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I got the job!

I now have 4-6 weeks of living in clover! Woohoo! The temp agency people weren't happy though and when they told my supervisor at my temp job, she came over and kicked me out! I said I'd finish up the day but she was like - "NO, go. NOW!' So I said, 'Fine, just sign my timesheet.' It's like dude, I'm only doing data entry, it's not like there's a steep learning curve.

The only bad thing about the new job is the 30-40 min drive each way but since my gym suspension at Fitness First ends on Wednesday, I figure I can go to the gym on the way home. I'm also planning some before-work runs even though it will kill me. And, yes I know that isn't a long commute for most people but I'm used to walking to work (which actually takes about 45 minutes but it's multi-tasking). Driving to work shits me because it requires concentration and focus.

Congratulations!! FFS, you're a temp. They wouldn't hesitate to flick you the instant your services are no longer required. With the labour shortage out there it's time for temps to get their own back!

PS. I like your suggestion of projects I can only start once exams are much so that I had already thought of it and a truckload of yarn is winging it's way to me as we speak. So far I have not touched the Up Series, but I am thinking I will need to give it to someone else to babysit if it's to last until after exams. Urgh @ being my own worst enemy!!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 11:54 pm  

Congratulations! So funny that they behave like that- glad you are getting away from them.

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 8:54 am  

Well done babe! Stuff the temp job, you don't owe them anything. You'll get used to the travel I reckon. I've had to and running in the morning is so cool. Both temperature wise and fun. I have to get up at 5-5.30am to run/walk/yoga but it's worth it and you warm up within 5 mins of brisk walking anyway. With travel, I am always too buggered to exercise after work so it's a good idea to try and get it out of the way in the morning. A great way to start the day and your metabolism :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 9:42 am  

Congratulations on getting the job Kathryn.

I used to do temp work and I always felt like I had to work around the people I worked for, whereas I took the temp work so that I could work around what I wanted to do.

If you need something to do in the car, you could always invest in a little dictaphone and create some new short stories by talking rather than writing (does that make sense?).

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 9:48 am  

Congratulations on the new job!
I'm sure you'll get used to the commute, it will seem like a shock at first but you'll work out a new routine.

By Blogger your bloody valentine, at 10:29 am  

Congrats, knew it would happen. What a pratt that supervisor was. As CKK says, you're a temp, you're doing a temporary service, the reason most people choose this sort of job is so they can pick and choose.

Maybe the drive will be some good "contemplation" time. I always think heaps while driving.

By Blogger Jules, at 12:12 pm  

Good for you Kathryn. With a bit of luck it might lead to more and its one more reference which is good.

Think of all the exercises you could do in a car. Sucking in abs, sucking in pelvic floor.....ahmmmmm well that's about it really. Pelvic floor should be good and strong after a month.

By Blogger Debstar, at 2:04 pm  

Woo hoo for clover is all I can say!

By Blogger Chris H, at 4:48 pm  

Congratulations on your new job!!

By Blogger Moody, at 10:30 pm  

yay! but i am still in shock that you did an 11km run! fark!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:00 pm  

Congratulations on the job kathryn.

I'm not at all surprised to hear about your temp agency's reaction. I'm doing the whole job hunting thing myself at the moment and I'm amazed at the way the recruitment agencies here in Canberra work. Sheesh.

Good luck with the commute. Perhaps you'll be able to come up with a piece on road rage. You'll probably notice all the cyclists now that you've become one.

By Blogger Kathy, at 9:57 pm  


By Blogger Beee, at 2:47 pm  

Congrats on the job Kathryn - that is great!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:29 pm  

Fabulous news on the job front Kathryn even if you do have to travel a bit :)

By Anonymous Lee, at 8:55 pm  



Lousy Run

I went out for my 11 km run yesterday. I so didn't feel like it and started off walking, thinking I'll run soon, I'll run soon. The plan was to run to Royal Park station then back to Princes Park for a lap then home. I hate running the section between Royal Park station and Princes Park with a vengeance - it's got some nasty hills - and was almost tempted to do an extra lap of Princes Park instead but figure avoiding hills is cheating and, if I want to do the City to Surf this year, I need to run hills.

I felt miserable the whole time. I didn't want to run, my sports bra was chafing, I was too cold then too hot. The whole run, I was a complete sooky la la. Then, on my lap around Princes Park, my knee started hurting a lot. I had those two voices - the tough one saying: 'stop whinging and keep running' and the other one saying 'stop running now.' I tried stretching and resting but it still hurt.

I think the tough voice is a good one to listen to when it comes to sooky fits but not for injuries and pains. I walked the last 4 kms and even that hurt. I'd have caught a tram home except that would have meant going into the city and back out again.

Luckily now I'm stiff and sore but it's the regular, good soreness not injury soreness so I'm glad common sense won the day. I think the knee soreness come from having tight quads from the bike riding. My right quad felt tight as tight in the shower afterwards. I gave it a good, hard rub (that sounds vaguely dirty) and it's fine now.

When I got home, I made my sister a big, birthday brunch of banana pancakes. Yum. I also made her a special birthday dinner of pot pie because I'm a legendary sister of much niceness. They have had this yummy sounding pie on the specials board at our fave cafe so I decided to to make my own version. It's just vegies in cheese sauce with a pastry top. It even works out quite low in calories the way I made it.

I was going to do more running today, but think I'll rest the legs and maybe just go to the gym and do some upper body work. I've got a stupid 'take home' test to do for class on copyright *yawn* so must get it done... boring, stupid copyright.

You are not a sooky la la- you are sensible. You are indeed a great sister!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 2:17 pm  

That "pot pie" sounds delish! Might even give it a go... another way to get veges into the little shit named Griffin! Hope your legs are feeling tip top now.

By Blogger Chris H, at 3:43 pm  

Kathryn, we all have runs like that, I had one last week - they are horrible. It is indeed wise to ignore the "tough voice" when real pain is involved, but why do us runners find it so hard to do? Well done though on taking it easy when the pain struck.

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 3:50 pm  

It is so hard to pull the pin on a run isn't it!! Had to do it myself on Saturday :(

Wish my sister was here to cook for me on my Birthday, not that she would, lol!

By Anonymous Lee, at 3:06 am  

Hi there. You don't know me but I've been lurking on your blog for a while. Love your work!

