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Happiness Is a Smart Swedish Storage Solution

Yeah, I went to Ikea today. Now I have more storage solutions than stuff to store. I've also moved my stuff in the far cheaper storage place (and even got a $47 refund on my storage costs from the old place).

I've got my room organised so it's like two separate spaces - a bedroom space and a living space. I got a happy, red rug for my computer area and fairy lights for my wall unit.

I love rearranging stuff - not only is everything fresh and new, it's also clean and tidy. It's also very energising - you start thinking of new ways to use old spaces and old things.

Another thing that energises me is throwing things out. I've been putting all my old clothes in the back of the car as I no longer need. This week I finally got off my butt and took them to the Vinnies bin. After all the moving, I've got about three more boxes. I think most of these will go on Ebay though.

My next job is to paint my wardrobe. It's a crappy old thing that one of my ex-housemates dumped in the hallway when they moved out. It's practical but ugly so I'm going to paint it white and pink and then decorate it with fake roses and maybe fairy lights.

As for my weight - I'm up again this week. A combination of eating out too much and getting my period. My gym membership is on hold from today so went in and did a huge workout to get the most of my last day.

Man, if only you had a digi cam, I would love to see your room! Yep and I'm a big advocator of chucking shit out. I hope you are enjoying your weekend :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:58 pm  

Decluttering one's flat/room is so liberating, isn't it? I definitely should do this as well!

And I'll second Mary's comment about the pictures... I would LOVE to see your wardrobe. :)

By Blogger alea, at 3:19 am  

OMG I looooove cleaning stuff out. I just gave away two huge bags of clothes to the Salvation Amry and love that I have hangers available again, LOL.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 4:18 am  

Your room sounds great. Well done for getting rid of your old stuff. Gives you such a sense of achievement doesn't it?!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 7:18 am  

I love moving things and cleaning out things as well. Feels refreshing. I also have a bag of clothes in my car to take to teh Salvos...must do it today. Enjoy teh beautiful sunshine. Are you doing Spring Into Shape in Oct? Think I will be.

By Blogger michelle, at 8:53 am  

How addicting is that stuff in ikea!! I sooo know what you mean with rearranging and cleaning up stuff! (unfortunately it takes me twice as long because I end up making a massive mess while cleaning before it finally takes place heh)

I've love to see a before and after of your cupboard, your ideas sound sooo good!!!

By Blogger Dee, at 12:17 pm  

When you get your hands on a camera you SO have to post pictures of your room hun!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 4:34 pm  



Summer Fruits Rock My World!

Guess what I bought at the market yesterday? A mango. Woohoo, summer is coming. I can't wait to eat it. Although I did learn a valuable lesson yesterday. Never go to the market after 9 am and never, ever on school holidays!

I've had this week off work and seem to have spent my whole time running around. Yesterday I took Andrew to get running shoes. Now he has to fulfill his part of the bargain and go running with me. I told him I'd take the shoes off him if he doesn't go.

We went to the Nike outlet on Smith St. I can't believe how much cheaper the shoes are there. I so nearly bought myself a pair as well.

Today I'm moving all my stuff out of my very expensive storage place into a cheaper one that's closer to home. I went to the new place yesterday to look around and they are great. They are giving me one month's free storage if I pay for 6 months in advance (ie. I pay for 5 and get 6), plus the 6 month rate is less than 2 months at the other place. That's going to save me a fortune.

I have a big Ikea wall unit that I want to take out of storage and put in my room. I'm going to divide my room up so that I have a bedroom area and a lounge/study area. Yesterday I rearranged all the furniture so I can fit it in. Then I didn't have anywhere really sane to put my wardrobe so I've got it at the end of my bed, kind of blocking my bed off from view. It works well but I'm thinking of hanging some pretty fabric on the back of it cos I don't fancy laying in bed looking at the back of a wardrobe.

At the moment, I'm debating going for a run. I'd like to run but don't want to exhaust myself before having to haul around heavy furniture this afternoon.

Furniture moving sounds like enough of a workout to me!

By Blogger Sue, at 10:29 am  

I hope we are gonna get to see some pics of the new room :)

I LOVE summer fruit too (except mangos), I can't wait till peaches are in season *bounce*

You definately deserve a break from running.. furniture moving is way more of a workout ;)

By Blogger Beee, at 4:49 pm  

We must be on the same wavelength or something, Kathryn... I found mangoes today too, and just blogged about it. LOL.

By Blogger Kek, at 7:51 pm  

Moving furniture is a hell of a workout all on its own. I am loving eating all kinds of different fruits right now too. MMmm . . . mango sounds wonderful.

By Blogger TC, at 9:16 pm  

Mmmmmm,summer fruits.

It has be bedlam driving around as well and I am sure it is because of school holidays! Roll on Monday as I have been inundated with neighbours kids these hols, gggrrrr!

By Blogger Lee, at 7:21 am  

I love summer fruit and love re-arranging stuff, especially furniture!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:20 pm  

I bought my first mango of the season last week too! It was divine! I'm so looking forward to summer ...

By Blogger Philippa, at 2:58 pm  




The other day, some of the girls on one of my forums were talking about RSVP (online dating site) so I decided to update my profile and photo. Since then, I've had a flood of dudes contact me. It's quite freaky. Men are so shallow!

I've been thinking about dating lately - I bitch about being single but rarely do anything about it. Deep down, I'm not sure if I really want to. I need to work out whether it's because I'm happy being single or if I'm just scared and freaked out. Sometimes it's hard to know, and probably it's a combination of both. I really don't like to the think that the reason I'm holding back from something is fear but, at the same time, don't want to spend time persuing a relationship because I "should".

Speaking of guys, I went back to the cafe with the cute waiter... twice... and he hasn't been there. When I went in to pay the money I owed, the guy who served me told me I'd get good karma. I felt like saying - if I had good karma, the cute guy would be working. But of course I didn't.

Eatingwise, things haven't been great. I went out for lunch today (to the cafe without the cute waiter working) and had a pumpkin and fetta burger. When I worked out the calories, it was more than a Big Mac! I don't know how that is possible but it's probably better I over estimate.

Today I went for a 8 km run. It's the first time I've been out for a run since Saturday. I've had really sore legs this week so thought I should pull back a bit.

I've been trying to fit in lots of yoga/body balance/pilates style classes this week before my gym membership ends. I figure if I get the technical side down in class, it makes doing DVDs much easier. The thing is, because I have no flexibility, I think I overstretched. My big problem area is my inner thighs (well hip flexors to be technical) - even crossing my legs is difficult so struggle even doing the easy option of some exercises. I think I've tried to force myself into a posture and put pressure on my knees. I'll have to take it gently from here on in. At least it's not the running causing the pain!

Saturday is my last gym day. I've been thinking of cardio options sans gym. Definitely running but I don't think I can handle running every day. Now I'm going to say something a little crazy here - and if you aren't spurting your coffee over your keyboard when you read this, you either aren't drinking coffee or have no idea how clumsy and un-co I am. I'm thinking of doing an aerobics class. I can go to the gym up the road for $4 a class and I figure I'll be so busy trying to figure out the moves, I won't realise I'm working. Maybe it will shock my body into more weight loss too.

I need to look into my bike buying too. Riding a bike on the road scares me a lot so I think I'll stick to the bike paths for a while.

What other things to people do for cardio? Suggestions most welcome!

Oh yeah, I think I need to buy more plates for my weights already. I knew it wouldn't be long because I was using 10 kg dumbbells for some exercises at the gym and my set is only 22 kgs total.

I went to KMart the other night and they had a 10 kg adjustable set for $30 so I'm thinking of getting that. That way I can make two sets of dumbbells - a lighter one and a heavier one which will save so much mucking around, adding on and taking off plates mid-workout. I'm just worried I'm getting an addiction!

ok.. I know you are into hard core, cool exercises like running.. but I subscribe to the school of thought that I like to be warm, comfortable and not really that aware of the kcal expenditure. I am a student so have a massive collection of exercise vids and dvds.

Dance dvds are quite fun, as are aerobic dvds, they come in different levels, from beginner to hard core- maybe you could find one that you liked? Classes are fab, I just can't afford the time and would rather spend the money elsewhere.

I do an exercise dvd/ tape/ section a day, walk up all escalators, try to always take the stairs and walk lots, preferably with shopping! It helps. I imagine you are quite fit- fitter than me, but there are advanced aerobics tapes. If not, put on some loud music and jump around a bit. I ahve a mini trampoline, and a skipping rope. Skipping is supposedly the best cardiovascular exercise, don't know if either will suit you, hope this helps :)

By Blogger skinnyminny8, at 5:22 am  

running...running and more running.

the fat just pours of you...for me into a giant vat of fat ;) For you miss 8km runner it'll help tone and stuff.

yeah stuff, that sounds technical!

By Blogger Lucinda, at 8:53 am  

Take up a martial arts class. I can burn up to 700 cals some sessions and it will be good for your flexiblity also. You'll use different muscles also.

By Blogger linda, at 9:01 am  

I agree with Linda about the martial arts... I used to kick-box, and was probably fitter and more flexible then than I have ever been in my life. If it's a good class that's not a boxercise type of thing then it is full on, and most will give you the choice of whether you take part in sparring or just focus on the moves.

