[a weight loss story]

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Fun run

We went for a long run today - 15 kms. About half way we passed a laptop shop and I've been looking for one for a while and, even though it was a quick browse, I found the one I want and put it on hold. The salesman had a bit of trouble with the concept that I was in mid run and had no cash or cards on me. He also had trouble with the concept that I didn't want a sales pitch, just a few answers to my questions.

Anyway, I have to go in tomorrow and pick it up which is a total pain in the arse because it's opposite Vic Market. I'm a bit worried too because it's the same price as a lot of others I looked at yet far better than anything else in the same price range. It's refurbished but I'd be paying at least double to get the same specs in something new. Plus tomorrows the cut off (end of financial year) so this is it.

After that, we continued running but it got very wet then very windy. By the time we got to Princes Park, we were the two most miserable runners ever. If we'd have seen a cab, we'd have not made the full distance. Luckily the last 4 kms were nice and sheltered.

I'm feeling a bit poorly now - we'd planned the run for 2.00 this arvo so I had a yummo orange and macademia nut slice for morning tea then no lunch cos I get sick if eat within 2 hours or so of my run then Simon called to say he was working from home so instead of running from work I went to his place. After much paffing around, it was 4.00 when we started running. by the time we ran, shopped, ran some more, showered changed, got out for dinner, ordered and got served I could have eaten a horse. I could have eaten a dead, rotting horse carcass! I scoffed down the best ever curry platter (we went to Lentil as Anything - one of my fave eating places in the world) and a few glasses of wine. Not exactly a winning combo!

We finished the night at the pub watching the footy. I've never been into footy but our family tipping comp is so hotly contested that I've been taking more of an interested. And - damnit - I tipped Melbourne! I have a system that makes no sense but usually works. It's based on geography and personal bias.

So tomorrow I'm getting the laptop and since I'm in the Vic Market 'hood, picking up some fruit and vege, then off to get some wool. In the arvo I'm planning trips to Borders and Starbucks and anywhere else with WiFi. I'm so excited - my old PC is so shite it has a Y2K compliance sticker!

Can't believe that you combine running and shopping for expensive technology successfully! I can usually incorporate a bit of window shopping but that is it. Good work for getting out in the rain- it is such a test and you passed!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 10:21 am  

ha ha ha. My name is at the top of blogs you read. I've finally made it for the minute or so that it stays up there. Why does this make me so happy.....I gotta get a life!
Running 15km in crappy weather - you're a legend! BTW thanks for the pattern.

By Blogger Debstar, at 2:27 pm  

A new laptop - how exciting! Is the Wifi access free in places like Borders?

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 2:51 pm  

most people do not understand how multitasking can be done, particularly it guys, as they have often had to spend so long specializing.
it is also interesting how some people say there is no time for exercise, because it is quite amazing how much inspiration one can get while or after exercising, inspiration for laptops included: Well done!

By Blogger Barbara, at 5:51 pm  

I love the whole idea of running and shopping at the same time. Enjoy your new laptop!

By Blogger Kathy, at 10:38 pm  



Runs and Gatherings

Tonight was supposed to be a speed interval session at Princes Park.. ha, ha, that soon got moved inside. We did 2 min fast, 3 min recovery x 5 on the treadie at the gym instead and I'm buggered now. I think I went too hard cos I couldn't maintain my fast speed for the last interval.

In November I have to go back to Tassie for my Nan's 95th birthday. I'm determined to be total buff and gorgeous by then. I'm going to see heaps of rellos that I haven't seen in over 10 years (I've been back home since then but never bothered seeing them).

Now, all you Melbourne knitters, the lovely Brooke is organising a knitting get together with much frivolity and snack foods. Go tell her you want in on it. Remember you burn 40 calories an hour more knitting than just sitting on your butt.

hey hadnt noticed the weight thing previously(yeah im a bit vague!!).. gee youve done a fantastic job already..keep up the great work :)

By Blogger jojo, at 9:49 pm  

How many calories in a chocobana ball? LOL!

Looking forward to seeing you soon :O)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:00 am  

40 calories an hour! I've knitted 4 cushion covers for my daughter. They turned out great, eventually. I'll have to go look for a new easy project to keep working on those 40 calories. Does that mean I can eat chocolate while I'm knitting then?

By Blogger Debstar, at 11:17 am  

I would love the beanie pattern. My email is
Thanks heaps

By Blogger Debstar, at 7:14 pm  

I love seeing the look on the faces of those people who haven't seen me for a while. I'm sure your relatives will be suitably impressed. :-)

By Blogger Kathy, at 10:48 pm  

mate, you're gorgeous already!
speed sessions? eek! The last one is supposed to make you want to puke :)
take care
BTW the verification word is smenita - sounds like a ukranian aunty!

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 11:10 am  




I'm so cold. I don't think I've been really warm in the last two months or more. Yesterday at work I was complaining about the cold and one of the woman said she freezes when she gets up of a morning until she puts on the ducted heating. I nearly hit her. If I had ducted heating, I'd be in heaven. Well actually even hell is looking good because it'd be warm.

The other day I thought about packing all my stuff into the car and driving until I could turn the heaters off and moving there. It's damn cold. Sometimes it's even colder inside our house than it is inside. At least I'm motivated for my morning run - it means I only have to shower in the arctic bathroom once a day!

When I get paid this weekend I think I'll go shopping for more heaters and some thermal underwear and a bodysuit made from electric blankets.

Kathryn, I am really suffering this year also even with ducted heating. Until it warms up I think its warmer outside also. The plus is that its beautiful and cool in the summer.

By Blogger Linda, at 10:07 pm  

I'm with you Kathryn. I hate the cold. I hate the cold. Thank goodness for the electric blanket.