Anyway, I wanted to say that knees are often a point of conflict between running and cycling. They're okay on the bike, but the next day's running makes you feel like an arthritic old woman. You might want to plan a rest/walk/gym day between cycling days and running days.

By Blogger Louise, at 1:53 pm  

I wish my sister would make me breakfast and dinner for my birthday. Then again if she did that then I would be expected to do the same for her and I don't like cooking at all.

By Blogger Debstar, at 4:45 pm  




I've been offered a job pending reference checks. It's a good job, 4-6 weeks with excellent pay and lovely offices. A fair hike out of the city which means driving and therefore no incidental exercise, but I can work around that with gym workouts and such.

The sticking pointing is the 'pending references' part of it. My supervisor from last job has, as they say on 24, gone dark. I rang him just the other day because my temp agency, after sending me out on a week's assignment, decided they should do a referee check. He was happy to give me a reference and his phone was working just fine. Now he's out of contact! Argggh.

My plan B reference has left his job so I called plan C. He's on leave until Tuesday! Oh noes. Oh, did I mention they want me to start on Monday or Tuesday... mmmm. Well Tuesday now. It's a worry. To make it harder, my old supervisor only works part time so is hard to contact except by mobile. The plan of attack now is to ring the switchboard on Monday and try to track him down. Failing that, I'll see if I can get someone else there to give me a reference.

The other thorny issue is that I've agreed to do 2 weeks temp work starting Monday. Oh noes! Now to put things in perspective, the new job is 2-3 times longer and pays 150% more than the temp work so it's no contest but if I have to pull out of the assignment, I reckon the temp agency will take me off their books. Again, in the grand scheme of things, no biggie. There are so many temp agencies out there. But I hate letting people down with a passion. Still big bucks are big bucks.

On to sunny things - since my legs felt ordinary, I skipped my long run today. I'll make it up tomorrow. Instead I went for a bike ride. Yah! I went along the Merri Creek trail, thinking it's really flat. It's not good when being confidence-lacking bike rider to suddenly realise you have on one side of you a massive drop down to a rocky creek bed! But I did okay. The score so far:

Bike rides: 2 Bike accidents: 0

Woohoo! I did adventurous things too like riding on the flat without the brakes on and riding down little hills instead of walking. Some of the hills I walked down but then again, I walk down them when I'm running cos they are so steep. Oh yeah, and went I see a pothole, instead of thinking 'yikes, I'm going to crash!', I think 'yikes, this will kill my butt!'

Kathy: I was going to say my bike doesn't have gears but maybe it does. There are some lever things near the handlebars. Are they gears? Stop laughing. My last bike was my purple Malvern Star when I was 10. I'm still trying to deal with handlebar brakes instead of pedal ones.

Is it wrong that I can run faster than I ride? Oh well better to be slow than have a broken collarbone.

Today I checked out the website for the Great Victorian Bike. Yeah, I know I've only actually ridden my bike twice but it's not until November. I can train a lot before then and it's a nice week's holiday. I'd like to do it if I can get my friends (and champion tent-putter-uppers) to come with me.

I'd love to do the Great Victorian Bike Ride too! Congrats on the job offer, hope the referees show up! Hope the "Bike Accidents" side of that scoreline stays at zero too!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:10 pm  

I think the temp agency will understand that you have to take the offer of the permanent position over a two week temp assignment. I have been in this situation before and they are usually quite good about things.

As for the location of the job, maybe this is the motivation you need to move to the suburbs, like you were contemplating a month or so ago??

I'm sure it will all work out the way it is meant to.

By Blogger Jules, at 9:00 pm  

Okay, officially a dork!! For some reason i had in my head that this was a permanent position. All previous comment seems a bit silly now, although I still think the agency will understand.

Maybe I am getting the vibe that you may be offered a permanent position. He he he.

By Blogger Jules, at 9:02 pm  

Wish I could give you a reference. I would say "two thumbs up". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
It's funny after 4 cosmopolitans, trust me!!!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:48 pm  

Hope the reference thing works out OK. 4-6 weeks sounds good.

I am hopeless with my gears on my bike. I was like you and hadn't ridden since I was a little girl. Don't you feel like a little girl when you are riding though?! (except I don't remember my butt being so sore years ago) :-)

By Blogger Suzy, at 10:16 pm  

Oh the referee thing - such a pain it can be. Hope that works out - sounds like a good opportunity!

I'm not one to take much notice of bicycle mechanics myself, but I highly recommend using the gears on your bike - turn them away from you (to lower numbers) to make it easier to peddle up hills and towards you (to the higher numbers) to increase the resistance for more power to peddle down slopes. It makes it heaps easier and more comfy to ride.

I rode along the Upfield line bike path for the first time the other day - that was a nice flat, safe ride I thought, and not too far away from us. Could be a good one for confidence building. I don't like that Merri Creek path. Did you find it really smelly? Or have I just picked really bad days to ride it?

By Blogger jo, at 12:52 pm  

LOL kathryn. I think they might be gears!

I'm still sticking to a gear I like, although I did venture a few timid gear changes on Tuesday.

I love the tally: rides v accidents.

By Blogger Kathy, at 9:53 pm  



I overdid it yesterday - damn you complimentary popcorn.

Short movie review = meh!

Longer review - good but far, far too long. It's not even Pirates 3, it's Pirates 2 part b... they could have edited 2 & 3 down to one decent 2 hour movie instead of having over 6 hours of too much filler and boring shit. Seriously, what do people want? They want action and fights and Johnny Depp with his shirt off. Not people sailing around talking about shit. And Kiera Knightly bugs me. You could happily skip the first hour and not miss much.

I'm so tired. I had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to a job interview. I went yesterday and they postponed it. To be fair, they had called me and I hadn't checked my phone so they couldn't do much more than that. I'm all interviewed out at the moment and have temp work for the next 2 weeks anyway so if I don't get one of these jobs, it can wait.

I'd planned a long run today but my leg is sore so I'm not sure about it. I might have a nap and see how I feel later.

You have just devestated me. :(

By Blogger Amy, at 11:08 am  

We definitely like the idea of more Johnny with his shirt off....yummo!!