Good luck finding something! :o)

I'm toying with getting a weights bench at the moment... I have all the weights, but quite fancy having the 'proper' all over workout option :oD


By Blogger Beakus, at 10:42 am  

I love the cardio classes and $4 a class is worth a try. Concentrating on the moves does help the time to pass and I always come away feeling I have really pushed myself. I also like the dance an the kickboxing DVDS.

By Blogger michelle, at 11:06 am  

I was on my own (after divorce)for 8 yrs prior to Mr relationship and I sometimes still wonder if singledom was a better option..hmm..
There are some fantastic bike trails around with differing fitness levels & on a sunny Melb day like today is a fantastic diversion from the gym. All that's needed is a decent bike & some attitude!

By Blogger Tee, at 11:23 am  

Cute waiters and dumbells? There are worse things to be addicted to, believe me!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:47 pm  

Maybe if the RSVP thing works out you'll be getting a better kind of cario exercise! hahahahaha
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:14 pm  

that was supposed to say Cardio! D'oh.
Oh and I meant to say, I just feel like I need to say devilish stuff since I posted my horny photo on my profile!! bwoo haha

By Blogger Briony, at 1:16 pm  

Yep, men are shallow but in all honesty, I am shallow too in this respect. On impulse, I need to be sexually attracted to someone if I am pursuing a new love interest. I can't fuck with a pillow over someone's head...mmm, on the other hand LOL. Just in a dirty mood ;-) Don't you ever look at a photo and think ahhh, maybe not? I know, can't judge a book by it's cover and of course there is so much more to a person.

"Should" you be pursuing a relationship? I think you hit the nail on the head, deep down do you really want one? Creatively, your passion is your writing but still that doesn't mean you can't have a relationship. It is a little hard living with a writer though, well not for me because I am ferociously independent, but I know only too well how much effort goes into writing and how much alone time you need. I don't know where I am going with this but what I ultimately want to say is just keep putting yourself out there as you and things happen. Who knows, no rules and don't expect anything :-)

LOL and hell yeah, my thighs are my biggest problem too! I am still not very flexible but will be! Definitely listen to your body and don't push too hard, it will take time but the more you practice the easier it gets.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:16 pm  




I've discovered a new love - peanut butter. I know, where have I been all my life? Under a rock?

I think I grew to hate the stuff from making Andrew peanut butter sandwiches for lunch for years and years. He'd eat nothing else. The smell of peanut butter first thing in the morning really put me off.

Then I bought a jar earlier in the year to put on my banana rolls at work. Except the price of bananas went through the roof so I never made them again.

On Friday I bought all my stuff home from work, it being my last day and all, including my jar of peanut butter from the fridge. I tried peanut butter and (IXL 50% less sugar) jam on a pumpkin roll. OMG! Heaven.

Then I tried peanut butter on apple - I used to make that all the time as a snack for Andrew but never tried it myself.

I've got to the stage where I have to hide the peanut butter - that stuff isn't exactly low in calories and it's so magically delicious. *Sigh!*

Hi there - bounced onto your blog from another - couldn't resist telling you my treat - peanut butter & celery...mmmmmm.....

By Blogger Tee, at 11:30 pm  

I have to say, I agree that peanut butter is the best. The one thing I miss from switching from WW Flex to WW Core is my daily dose of peanut butter

By Blogger TC, at 11:59 pm  

One of my favorite treats from childhood and one I still love is Ant on a Log: peanut butter in celery with a little line of raisins on the peanut butter. It sounds like a crazy flavor combination, but I love it!

By Blogger Kelly, at 12:18 am  

I know exactly what you mean. I never ate the stuff and then, one day, a recipe called for some.

It was downhill from there...

By Blogger YP, at 5:51 am  

Hell yeah, peanut butter (light & crunchy) on toast is my snack saviour! The light version is pretty damn good so you can work it into your points/cals for the day :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 am  

My son ate it every day for lunch and my daughter has it on celery. I love it on really fresh bread, yum.

By Blogger michelle, at 6:23 am  

It is absolutely a trigger food for me - cannot have it in the house without scoffing the lot. But we do have it in the Auckland office, so when I'm there I have PB on toast for brekkie.

By Blogger Sue, at 6:33 am  

Peanut Butter = Pure Evil. Banish it now Kathryn....

By Blogger linda, at 9:29 am  

I am a peanut butter addict. Can't imagine life without it.

By Blogger Stamp Til Dawn, at 10:03 am  

eew peanut butter. I'm kind of glad I don't like that stuff. lol

By Blogger Ang, at 4:11 pm  

peanut butter, eeewwwww
Every time we get some I try it to see if I like it, and I never do LOL.
It's that stuck feeling it leaves in your mouth, I think...

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 4:46 pm  

Damn you!! Don't tease me with thoughts of peanut butter! I have a tub of it in my desk at work from my days of eating whatever I want... I like to keep it there as a will power type thing. And every now and then I have a fingernail taste of it :)

By Blogger Kenz, at 7:44 pm  

sudArgh! I have to stop reading blogs! Every time I see the words "Peanut Butter" I get this insane urge to go eat some.

The best way to eat it? On a spoon, straight from the jar. Or on your finger, if you don't have a spoon.

Forget that processed Kraft crap though - it has to be the Sanitarium 100% peanuts one....only in the health food section. Mmmmm.

By Blogger Kek, at 8:50 pm  

I could never stomach the stuff, like you the smell did it to me every time - so I'm in complete awe that you're almost bathing in the stuff now :)

By Blogger Ails, at 11:03 am  

I can only eat Peanut Butter on really fresh white doorstop a really thick slice.

By Blogger Jaykay, at 12:29 pm  

I love peanut butter (I eat the light Kraft crunchy one), it's probably one of my downfalls. I had it today, actually I have it nearly every day, but I try to just have a scrape and not the whole tablespoon!
Hope you're enjoying unemployment.

By Blogger Briony, at 3:26 pm  

oooh i do love the stuff too. BUT I just can't spend my precious points on it!!! I just can't!!! But you can have my share :)

By Blogger Beee, at 6:25 pm  

i ADORE peanut butter! and I've just gotten hooked on health food store peanut butter - that is, 100% peanuts.. that's it!

my dietician put me onto it and OH MY it's insanely good... yay for the Pbutter!!

By Blogger shinyruby2, at 7:05 pm  

I love peanut butter on apple slices too!

I also love peanut butter gelato.. that's probably less nutritious. I also downloaded a recipe for a frozen peanut butter cheesecake icecream pie thing, but that was when I was 103.5kg and I never got to try it. That's probably a good thing!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 1:25 pm  



Rest Day

This weekend has been pretty laid back. I've not felt 100% well so it's good to have a rest. Yesterday I went for a run at Albert Park with my friend Simon. In places the wind was so strong, it felt like running on the treadmill - putting in lots of effort but not getting anywhere.

Today my sister and I have been lazing around watching movies. We got out Eddie and the Cruisers, which used to be my favourite movie. It's still a good film. Then we watched Gallipoli. That film makes me so sad and angry. I remember we had to go see it when I was in high school and all the way back to school on the bus, us girls bawling our eyes out.

So, I've not done a lick of exercise today but I did do some cooking. I made a big pot of mince stuff - was supposed to be a chow mein but ended up quite different, yet delicious. I had no rice so added mexican beans (from a can) and split peas instead. Works for me.

I also made a heap of rissoles to freeze and they didn't work out so well. Now this is just freaky. I'd added everything except the breadcrumbs and, when I went to get the box of breadcrumbs out of the cupboard, they'd disappeared.

A few times I've thought things have gone from my food cupboard but I've not been sure. This time however, it's definitely someone stealing my food. That is so low. I really can't believe one of my housemates is such scum.

I'm pretty sure I know who did it cos my other housemate was in the kitchen with me when I started cooking and he's the kind of guy who would have come straight out and said he'd need to use them for something but it's hard having two housemates cos I feel I can't just come straight out and accuse one of them.

The really freaky thing is that neither of them cook at all. They might go into the kitchen to heat something up or fry up a steak but that's about as culinary as it gets. They have no need for breadcrumbs, so why steal them? I'm starting to think that my housemate has mental problems.

I'm going to make a big sign and put it on the inside of the cupboard telling them that I think they are the lowerst form of life on earth. That way no one will see it but the culprit. I'm also going to make an inventory of everything in the cupboard. That's about all I can do until my friend comes over to help me put in a lock!

Gosh share house living sucks. I remember taking a firm liking to unusual foods so that people didn't steal them. Share house living is the reason why I drink tomato juice!!

By Blogger deege, at 6:56 pm  

That's terrible! We have that problem occaisionally at work - someone will take someone else's lunch or soda or whatever. It's not often, but when it does happen, you can't help but look at your coworkers with suspicion! Keep up the great workouts!

By Blogger Michelle, at 10:14 pm  

ooh just caught up with ur blogs, CONGRATS on beating diabetes, that is so fantastic. Did u get to see the fit man again?

By Blogger skinnyminny8, at 11:53 pm  

Thanks for visiting my blog - how did you resolve your gallstones? I'm a little freaked out about the possibility of surgery, even thought it's a fairly easy and uncomplicated one.

You're right - it feels SO good to know that I'm in control of my health and that my healthy choices are better than medications!

