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Fun Run

Tonight was the Christmas Fun Run at Albert Park. I so didn't want to go. If I hadn't paid for it, I would have not gone. I drove over at 4.30 to avoid peak hour traffic and sweltered in the car - not good exercising weather at all. To top it off, I got to Albert Park and realised just how big that lake is! Oh man, I was ready to run away. I've walked 5 km many times but it just seems so far when you can see the whole lot at once.

I had over an hour's wait for the run to start so I sat in the shade and made a special playlist on my ipod.

When the race started, I decided not to think about the whole distance. I'd just get to Carousel and then worry about the rest. So I got to Carousel and suddenly saw the 1 km marker. The next km was even easier, but after that I started looking for the water stand, thinking it would be at 2.5 km - the half way mark. That km seemed to take forever. I finally saw the water stand, just near the 3 km marker.

The last 2 km seemed to fly past. Around the last km, I was getting tired but decided to run. I ran past some blonde bimbo who gave me a dirty look. Ha. I owned her!

Got to the finish line and won a spot prize so had to wait around for the presentations to get a Fila drink bottle.

I'm so pumped now. I want to run more. I probably ran for about 10-15 minutes of the track and think I could have done more. Next time, I'll ran further and faster.

CONGRATS on the run Hun!!! I'm not brave enough to do that yet, but am looking forward to building myself up to it.

How awesome - total bonus you got a prize too!

LOL I smirked sideways at you owning that bimbo - NOW that is the real bonus!!

By Blogger Dee, at 11:41 pm  

Woo hoo! Go you. (And I am so glad I'm not the only person who has to tell herself she has to do things because she's paid for them.)

I am doing a 5K in January and am worried about being able to breathe in the cold. Sweltering doesn't sound so bad when you're in the middle of winter.

By Blogger K, at 2:18 am  

Well done, it sounds like you're getting hooked. I warn you, it's a slippery slope, this running thing!

By Blogger YP, at 3:02 am  

Just shows to go you doesn't it? Nice work!

Although, had you run away, that would have been exercise too...;op

I am going on an end of year break. Look forward to seeing how you are going in the new year. Have a good one!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 7:43 am  

Look at you, sexy runner!

I know what you mean about seeing the distance all at once. That happened to me, too, on my lake run.

But blasted through it! And pissed off a bimbo, too! SCORE!

By Blogger Zara, at 9:18 am  

Well done on the run (especially for passing the bimbo and ticking her off!! hehe) that's the bit I love the most!!

By Blogger Briony, at 11:51 am  



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