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 12:49 pm  


At least you had fitting hair clips!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 2:44 pm  

I felt the same way about Pirates 2 (meh). Maybe I'll wait until 3 comes out on DVD. About the only thing I wanted to see was Keith Richards as Johnny's father. Kierra should eat more. I wish I was as skinny as Kierra 'cause then I wouldn't have to be on a constant diet. I would eat EVERYTHING until I got fat. Geez that would be good

By Blogger Debstar, at 6:28 pm  




Bike riding uses very different muscles to running... ouch, ouch... even different muscles to spin class ... ouch, ouch, ouch!

Hey, has anyone else seen those "Free Paris" tee-shirts? I saw a girl wearing one the other day and nearly wet myself. Apparently the whole Free Paris campaign is based on it being wrong to lock her up because she adds beauty and style to the world so some such nonsense. Oh yeah, my life was beautified and styled after watching One Night in Paris!

I'm just waiting for the Simple Life/Prison Break crossover reality show, in which Nicky Hilton gets the prison plans tattoed on her body and tries to break Paris out.

Pity we have a whole generation of 14 year olds trying to look like Miss Skanky-Pants. Let's hope she does the time, if only to teach the younger generation that no matter how rich you are you must be held responsible for your actions.

By Blogger Debstar, at 3:59 pm  

Ditto Debstar on the Paris comment - that girl is a complete waste of space.

Anyway....yes, cycling sure does use different muscles to running. Your butt will recover. Eventually.

By Blogger Kek, at 9:18 pm  

Ah but your bum will become so pert and shapely!!
You're not far from a bike path, I think.. have a look in the Melways?
LOL the Prison break comment, that's the funniest thing I've heard for ages, I think I'll borrow it if you don't mind :)

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 4:20 am  

Congrats on being brave and collecting your bike. Have fun with it!
re Paris - I say if she did the crime she should do the time.
Even my seven-year-old grandson is talking about her. Too much publicity I reckon!

By Blogger Suzy, at 7:48 am  

Haha...butt sore hey!? comment.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 8:42 am  

Nicky Hilton's body wouldn't be big enough to put a tattoo on would it? hehe
Send her to the gallows I say!!

By Blogger Briony, at 2:36 pm  

I can think of another four-letter "F" word that I would use to replace the word "Free" in "Free Paris", but it might get misinterpreted. It would mean "lock her up and throw away the key".

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:14 pm  



Town Bike

I finally picked up my bike!!!! Woohoo! I have wheels.

I've been a bit of a chicken about it because I planned to do it before my friend's went overseas so I thought I could con them into riding with me, but shit happened and they've gone. I've been a total sooky la la about picking it up and riding the 6 km home alone, but then I realised if they get back and I haven't picked it up, they'd give me so much shit.

I walked over - 6 km, got the bike and my friend's dad (who's been conned into building them a new laundry while they are in Paris, nice work there) pumped up the tyres. I got on then got off, feeling really insecure. The thought of wheeling it down to the train station and catching the train home was sooooo tempting, then I told myself if I couldn't ride the bike home, I couldn't have a bike.

I wheeled it a ways, they live in an area with lots of trucks... then got on the bike path and rode a tiny bit, then got off and wheeled it over the big overpass. I did a mix of riding and wheeling between Flemington Rd and Royal Park - it's very hilly. I thought I'd struggle with the uphills but ended up being fine, it's the downhills that scare me. Just to get this straight, I even freak in spin class unless I have a lot of resistance on the bikes so if you translate that to situation where speed = falls = broken bones, you can imagine my girlie wimpiness.

Once I got to Princes Park, it was all very flat and easy. Except for stopping. I think the bike seat is too high cos I couldn't put my foot on the ground without getting insanely painful cramps in the arches of my feet and sometimes my calves plus the real danger of being anally raped by the bike seat. Any hints on bike adjustments?

I was wonky and scared and had the breaks on most of the time but I made it home in one piece even when the stupid skank stopped wheeling her pram in the middle of the bike path and walked in front of me to check on her kid - like she couldn't get off the path and do that. Must buy a bell cos it didn't work.

My plan is to ride every day so I get good at it, well confident anyway.

When you ride, does that (Beatles??) song "Riding along on my pushbike honey, when I noticed you" come to mind?

My Dad (a former competitive cyclist, but he'd know, just cos he's Dad) always said to adjust the seat so that when you're sitting and the pedal is down with the ball of your foot on it, your knee should be just slightly bent, but your leg will look virtually straight. Did that make any sense?? When pedalling your hips should remain steady, without rocking from side to side to enable your feet to push the pedals all the way down.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 6:52 pm  

Oooh how excitment!!! i agree with CKK's thingy re seat height, took me ages to find a comfy position but it was pretty much as her dad said!

By Blogger Shauna, at 7:20 pm  

As a novice bike rider, I feel entirely comfortable commenting about your insecure feelings on the bike. I've only been riding a month or so and my confidence has been growing daily. OK - so I'm still not ready to ride on the road, but I'm MUCH more confident on the footpath! My trip home is virtually downhill, and at first I was riding the brakes all the time. Gradually I eased off and only yesterday I noticed that I didn't brake on one particular section where I had been braking. My speed is still incredibly poor compared to someone like ajh who got up to 70km/h recently. (That's just silly.) But I try very hard to average about 15km/h. I am still uncomfortable over about 25km/h. When the wind rushes past my face so fast that I need to squint, I know I am in danger-territory. I haven't got the wobbles up yet, except going really, really slowly uphill. Sometimes it's just easier to get off! Good luck - we could have a competition to see who is the first to be brave enough to ride on a road!!!!! (I still get off and walk my bike to cross a road just like a little school kid!!)

By Blogger Celeste, at 8:02 pm  

I agree with the leg slightly bent theory- your spin bike set up would be the same too I think. Happy riding- hope you have a mud guard and a jacket!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 10:08 am  

WHOOT! The girl has some wheels and will be hooning around town!!

In regards to the bike seat (and I hope I explain it right), when you're feet are on the pedals, your straight leg needs to be able to have a bit of a bend in it. If it's dead straight, your seat is too high. Does that make sense?

I'm still scared of riding too. Cath and I are doing a community bike course next month though for the know how on how to ride in the City. We don't have bike paths like Melbourne, god damn and it's a little scary riding on the road.