By Blogger Michelle, at 1:39 am  

housemates, sometime they are more trouble than they are worth!

i'm all for putting the sign up, just let them know you're onto them.

i always label my milk at work - in big bold type IT'S NOT YOURS - DON'T USE IT!

most people have a giggle but i am sure as hell noone wants to pull that sucker out of the fridge and use it out in the open.

By Blogger sandii, at 8:25 am  

I..HATE..thieves! I don't miss that part of share housing but the parties and constant chatter of new people going in and out, I do miss.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:16 am  

Having your food nicked really sucks, esp when you don't realise till you are halfway through cooking something and its an essential ingredient.

my old flatmate used to do that all the time - argh!!!

now my bf does it, but with him its usually just OJ or cranberry juice that dissapears. the only thing that stops me making is cosmopolitans :)

By Blogger yublocka, at 1:49 pm  

Ohhhhh The thought of housemates makes my skin crawl.. hehe... I live alone with my 2 children and love it.. they spend alot of time at thier fathers house also...
I have a long term partner but he lives in his own place...So 5 nights out of 7 i get the bed all to myself...
Stick a big sign in your cupboard to tell them to rack off out of your stuff... even better stick a dirty gr8 padlock on it.. haha...
or hide thier stuff...
and congrats on losing all that weight.. sigh... I will get there..we all had to start somewhere i guess...
Cheers WBS

By Blogger Wanna_B_slim, at 2:10 pm  

Hope you are feeling 100% again. I feel for you with the pantry thieves, not really fair is it?

By Blogger michelle, at 2:18 pm  

You are a very brave girl running at Albert Park while windy!! I hate running in the wind.
I meant to post in your blog the other day how great it is about your diabetes :-)!
House sharing just totally sux when you have to contend with that sort of crap :-(.

By Blogger Lee, at 4:40 pm  

That sucks Kathryn - and what a thing to steal, breadcrumbs of all things. Not that I condone it but you would think that you'd take something better like chocolate. There's not much you can really do with the humble crumb. The signs are a great idea - subtle but they will definitely get the hint!

By Blogger Ails, at 11:00 am  



I Did A Pushup!

A real one, not a girlie one and not on a bar but a real pushup on the ground!

I'd done a killer workout at the gym (to work off my fatty breakfast from the market) and finished off with those awful planks when I decided to try a pushup and it worked! I've never done before in my life. I was so excited, I did another two then thought I'd better not get carried away.

I'm totally jealous. I can't even to the girly on the knees kind of pushups properly!

By Blogger Emma, at 12:02 am  

That is awesome! They are so tough to do!

By Blogger TC, at 12:52 am  

Congratulations! Hey, did you go back to the place with the hot waiter?

By Blogger Stamp Til Dawn, at 3:09 am  

oh wow! well bloody done :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 8:17 am  

It's so cool when you realise you *can* do stuff that you couldn't before! Well done babe and I hope oyu have an awesome weekend :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:47 am  

PS. I love doing the plank! You might hate it but don't you feel powerful after you've done a few!?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:49 am  

wow, thats pretty cool, i cant do a single girly one either! hope u have a great wknd!

By Blogger Kt, at 10:11 am  

I'm impressed, I can't do even one girlie one either. I'm so soft!!

By Blogger Briony, at 4:14 pm  

You GO girl!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 pm  

Woohoo! Great achievement! Keep working on them and you'll be able to do 10, 20 or more before you know it. :-)

By Blogger Kek, at 1:15 am  

Well done!

Love your new dress!

Congrats on your blood sugar tests. That's fantastic. So great that you no longer need diabetes medication.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 11:58 am  

Hey Kathryn, Sorry I've been such a slack ass in commenting!

Firstly, you kill me with your stories - Happy Birthday - sounds like you had a great one!

Secondly, congrats about your medication, you need to be proud of yourself that you can put yourself in a small percentage of the population who is proactive enough to get off these things (when more people are going on them) Well done on this, this is an enormous feat!

Thirdly, you looked hot in those jeans! What a great choice - I can see why the instructor thought you had long legs.

Fourthly, I have weights the exact same colour as yours - hope you keep that up.

And lastly, big woo hoo on the push up! I can only do the wussy girlie ones!

Well done hon, you are on fire at the moment

By Blogger littlegrover, at 5:50 pm  


I live for the day when I'm not such a girl!

By Blogger Ails, at 10:56 am  



Me.. and some funny stories!

Since I don't have fancy technology like a digital camera, or even a regular camera, I couldn't take a pic of me in my new dress so here is an artist's impression. I wore my stripey stockings today too.

The round circles on my chest are the buttons, not my boobs, just in case you were wondering.

I think it's a pretty accurate picture cos I look like a kid's drawing in it.

I have a funny story but it might be TMI for some people so look away now. Tonight I went for a run and half way I really needed to poo. I thought I could wait but had to slow down to a walk and, about half a km from home, realised it got more urgent. I walked past a pub and could see their toilet sign so thought I'd duck in and use it. The bar looked practically empty anyway.

I walked through the bar, looking all sweatily elegant in my running tights and tee-shirt but the toilet sign lead to a corridor and, at the end of the corridor, was a room filled with dressed up families eating dinner. I had to walk right though the middle of them to get to the ladies! It was rather embarassing.

I also have another funny story but look away if you don't want to hear intimate details of my housemates. The night before last, I was about to go to bed and wanted to use the bathroom. My housemate was in the shower so I waited and waited and waited. I'd almost dozed off when he came out because it took him over half an hour.

I walked into the bathroom and wonder why my housemate had been reading a magazine in the shower - cos I'm pretty naive and unworldy. Then I saw the hardcore porn on the magazine and the lightbulb went on!

I was so tempted to knock on his door and hand him back the magazine, saying, think you forgot something but I didn't want to touch it!

Now I want to make a sign for the bathroom saying: Please restrict all non-essential bathroom activities to your bedroom as other people need to use it. Or maybe just: Don't beat off when I need to pee!

At least the handbasin was sparkly clean... and I don't even want to think about why!

I love your drawing!!

Ah....the joys of living with

By Blogger Leighanne, at 11:29 pm  

arrrrrrrrgh no way! that is hilarious. what was the magazine called, incidentally? not that it matters..

i love that drawing.. very pippi longstocking!

By Blogger Shauna, at 11:49 pm  

You look beautiful!

When I wwas 17 and at uni, I was friends with a flat of Irish boys. They were great fun but their flat was putrid. On the back of the loo was a brown folder. I looked in there one day only to find some really hardcore stuff. Nice.

Shauna - you keep beating me to the comments section. I always seem to see your comment just above me. I'll get you next time!

By Blogger Lainey, at 1:18 am  

I think it looks just like you!
As for the housemate - why can't he just do it in his own room (with pleny of tissues!)?

By Blogger Sue, at 5:49 am  

ewwwwwwweeee.. Gotta love fellas!!! That is gross!
Very funky littel dress!!

By Blogger Yummy Mummy, at 10:26 am  

You don't have good luck with pub toilets, do you? Ha!

And there's no way I could resist making some sort of joke or snide remark to your housemate.

(Just goes to prove how easily men can f*ck and run. I bet he didn't even buy the poor magazine dinner and he clearly didn't take it back to his bedroom to cuddle.)

By Blogger Zara, at 11:35 am  

OMG you are hilarious, what great stories. Thanks for sharing. BTW I definitely would have said something to the housemate, I can never resist embarrassing people!!
Happy "Last-day-of-work"!!

By Blogger Briony, at 2:33 pm  

haha, i love that drawing! I'm glad you explained about the buttons though ;)

hope to see you at Karaoke!!!

By Blogger Hayley, at 3:16 pm  

mwahahaha I love it!!! You seem to know when I need a laugh :)

Your picture is so beautiful! I love the dress! Especially the boobs uhm I mean buttons!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:11 pm  

Ewwww, why do men think it's better to wank in the bathroom? I guess they can clean up after themselves easier but still ... yuk, yuk, yuk!

I like your drawing a lot, looks like a very cute outfit!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 5:02 pm  

that is the cutest pic! eww @ your housemate! i had flatmates that used to shag in the shower, god that was offputting!

By Blogger Kt, at 6:03 pm  

Love the dress.. Boys will be boys hey?

By Blogger linda, at 7:48 pm  

Hehe, what a great pic and so you and LOL at your flatmate!! Gosh, I forgot about all that kind of stuff. I used to live with 4 guys in a warehouse with no real walls so yeah, pretty hilarious but uncomfortable at times too :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:46 am  

YOu make me laugh - that was one hilarious post! I started from the gorgeous piccie of you and didn't stop until I reached the end! Thanks for the best laugh I'll probably have all day - you definitely crack me up :) :) :)

By Blogger Ails, at 10:55 am  




I went to the doctor tonight. I'm officially 100% no longer on diabetes medication. Ha! Take that, pancreas. I showed you who's boss!

Unofficially, I stopped taking the tablets a couple of months ago. Way before my blood tests. And you know what, the results were even better this time than last time. I so don't need those tablets.

I'm totally cured. Okay, I know you can't cure diabetes but I'm near enough to it. Now I'm going to cure my sister's chronic fatigue with my mad curing skillz.

I want to warn anyone reading this, who is diabetic and on metformin - they never told me that taking metformin and doing lots of exercise can cause hypos (low blood sugar). For ages, I'd leave the gym feeling drained and whoosy. It took a while for me to make the connection. Now I can exercise and feel good and that rocks.