By Blogger Kathy, at 11:21 pm  

Let me just say that thermal underwear is worth its weight in gold. I feel the cold and I can heartily endorse the superfine merino winter woolies.

Also - nothing better than a slow cooked stew with fresh bread. Oops did I just talk about food? Sorry.

By Blogger Celeste, at 11:51 am  

ive never really minded the cold..but this year i am freeeeeezing.. its often colder in my house than outside!!!although i shouldnt complain..maybe its because i lost some fat that used to keep me warm ;)

By Blogger jojo, at 1:20 pm  

When I went for my run last night it was so cold my face froze. When I got home I couldn't speak properly!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:05 pm  

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By Anonymous Kaminad, at 5:39 pm  




I've been tagged by Jaykay (I think someone else tagged me as well so if it was you, yell at me in the comments cos I have the attention span of a goldfish atm).

Aim of the game is a one word response.

1. Where is your cell phone? somewhere

2. Relationship? phhtt

3. Your hair? brown

4. Work? distant

5. Your sister? invalid

6. Your favourite thing? bed

7. Your dream last night? weird

8. Your favourite drink? coffee

9. Your dream car? any

10. The room you’re in? bedroom

11. Your shoes? bed socks

12. Your fears? clowns

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? famous

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? sister

15. What are you not good at? co-ordination

16. Muffin? top

17. Wish list item? laptop

18. Where you grew up? Tasmania

19. The last thing you did? wash up

20. What are you wearing? pjs

21. What are you not wearing? enough warm clothes (more than one word but I'm freezing)

22. Your pet? none

23. Your computer? dinosaur

24. Your life? quiet

25. Your mood? tired

26. Missing? sleep

27. What are you thinking about? knitting

28. Your car? filthy

29. Your kitchen? filthy

30. Your summer? please

31. Your favourite colour? purple

32. Last time you laughed? today

33. Last time you cried? yonks

34. School? boring

35. Love? huh?

I tag Kada, Mary and CKK.

Night all, I'm off to bed. Been feeling a bit under the weather today. And cold.

I don't blame you, Clowns are sinister, John Wayne Gacey (serial killer) used to dress up as a Clown, 'nuff said really.

By Anonymous Em, at 5:56 pm  

We have the same favorite drink! Scared of clowns ... interesting ... why?

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:25 pm  

Oh hon, sorry for my super late comment and reply. I hope you don't mind but I've told several people just in the last week that I don't do these so would be a hypocrite if I start doing it now. Please don't take offense if I don't do it!!


By Blogger ombites (mary), at 8:13 am  




Bike rides 4, bike accidents 0 - woohoo!

I've not been out on my bike for weeks so headed out while my sister did her walk today. This should give you an idea of cycling prowess - I can ride while she walks and she has chronic fatigue. This kid about 3-4 years old went whizzing past me being all feisty and making me look bad. Then we got across the creek and the kid went tearing down a hill and fell off. I laughed a lot. Sucked in, kid, that's what your feistiness gets you. My sister said I'm going to hell for that but the kid didn't see me laughing.

One day I'm going to ride fast enough to get some cardio benefits.

Anyway, this arvo I'm off to the pub. My sister wants to watch her team play (the Saints) and it's not on telly so I said I'd go with her and play the ponies. I'm taking my knitting. All I need now is a pack of Craven A and some glases on a chain to complete my look.

I just started knitting today after a 16 year hiatus (sp??) I never thought about combining it with beer- that is magic!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 6:26 pm  

Don't forget the rolled down stockings - you can't do "the look" without them!!

By Blogger Briony, at 6:28 pm  

I rode my bike four times and then it took me twelve months to get on it again. It was officially loungeroom art. I hope you manage to get the fifth ride in soon.

I think your sister is probably right! Although I think I'd have been with you, laughing at the munchkin.

LOL at your previous blog title.

By Blogger Kathy, at 9:23 pm  

hey i thought i was posting on your blog and it was someone elses...derrrr... 14kms is go girl!

By Blogger jojo, at 1:06 am  

Haha...I would have laughed too and that's because it'd probably be me! :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 3:31 pm  


Naked at Work

I went for a run in my lunch hour at work on Friday. I've never run at lunch time before and it felt weird showering afterwards. I kept thinking OMG, I'm naked at work! Even though we only did a short run, my new shoes rubbed on the back of my foot enough for me to bleeding when I got back! Not good. Hopefully I can sort that would somehow.

Next week I'm thinking of knocking off early because Simon has Friday arvos off work and we can do our long run then - or tackle Mt Dandenong for a shorter, hillier run.

I had a massage on Friday night, very needed. Seems my calves were full of knots.

Yesterday morning, I felt pretty battered from the sore foot and the massage. We'd planned a long run around the Tan and Albert Park lake but I decided to just try the Tan first so if I felt too crap I'd not be far from the car.

The first lap ended up warm us up nicely and I felt no pain (thank you, Elastoplaster) so we headed down to the lake and got in our whole 14 km including 2 runs up Anderson St (without stopping - go me) and a race up one of the hills on the other side. The whole 14 kms felt pretty effortless and has got me feeling more confident about getting my goal time for the City to Surf.

When I got home, I found out I'd done something stupid. Jadey called me about the blogger meetup but I'd somehow thought it was in July - I think I'd got confused with the Ausrun meet - and had double booked myself. It seems I always miss the blogger meets. Next time I'm going to write it in my diary and make sure I get there even if it means crawling on my hands and knees. I'm sure it was a fantastic night.

Instead I went to Can't Stop the Serenity, which was pretty awesome - a screening of the movie Serenity to raise money for Equality Now. They had these all over the world and I've never been to a fan event before so it was heaps of fun. To complete the geekiness, we popped into Minotaur beforehand and got the first 4 editions of the Buffy comic.