Have you check out Bicycle Victoria? -

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 10:17 am  

I had a very bad image when I read the title!!

Good on you for conquering all these little things that you have wanted to.

By Blogger Jules, at 12:42 pm  

I'm learning to ride at the moment too, so I understand exactly what you mean when you say you are insecure. I'm getting off the bike when I have to cross a road, sticking to bike paths and generally wimping out on hills. As for riding the brakes - what would we do without them? Does your bike have gears? I am totally bamboozled by the gears. I have found one I like and I'm sticking to it!

Good luck with the bike riding. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

By Blogger Kathy, at 9:26 pm  

The others are right about how to set your saddle height. You may not be able to reach the ground while sitting on the saddle with it set up right, but you knees will thank you for it.

When I slow to a stop I leave one foot on a pedal, and reach down to the ground with the other foot while getting off the saddle - so I don't stay sitting on the saddle when I stop. That might be easier for you.

By Blogger MTB Girl, at 9:38 pm  



One interview down, one to go today. I wore my new skirt so that rocks - it's worth having interviews if it means wearing my skirt. I wanted to wear a white cotton shirt with it but, as I've said before, I don't own an iron. I figure it's better not to wear a shirt if it's not ironed so I wore a long sleeved tee-shirt which doesn't look all that corporate but what can you do?

Words can't express my excitement at the moment. I've been talking and thinking and plotting for a while about doing the half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon this year and now the new course is up. Suddenly, in my head, it's gone from something I'm thinking about doing to something I'm going to do - I can do this.

I love that the new course starts in Richmond instead of down halfway to Frankston - it means more bed time for me beforehand. And I love that it finishes with a lap of the G.

There is a cut off time - 80 minutes I think for the first 11 kms. I freaked when I first read that then worked out the pace/km and compared it to my Run for the Kids time and it's actually slower than that so I don't think I'll have a problem.

The plan is to stick to the program and not slack off with spazzy demotivation days... but to not get overzealous either. I think I went a bit crazy before R4tK - doing my planned training plus fitting in running days with friends, and that's how injuries happen. I've got heaps of time so a sensible, consistent effort will pay off.

I realised on my run yesterday that my legs are faster than my fingers - because I can run to 'I Wanna Be Sedated' by the Ramones but I can't keep up with it when I play it in Guitar Hero! Makes sense I guess since your leg muscles are bigger and stronger than your finger muscles but you'd think years of typing would pay off.

And, a final woohoo - we got tickets for Pirates 3 for tomorrow. It's not gold class because it's Hoyts so it's the Director's Suite. They have some crazy system with La Premiere and Director's Suite. Apparently La Premiere you get special seats in the regular cinema whereas DS is a separate cinema - same cost though. I can't figure why you'd pay extra to be in the regular cinema. The whole point of paying more is to get away from all those annoying people with their uncontrolled kids. Director's Suite is licensed too so you have to be over 18 to get in. Woohoo, no kids. Anita was worried about Andrew getting in until I reminded her he's 20 years old - she was thinking he's still a baby!

Congrats on the HM commitment. Should be a fantastic day (unfortunately one for which I will be out of the country).

By Blogger deege, at 12:12 pm  

Oh, I wish you had a camera so we could see this damn new skirt! Knowing your taste, I bet it's hot :-)

And you can definitely do the Melbourne Marathon!! You know you can, we all know you can. Whoot. It's great having something like this to look forward to.

By Blogger healthbites (mary), at 1:11 pm  




Today I planned a 5 km run - my training program has "easy" runs and "relaxed" runs. What the hell is the difference?

Anyway, still lacking motivating but I forced myself out the door. I got halfway through my run and realised I was making good time so pushed myself and ended up with non-race pb of 31.30 mins for my 5 km run. My pb from Queen of the Lake last year was 30:36 so only a minutes difference and, considering all the wait times at traffic lights and cross streets I had today, I'm pretty darn impressed with myself.

Other than that, I've set up 3 job interviews and 2 weeks of temp work today. That's mighty productive. And many opportunities to wear the new $90 skirt (I picked it up off layby yesterday).

Now I have to get my sister fired up and ready - we're going to get gold class tix for Pirates of the Carribean for her birthday this week, if we can still get them.

Well done on the training pB, don't you love those? I cheat though and stop the watch when i am waiting at the lights and stuff.

By Blogger deege, at 5:11 pm  

Way to go Kathryn....excellent work there girl!

Luckily with the Garmin it knows when you stop and it stops too. Then it starts again when you start my Garmin :0)

By Anonymous Jaykay, at 6:29 pm  

Good run Kathryn, certainly sounds faster than the race PB accounting for the traffic lights etc. I usually stop my Polar when I'm stopped too - the worst thing is when you forget to restart it though - should have bought a Garmin - doh!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 7:11 pm  

What's your program for? Did you know the melb (half)marathon ends with a LAP OF THE MCG??? you wanna do it or what?
that is a smoking 5km btw

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 9:03 am  



Weigh In - 76.9 Kgs

Woohoo, that weight's going in the right direction.

Lately I've been visited by my old friend, laziness. I'd planned to do a 10 km run on Friday - my long run for the week. Well on Friday I decided to reschedule it for Saturday. Saturday I rescheduled for Sunday. Yesterday I sat around thinking up excuses for not doing it. I didn't want to run, I wanted to curl up in front of the heater with my knitting and my coffee. It's so hard to get motivated when the weather's so cold.

In the end, I put on my running gear. It's so much harder to NOT go running when you are dressed for it. Still took a lot to get me out the door but I decided I do a 5 km run around the block and then keep going. my usual around the block run and keep going. I worked out the time I needed to run based on my pace and ran for that time.

I'd like to say that running somewhere new and unexplored revitalised my running but that would be lies. When I leave my house and run my usual run, the streets are all bitumen. I didn't realise that heading north, they are all concrete. Concrete is much harder on the legs and knees than bitumen. Curse you, City of Darebin and your need to concrete!

When I got home, I tracked it on MapMyRun (my new fave toy) and it ended up being over 11 km - go me.

Well done for getting out there. Did you take the time to indulge yourself in feelings of self-righteousness?