I think I need to go out and buy myself a pressie with the money I'm saving on prescription drugs. Oh except I can't. I did a stupid thing today. At lunchtime I went to the gym then shopping and bought a cute little pinafore dress (well the jury is out on that one - it could make me look like some demented child's tv presenter). My packback was so stuffed full of gym clothes, I put my wallet in the bag with the dress.

When I got back to work, I decided I needed to wear the dress NOW. So I slipped it on and threw the bag on a chair.

Because of my mad walking skillz, I ended up way early for the doctor and went to a cafe for some fruit toast (I've swapped my cupcake obession for fruit toast - but only the good shit with like apricots and other non-raisin fruits). When I went to pay, I realised I'd left my wallet at work. Oops.

Major embarassment but the waiter said he trustedme to bring in the money tomorrow. Then I looked up at him. Holy moly, he was the hottest man I've ever seen in my life. Of course I'm taking the money in tomorrow. I'm going back there every day for the rest of my life!

Respect to your wickedly mad skillz and for whipping your pancreas into shape! And for kicking that evil diabetes right up its arse. It's definitely an excuse to do some more shopping :)

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 7:36 pm  

That is the most inspirational thing I have heard. Congrats, good health is the best reward you could have. You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

By Blogger michelle, at 7:37 pm  

Congratulations :) that's great news. And thanks for headsup about metformin - must let my mu know about that she's been on it for a few year now. Do we get to see a pic of the new dress??

By Blogger DecreasingDebbie, at 7:43 pm  

wow, thats pretty amazing! great stuff Kathryn, must feel so great to be off the meds due to changes you implemented yourself :)

By Blogger Kt, at 7:57 pm  

That is SUCH good news about your health.

By Blogger Sue, at 8:07 pm  

LOL love this post babe, lots of energy and whoo hoo for not having to take those damn tablets anymore!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:36 pm  

LMAO@ demented child's TV presenter!

I'm on Metformin. I did actually know about the exercise-hypo thing. Not from medical professionals informing me though, oh-no, it was from the diabetes educator.

You made curer, you!

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:31 pm  

What great news! Congrats!

By Blogger alea, at 2:11 am  

That's great news about your medication. Let's hope you can work some magic on your sis.

By Blogger linda, at 8:18 am  

That's seriously awesome. And inspirational! It really just hammers in how good exercise and generally treating your body well is for you, doesn't it?

By Blogger Amy, at 8:25 am  

You totally ROCK dude!! Congraulations on dumping the meds!!

By Blogger Briony, at 1:01 pm  

Awesome work kicking the diabetes to the curb! It must be the best feeling not to be reliant on the medication.

By Blogger Emma, at 12:00 am  

Get hot waiters number girlfriend!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 3:11 pm  

That's fricken fantastic news K! You really are a testament to everyone with diabetes! You really did kick some serious pancreas butt (though the image of a pancreas actually having a butt is all too weird)!

By Blogger Ails, at 10:50 am  


It's On!

Ms Briony has challenged me to see who can get to 65 kgs first or maybe I challenged her... Anyway it's on. No more smily face smartie cookies with my morning coffee! Stay tuned for more!


"We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?" - Marianne Williamson - from 'A Return to Love'

Have you ever been somewhere, at the gym or walking down the street, and looked in the mirror for your reflection but not recognised yourself? It's happened to me a few times lately, mostly because I'm looking for the fat girl and she aint there.

This morning I walked along, wondering if my top made me look fat and emphasised my belly rolls when I saw my reflection. What hit me was my legs, striding out. It's too easy to zero in on the faults sometimes and not see the good bits.

Which reminds me - I did a body balance class yesterday and the teacher told me to spread my legs further in the moves (she did put it more elegantly) because I have such long legs! Wtf - since when I have I had long legs?


Oh yeah, another thing I've been thinking about lately is modesty. I tend to think of myself as a very modest person - I mean modest in the way of not indulging in public nudity, not modest as in hiding my light under a bushell (what the hell is a bushell anyway?).

When I joined the gym, I used to think I was the only chick there that didn't have a really hot body. Every time I used the change rooms, I was surrounded by women who looked like supermodels.

Over time I've realised that isn't the case. It's just that I'm one of the few women without a hot body that doesn't get changed in the shower cubicles.

I don't it. I have no desire to flaunt my body around the place but serious, shower cubicles are damp and small. They would be a hideous place to get changed. You'd feel all icky afterwards, that not-really-dry ickiness you get after you go swimming, and your clothes might fall on the floor and get wet.

Who cares if someone in the change room sees my saggy belly or the pimple on my butt? It's a frigging change room, not a beauty parade.

Hi Kathryn,
Yes, i've been in the situation of not recognising my reflection, but unfortunately it wasn't as nice an experience as yours was. Mine ws more like "check out her butt. I'd DIE if I had a butt like that!".

Thx for sharing yr stories or life AFTER fatdom, they're an inspiration to us who are still crawling along the road.


By Blogger Hayley, at 2:23 pm  

Alrighty, the challenge is on and I will be watching! What a great quote too :-)

I find that I still don't recognise myself quite often even after a year at goal. Yes Kathryn, we have lost that bloody weight and are looking mighty fine LOL, whoo hoo!! Go you and your fabulous legs. I've heard a few people comment on your great "pins", as M calls them.

Shared change rooms still haunt me from high school *shudder*.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:29 pm  

I'm with you on the changerooms. How do people change in the shower cubicles?

By Blogger linda, at 2:52 pm  

A woven basket, which became a standard measure of volume - e.g. a bushell of tea. Turned upside down, they would conceal a light.
And, no, I didn't Google it - I'm just a geek.

By Blogger Sue, at 3:20 pm  

I hated the shared change rooms but I learnt to get over them when I realised every other girl in there is thinking the same thing about their own boobs or arses!
The only time I wouldn't strip in front of everyone else was when it was that time of the month, for some reason I just preferred to hide in the cubicle then.

I still freak out when I look at my calves, so I know what you mean! You have great pins!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 3:32 pm  

Oh hoh - so it's set in stone now girlfriend!! I so hear you about looking at your reflection and not recognising yourself. That's been happening to me a LOT lately.
Hey maybe if you squeeze that pimple on your butt you'll lose some weight, seriously there's not an ounce of fat on you anymore. I'm thinking about cheating by having a breast reduction. That would definitely get me to goal weight very quickly!! hahaha

By Blogger Briony, at 3:46 pm  

LOL@ Bri.

Nothing like healthy (get it?) competition to put a fire up your ass is there?

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:44 pm  

Hi Kathryn!

I visit this blog semi-religiously, but have never commented. Today, though, I have an irrepressable urge to say these two things:

1. Congratulations on beating that medication. That's so frickin' awesome!

2. You always had great legs. I remember running into you at Bar Open a few years ago and seeing you in a shortish skirt with boots, and thinking that you had very long, shapely legs. So there you go!

Oh, and a third thing, before I disappear into the ether: you are an absolute inspiration. I'm about the same weight as you were when you started this project (though quite a bit shorter) and I am amazed by your achievements. Hopefully one day soon I will stop being chickenshit and follow your example. You are the rockingest.

By Blogger hot soup girl, at 11:04 pm  

I have so many memories of dropping my underwear in the wet cubicle after my shower but in my swimming days. Yuk!

Go on you for braving the changeroom, and besides I'm sure your legs are the envy of all those hotties in there anyway!

By Blogger Ails, at 10:47 am  



Girl Jock

This is where I invested my birthday cash. Yep, 22 kgs of dumbells. Not just that, I'm hella excited about it. I've had dumbells before but they were those vinyl coated ones in pink and purple and other girlie-girl colours. Now I have kick-arse, hard-core metal ones with adjustable plates (in a pretty blue).

I'm getting quite a nice little home gym happening, with yoga dvds, weights and ... well that's about it. Oh yeah and a skipping rope and fit ball. The next thing I need to buy is a decent pump for the fitball cos it's a bit saggy in the middle (not unlike myself).

For cardio, I'm going to concentrate on running and, hopefully, I'll get a bike soon.

I tried out the dumbells yesterday. I had to change my workout a bit to minimise adjusting the dumbells too often, plus it involves a bit of mental maths but otherwise it rocked.


Do you know who rocks? Shauna! What a legend. I was going to demand you go over to her site and read about her swimming adventures but then realised that everyone reads Diet Girl anyway. She makes me almost want to learn to swim all proper (ie. not doggy paddle) but then I remember my head in water fears.

As she says, it's only 14 weeks until Christmas. My new challenge is 65 kilos by Christmas. I can do that. Luckily, I'm so unpopular and anti-social that I have few pre-Christmas events to attend. And, after this past weekend, I'm swearing off the booze for a while.

Love the new weights. :)

By Blogger Living to Feel Good, at 12:23 pm  

My problem with adjustable weights is ALL about doing maths in my head!
Swearing off the booze? Yeah, right!

