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I got on the scales this morning and they were down to 76.2 kg. How weird is that, especially since I've been in the 77s all last week. I don't understand; scales just are too wack sometimes. But I'm not taking it as official until next Friday's weigh in.

And yes, it's 6.30 am and I'm up and blogging. I don't understand that either. I've decided to add another rule to the three below. I'm restricting myself to one coffee or one cola drink a day this week. I know my caffeine intake has gone up with week because we have a coffee machine in the new office so I'm hoping less caffeine = more sleep for me. I've been a zombie lately.

About the meetup - I'd urge anyone who is hestitant about it to come along. Being a veteran of blogging (I had personal blog for years before I started this one) not to mention internet dating etc, I've had loads of experience meeting up with people I only know from online and I've never regretted it (well okay, maybe some of the dates....). Sure, not everyone you meet is going to be your bosum buddy but it's fun and at least you aren't sitting around wondering what would have happened if you had gone.

Hey I wouldn't think twice about meeting up, if I was anywhere near Australia! You seem like a friendly and interesting person to talk to..... and I'm sure the meet up will go well.

Take care

By Blogger Ang, at 7:06 am  

Yeah I'm up too Kathryn. But I'm meeting Michelle at 8am for our long run!!

I'd love to come and meet up and will pencil it in the diary. Just need to check that hubby will be home for babysitting duty!!

Congratulations on another loss, you're doing great.

By Blogger Jaykay, at 7:28 am  

I agree - we should take every chance we can to meet up with the peopls from Blogland - at least they're not COMPLETE strangers.

By Blogger Sue, at 9:02 am  

Great take on meeting bloggers and stop looking at the scales! I totally understand the zombie thing and caffeine needs. What a vicious cycle to get into. I am slowly kicking it, again.

By Blogger Mary, at 10:01 am  

if i had known you were up so early you could have come and done a lap of the Tan with me.. i was there at 7am! look forward to your weigh in next week.

By Blogger linda, at 11:55 am  

Bloody scales LOL.

By Blogger M, at 9:53 am  



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110.1 kg

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33.5 kg

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70 kgs



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