By Blogger deege, at 2:07 pm  

Great going on the 11km run :)

I actually ran on the tready today for that very reason - I wanted to give my legs a break from the concrete!

By Anonymous Lee, at 4:46 pm  

Well done on the run and damn that interviewer to hell and back. Karma will come back to bite him on the arse don't you worry about that!
Ladybug socks? Please tell more. I hope you've been thinking more about the hats with ears though, i'm keen!! hehe

By Blogger Briony, at 4:50 pm  

Awesome ... 11 kms ! You are a machine.

By Blogger Chris H, at 5:59 pm  

I am mainly a concrete runner too, I think I need to find something softer for some of my runs, but the only option locally is running around and around a footy oval which doesn't sound too great - but may need to to save the knees and shins.

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 6:06 pm  

Hi Kathrynoh,

You are doing a great job...keep the good work going on...I am new here on your blog wanted to start my fitness journey by saying hi to you...

Great inspirational blog...thank you for sharing your experience with us..When you get time please try to visit my fitness blog and let me know what you think about it.

Fitness Health Zone

By Blogger health watch center, at 10:02 pm  

Congrats on making it to 11km, so much for your original 10km goal - right? Great job.

By Anonymous Krissy, at 5:19 am  

Go you!

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 10:03 am  

Yay with your run!!

Because of you I had a discussion with some work colleagues about knitting (and crocheting) and half the ladies have come out of the closet!! It's amazing how girly some of us girls actually are. There we were sitting down with a cup of tea, discussing how to knit/purl and double crochet. I felt like I was 80, but at the same time it was great!!!

By Blogger Celeste, at 11:12 am  

You would love Vancouver Kath - it's full of runners and super cool running shops!!

Well done on the 11km run!! You machine you!

By Blogger Phil, at 3:29 pm  

I like it when the weight is a-going! Laziness is an old friend of mine too LOL but we gotta just do it hey. I thought about the cold this morning for a second at 5.45am but then thought stuff it, I'll warm up in less than 5 mins. I actually like walking in winter and think I'll enjoy running in winter now too. I couldn't imagine running in summer with how much I heat up now?? Something still yet to experience.

Thanks for also make me think about the surface you run on. I am running on bitumen until I make it to my oval and mix it up a bit with grass and then bitumen again. Concrete sounds painful!

Gotta check out your new toy :-)

By Blogger healthbites (mary), at 1:07 pm  



Woolly Issues

I had back to back job interviews. The first one was a shocker. The interviewer told me that I don't sell myself well and come across as lacking confidence. That might be true since I've had a lousy track record with interviews lately but he was a total douchebag about it. He asked me about my skills in different areas and I told him what I'd done in various jobs and the skills I had - what else are you supposed to do? He then went through my resume and asked me how I'd gotten my past few jobs - if I'd known someone at the company - implying that's the only way I'd get a job! Arsehole.

The second one went really well though so screw him.

Since I was in the city and had some extra cash, I went for a look around the shops. I got a cardi at Cotton On reduced to $10. I'd thought it was $15 so that made me very happy. I also got some fingerless gloves with pull over bits to make them into mittens. They are extremely cool and I'm wearing them now. My sister thinks I should have got her to knit me some though since she's knitting gloves atm. She seems to knit everything for hands and arms while I'm more focused on the feet.

After that, I went to Portmans. I've wanted to try on one of those high waisted skirts with the braces type bits at the top for a while. Since my most problem area is between my boobs and legs, I figured they'd either look really good or really shite, but I'd never know without trying it. So I waited an age for a free fitting room and tried it. It looked fantastic. I was looking in the mirror thinking - damn my legs look good... yeah they look really good... mmm better have one more look at my legs before I get changed... sometimes I'm unspeakably vain.

The thing is, the skirt cost $90. I'm not working, I have nowhere to wear that skirt. On the other hand, I've not wanted to fork out cash for a suit so have been wearing a suit I borrowed off my sister to interviews. It's a good suit but it's just not me. For starters, it's got pants. I hate wearing pants. I don't look my best in pants.

Then I thought maybe the reason I have nowhere to wear a $90 skirt is because I don't own a $90 skirt. If I had a $90 skirt then $90 skirt wearing opportunities would open themselves up to me. Maybe I would be confident and able to sell myself if I had a $90 skirt. So I put it on layby and I'll pick it up next week.

When I got home, I checked my bank balance and had more money than I thought so rather than saving it for the $90 skirt, I went to Rosanna to check out a wool shop. It was such a lovely shop. Everything was so totally organised, unlike places like Spotlight where the knitting stuff is a total mess. And the wool shop lady was lovely and helpful and happy to answer all kinds of questions. I spent far too much money but got some magical sock wool that knits into a pattern so you look like you did clever stuff and some red and black sock wool to make my sister ladybug socks - I'm making everyone in my family socks for Christmas. When I made my first sock, I used 8 ply wool. Now I'm using proper sock-making 4 ply and it's insanely slow to knit, plus I started off wrong and had to undo a heap of rows!

All up, it's been a woolly day.

What a complete tosser the first interviewer was. That's just so unnecessary. Glad you had a better second experience. Interviews are never fun are they.

I like the sound of extra cash though! I've heard how great your legs are too :-)

You are really becoming the woolly knitting queen! You'll be giving Suzy a run for her money LOL.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 11:25 pm  

Well Spotlight sucks...they are the most disorganised arseholes in the universe. And Portmans prices REALLY suck. BUT, if the $90 skirt looks fantastic on you,then you should definitely buy it.

As for the interview guy, he seriously needs to get a life....

By Blogger Kek, at 11:59 pm  

Instead of being angry about the first interview, be thankful for the honesty. An interview that leaves you thinking that you'll be hired and turns into nothing does nothing for you (the immediate upturn in mood is countered by the worse feelings when it doesn't happen). Now you know something you need to work on which could help you land the job you really want.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:06 am  

That guy was definitely on a power trip. There are way too many people who feed off other's insecurities and if pisses me off.

By Blogger Jules, at 8:20 am  

what a powertripping f*ckwit! honestly. how horribly rude. can i kick him?

i think you justify that skirt by saying if you love it you'll get a great cost per wear out of it, even if you don't think you have anywhere to wear it just wear it anyway and feel foxy more often. hehe :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 12:37 am  



Weigh In 77.8 kgs

I'm back to posting my weekly weight because it keeps me honest. I'm down from last week, woohoo! Although my weight was doing weird stuff last week, it's a kg down from the week before too.