By Blogger Sue, at 1:13 pm  

OMG! They are SERIOUS weights! Have fun!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 4:51 pm  

those are supercool weights, put my 3kg plastic ones to shame!
65kg by xmas, u can do it easy peasy :)

By Blogger Kt, at 6:42 pm  

ooooooh very nice weights :) They certainly are kick ass ones!!! Happy lifting!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 7:29 pm  

Oh yeah, thanks for bagging my plastic coated pink weights you girl jock you!! and you are so NOT swearing off the booze you bloody liar!!
65 by Christmas - ok i'll race you!!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:35 pm  

diet WHO!?

hee hee... seriously, thank you! i am spewing at those weights. they are sexy! i have grey plastic ones that cost £10. errrk.

glad to see you will be Going for Gold for xmas. rock onnn :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 7:26 am  

You'll blitz the next 5kg with your new kickass weights. Good to see you enjoyed your birthday weekend.

By Blogger linda, at 8:57 am  

They are some serious weights. I still have the girly ones LOL. It sounds like you have all the things you WILL use at home and seriously, that's all you need. I reckon you can do 65kg by Xmas too! I hope you are having a good week :-)

By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 1:11 pm  

hA... They look like my husbands... I stuggle to move them let alone actually use them to exercise!!
Money so well spent!!!

By Blogger Yummy Mummy, at 2:18 pm  

They look like the weights Tom has. They're pretty hardcore but way better than little hand weights (except when you're doing an exercise dvd that needs little hand weights!).

65 kilos by Christmas? I reckon you can do it:) You can do the no booze thing too, you'll just need tonnes of willpower, something which I lack!

Hope you're having a great week

:) Sarah

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 11:10 pm  

Loving the metal! You'll get some serious toning with those!

I dare you to confront your fear of the water too.

After DG's inspiring post, I'm thinking of doing the same.

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:39 pm  

Great birthday pressie! Wow - those weights are SPUN-KEE! Puts my girly pink-purple thingys to shame!

Give the swimming a go - it'll probably help get you towards 65kgs since your body won't have a clue what's going on for a while!

By Blogger Ails, at 10:42 am  



Weekend O' Treats

Whoa, I had a big one Friday night. Well all day Friday. We started at the Preston Market at 8 am, buying party favours then wandered around - me in my tiara and my sister in her biker cop helmet. One of our friendly ladies from the gingerbread cookie stall saw us eating our breakfast pizza all dressed up and thought we were year 12 students!

I left work early and went to the gym to prepare my body for the big night ahead - well to burn off the calories I planned to consume. Ten minutes on the cross trainer, spin class, five minutes of rower then a half hour run. My PT trainer set me the challenge of rowing 1000 metres in five minutes and I so nearly did too - only 5 seconds off.

Once I got all de-sweated, I went to the hairdressers and got sexy hair. If you ever need a special do for a night out, I fully recommend Heading Out on Brunswick Street. They do an express curl service - $25 for a quickie style. They also do express updos and straightening as well.

I had some food then come home to get ready. My friends turned up with champers (and gifts - woohoo!). Then we headed to the neighbourhood bar for more drinks and more friends turning up.

Dinner involved more drinks and much debauchery.

After dinner we went into the city and I had many whisky sours - what a great drink, low in calories and high in yum. Still i think I consumed my own body weight in them. We'd planned on karaoke but the karaoke lounge was booked up until midnight so it didn't happen.

There are some photos of my good hair and other adventures I need to upload.

Yesterday we went to Ceres for bunch - they do the best beetroot relish I've ever tasted. Well it's the only beetroot relish I've ever tasted but I bet if I'd tasted many beetroot relishes, it would still be the best.

My sister was down from Sydney so we had drinks last night - champagne cocktails at the Gin Palace. I so love the Gin Palace. I had a very amusing tram ride into the city with my new friends - the drunken 16 year old boys.

This morning I had my fun run - I fell over around the 2 km mark and skinned my hand and knees. The first aid guys came over to render assistance and one of them remembered me from the Mother's Day run. How embarassing! He told me I was troublemaker and put ouchie saline solution on my wounds and then told me to shut up when it said it hurt. But he was cute so I didn't slap him.

The worst bit was that I had to sit there watching everyone run past me. I wasn't running well anyway - too many cocktails and cigarettes this weekend. I did the 8 km in 57 minutes or so but I'm sure I'll be much faster for the next one esp if I don't fall over.

Arrgghh - what a boring post. I'm sure there are many funny stories I could be telling of my adventures but my brain is numb and my injured hand hurts when I type.

I think I'll devote the rest of this week to damage control.

You know alcohol works wonders for grazes, sprains AND hangovers! Sorry to hear you fell over, but nice to be looked after by a cute cheeky guy!!
Hope the rest of your week goes well with the damage control and all.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:55 pm  

Thats one way to get the attention of a cute guy ;)

Sounds like you have had an awesome weekend :D

By Blogger Ang, at 4:29 pm  

ooo i like briony's devl horns......

crazy that the guy remembered u & called u a troublemaker! hope the grazes are ok!

sounds like u had a fun wknd tho :)

By Blogger Kt, at 7:34 pm  

Im so glad you rocked out on your birthday!

Ouch @ grazes.

Ohhh @ cute first aid guy.

Mmmmm @ Champers & debauchery

Cha-ching @ express curls

Booyah @ 5 secs off 1000mtr rowing

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:09 pm  

Can't wait to see yr piccies. Sounds like you've been having fun since I last checked in. How noice to be confused for a yr 12 chick! Schwing! Beat that 'fat head' with a stick until it fits in with yr skinny body!

Chunky Hayley

By Blogger Hayley, at 10:08 pm  

Happy (belated) Birthday!

By Blogger Amy, at 10:20 pm  

Sounds like a great birthday. Breakfast pizza?? Will have to check out Heading out - thanks for the tip.

By Blogger linda, at 9:00 am  

YAY for having a great time on your birthday and *ouch* for the grazing. You know how to have a good time! :-)


By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 1:08 pm  

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl! I can't believe I missed it I'm sorry!

I trust you are still recovering LOL LOL LOL

BTW you and fun runs are a dangerous mix it seems

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 3:07 pm  

Hey Darl - back to catch up on all your goings-on!

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, but by the sounds of it you had a good one! And to run a fun-run the very next day is completely ambitious, wow!

Isn't the Gin Palace great!

By Blogger Ails, at 10:39 am  



I'm So Vain!

I had planned to write a serious post today but I'm in no serious post writing mood. In less than an hour, I'm having lunch with my BFFs (btw Bri, BFF = best friend forever... I wanna know what you were thinking) who have just moved home from overseas.

I have a new sexay hair colour of much bright coppery redness making me the reddest head in my family but the only not natural one. Tomorrow I'm going to my fav hairdresser as they have an express curling service. Woohoo for express curls. I want Xtina hair - like her current hair not that skanky drrrty hair.

I feel so Dolly even writing that. Hey, did you want to win the Dolly cover girl comp when you were a teenager? I so wanted to win but never sent in my photo cos I was too fat and anyway you'd have to be so up yourself to even think of entering and they'd put your pic in the mag and everyone at school would know! I think my life would have been so different if I'd won the Dolly cover girl comp.

Tomorrow night I'm going out for birthday festivities. Woohoo! Then Saturday night I might be going out with my sister but I'm not sure cos she hasn't rang me. Sunday is the Spring into Shape fun run.

Now some photos:
I think these jeans make my legs look v thin. I am eating a cookie in this pic but shhhh... don't tell anyone.

Border's Cafe

Me and the fruit of my loins outside Melbourne Central. I'm thinner than I thought.

I've never had my pic taken with anyone from a band ever before because I'm like totally cool and not at all a fangirl. But there are exceptions to every rule.

Wow! You look amazing! I don't think I've ever had a photo with a band either. I'd sell my right arm for a photo with PJ Harvey but if I ever met her I wouldn't be able to speak, let alone ask for a photo.

Melbourne Central looks different to last time I was there. Considering that was probably when I was at RMIT in 2004, I suppose that makes sense :)

(from LITS)

By Blogger Amy, at 12:03 pm  

Your legs DO look very thin in those jeans - probably because you ARE thin!

By Blogger Sue, at 12:34 pm  

If you're going to make exceptions, I think you picked the right people to do it for.

And I agree with Sue, you can only look skinny if, in fact, you are. Welcome to your own party!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 1:16 pm  

Tex is such a spunk!!! It's been said before but you look thin because you are.

By Blogger linda, at 6:31 pm  

You look so good. Like you have been thin all your life. Really.


By Blogger Lainey, at 7:01 pm  

You look HOT!

It isnt trick sots or imagery. You ARE thin. And HOT..

did I mention you look hot!

Did you ask Mr Perkins for a birthday snog? *grin*

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:30 pm  

i love these pics. my god kathryn! you are skinny! you are foxy... you have ARRIVED! phwoar :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 11:08 pm  

OMG Happy Birthday gorgeous girl. You look skinny as in those jeans! You are definitely a legend in my books! Oh and yes I wanted to be a Dolly cover girl. I have photos I took, i'll try and remember to scan one tonight and send it to you - you will piss yourself laughing! Have a great and fantabulous day oh skinny one!!

By Blogger Briony, at 11:05 am  

You bloody tease! Love the photos girl and ooh, Tex my man, 'allo. You are looking so bloody good! Now I can't work out which day is your birthday but I know it was clsoe to mine. I have you have a most fabulous day, week and rest of the year!!


