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81.3 kgs this week. That's a loss of 600 grams. I'm happy with that, thank you very much. I wasn't expecting much after last week's freaky 2 kilogram lose, actually thought I'd have a gain with week because last week had just been a glitch in the scales.

In the personal victory - I'd have never done this before - category, I had a small achievement last night. I wore a singlet top to the gym. Even though I hate my upper arms and my arm pit area (does anyone else have flabby bits there but me? Sort of a side boob roll?). And I am so glad I wore it - it was damn hot in there.

Well done, must be all that walk/running you're doing! Congratulations.

By Blogger Briony, at 9:40 am  

*raises arm in awkward position* I have the side boob roll thing you're talking about LOL. It's horrible but I'm glad I’m not the only one!! When I said I needed to lose weight - I really meant everywhere, even there!

That's so awesome you wore a singlet to the gym - HOW bloody hot has it beeeeeen. I've been fighting the suffocating heat blagh - I wonder how the poor aussie contestants on BL are feeling it!

AWESOME on the loss, dang I can't believe you're almost out of the 80s how exciting is that and OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! on being 13th and under 50mins, that's sooo brilliant and I'm sooo excited for you yay!

By Blogger Dee, at 11:25 am  

Totally have that side boob roll!! I hate it but it's slowly getting smaller!! A good bra does wonders at hiding it!! Well done on the loss. See that 2kg loss wasn't so freaky after all. All the result of hard work and determination.

By Blogger Jodie, at 12:08 pm  

First of all, good job and congrats again!

And...yes on the boob roll thing..I was just thinking yesterday that I wish to GOD my boobs/arms looked more natural on the side of my bra, meh!

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 1:24 pm  

i got the ust gotta use it, i remeber the first time i wore a singlet to the gym...maqssive step..but well done so far any loss is a good loss

By Blogger laura, at 5:55 pm  

2.6kg loss over two weeks in the time leading up to Xmas - there should be some kind of medal for an achievement like that!

I have side boobs too. Last year I had a lump in one of them, and although I was scared about the prospect of surgery, a little voice in my head was doing a happy dance at the idea of having it chopped off. Thankfully, I still have it and look forward to removing it in a more positive way.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 8:16 pm  



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


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