I did some checking last night and knitting burns 40 calories an hour more than just sitting in front of the telly. If I knit for 10 hours a week then I've burnt enough to eat a Choc Top. That rules.

Last night I finished my sock. It's pretty damn awesome - if I had a camera, I'd post a pic - but it's too big for me. I decided instead of knitting a pair of too big socks, I'll keep this one as a test sock and start on a new, smaller pair. Then I'm going to make these. Also in the to-do pile is a hat with ears, more slippers and I'm awfully tempted to try a short sleeved, angora cardi.

Btw if anyone wants some knitted slippers, I'm your girl. Just leave me a comment or send an email and for a few bucks to cover wool and postage, I'll knit you up some spiffy slippers.

wow- you are a knitting weight loss machine! Is the knitting the secret to the weight loss because I need to find myself some knitting needles- though I need mum to do the first row for me!

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 6:31 pm  

Excellent, get me some knitting needles!

Seriously, I wish I had the patience for it, well done.

Good job on the weight loss to.

By Anonymous Em, at 8:00 pm  

OMG those socks are the coolest ever :)

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 9:39 am  

Right, thats it!! I am off to find that beanie I started 2 years ago and finish it off, lol!

I love those socks, they are awesome :)

By Anonymous Lee, at 9:48 am  

oooh pick me pick me!! I want some slippers puhlease! :)

By Blogger LisaB, at 5:53 pm  

I find knitting takes just a smidgen too much coordination for me. However I like crochet - I've made a couple of beanies (soooo easy) so the sock/slipper thing could be an extension of that I guess. I like the idea of crocheting in front of the TV AND burning calories. Plus it keeps my hands busy so I can't pop food into my mouth with quite so much ease. Now it's getting colder I might pick up the needle again.

By Blogger Celeste, at 10:10 am  

OK first of all you MUST promise me that you're going to wear the tulip socks WITH your sandals, secondly I would like to wait and get in the queue for the hat with ears, 'thankyouverymuch'

By Blogger Briony, at 2:40 pm  

LOVE the socks! I think writing stuff on your blog definitely helps keep you honest.

Hey, I'm going to start running next week!! I'll post about it later...thanks for being one of my main inspirations :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 4:22 pm  

OO OO OOO!!!! I was only just saying how I badly need some warm socks! I would Love love LOVE a pair, and will pay your named knitting fee. How exciting!!! My email is on my page if you need it :)

By Blogger Kenz, at 10:39 pm  

Respectfully, you might want to wash and dry that too-big sock a few times, just to make sure it really IS too big. (I'm a big believer in the You Never Know principle.)

It would suck to knit a pair of fit-you-now socks and wash them, and find out that they were, as a result, fit-someone-else socks.

By Anonymous La BellaDonna, at 12:21 am  

Oh, wow! You really have caught the knitting bug. Great about the calorie burning too!
My first pair seemed a tiny bit small, but they do tend to stretch once on so I now knit them all that size. You will soon work out what is right for you.
Love the pattern on the heel of the striped socks. is great isn't it.

By Blogger Suzy, at 9:24 am  

I am a fan of knitting but I only ever manage scarves :)

By Blogger Kathryn, at 9:40 am  

Oh yes! Please knit me some slippers. I'll even send you fun yarn to do them with. I've lost nearly 55 kgs and my old slippers just don't fit :/


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:53 pm  




I started knitting my first ever pair of socks last night. I've only got the foot and toes to go. I've done the hard bits like working out how to knit round instead of flat and doing the heel.

At first I was freaking out, looking at this pattern with all the weird abbreviations and things so I rang my mum because she's the knitting expert and her words of wisdom were - you know how to knit plain and purl, everything else is just a variation on that.

So I started following the pattern, taking it one step at a time and it worked, it made sense and I got something that looks very sock-like.

I started thinking how weight loss is a lot like knitting. You start out with this master plan that freaks you out. It looks like such a mammoth, un-doable plan. But, while you have to keep the big picture in sight, you just have to keep plodding on. Sometimes it feels like drudgery and you might never finish but you just have to push yourself through it, other times it's easy and magical and you seem to make a helluva lot of progress.

Your methods might be different from someone else's but if it does the job then it doesn't matter one bit. You just have to take it stitch by stitch - a regular, consistent effort. Each step linked to the last and prepares for the next.

If you make mistakes, it doesn't matter. Nothing's unfixable. The thing isn't to be perfect but to keep on trying. In the end, you'll end up with something you're done on your own that is pretty damn amazing and you just gotta hope it doesn't sag in the wrong places.

Adrienne is knitting little jumpers at the moment for a charity that sends them to Africa for AIDS babies. I was complaining the other day about snacking too much and she gave me the same advice you did the other day, about taking up knitting - still I don't think it's for me!

LOL at the last bit about hoping they don't sag in the wrong places !

By Anonymous Andrew(AJH), at 9:57 pm  

Another sock knitter. Yay! Well done!
I am totally hooked on knitting socks now (as you know). You will be too. They are so warm and cosy and fun to knit. :-)

By Blogger Suzy, at 10:44 pm  

Lovely words of wisdom Kathryn, and what a great little pep talk for all of us at the moment, thanks for sharing :)

By Blogger Ails, at 9:35 am  

What a great metaphor!

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 9:43 am  

You absolutely CRACK me up!!

By Blogger Briony, at 10:41 am  

great post... just emailed a link to a friend who is struggling at the moment... thanks!!

By Blogger Yummy Mummy, at 5:12 pm  

Nice analogy, Kathryn - I've never knitted socks, but I've done bootees a-plenty, and the principle has to be the same. Just follow the pattern, one stitch at a time and it all comes together.

What's that saying about every journey beginning with a single step?

By Blogger Kek, at 8:25 pm  

Great analogy. The other thing is that just as there are different ways of holding your needles etc. there are also different weight loss methods.

Speaking of knitting, I have just bought "Vogue Stitchionary Vol 1 Knit & Purl" - it's incredible what you can do with those two stitches. I'll photocopy and post you some random pages. Shhh, but I have ordered Vols 2 (cables) and 3 (colour) - it's unnatural how excited I am about this..!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 10:49 pm  

I really want to do some knitting!