By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 12:25 pm  

Oi and I wanna go red too this weekend. Something rusty like, we'll see :-)

By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 12:25 pm  

I made lots of mistakes in my last comment but hey, I think you can work it out LOL.

By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 12:27 pm  

I SO wanted to win the Dolly Covergirl Comp! But never had the nerve to enter. My friend who lived down the road and I did a photo shoot one weekend in Year 8 though. I still have the photos from it. I have very big hair.

You do look thin in those pictures - and that's because you ARE! You are looking wonderful.

Have a wonderful birthday!

By Blogger Philippa, at 1:15 pm  

You are looking great!!!!

Hope your birthday was wonderful:)

By Blogger Leighanne, at 2:16 pm  

Wow you are such a skinny minny! You look fabulous. Be very pround young landy, very proud.

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 9:24 pm  

Sorry my spelling about is shite* LOL

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 9:24 pm  

Blimey - still can't spell!!!
Third time lucky

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 9:25 pm  

Belated birthday wishes! Hope you has a great day.

You look fantastic! And good on ya for meeting Tex and Tim! Tex cracks me up, he's so cool. Nothing wrong with being a fan girl.

:) Sarah

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 12:53 pm  

reading thr other comments sounds like u had a bday - so happy bday miss!
U look fantastic - slim and young!!!

By Blogger Kt, at 1:33 pm  

Just think - if you had entered the Dolly cover girl competition, and won, you may have beaten Nicole Kidman who did, so you might of had her modelling career, and then her movie career and then you might have married Tom Cruise! So, thank frick'n christ you didn't enter!! Not entering has saved you from married that t**l ;) See there's positives everywhere you look!

You are one skinny-binny! OMG! I'm in total envy of anyone with thin legs - you lucky ducky :)

By Blogger Ails, at 3:53 pm  



A Year Later...

From my archives (14/9/05):

So my pact with myself is this - when I get to 70 kilograms, I'm packing
away the scales. I'll rely on other means to judge my size - measurements and
clothes and things. At the moment, I want to lose weight and the scales are the
best way to judge that, but when I'm at goal I want my focus to be on toning and
staying healthy, not on "oh my god, I'm 65 kilos and I can't be happy unless I'm
64!" - who needs that shit?

So have I? Are the scales put away? Am I not caring? Hell no! Instead I'm stressing over every calorie and freaking out if I only burn off 500 calories a day. I'm more obsessed about my weight now than ever (although not enough to say no to the chocobanana truffle ball with coffee last night).

I've got this too-shiny-to-be-true image of me a year ago in my head and I try to get back to that - that me never skipped a workout, never eat the wrong thing, never ate for the hell of it. I feel I have to be that person.

Sometimes I feel like if I'm not constantly vigilant, I'll balloon up overnight. I feel like I have to get to 65 kgs, then I can stop. I obsess more now than I ever have about my weight. Yet I eat too much then stress about that. Instead of replacing emotional eating with sanity, I've replaced it with dieting obsession.

After a lifetime of being fat, I can be a normal weight in my body but it's much hard to not be fat in my head.

Imagine if you were born in say France but, when you were quite young, you moved to Australia. You might have known French once but you no longer have any lingering trace of the language left. That's like me and eating.

I'm so with you on this one. This became apparent last week when I asked a shop assistant for an XL cardigan and she looked at me like I was a freak and said I would be no bigger than a medium. I have to get out of the fat person that's still in my head.

By Blogger Briony, at 2:45 pm  

Totally know where you're coming from. But it takes a big effort to keep reminding yourself to 'be happy' with all that you've achieved and where you are at today.
You have done so well, don't let a couple of negative thoughts get you down!
Celebrate today here and now:)

By Blogger Dee, at 4:05 pm  

oh yes... perfect analogy at the end there!

By Blogger Shauna, at 8:11 pm  

I think part of the obsessing comes from knowing how hard you had to fight to get down to where you are now. And the fear is if you stop obsessing will you stop living the balance. It's a trick and I have all the faith in the world that you will do it. And then show us how. But these things take time. You didn't put all the weight on in one year (from memory) and it will take a little longer to adjust that you are now one sexy looking woman who CAN have her chocobanana truffle ball with coffee but then has to remember to walk to work, or not have the biscuit with coffee the next day.

And I have those language memories. Sometimes I wonder if the Dutch in me sneaks out at night and gorges huge servings of Edam Cheese, and Waffles, and Pancakes... Nope, I do it when I am awake :) Have a great week Kathryn.

By Blogger M, at 11:10 pm  

yeah, I dont think we ever lose that part of us :( I think in my head I will always be a fat person... We've got to remind ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then. You really have done so well and you deserve the praise!!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 12:18 am  

So true, our mind is so powerful and annoying sometimes.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 3:19 am  

All I can say is that is DOES get easier and more of a lifetsyle where you are not obsessing about it. I promise!

By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 12:23 pm  

Sadly I think this fixture/obsession, etc of focussing on our weight is something that I know that I will be stuck with for the rest of my life. I think the main thing that this journey is going to bring is the realisation that I know I have the skills to control my weight and my mental outlook. And you, my girl, definitely have those skills! Not forget that! :)

By Blogger Ails, at 2:42 pm  

I think your food exercise thing is for life. Not everyday but 80% of the time at least. You have changed your life for the better and things like weightloss and healthy eating are becoming a natural part of that. I can't wait to be that person.

this will keep you from being one of those that put all the weight back on within 2 years!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 3:01 pm  




Apparently my BFF, Dave, has talents other than being handsome and manly. A whole posse of talents that he's combined to create his own business - Triffid Communications. One of the biggest guns in his talent arsenal would have to be his awesome cartooning skills. Check out his site and, if you have need of writing stuff or carttoons or other stuff, tell him I sent you!

Can he give me great cleavage like yours?

By Blogger Sue, at 1:22 pm  

hehe... i like it! :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 8:55 pm  

thanks for your comment on my journal- i'm so with you with ikea shoppers getting in your way! i can't stand it when people- harmless as they are- just dawdle around shopping.

What is the gym like at victoria gardens, anyway- it seemed really good from a brochure i picked up once. Do you live in that area?

Oh, and btw... I loved reading about your drinking session. It is a superhuman effort, in my book, to stop after 2 drinks on a friday night. Theres nothing like drinks out with good friends.

xx Kristy :)

By Blogger kristy, at 10:11 am  

OK so i'm thinking up things that "BFF" could stand for.
Nice jugs by the way!! hehe

By Blogger Briony, at 2:44 pm  

Haha, that is so very cool :-)

By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 12:21 pm  

That cartoon is fantastic!

By Blogger Ails, at 1:30 pm  




So Fat Arsed Friday turned into Drink Your Own Body Weight In Booze Friday and I've spend the rest of the weekend in bed recovering. I didn't mean to drink much... I just started and forgot to stop. But I had a ball ... then had pizza and lemon meringue pie to top it all off.

Saturday morning, okay Saturday afternoon, I woke up feeling a bit seedy. I'll be honest, I didn't even feel that sick. I just woke up and wanted to opt out, so I stayed in bed ALL day. Well except for a quick dash to the milk bar for supplies. Cos you have to keep up your energy to lay in bed watching Buffy.

Yesterday I decided I should get up and do stuff. Doing stuff is important. Then I decided to have a nap first. Made it out of bed about 5 in the arvo and did some cooking then more telly - Star Wars marathon on cable.

It was grand. I can take a weekend off and survive! I don't need to be on top things every single day of my life.

The only problem is that next weekend is my birthday and I don't want to make a habit of this sloth thing.

I know how you feel. I didn't get out of bed yesterday until 3pm and then it was only because I had a bachelorette party to go to. I made good food decisions, but bad drink decisions. That's the story of my life!

By Blogger TrixieBelden, at 10:12 am  

Wow, sounds like you had a big night!! I could never do that, well I 'could' drink my weight in alcohol but then I have a 2 year old who doesn't understand about hangovers!! haha
Have a great week!

By Blogger Briony, at 11:03 am  

Yet again your vast wisdom shines through! Often we try to pack too much 'busywork' into the weekend and forget about the rest and relaxation part.

By Blogger Sue, at 12:08 pm  

Yep, forgot to stop hey? I'll pay that ;-) So you've been gobbled by Star Wars too but at least you had a good excuse. Actually, Dan was so trashed, he was doing the Star Trek marathon *shudder*.

Cheers to your birthday hon!!


By Blogger healthbites - mary, at 12:19 pm  

I think taking the weekend off should be made mandatory for everyone - your weekend, sans hangover, sounded perfect! Wow, lemon meringue pie, I haven't had that in years! Wonder if I can find a low-fat version somewhere???!

By Blogger Ails, at 1:27 pm  



Weigh In - 70.3 kg

Still hovering above 70 kgs - arrrrggghhh! I'll be in the 60s next week for my birthday though and that will rock.

I had something really deep and meaningful to write about but I've forgotten what it is - I'm sure I'll remember eventually. Anyway, today I'm having a rock day - I'm going to see TNT (Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins) tonight - woohoo! But wait, there's more. I went into JB the other night to get their CD and they're doing an instore this arvo so I'm going to see them twice. Plus I'm taking my CD back in to get signed. It's a killer CD so... do yourself a favour...

