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Yesterday I did a circuit training class at my gym. We went to the park and alternated slow jogging with resistance exercises - lunges, tricep dips, push ups etc. Since I hurt my back I've not done anything like that and I am in so much pain today. We had to do stepups on the park benches. Many, many stepups.

I went wedding dress shopping with my friend again yesterday. Just before we the wedding dress fatigue hit us in full force, my friend was saying to the shop assistant that she will lose weight before the wedding. The shop assistant asked my friend what program she's following. She couldn't comprehend that you can lose weight without following a program.

Arrgghh! I ate too much last night. I think ordering a banquet when going to dinner is a big mistake. I really need to work on recognising when I've eaten enough and making sure I stop then. Last night that probably would have been after the entree. I was going to go to spin class this morning and work it off but my poor little legs can barely work after that class yesterday. At least I didn't have alcohol on top of all that food. I will be very good for the rest of the week or I'll have another gain.

I am going to the massage school tomorrow to get a massage. That makes me very happy.

Hope you are feeling a little better by now. YAY for massage schools - I am sure that you will feel heaps better when you leave there tomorrow !
Have a good one !

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Hope you are enjoying / have enjoyed your massage today. :)

Have a great one Kathryn

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110.1 kg

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33.5 kg

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