Well, with a post title like that you're bound to get our attention! Glad that the 14km runs are feeling effortless! That's a great sign!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 12:20 pm  

I've recently started running at work too. It is a bit weird showering at work but you get used to it pretty quick. To keep up my motivation I built a website to track My Run Times around the TAN. I enjoy keeping a running log and looking back at the distances I have run.

Keep up the good work,

By Blogger Jeff Plumb, at 10:20 pm  




After saying I never do speed intervals, I actually did some last night. I meet up with a friend a Princes Park - god knows I'd have never made it otherwise. It was freezing. We did 3 X 1 km bursts, not all that fast but fast enough. Tomorrow we're meeting up at lunch time for a run from work along Dandenong creek. Pity I can't take a long, long lunch or I could do some City to Surf training up Mt Dandenong.

Oh and I found a good way to occupy my commuting time on the way home - looking up running routes in the Melways. This morning I planned a trip to the gym before work but decided halfway to have a rest day instead. I decided against getting changed out of my workout gear in the car - the top would have been okay (I had on a singlet) but the trousers would have been challenging. I've also discovered leaving work at 4.30 is far superior to leaving at 5.00 so I think some early mornings are on the cards for next week - which means getting up even earlier to get in a run. Sounds like I have at least another week's work which rules.

Must be nice to be able to adjust your schedule around like that. :)

How did you feel at the end of the run after incorporating the intervals, any different?

By Blogger Kada, at 6:11 am  

Just caught up on all your news. Wow, you are so on fire with your running! Love your new running shoes. Sounds like lots of great bargains at Kmart too. Well done!

Re answers to questions on comments - I think we all just do our own thing - after all, that's what blogging is all about :-)

By Blogger Suzy, at 2:29 pm  




First up, I have an blogging etiquette questions - when people leave comments with questions, should you reply in your own comments section, reply in the comments on their blog (if they have one) or post the reply? I'm never sure and I assume people aren't going to come back and read through the comments to see the answer, plus I get my comments emailed to me so never go into that section.

Today's been a bad day. Not serious bad, just irratingly niggly bad. I got caught in traffic again this morning, the traffic is hell this week for some reason and it's so unpredictable. No matter what time I leave home, I get caught somewhere along the way. It vexes me no end that most of these cars are people going into the city and I have to get around them. Catch public transport, you precious bastards and leave the roads free for those of us going places where there is none.
It took me over an hour to get to work. That's ridiculous. I get so angry and frustrated sitting in traffic. It's such a stupid waste of time. But I don't get stuck long enough to do anything productive like put on my makeup or knitting or stuff like that. I sometimes have my breakfast in the car though - and now my car is filled with coffee cups. I'm never working anyway ever again that isn't accessible by PT.
The other thing I'm sooking about is that I put on 3 kilos this week, well just under. What the hell is that about? How can a person put on that much weight? You'd think it'd take a serious effort but no. Well about from cake-apoolza the other day. Damn you, Preston market and your $4.90 boxes of little cakes. Three freakin' kilograms. That's insane.

Yay first to comment! Just wanted to tell you how clever and wonderful you are - I got my slippers today they're awesome! Have them on right now. You're very talented! I wonder if I'll ever be able to make something that cool. Don't worry about the 3 kilos, you know what to do. I'm sure it isn't 3 kilos of FAT, just one of those random things that goes up and down. Like when we lose 2 kilos when we know we don't deserve it! Blogger etiquette? I usually respond in their comments. I know that when I leave someone a comment I never go back and read their comments for that same post again... and having to make your own posts answer someone elses questions is kind of annoying...

By Blogger Kenz, at 6:21 pm  

If they have an email address attached I reply to the comment in my inbox. If they don't I might post a response on my blog, or in their comments. I wouldn't have thought to look in their comments for a reply, but lots of people are doing this nowadays (is that a word??).

Yep, traffic sux arse. Any chance you could knit while driving? Have you seen what I think is called a knitting goose? It was used back in the day and tucks under the arm to hold one knitting needle, allowing people to knit while having one hand free. It's probably not the safest thing, but I get myself organised by writing lists and cleaning out my handbag and car - the bits that I can reach while buckled into the driver's seat anyway. I don't know what you do with the next day in traffic though. Oh, I also once filed, buffed and polished my nails between Bondi and the city on a s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-w trip.

There is no way you could have put on 3kg of fat in one week. Lay off sodium and weigh in a couple of days.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 6:34 pm  

That didn't make sense. I would not think to look in someone's comments for a reply to a question I had just asked, and so wouldn't expect them to look for a response from me in mine.


By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 6:36 pm  

I wouldnt stress about the 3kg either, sometimes our bodies do fuckd up things - betcha its gone next week!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:03 pm  

ARRGH that sucks Kathryn. Traffic! Scales! It's just plain demoralising seeing a big jump on the scale. I'm sure it'll be one of those temporary jumps!

I tend to answer comments in the comments or just email the person directly if they've left an address, depending on what kind of question it is and/or how energetic i feel at the time. hehe :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 7:24 pm  

LOL so, how long have you been blogging and you're asking this now? Too funny. I am the same. I usually just email them back, if their email is visible or leave them a comment in their latest post. I never go back to comments either. I'm sure I miss replies to my own questions because of this. It can be a bit tricky. I actually responded in my own comments the other day and it felt a little stupid.

Traffic *grrr*, I feel your pain.

3 kilos? Nah...something else is going on there babe. Check it again in a couple of days.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 7:51 pm  

As far as answering questions in comments goes - if I want to make sure they see the answer I reply in their comments.

3kg in a week is a blip - hormones, salt, or one of the gazillion other things that drives those of us trying to lose weight crazy.

I've left my car down in Melbourne, so I'm a PT user in Canberra. Takes all the stress out of peak minute. Mind you, I love driving my car on weekends.

