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My favourite summer snack at the moment is Nestle Refresh Citrus Mousse with some mango. I highly recommend it.

Last night I was in the kitchen and one of my housemates came in and was telling me how much weight I've lost. He always talks about his plans for losing weight and getting in shape but I've never seen him do anything but lay on his bed watching tv. It's like Dee's motto for last week - "action not words".
You know those moments where you think of things you should have said much later? Well it was only later that I thought - I should have let him in on my weight loss secrets. You know, doing things like putting out the bins and buying toilet paper and maybe sweeping the floors once in a while. Dang.
It truly sucks that I have no cash at the moment. I found the sports bra I want for heaps cheaper the other day but I can't justify spending $45 on a bra at the moment. But boy do I need one.
I have a personal training session at my gym tomorrow. Fun but scary.
I worked out my budget yesterday. I think I can survive for about a month tops before getting another job becomes urgent. That was a real eye opener. The whole point of not working is so that I can write. But I've done no writing - lots of moping around and lots of playing spider solitaire but no writing. Lots of gym time too. I think I need to organise myself so I do gym in the mornings or evenings because I find it hard to write when my day is broken up. Starting today, I'm going to put in a major effort. It just seems like such a huge task at the moment - I have a stack of rewriting to do - but like any big task, I guess the secret is break it into manageable chunks. I have got one thing done though - my application for the TAFE course I want to do next year. I'm going to post that off today.

Good Luck with TAFE! How exciting - I need to figure out what I want to do next year, thanks for the reminder!

So very very true @ having to break it up into chunks otherwise it's all so overwhelming, once you get into the groove of it - I beat it'll flow, hardest step is the is the first, right?

Have a wonderful New Year Hun!

p.s. you're making me want to check out the nearest gym near me, your adventures sound so inviting. Enjoy the Personal Training!

By Blogger Dee, at 10:42 am  

Hi, my names Hayley and i found your blog from Shontie. mine is

I was just wondering where your new jym is, i'm looking for one at the moment and yours sounds wonderful :)

Hope you don't mind me visiting!


By Blogger Madamx81, at 11:31 am  

LOL about the spider solitaire! I wish I was a writer, I have so much stuff in my head that I would love to write down but have no idea where to start. Maybe one day!! Have a great day.

By Blogger Briony, at 12:44 pm  

hey... thanks for commenting on my blog... love the idea of creativly stealing bits and pieces from others!!!! lol i did think about doing that... i'll just have to try that tonight...

you like the refresh mousse... each to there own i guess... i though it was horrible... though in saying that i only tried the watermelon flavour... that was enough to turn me off it!!!!

tafe hey... what did you want to study... i need to think up something else i'd like to study...

as for going to the gym in the morning... it's so much cooler, once you're up you're up, you feel good for doing it all day, and you're more likely to eat healthy cause you've done all that fantastic work at the gym...
now in saying that i need to get my own act together and do as i say!!!!


By Anonymous ali, at 2:37 pm  

You should do what I do! Go to gym at 5am!!! Its a GREAT start to the day AND you get to miss the gym rush. It makes my brain instantly kick into alert mode and I get most of my work done first thing in the morning (unless im stuck in blog land).

I was back at the gym today and I am so so happy to be back!

2006 here I come!!!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 7:27 pm  

If Nestle Refresh was a person it would be indicted on crimes against humanity (or gastronomy). Yeah, I have ishoos.

By Blogger Sharon, at 7:36 pm  

Berlei sports bras are 25% off this week at Myer, a little cheaper than $45, they are $37.50. You could layby?

By Blogger lms, at 6:29 pm  

They had lots of nice colours too!

By Blogger lms, at 6:30 pm  



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