I love this analogy and I totally see that you may "drop a stitch" along the way but you have the skills to unpick and fix it.

I really love this post. Thanks Kathryn

By Blogger Jules, at 9:00 am  

Kathyrn just what I needed to read after dropping a few sticthes this weekend. Had me giggling away just the right pep talk. I love your writing, great read.

By Blogger RunMumRun, at 9:50 am  

You are profound - that's a really great analogy! Thanks :)

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 11:29 am  

I can't believe this, I was wasting time cruising around blogland and there are a whole lot of people who just blog about knitting. amazing!
As you seem keen on the sock knitting go check this out -

By Blogger Debstar, at 11:54 am  

Like everyone else I think that's such a great analogy Kathryn! Thanks for sharing that one with us.

By Blogger yublocka, at 1:05 pm  




I went for a run today and felt like I spent half of it screwing around with my iPod. It does this damn annoying thing where even though it's charged, it comes up with a flat battery warning and shuts itself down. Normally if I turn it off then on again a few times it rights itself but the other day it started dead until my sister worked her iPod magic.

It's getting worse and I know it's just a matter of time before it dies completely.

This afternoon I had to do some stuff with Andrew and he wanted to go to JB Hifi to get a new iPod. He got his when they first come out so it's heaps ancient now. We were looking at them and the Shuffles were so appealing, although scarily small. I looked at them and some other mp3 players and the salesman offered us a good deal so I got one.

I haven't had the funds to impulse shop for months now and I never buy things unless I absolutely have to so it feels wrong to spend $100 on an iPod but I'm sure it will feel oh so right when I can run without my music stopping mid-track. Plus it's pink and shiny.

Mine does exactly the same, stupid thing! Can your sister work her magic from afar? :)

By Blogger Alea, at 4:46 am  

Funny you should talk about ipods. Yesterday the batteries died 1/2 way through a workout and today my earphones broke. There's always something going wrong with my MP3 player.

By Blogger Debstar, at 10:25 am  

Hey Kathryn
Is your nemesis email stuffed? can you post you're other one please?

By Blogger Linda, at 10:42 am  

I love my big ipod and never have any problems with it, but the shuffle that I use for running is hopeless. I can never get it to work or load stuff up. Or worse still it pretends that it is charged and loaded and then ISN'T.

By Blogger deege, at 10:53 am  

I love my little silver iPod shuffle. It is so easy to run with, just clip it on and away you go.

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:24 pm  

Ooooh pink and shiny!
Anyway it's very important that you can run, it's a health thing, so it's like health insurance :)

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 7:55 am  

Money well spent I say. A girl must have music!

By Blogger Suzy, at 9:00 am  

Hey hey the little pink one! That's the one I've asked for, for my birthday!! Hubby got the standard ol' silver but then the damn thing was so small that he lost it. It must have fallen into a crack somewhere. So he got a new one - silver again. I have to wait and see if the first one turns up before we can get my pretty pink one. The birthday is the cut off date.

By Blogger Celeste, at 5:59 pm  

You definitely don't have to worry about justifying running accessories- I am sure you have earned it. How is the running going? Any runs coming up ? Run2G?

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 10:27 am  

You gotta have your music with you when you run! I can't go for a walk without my mp3 player. It's so boring otherwise.

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 9:42 am  




My stupid weight has gone down to 77.7 kgs now. How wack is that?

I mentioned a while back that my friend had given me his old bike. I've been waiting until I could afford to buy the accessories - helmet, lock, etc - before picking it up. So yesterday I went up to K-Mart to get them.

Because I've got an abnormally small head, I had to get a children's helmet! That's good in the way that I could get a pink one with flowers and butterflies on it but I'm worried the strap isn't long enough. It feels uncomfortable but maybe that's just because I'm not used to wearing a strap under my chin. I also got a lock and was tempted by other accessories like handlebar streamers and pretty baskets but decided to stick to the basics.

I also got more wool and some pretty pjs - they have bees on them and come with a tee-shirt as well as the tops and bottoms. I love the tee-shirt so much that I think I'll wear it as day wear for a while. I made another pair of slippers last night - I'm a slipper knitting machine!

So now I just have to organise picking up my bike then I can start riding.

Woo hoo for riding! You'll have such a good time! You're lucky to have a dinky little head - I'd love to have one of those cute helmets :(
have a good week

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 10:53 am  

hehehehe I can just imagine you riding around with a pink helmet with flowers. Now if only there was a way you could poke a hole in it for your ponytail, wouldn't that be good.

I'd have a bike too but I'm too frightened of the crazy drivers here. I'll just stay with the exercise bikes in the gym.

By Blogger Debstar, at 11:40 am  

We are living in some kind of freaky parallel universe you and I. What's going on??
No, i'm not getting any kind of riding in at the moment, i'm talking about our weight! hehe

By Blogger Briony, at 2:27 pm  

I have the reverse problem - my head is too big that I have trouble getting helmets, caps etc to fit. Yay to nearly joining the world of cycling!

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:14 pm  

How cool to be getting a bike. I hate helmets but we gotta wear them. Love the sound of those slippers, especially for winter!

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 9:40 am  



Crazy Weight

I got on the scales yesterday and was up to 79.5 kgs. That totally freaked me out. So this morning I tried again - 78.1 kgs! Don't you love that womanly time! Still it's made me realise I've been totally unfocused lately. Far too many treats and goodies. That's stopping right now.

Yesterday Andrew gave me my mother's day present. Yeah it was a week early but he's working all next weekend so I won't see him. I got season 5 of 24 and Fraggle Rock on dvd. Woohoo! I've watched most of the 24 dvd already, like an insane amount yesterday. We started watching then suddenly it was 3.00 am! How did that happen?

I'm powerhousing through my knitting but getting mighty sick of this scarf. Scarves are boring. The other night I decided to knit slippers. I started just demonstrating to my sister how to knit with multiple balls of wool and then kept going with them. They are so fast to knit and so much more fun. I'm sending them to Mum as part of her Mother's Day present and have some funky ideas for some to make for myself - maybe all in green then decorated with crochet daisies like a garden.

omg! I LOVE Fraggle Rock!!! Where did he get it from??