By Blogger Kathy, at 9:20 pm  

The weight? It's fluid. Too much salt, not enough water, waaaay to many carbs. Or or more of those things is sure to be the cause. Most of it will disappear if you eat well and drink your water this week.

I'm with you on the traffic. I travel east-west, and have no alternative to driving (unless I'd like to spend about 3 hours getting on and off 4 different forms of transport), and my route is clogged up with city workers heading north to south who have a positive feast of trams, trains and buses at their disposal. Grrr.

I make phone calls whilst crawling along in peak hour. (With my hands-free bluetooth thingy,of course, I'm not looking for a big fat fine!) Or if it's an unsociable hour for ringing people, I play CDs and sing along VERY loudly.

By Blogger Kek, at 7:59 am  

Regarding the questions question, I usually e-mail back (if I have the e-mail) or sometimes I answer the question in a later post.

I read a few blogs where the blog writer comments in the comment section and one blog that has a Friday questions blog every week, that may be a little extreme for most of us!

The 3 kilos will disappear quickly. It's always salty goodness that does that to me!

By Blogger your bloody valentine, at 9:47 am  

RE: questions... I usually post the answer on my blog, sometimes I email them if it's a more personal question.
3 kgs... must be fluid ... road rage can do that to you, you build up steam and all that ... ha haha! I'm sure it will be gone just as quickly as it came, for whatever reason. Leave the cakes alone and maybe that will help??? derrr, cakes.... *drooling now*

By Blogger Chris H, at 3:01 pm  

I usually reply with a comment on the same post they commented about, since that's where they asked the question.

Personally, I find it strange to go and post an unrelated comment on another post on their blog.
Perhaps that's why I don't get many comments, I've been following the LJ etiquette, whereas it sounds like Blogger etiquette may be different. (Could just be that my writing sucks though, as to why I don't have many readers/comments. LOL)

By Blogger Kada, at 3:31 pm  

I feel your traffic pain Kathryn. I crawl along the eastern and down Princes St every morning. I usually chat on the phone (handsfree of course) and do my makeup. I dont stress anymore as I've realised there's nothing I can do.

I reply in my comments to some people who I know check otherwise I reply in my next post or by email.

By Blogger Linda, at 6:23 pm  

I usually post reply in my next blog post. Not sure if that is etiquette or not, but it's what I do!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 9:45 pm  



Training Program

I've had a few people ask about my running program so I thought I'd post a post about what I'm doing. Not that it really warrants a fancy name like a "running program", since it's all pretty simple. The main issue for me, I guess for most people, is to find something that is hard enough to challenge me but not so hard that I risk getting injured. I've found that monitoring the pace I run and making sure that stays within a certain range helps - otherwise I tend to go hell for leather in my shorter runs (and cause myself injuries) but slacken off with my longer runs and end up walking more than running. I used McMillan's Running Calculator to work out my pace and it's two thumbs up. I end up finishing my runs feeling like I've worked hard but not too hard.
Anyway this is the program, such as it is:
Short runs (5-7 kms) X 2 a week
Longer run X 1 a week.
Dead easy. Then every 4th week I have a recovery week - with a couple of easy runs and a 10 km run on the weekend. The program I had, that I rarely stick to, has a speed/interval session once a week as well but I've found it hard to fit that in. I quite like doing intervals but it's so much harder to organise, needing to have a measured distance rather than just heading off out the door. I tried the other morning, running to St Georges Rd which I thought was 1 km from home. I did it in 3.30 mins so I think I stuffed up my measuring because I definitely can't run that fast! Over the next few weeks, while I don't have Monday night classes, I'm going to try to fit them in.
Other than that, I do a couple of gym sessions - cross trainer and bike + weights - every week and try to do a yoga/pilates/body balance class.
Of course this would be far more impressive if I was actually losing weight but I think that's due much more to my eating habits than exercise.

Your program looks like my program- though I am now making one of the short runs either a hill or tempo session- I tried to make the long run work in a two steps forward, one step back type of arrangement! I think whatever works- I can't stick to a formal program.

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 10:02 am  

I have no program whatsoever. Maybe that's why I never seem to improve :-(

Anyway, you could always try incorporating what Michelle and I sometimes do on a run. Run fast for 8 seconds, then recover for 12 seconds, run fast for 8 seconds, recover for 12 seconds.

It's not enough time for you to completely run out of breath, but enough to exert enough energy to enjoy the recovery 12 seconds.

We started in increase the distance each time we did this sort of training.

Maybe start by doing it for 1km and work up to maybe 3 or 4km.

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 10:06 am  

Thanks for posting this Kathryn! I really appreciate these kind of posts because it gives me ideas for my own training.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 10:24 am  

Gosh, you have just jolted my memory Kathryn, I printed all that McMillan Calculator info...... I must read it, lol!

Its sounds as though it is working for you, keep up the great work!!

By Anonymous Lee, at 1:59 pm  




After yesterday, I decided no more shopping.... that lasted until I popped into Kmart today. If you buy any clothes you get 70% off the second item! And I got the bestest thing, a really long, butt-covering hoodie. I hate those short hoodies that rid up and freeze your back.

I ended up spending $45 and got a turle neck jumper for work (been looking for one for ages), the hoodie, a pair of trackies and some running shorts - purple ones... I actually looked at these shorts last time I bought some but got a different pair but put them back. But they were reduced to $10 and, with the 70% off that's a measly $3!

When I got home and read Jaykay's comment, I almost run out the door to the Converse outlet then stopped myself. I think I'll try a few runs in the new shoes before I buy a second pair. Plus I can't handle Smith St on a Sunday - it's full of parents buying their fat kids Nikes to wear playing Nintendo (I have a thing about people buying expensive sports shoes for "leisure", prolly cos I'm always scraping to buy them when I really need them).

