wait to see if he knew more about electricity than me. I jumped out to stop him as he went past my room and he must have thought he had the house to himself because he was NAKED! Luckily he had his clothes in his hands in front of him so I only saw flesh.

I ran back in my room and yelled at him from there but I couldn't stop laughing. He threw some clothes on one and showed me how to fix the electricity. There is some switch in a box that you have to flick and it makes stuff work. Pretty neat.

So I decided to cook my bagel and the power went out again. I ran back and flicked the switch and thought maybe it was a good idea to give up on the bagel. I think my toaster has turned to the dark side.

A great story Kath, as always!

Settling into the Borders cafe with a treat and a pile of things to read sounds like heaven, so good thing the toaster went on the blink, I'd say!

Hope you have a good day today xx

By Blogger Philippa, at 10:08 am  

Sounds like maybe Santa needs to bring you a new toaster! LOL, great story about your flatmate and you laughing. Thanks for brightening up my day!

By Blogger Briony, at 10:51 am  



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