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I decided I'd go to the St Kilda branch of my gym today because they have a pool but the pool was not functional. Damn it. So I went upstairs to do a workout and they had no airconditioning. What kind of primitive conditions are those? Still I soldiered on and did 50 minutes of cardio. I was going to do an hour but I faltered. Well truthfully, I needed the toilet and I wasn't going to run all the way down to the change rooms (down 2 flights of stairs) and then back to the workout room so I quit.

It was weird being there. Many years ago, before Fitness First took over, I used to go to this gym to workout and play volleyball and netball (both incredibly badly). The best part about the old gym was the bar. You could get a vodka tonic after your workout. That's all gone.

Being there made me remember a friend who played on our teams. He was killed in a car crash not long after the team disbanded so I had a sad moment but it is good to remember these people in our lives.

On a brighter note, someone in my house who isn't me bought toilet paper today. Miracles do happen. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my Christmas miracle. Christmas Eve I made a last minute trip to the supermarket to get gravy because Andrew wanted it on his turkey. The thought of gravy with cold meat would never occur to me. On the way home, my car started going wonky. A guy sitting at a cafe on the street pointed to my tyre so I pulled over and it was flat as a tack.

The guy came down and offered to change the tyre for me. I unburied the spare from the piles of junk in the back of the car and that was pretty well flat too. I said if he could put it on, I only had to get around the corner. I could sort it out after Christmas. But he said no. Instead he carried the tyre back to his car and drove up to the servo and got it pumped up then came back and changed it for me. What a wonderful guy. He was my hero.

I must remember to get the flat tyre fixed now.

Don't think of it as quitting your workout... The fact that you did SOMETHING is way better then sitting on your bum thinking about going to gym.

I'm busy thinking about gymming as we speak :) unfortunately it doesn't seem to be burning any calories yet... I'll just have to think harder!!!

I ate way too much sushi at lunch time :( (but boy was it good)!!!

I think (if my memory serves me correctly) there is a really nice indoor swimming pool near Malvern. You should give it a try ;)

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A bar in a gym - now that sound like my kinda place! I suppose there are so many bars in St Kilda that the owners saw an obviously untapped source of revenue. Still, too dangerous for me.

What goes around, comes around. Such random acts of kindness are really touching and all too few and far between. A few months ago in Coles a little girl had let her helium balloon go and it was out of reach. All the customers (except her surly mother) at the checkouts tried to retrieve it, but no cigar. Then a fairly rough-looking, young guy from the meat section, clearly on his break, came by and took a few running jumps until he managed to grab it. He then knelt down and tied it to her wrist. It certainly made the long wait in line worthwhile. So moved was I, I even went home and emailed Coles to tell them this kid deserves recognition and was rapt to get a phone call within a few hours to ask exactly what he looked like so they could reward him. I really hope they did.

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Thank you for all your support. Really thank you. I been a bad blogger, and I just wanted to tell you that I really am grateful to you for your daily posts. They manage to take my mind of the madness and make me feel a bit more human.

Have a gorgeous New Year's Eve and a new year full of good surprises and incredibly good health!

Love and appreciation,

moi (who is going to do her best to make it up for the last three weeks...thanks!!! ;)

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