I buy Mens hoodies because they are longer and don't freeze my handles!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 1:06 pm  

We had that KMark sale here too!! Talk about co-ordinated.. yaaa for a bargin! Hope your new shoes are comfy mate.

By Blogger Chris H, at 5:24 pm  

I have never understood people who buy Running shoes for fashion, there are plenty of fashion trainers out there.

Now, off to the 24 hour Kmart in Burwood for me...........

By Anonymous Em, at 5:46 pm  

I have a pair of Saucony Omni's too - I have about 400km in them at the moment - I think that the Sacony's are a great shoe! Hope you enjoy yours too!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 7:02 pm  

I just bought a hoodie and it doesn't cover my bum! Will have to check out Kmart too. I hate how fashion is so bloody impractical and I don't think people look good in winter with half their ass and back hanging out. It just looks ridiculous and cold. Hang on...I walked up to yoga on the weekend with scarf and all but was wearing thongs. Go figure...I was trying to be practical though in this case.

LOL yep, people spending mulla to just sit on their ass, in their own homes. Gotta look good at all times hey, just in case.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 1:06 pm  

You have to love a good sale! That's pretty good shopping for $45 Kathryn.

By Blogger Kathy, at 10:40 pm  


Quick Update

This is my new shoe. Well actually I got two of them. It's a Saucony Omni. I'm going to test them out tomorrow.

Isn't it a pisser when you spend big bucks on a shoe and then you show everyone but no one who doesn't run is going to get excited about your midsole cushioning. They just say 'pretty colour' or stuff like that.

I'll be in Sydney from 11 - 13 August so if anyone wants to meet up or do stuff, let me know. I fly out late on the Monday, so suggests for things to do during the day would be helpful too.

Nice shoe but I get the midsole thing too LOL. I can't have a shoe with too much support.

We'll definitely have to catch up! I'll have a think about it and hey, maybe we could do a small catch up with just a few of the Newtown girls on one of the days. Just so we can actually all talk to each other ;-) Maybe a brunch?

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 7:03 am  

Kathryn, excellent choice in running shoe. I love my Sauconys.

Now that you know what type of shoe is best for you, get on down to Converse. They are having a 50% off sale, so you could probably pick up a pair of the omnis for about $60 ish!

Got me some new Hurricanes for $75 - Woohoo!!

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 10:15 am  

Hey, my first proper running shoe, also purchased from Active Feet. They are a good solid shoe and should serve you well.


By Anonymous Em, at 11:46 am  

hmmmm pretty colour. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

You should have entered into the Gold Coast Marathon on 1st July. The weather is perfect at the moment. I know where there is a spare bed to be had.

By Blogger Debstar, at 12:58 pm  

Yes, I'd love to catch up. To think it's been one year since you last up here, wow.
I don't know much about midsole cushioning as I've never bought a pair of runners. All my shoes are impractical for anything beyond walking! One day I will understand (when I eventually get off my bum to buy supportive exercise shoes).

By Blogger your bloody valentine, at 1:49 pm  




I registered for the City to Surf and the Melbourne Half today as well as booking flights and accommodation to Sydney. I'm committed. No retreat, baby, no surrender. Oh and I went to Active Feet and got some fancy new running shoes because of all the extra kms I'll be doing. There will be much pre-dawn training around Northcote.

Btw, why is it I can go out for a run and not feel cold but as soon as I shower and get dressed in work clothes, I'm freezing my tits off?

Lately I've been bored shitless with my running music but I've found a solution with two little words - separately they mean so little but put them together and they spell ROCK. Those words are 'van' and 'halen'. My new life goal is to download their entire back catalogue.

Oh and I did a 7 km fun run at Coburg today. Found it hard going - much harder than the 7 km training run I did yesterday - but managed to get within my goal time :)

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?! ;). Just thought I'd get the necessary Van Halen question out there! I'll forgive you if you like Sammy Hagar, it's been eons since I listened to Van Halen.

What dates are you up in Sydney?

By Blogger your bloody valentine, at 7:15 pm  

I am also doing the City2Surf- I am heading up on the Thursday- we should catch up. Good work on the goal time today.

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 7:20 pm  

Van Halen definitely works for me for running/lifting/whatever-workout music.

My sister in law is doing the Melbourne Half. You're both nuts.

By Blogger Kek, at 7:27 pm  

Well done on committing !! What sort of shoes did you buy ?

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 7:30 pm  

Oh Yay,Van Halen, I love a bit of ultra trashy David Lee Roth era VH, Panamaaaaaaaaa, yeah baby LOL

They are a couple of big races right there, well done, enjoy your training.

By Anonymous Em, at 8:28 pm kidding!? Too funny, I gotta get some Van Halen on my player. Good going with entering the races babe!

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 9:05 pm  

Hey, what shoes did you end up getting?

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 9:06 pm  

How was Active Feet? I think I'll be going there for my much needed next pair of shoes...

By Blogger Amy, at 8:32 am  



Running and stuff

Got up this morning and went for a run because I'm like a superhero! Well that's how I feel when I go running of a morning because I'm so totally not a morning person, not one little bit. Still I jumped out of bed and put on the running gear and headed out. The secret is to get out the door before you wake up fully so you don't think too much about it.

I did a 5 km run in 32 mins and managed to do it easy - well I could sing along with my ipod while running (I never do that normally but there is something about mornings that makes it okay).

I don't normally run 2 days in a row but I'm thinking of going again tomorrow - my sister has to go in to the hospital and doesn't have a lift so I'm starting work later and said I'd drive her. She's doing a chronic fatigue rehab clinic and I think it's important for her to go to every session. It's helping her a lot and getting her into a routine.

I finished knitting my first pair of "real" socks tonight - 4 ply wool on tiny double point needles. it's taken ages because I've done other projects the same time but they rock. Next I want to make an angora cardigan.