Tomorrow night will be more rocking - going to see Dave MacCormack :)

Just for a digression into a non-weight related rant: I friggin' hate IRONY! Not real irony but that fake irony, like when people like something daggy but they think they are too cool for school so they say they like it in an ironic way. Own your dagginess, people. Of course, these thoughts hit me as I walked to work this morning, bopping down Brunswick St while listening to Bootylicious on my ipod.

These are some of the bands I've seen live with no hint of irony:

  • Hanson Southland car park and my bloody son refused to come along so we couldn't pretend we were taking him. But then again, every other parent there had kids nagging to leave...(btw have you seen Zack Hanson lately? He's grown into a hottie, and I feel so dirty saying that).
  • Presidents of the USA
  • Kenny and Dolly. I heart Kenny and Dolly.
  • Bush (for all you youngsters out there, Bush = Gwen Stefani's husband's band). I can't really remember much about them except that when we were walking back to our car, a girl at the back stage door asked the roadie if she could have a water bottle or 'something that Gavin had touched'. We laughed and called her pathetic. She told us nothing that involved Gavin could be pathetic. We might have wet our pants a little at that stage.
  • Powderfinger - but it was before they become Triple M darlings
  • Madonna - well saying we saw Madonna is kind of an overstatement. When you are sitting in the second last row of the Southern Stand of the MCG, all you see is cloud cover and some passing mountain goats.
  • Kylie. I got forced into this one. My friend Simon bought tickets to EVERY Kylie show - she kept announcing more shows and he'd go buy more tix - but for some crazy reason, he thought he couldn't get really good seats unless I went with him. In a moment of drunken weakness, I agreed. We sat in the second row. She changed outfits a lot.
  • Foreigner - I won tickets. There was only one original member of the band so really they were like a Foreigner tribute band.
  • That boy band with the dude who was married to Jessica Simpson in it??? When my sister and I produced our community tv show, we got an invitation to a showcase gig for a band - we'd never heard of them but assumed it was some punk band (they had a number in their name). So we went along and it was this boy band. Imagine us and a horde of screaming teens who'd won the radio giveaway! Okay, maybe there is some irony in this one but in an hysterical way.

Did you hear the 'secret' track on the CD?? Nova played it last week in the adult time of 6.30am. It's wrong - but right!
Let me see.... MC Hammer, Salt n' Peppa, Bobby Brown, I even saw Michael Jackson when he was still black - that was cool! I could go on. Have a fantastic weekend Kathryn.

By Blogger linda, at 12:28 pm  

hey I saw bush when they came to ottawa ontario it was the first consert I tool my now 25 yrs old neice to see. He was hot then and still is I saw them on entertainment tonight its a talk show to dish about the stars. them as in rain and gwen yummy I stopped what I was doing just so I could stare at him.... drools now thinking of him....

By Blogger angie, at 9:07 pm  

i wanna know what love iiiiiiiiis!

superb stuff kathryn. iron sucks balls. thank you :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 10:43 pm  

You will laugh at my list of bands i've seen (not sure whether there was irony involved!).
Hall and Oates
Phil Collins
Joshua Kaddison
Robert Cray
John Denver (OMG!! I can't believe i'm admitting to that one)
Robertson Brothers
James Taylor
Bryan Adams (twice)
Rolling Stones (this effing rocked)
Still to come
Billy Joel
The Wiggles!! hehe
Hope you're having a great weekend, it's pissing down here and I couldn't go on my bloody fun run dammit.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:45 pm  

No "Still to Come" is NOT a band!! hahahahaha

By Blogger Briony, at 1:47 pm  

I've never seen a band play live, but I do like to hear 'Live' play. Is that irony?

By Blogger Hayley, at 5:44 pm  

Wow Kathryn - I'm so behind in my blog reading and you've written the equivalent of a novel since my last comment! LOL Expect a ton of comments from me all afternoon as I make my way through them all between patients at work!

BTW, how much did I laugh about you wanting to drag your son along as a cover for seeing Hanson!! Love it!

By Blogger Ails, at 1:24 pm  



Quitting the Gym!

From the end of this month, I've put my gym membership on hold for the rest of the year. I'm not giving up exercise though. I just figure getting into summer, I want to play outside!

The plan is running 4 days a week and popping up to the gym near my house (@ $4 a casual visit) to do weights a couple of times a week. Or maybe investing in some more dumbells and doing weights at home.

I also want to buy a bike, just a cheap secondhand one (I want a purple dragster with a flower basket like I had when I was 10 - that bike ruled).

With the money I save on gym membership, I might even go out and do something new and exciting. I've become bored with what the gym has to offer and I hate having to fit myself around a class schedule.

As to the last entry, thanks for all your comments on my huge gap! Blogger did weird thing with the table and, even with my mad html skillz, I couldn't figure out why.

I bought a great set of dumbells 2 weeks ago from Rebel online. On sale from $79 to about $60 and then as a new customer I got the delivery chucked in. 2 bars and 4 different plates - I love them!

By Blogger linda, at 1:11 pm  

Did your bike have a gold banana seat?

By Blogger Sue, at 2:05 pm  

Great idea - Especially when that will work out so much cheaper!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 3:54 pm  

GREAT plan :) I also want to do more outdoors stuff but unfortunately it isn't as much fun running around the streets here.. And we don't have nearly as many beautiful green parks like you do over there... So my gym membership will have to do :)
I definately recommend a bike!!! cycling has to be one of the nicest ways to exercise :)

By Blogger Beee, at 4:19 pm  

Purple dragster hey - you would be the coolest chick on the block I would say! Let me know if you find one! If you do you will definately have to get some spokey dokes!!!
Summer is a good time for fresh air exercise I think, so good idea suspending the gym.
Thanks for your comment too :-)

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 4:47 pm  

I need to use my fitness stuff more

By Blogger iportion, at 5:30 pm  

Lose weight, gain friends: The Rice Way

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Join today to start your own weight-loss success story!

By Blogger Nathalie, at 12:01 am  

An Invitation to:

Lose weight, gain friends: The Rice Way

The Rice Way is the best source of information, guidance, and support for the amazing new weight loss solution: The Rice Diet.

Get all the inside info, specific advice, food lists and recipes! Start your own online weight-loss journal for FREE! Enter a fun and friendly community dedicated to health, well-being and support!

Join today to start your own weight-loss success story!

By Blogger Nathalie, at 5:42 am  

I know what you mean about needing to take a gym break. I'm on one too at the moment. I think as long as you keep up other activities its a great thing - that way when you get back into it you enjoy it again rather than seeing it as a chore!

By Blogger yublocka, at 2:43 pm  

Thx for the motivation, Kathryn!
Love reading what yr up to :)
It's good to read about someone who's done it - gives me hope.

By Blogger Hayley, at 8:24 pm  

Ohhh the bike souds hot! (said in an un-ironic Paris Hilton way)

Sounds like a terrific idea - getting sunshine & fresh air instead!

By Blogger Beckie, at 4:22 pm  

ohhh that bike sounds so cool! if you find one, lemme know.. cause i want one too!!

By Blogger shinyruby, at 4:10 pm  



September Challenge

Exercise Goals:

  • Run 130 km 10 km done
  • Row (at gym) 5 km 1 km done
  • Spin * 8 classes
  • Yoga/pilates/body balance * 8 classes
  • Weights * 8 sessions 1 done
  • Try something new exercise-wise

Food goal:

  • Stay under 1,500 calories a day except for Fat Arsed Fridays!
  • Eat 100 grams of protein a day

Since protein is my biggest issue, I scientifically researched the grams of protein per calorie in various foods. I used example foods because there is no way, no how I'm going to do this for say every protein powder on the market.

Fish (Blue
Tuna (canned in brine)0.203
Protein Powder (Mushashi)0.194
Tofu (fresh)0.106
Kidney Beans0.075
Cheese (cheddar & fetta)0.062

What's with the big gap honey? Bet you've never been asked THAT before!!! ROFLMAO!!!

By Blogger Briony, at 11:36 am  

lol @ Briony.. Blue Grenadier has no bones either...

By Blogger linda, at 12:55 pm  

Thanks for the Tofu tip :) I did just that and it was delicious!! and a good source of protein too I see... Why the huge big gap in your post?
What on earth is Blue Grenadier???

By Blogger Beee, at 3:23 pm  

Great September challenge Kathryn! Good luck, I'm sure you will kick butt :).

By Blogger Lee, at 4:50 pm  

Gosh, aren't they all making personal comments!

By Blogger Sue, at 11:18 am  




My weight is all over the place at the moment because I've got my period. I so don't need this - is there anyway to encourage an early menopause because it's not like I have any desire to be fertile again in my life? Maybe I could get a hysterectomy because my uterus is ever going to be needed I figure getting rid of superfluous body organs is a good way to lose weight.

My computer monitor is acting all weird and flickery. I don't want to be spending money just before my contract ends at work but if I'm going to buy anything, it will be a laptop not a new monitor. I think I'll go check out secondhand laptops this week and see if I can get one cheap. My computer is ancient - I bought it secondhand - and the hard drive is almost full plus a laptop would be so much more convenient. I don't need anything flashy, so long as it works and I can write my stories on it.

It's weird being Father's Day today. We don't celebrate it since my dad died many years ago so you forget, then you see people out having a Father's Day lunch or you read something online and it's oh yeah, people do that stuff.