There's something about nice, crisp mornings that make me feel alive as well.

Kudos to you for the run.

By Blogger Kada, at 11:24 pm  

My heart goes out to your sister and her problems with chronic fatigue. A few years back I thought I was getting it. I would make a bed only to need an hour sleeping on it to recover from the effort. I felt I was missing out on so much of life. I hope she gets well soon.
I'm impressed with your knitting skills. Go check out my latest disaster. It'll make you feel so much more clever about your efforts.

By Blogger Debstar, at 9:11 am  

mate I miss one post and you're out dancing on podiums at drag shows and knitting 4-ply socks!
Best wishes to your sister. If she need someont to talk to who's been there give her my email, happy to give any support I can. She's lucky to have a good sister like you!

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 9:15 am  

You've gotta get yourself a camera so I can see all these amazing things you make! Great news about your sister too. I'm glad she is finding something that works for her. And hey, you got it with that secret!! It's all about waking up once you've come home after the run/walk LOL. It works for me everytime.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 2:11 pm  

Sorry if this comment relates to more than one post, but I'm just catching up. Well done on the morning run, still not a battle I'm winning when I'm at home, but funnily enough when I was away travelling with work it was easier. Did you actually got to Borders to look at books, or to eat tarts ?

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:01 pm  

Clearly you need a superhero cape. Maybe you could knit one!

Good on you for the morning run, especially if you're not a morning person.

All the best to your sister.

By Blogger Kathy, at 11:46 pm  

It's a million years since I did any exercise. I'm sure you must be lighter than me by now. I've been eating takeaway for every meal for the last 2 weeks. D'oh.

By Blogger Briony, at 2:51 pm  



Quick Update

Wowsers, what a full on weekend. Saturday I got up early and did some shopping - Target for clothes and then the market. In the arvo, I went for a run around Fairfield Park with a friend. Man, that park is full of hills. I'd planned 13 km but ended up doing 8 or so km, because of the sore heel and having the sniffles (and the hills).

Saturday night, my sister and I popped over to Borders. We had the best ever tart. OMG... like a lemon meringue pie but with lime instead of lemon, very tangy and raspberry stuff on top.

Sunday I went to the gym then to a friend's house for lunch. Lunch ended up going all afternoon with many glasses of wine. The guest of honor got lost and didn't turn up so we went looking for her. After many miscommunications and mishaps, we never found her but ended up catching a few drag shows and drinking many scotch and dries (and I never, ever drink scotch... just seemed like a good idea at the time) and talking far too much shit at random strangers.

Yesterday, I slept most of the day and even today I still felt seedy. After work I dragged myself to the gym and did an intense workout. I think I've sweated out all the toxins cos I feel full of beans now.

Not looking good for this week's weigh in. Please tell me dry ginger has less calories than regular soft drink and that disco dancing to lame 80s songs on a podium uses up all the damage from the booze! At least I've got my half-yearly drinking binge out of the way.

I am also relying on lame 80's songs to purge all that red wine from my system, don't blame it on the sunshine, dont blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on the good times, blame it on the boogie.....

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 8:38 am  

Nothing like a good boogy to purge some calories! Sounds like a fun weekend. Don't worry, in the past I have had boozy benders and lame disco nights and still managed to lose weight!

By Blogger your bloody valentine, at 9:35 am  

LOL yep, I'm with Sarah. I know I'll lose at least 1kg when drinking all night and probably because I just forget to eat and piss it all out! Oooh and that Lime tart sounds divine :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 8:52 pm  

Gotta love scotch, always makes me talk total bollocks :-)

you really know how to get the most out of a long weekend.

By Anonymous Em, at 9:39 pm  




The foot is much better now and that makes me very happy. I went for an easy run on Wednesday morning and that did me now harm - if anything, things felt better afterwards. Still I think I should be wary for a while.

Thanks Andrew (and others) for the advice on the podiatrist. I actually get one free appointment a year with my diabetes plan and forgot to use my referral so I'm planning to go back to the doctors and get that sorted then I can get the podiatrist to check it all out while I'm there. She only works Saturdays so that might take another week, minimum.

The other thing that has come out of all this is that I've been ignoring the tightness in calves when I've been running. Stupid, I know. I never used to get tight calves and I've got a feeling it's only happened since I bought my new running shoes. When I start getting paid, I want to go get some properly fitted, probably from Active Feet. I also plan to go get a good massage.

It's really a good thing - better to have something minor spring up and get these issues sorted than having something major crop up later.

Sometimes I think my body's falling apart. It's weird - when I was overweight, I never had any issues but now there's always something. I guess it's like having a car. If you sit it in the garage and never drive it, you never have to worry about repairs. Until it rusts away in a big heap. While if you take the car out and push it to it's limits, every little irregularity starts to show up.

And that reminds me of the other thing I have to do - get the car serviced.

glad to hear about the food! your car analogy is brilliant! i never had any health problems until i got off the couch, hehe.

By Blogger Shauna, at 7:16 am  

Sad to say the older the car the more problems. As for the calf muscles - STRETCH - the last thing you want is shin splints.

By Blogger Debstar, at 11:03 am  

I got fitted at Active Feet then put the shoes on layby there and then bought another pair cheaper somewhere else so I could run in them while I paid off the layby- does that makes sense?? Can never have too many pairs of (running) shoes!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 11:13 am  

I get tight calves a lot and find that the old self massage works wonders. Active feet are worth going too for runners even if you do pay a little more.

By Anonymous Lee, at 11:55 am  

LOL yep, I'm with you on the "problems". We're just more aware now hey and jump on it before the problem becomes unmanageable. Sadly, I think I will need to stop running. Will find out more soon :-(

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 8:45 pm  

Last time I got injured my husband said why don't you take up macrame - I told him I'd be much more likley to trip over if I was fiddling with bits of string on the trail!
Seriously, stretch stretch stretch those calves mate!
Also once you find the perfect shoe you can get them from US or UK ebay

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 1:50 pm  

Yep, watch those tight calves, I have been stretching so often I'm doing it even without realising sometimes now - get some weird looks. "The Stick" self-massager is great too.

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 12:23 am  

Im having regular podiatrist and physio appointments at the moment. So annoying but they are doing good work. I have to have orthodics for my sore heels and arches. So glad yours is feeling better. Where is it you are working at the moment?

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 6:06 pm  



I'm A Monster!

I think my sore heel could be a bone spur thingo, according to my self-diagnosis on the net today. Yikes, that would be so hideous. I'm turning into the elephant man!

I'll get it checked out at the doctors when I can get an appointment but have decided not to go back to the same doctor at the clinic - the one that said I had a brain aneurysm and broken ribs - both of which were wrong.

Still going to try to get out for a run tomorrow. And I did a really awful spin class at the gym tonight. The instructor needs to buy more than 1 CD - she just kept playing the same songs, over and over. Not good.

Kathryn, sore heels first thing in the morning is a classic symptom of Plantar Fasciitis (spelling?) too. So I would get it checked out - if the doc is no good do you have a good pod?

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 7:28 am  

Ahhh - good ol' self diagnosis from the internet. Where would we be without it. Who needs doctors anyway, when you can diagnose all the diseases and then get the best remedies for them.

By Blogger Celeste, at 11:04 am  

I agree with Andrew but I hope for your sake it's not. Plantar fasciitis can take months to recover from. I had a bout last year and was unable to run for about 4 months. Fingers crossed that's not your problem!

By Blogger Boomba, at 5:35 pm  

I know all about crap spin classes. One class I went to the CD player broke & we worked to ONE song for and entire hour. Another time we had a fill in instructor who played really crap 70's pop music.

Look after that foot its precious.

By Blogger Debstar, at 7:15 am  

Definitely go to the doctor and not to the last shonky one! Dan told me to look on the net last night for myself and I just figure that I need a "real" doctor this time. It's too easy to mis-diagnose.

Are you daring enough to say something to the instructor about the CD? I probably wouldn't be but if you go all the time, are you on the level where you guys can chat and you can say it in a jokey way?

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 10:30 am  

Like broken glass hey... hmmm sounds very much like PF to me, but time to visit the sports medico or at least a GP, the net is great for reference material after they tell you what is wrong, self diagnosis is prob not ht eway to go, remember those silly white coat wearing ppl go to Uni for 4-5 years (they must learn something in that time).

By Blogger Stu, at 9:16 pm  

Hope your heel magically stops hurting for you. Unfortunately, that just doesn't seem to be the way our bodies work. Sucks, doesn't it?

Maybe the class could take up a collection for a new CD for the spin instructor.

By Blogger Kathy, at 8:20 am  

Oh no! Heel spurs are awful. I had them a couple of times when I was doing heaps of walking everyday and they were quite crippling. The last time I had one I started using the bike more to try to minimise the amount of time I spent putting pressure on it - and it truly helped - I haven't had the symptoms since (and it's been years now - touching wood).

So it's good you have the bike - if it turns out to be a heel spur and you need to keep off your feet a bit more to heal it, at least you should be able to go mad on the bicycle getting ready for the big rides you were planning!

By Blogger jo, at 2:21 pm  

Hope you find a decent doctor and your foot is soon better.

By Blogger Suzy, at 6:30 pm  

You know I would lecture against the dangers of self diagnosis on the net, but who I am kidding, I am the worst culprit!

Everything I ever knew about stress fractures I got from Google.

By Anonymous Em, at 9:51 pm  

Me again - i would advise seeing Pod though. PF can be relatively minor if you get it early. I was back after only 3 weeks off and I have not had a flare up since.

I read all these horror stories on the net and mine turned out just fine :-)

By Anonymous Em, at 9:52 pm  




I planned a before-work run this morning but slept in which is prolly a good thing because, when I did get out of bed, my heel hurt like hell. I think I might have stepped on some glass from the shattered light globe but I can't feel any glass in it. It had better be gone by Wednesday cos my running bud is back from o/seas and we are going on a post-work run.

I had my editing test tonight. I turned up half hour late because of the drive then finished and wanted to leave but no one else had left and I thought it a bit cheeky to be the first one. I read through it again then got bored so had to go. I figure with stuff like grammar, you either know it or you don't and if you look at it too long, you go crazy in the head thinking it's all wrong. Plus I only need a pass so why shoot any higher? I know that's slack of me but it's a compulsory subject and I'd rather spend my time doing real writing.

ooooh that's so painful, hope it gets better soon :)
You are right - grammar is like maths, you either know how to do it or youdon't. No point busting a gut trying to get an A when there's no point.

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 10:55 am  

You're the same as me, we have to proof read our mags at work and I go over mine quickly while other people sit there staring at every word, and they still miss half of the obvious errors. You can just have an eye for it!
Pity I don't ever read over my own blog before posting. I read my archives sometimes and cringe at my own mistakes. Oh well.

By Blogger Kenz, at 8:08 pm  

seriously - i hated grammar and lunctional language at uni - they totally sucked and i did the whole - as long as i pass thing too!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:29 pm  

I agree about the exam, but it always makes me nervous when I've finished and others are still slaving away.

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 10:25 pm  



Weekend Over

I got out for my run yesterday. What glorious weather for the first weekend of winter. I wanted to do a 12 km run and stick to around a 8 min/km pace. The first 4 kms were niggly and grumpy and blah then I got into a nice zone. Ended up thinking I'd done slower than planned but when I entered it into MapMyRun, I'd done 13 km instead of 12. Go me! I went from home to Princes Park with 2 laps then home again, figuring each segment is 3 kms but they are all a bit over. That made the pace look much better.