I almost forgot about Father's Day today! We have had 4 Birthdays to celebrate this week, Monday, Thursday with parties on Friday and Saturday night.
I remembered at 12mid-day today (blush). Shame on me, lol!

By Blogger Lee, at 5:35 pm  

My Dad is a JW so I don't have to bother about him, had to buy for DH though, he scored some neat stuff today!
My weight is scattery too at the moment.
Hope you have a great week.

By Blogger Briony, at 7:48 pm  

oh - so know the period effect on weight!
buggar about the computer :(
Did a google as you suggested and went through the first few hundred results for a few different searches, i think im safe ;)

By Blogger Kt, at 8:47 pm  

Heya Kathryn :) Thought it was about time I dropped in and said hello and also say thank you heaps for the comments you've been leaving, in particular, the latest one. :) I've taken your advise (about getting out of the house) and suprise, suprise, it's been working a treat! :) It's crazy how something so small can make you feel nuts, almost boardering on insane. :)
Anyways, it's time for me to go to work, will talk to you again soon!
Luv Natt XO

By Blogger Natt, at 10:44 am  

LOL at the advantages of uterus removal! I said the same thing recently as it was one of the options i needed to think about if my recent gyno tests turned nasty! There's a bright side to every situation :)

Boooo to TTOTM :S

Good luck with the laptop search if it comes to that. I absolutely hate it when my computer cracks it.

By Blogger Ails, at 2:00 pm  

Well there's a thought, don't think the uterus would make too much difference weight wise though! We were actually playing around with them the other day in our anatomy lab!

By Blogger yublocka, at 5:03 pm  

Its funny how mothers day is the same date in most countries, yet fathers day is totally different... it gets very confusing. I hope your computer isn't too expensive to fix / replace. There is nothing worse then a dodgy pc.

By Blogger Beee, at 6:42 pm  



The Tiramisu of Broken Dreams

Last night, Anita and I were in one of those moods - hovering halfway between wanting to have crazy adventures and just curling up in bed. We opted for leaving the house but didn't want to do anything too strenuous - her being sick and me feeling a bit woozy from my myotherapy appointment (for those who asked - myotherapy is a treatment that concentrates on the muscles and soft tissues, so my therapist does sport massage but also gives me stretches and exercises and looks at the causes and prevention of problems).

So we drove around a while, fell in love with a boy we saw on a tram and followed it but lost it again. We had options, squillions of options but decided to head to our fave cafe in St Kilda.

We've been going to Monroes for years. When everything else in St Kilda gets glossy and yuppied up, Monroes has stayed the same. So we thought. Last night they were in mid-renovation. Why, people, why? They have plenty of customers and things are fine just as they are. Do we really need another "hip" eatery on Fitzroy St filled with hideous yuppy try hards?

The guy on the cash register told us we could still go there even if it wasn't daggy, but the question is - will we want to?

I used to love St Kilda. I lived there for years and never wanted to move. Now I want to leave after 15 minutes. It's an awful, awful place. Every thing I loved has been torn down or destroyed.

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to talk about the tiramisu we had. I've not eaten tiramisu for ... well at least 18 months. I love tiramisu, and to make it worse, I have a scene in my novel where one of the characters is tempted by tiramisu. I've had to rewrite that scene a hundred times and, every time, I try to convince myself to just do a little research. If I could smell the tiramisu and see it and taste it, I could write so much better. But I've resisted.

Last night we decided to go for it. The trouble is, we discovered, we didn't really want tiramisu. Well not just any old tiramisu. We wanted the tiramisu from the cafe next door to the shop where Anita used to work. That cafe closed down about 5 years ago. That tiramisu no longer exists.

Sure last night's tiramisu was good - the creamy part especially, and it was fresh, freshness counts for a lot - but it wasn't great. It lacked something - the melange of cake and espresso and mascapone and liqueur just didn't tie together exactly right. Tiramisu is a balancing act, the whole has to be greater than its parts.

I should just accept that the only true perfection now lives in my memory. I could go on a quest, sampling tiramisu all over the city, but that would only lead to a massive weight gain and disappointment. I'd come away feeling empty and let down and cheap. If I can't have the best, I don't want it. Maybe I'll never eat tiramisu again.

PS. I forgot to mention this about my trip to St Kilda: you know your skirt is short and slutty when the street hookers all have more coverage than you do!

Love the story!

That's a key thing that I think we learn on our weight loss journeys. It's no longer about the QUANTITY of food that we eat, but rather the QUALITY. If it's not the best - don't bother!

By Blogger Lee, at 10:56 am  

thats awesome Kathryn, if its not the best, don't eat it - good rule of thumb!

By Blogger Kt, at 1:38 pm  

We should make this our motto "never settle for second best Tiramisu". I'm disappointed about a lot of foods now that I used to love, maybe my tastes are changing. Nothing seems to taste as good these days as it did when I was younger and didn't care about calories or points!!
Hope you're having a great weekend.

By Blogger Briony, at 1:56 pm  

What happened to the good old St Kilda where you'd have to step over the junkies and be mistaken for a hooker???

By Blogger linda, at 2:18 pm I want tiramisu and it is damn hard to find someone who makes it good!

By Blogger Mary, at 7:12 pm  

It is sad that what made St Kilda so unique is slowly fading away, it's becoming just like every other trendy area in town. I haven't eaten 'real' Tiramisu in years - I've made a low fat version which is hits the spot nicely, but still it isn't the same. Must post that recipe one day....

By Blogger Ails, at 1:55 pm  



Crap Products and Fat Arsed Friday

I thought I'd let you know about a few crap products I've bought lately so you don't make the same stupid mistakes as me.

Firstly microwave rice. I've not eaten rice in ages because who can be stuffed cooking a small serve? Not me, that's for sure. So I saw this microwave rice in the supermarket and it looked too easy. But no... normally I'm the queen of checking labels but, for once, I didn't. I dunno, maybe I was tired and emotional... anyway a few days later, I cooked the microwave rice and the frigging calories - close to 300 per serve. So I decided to have a tiny portion. Then I rechecked the label and the teensy packet contained 2 serves. That's like 600 calories in a small packet of microwave rice! If I'm going to eat 600 calories, it isn't going to be rice - the most boring food known to man. The stuff is chockers full of oil and shit. Take my advice - don't buy it.

Then I got a Weight Watchers Cajun Chicken pizza. Worst. Pizza. Ever. And nearly 500 calories. You know there are a lot less calories in 2 slices of REAL pizza. And real pizza tastes good, not like soggy arse. The ultimate insult is that you can get 2 slices of very good pizza at the market for $2.50 while WW pizza is like $6.

Lastly, this isn't a product but it pisses me off. When I started doing spin classes, we had those bikes with big turny knobs. I liked those - you got to turn the resistance heaps and it felt like you'd achieved something. At my gym now, we have bikes with levers that you push millimetres to up the resistance - grrrr! The worst of it is I've been on a couple of bikes lately where there is a fraction of a millimetre between NO resistance and riding up a cliff face. It's as frustrating as hell because you spend the entire class making microadjustments to the resistence. Does anyone else have this problem? I need to find a good bike and stick to it, I think.

That's my bitch for the day. Dietwise, I'm wavering between 70 - 71 kg at the moment. It's 2 weeks to my birthday and I want to be under 70. For two weeks, I'm going to stop eating shite and - I was going to say do more exercise but I'm doing enough of that. I've been walking to work every morning then either going to the gym or walking home and going for a run every night. It's the food I need to watch - except today. I'm declaring Fridays: Fat Arsed Fridays, and making them a free day. The rest of the week will be good though.

I've discovered Tilda Rizzaz Rice - Basmati with Egg & Peas. 2 mins in the microwave. 250gm (2 serves) is 266 calories and 4.4gm fat. (I've got one in my work 'pantry'). Yummo and at $2.99 you can't go wrong. I think it works out to 5 WW points. You get them in the stupidmarket in the rice section (where else?) and they are in pouches.
Enjoy your weekend.

By Blogger linda, at 3:16 pm  

You can make a nuch of rice and then put 1/4th cup servings in each bag. It comes to 1 point per serving and you put the bag into warm water. I am not sure if the bags boil or not.

WW pizza is a little more here but so is regular pizza. You could get a pita and put cheese and sauce on it and nuke it.

By Blogger iportion, at 3:59 pm  

OK get yourself a mirowave safe deep container - put in your serve of real rice (basmati rocks) add water to cover rice. Microwave about 14 mins - Done

Add to it what you please.

The healthy choice pizzas are nice. But i still keep them for free day food.

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 4:56 pm  

I think it really boils down to - pretty much all pre-prepared packaged food is shite! There are some exceptions, but as you say, careful label reading is required.
Have a great weekend.

By Blogger Sue, at 4:32 am  

Everybody needs a fat arsed Friday now and again!

By Blogger Briony, at 1:53 pm  

Fat Assed Fridays sound good. I have my free days on Saturday but it seems to have extended to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I better reign it in. You're a Virgo too!

By Blogger Mary, at 7:07 pm  

Thanks for the word-up on the products. Rice is one of those sucky things, I love eating it but when I cook some I end up eating it over the next few days and by the second night I'm over it. Fat arsed Friday is a great idea!

By Blogger Ails, at 1:46 pm  



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


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Week 1 - Drink more water

Week 2 - Cut out sugary treats


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