I got some cooking done - I made soup and a yummy roast veg pasta sauce for dinner last night but then was too full of soup to eat pasta so I'll have that tonight.

My housemate woke me up this morning using powertools outside and I was going to yell at him but didn't. Turned out he was making me a stand for my bike. Sometimes my housemates don't suck. I might knit him some socks to say thanks.

Today I studied for my test (just ask me about non-finite verbs and I'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know) and then went to the gym and did some cardio and a body balance class. Even managed to pop into Kmart and buy some more wool. When I got home, I turned on the hall light and it flickered then shattered - of course, I screamed like a girl. I just swept most of it up and didn't realise how dusty our hallway is. No one else is home and I don't have an extension cord long enough to run the vacuum cleaner in the hallway so I'll sort that later.

Now it's time for a shower and pjs and dinner then some knitting and telly watching.

Gosh, 12km sounds like a long run to me LOL. It was a gorgeous weekend to be out.

How nice is your flatmate. That is actually really sweet. Housemates always come with surprises!

Sounds like a nice way to end your day too (apart from thebulb exploding). I'm already in my PJs and thinking about dinner.

Sweet dreams sista :-)


By Blogger ombites (mary), at 7:30 pm  

Well, I wish I could say I'd run that far recently. Furthest I've done recently is about 10km I think since GTR anyway. So well done.

Good to hear your housemate is doing something nice for you for a change!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 10:19 pm  

You've got me started on knitting. I finished one scarf which my daughter has claimed and I've nearly finished another one only now I've run out of wool and the shop hasn't got any more of that colour. aaargh.

Go you and your long runs. I can't even run to the front door at the moment.

By Blogger Debstar, at 11:49 am  

What a great run! It was a beautiful weekend for it.
How nice of your housemate to make you a bike stand.
Glad you are still knitting ;-)

By Blogger Suzy, at 1:04 pm  

Yikes, I'd scream like a girl if the light bulb shattered as well, lucky you weren't hurt.

You are getting some great runs in at the moment too, well done.

By Anonymous Em, at 8:10 pm  




When I'm not working, I hate weekends. You get used to the peace and quiet of weekdays without many folks around then, come Saturday, there they all are - clogging up the service in my fave cafe, filling the roads, just being around.

But, of course, when I am working, I love them. Woohoo, weekend. I'm actually wondering how I can do all the stuff I need to do in just two days though. We went to the market last night so food shopping is out of the way but I want to cook up some stuff to put in the freezer for during the week and stew some fruit for my breakfasts. I've got to clean the house and study for my editing test and do some shopping... argghh!

I also want to go for a long run. I'd have gone already but a friend is ringing at 11.00 to organise coffee. I'm not sure if we are going for coffee when she calls, or if she's calling to organise something for later in the day. I've never actually talked to her - she's a friend of my sister's who has moved to Melbourne and she spoke to my other sister. Yeah, confusing. I really want to get out for a run while the weather is nice so hopefully coffee won't be until later.

There is never enough time on the weekend, my house work is in a perpetual state of flux. I seem to only do one major job a weekend as such there is always something that needs doing & I am always apologising to people for the state of my house.

I love having the day off on a weekday and sitting in my favourite cafe with no one around.

By Anonymous Em, at 2:59 pm  

I'm chuckling away here Kathryn. It's three weeks since I finished work, and it looks as though I'm in danger of getting a new job this week. Not only that, they are after an immediate start.

While I'm delighted by the possibility (I expect to hear on Monday), I'm thinking of all the things I've been enjoying doing - going to the gym when it's quiet, wandering downtown for a coffee during the day, getting up late .. I don't know how I managed to fit work in!

By Blogger Kathy, at 8:46 pm  

Hope you managed to fit in the run today ... I didn't :-(

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 9:29 pm  

Haha...and that is why I'm an early morning exerciser now since I stopped freelancing. Get it out of the way so you can go do all the other fun stuff and not so fun stuff, like cleaning the house. I try to split that up over the week. Enjoy your weekend hon :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 6:51 am  

i am with you! how nice is it when you walk into cafe/restaurant/shops and it is just you!!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:20 pm  




It's late but I thought I should quickly update. The job is great - nice people, lovely offices, cheapo work canteen, interesting work and even some freebies :)

I went for a run before work yesterday but this morning the gale force winds put me off. Instead I popped into Fitness First at Knox - less than 10 mins away from work and, after my workout, the traffic is minimal. I definitely underestimated when I said it'd be a 30-40 min drive - well I didn't account for peak hour traffic, most of which is in the section between my house and the Eastern freeway. It took me 20 mins to drive a section that would be a 10 minute walk the other morning!

Uh-huh. I have the same, frustrating experience with my drive to work. Some days it takes me 30 minutes to get to the Ring Rd...which is less than a 10-minute drive away normally.

The gym nearby is a stroke of luck anyway.

By Blogger Kek, at 7:28 am  

Great to herr the new job is good. We like that :-) Damn that traffic though. Up until recently, we would have to sit in non-moving traffic for up to 20 minutes! Now we have a tunnel so it's good but I hear you girl, I understand your pain. You'll find ways around it. How about riding your bike to work (if safe and close enough)?

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 12:25 pm  

Glad the job is good - freebies heh - even better! How far to work ? Bike riding distance. I enjoyed the fact that I spent a fair bit of time riding to work the other day zipping down the inside passing the grid locked cars!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:37 pm  

Sounds all good apart from traffic, ggrrr!

Bonus with gym being so close, no excuse now ;)

By Anonymous Lee, at 2:42 am  

And don't forget that Knox City is great for shopping too :0)

The Dandy Creek Trail is just up the road, so if you get sick of using the gym, you can always just do a quick run up the trail instead.

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 3:29 pm  

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life

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