By Blogger Beee, at 10:33 am  

Red is my favourite! My friend's mum has all the soft toys and I have asked her to leave them to me, how morbid. "Down at Fraggle Rock, grab a fraggle by the c*ck. Swing it 'round your head, now the fraggle's daed" - remember that??!

Re knitting, would you like me to send you the pattern I have for a really easy cardigan? I never thought I would graduate beyond scarves, but this is simple and satisfying. Alternatively, have you tried knitting a patterned scarf? I am so big on knitting at the mo, to the point that when in Hobart this weekend I particularly keen to return to a little wool shop in Salamanca - what a Nanna!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 10:53 am  

Woo hoo!!! At last someone I know who knits and might be able to help me when I get stuck ;)

By Anonymous Lee, at 1:38 pm  

I love Fraggle Rock - Fraggle rock ROCKS!! hehe
Good luck with the knitting, I don't have the patience or the tension thing happening - I always end up with something that looks like a dog's breakfast with holes!!

By Blogger Briony, at 4:20 pm  

I love Fraggle Rock too!! Yep and I've gotta stop the treats of late too. It kinda got out of control and I'm up 3kgs. Blimey!

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 8:12 pm  




Woohoo - it's the weekend. When you aren't working, you don't have weekends, just days where there are more people around. What a week - I've seen a million envelopes and stuffed them all. My hands are a mess of paper cuts. I'm going back on Monday, they have a few things that need finishing off. Hopefully the cuts will have healed by then.

I learned something about myself this week. I've always mocked the way my stars say I'm a pedantic Virgo. As if. Yet working with a group of other temps this week, I've almost gone insane because they do things wrong. I don't care how mundane the task, there is a right way to do things. Yesterday afternoon we had to work on a huge mail out in pairs and two of the women had some system going that was moronically slow and plodding. One of the other girls and I finished all our work and wanted to help them but they wanted to do it on their own. That's all well and good but it was almost 5 o'clock and I had plans for after work.

Then at the end of the day, we all handed over our timesheets to get them signed and faxed off and one of the guys realised he still had to download the form from the net and fill it. I say if you care that little about being paid, then go without. This was at 5 after 5 and I'd put down 5.00 as my finishing time! I don't work unpaid overtime because of someone else's incompetence so I went to the loos and changed into my running gear.

After work, I met up with Simon and we went for a run. We'd planned to trial the Run to the G route but ended up skipping the bits around Flinders St and Fed Square. Still did about 8 km but I had to walk heaps of it because there are no freakin' public toilets around the G!

Today I'm going to the market then plan to do a heap of cooking. Tomorrow we're going over to get all our stories that Andrew's downloaded for us - Supernatural, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy... I think that's it. Then we're going to loll around watching them all.

Oh and when I said The Godfather was an awful long movie I meant it was loooonng not awful. I've got a big crush on the young Al Pacino at the moment. We also watched Dog Day Afternoon this week. What a fantastic movie. I've never seen it before. It's very funny in places yet such a sad story. Go rent it.

Airlie - I think I've posted my chicken soup recipe before but I can't find it. It's dead easy. You just need some good quality chicken soup then add heaps of garlic and ginger, onion, thinly sliced carrot, bok choy or spinach, capsicum and some chili if you want. If you want to be more authentic, you could add a little Vietnamese fish sauce but I don't. Then chuck in some noodles, hokkien are good. When it's ready, add some thinly sliced chicken breast and a handful of chopped coriander (oh yeah, you can also add the coriander roots and stems to the soup). But the other night, I got mine from a Vietnamese place in Richmond.

I know exactly where you are coming from. When I used to be the PA at an accountants I would never accept help from anyone because they never do it the right way. It doesn't matter how little or insignificant the task, it has to be done correctly. I think there is a name for it - control freak!! LOL

By Blogger Jules, at 1:30 pm  

Ouch to paper cuts, they are the pitts! Hope you have a wonderful weekend....

By Blogger Chris H, at 4:24 pm  

sounds as though the myotherapy is helping and your hip is recovering well. Yay!

By Blogger LBTEPA, at 7:46 am  

I loved Dog Day Afternoon... when I saw it in 1977. Must get hold of a DVD.

By Blogger Kek, at 9:46 am  

Ooooowwww, paper cuts! If you want the technical story, it's because there is quite a bit of acid in paper, and also because there are tiny wood fibres left in the cuts...

By Blogger Sue, at 7:54 pm  

I don't like cooking much. Pity you couldn't just deliver your soup to me. That would be nice.

By Blogger Debstar, at 10:48 pm  

People with an inefficient system of doing anything bug me too- maybe I am a virgo after all- I have been hiding behind my messy desk and denying it all along.

By Blogger MorseyRuns, at 6:39 pm  

Which place do you get your soup from? My favourite place is Pho Dzung. (208 Victoria St)
Have found a couple fo nice places here in L.A. but they still don't compare, especially sicne they don't have the blood jelly. :(

By Blogger Kada, at 7:22 am  

Bwahaha...I'm a pedantic Virgo too but I try to keep it secret LOL. Shame people still notice ;-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 8:14 pm  



Work... hard

This working thing is dead hard. It doesn't help that I had a whole heap of stuff to do last night and didn't get done until 10.30 then had to have dinner (Vietnamese soup, the perfect comfort dinner for the overtired) then tonight decided to watch The Godfather. I'd never seen it before, it's an awful long movie.

The work itself isn't taxing. It's kinda mundane but I can wear my ipod. I've got another week's work at the same place at the end of May so that's a bonus. We have lots of slow periods so our supervisor tells us to go surf the net but I don't like checking blogs and things when I'm in a room full of people.

I took in all my stuff to do boxing today but didn't have the energy to go to the class. It wasn't so much the class itself but the thought of showering and changing afterwards, oh and being around people. But I walked to and from work - around 8-9 km all up - so I figure that's enough. I'll do the same tomorrow then Friday I'm going for a run.

Must sleep ... more work tomorrow...

Yes, make sure you get plenty of sleep. I agree about checking blogs and things with others around, I don't like it either.

By Blogger Andrew(ajh), at 8:29 am  

do you make your own vietnamese soup? no chance for a recipe?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:55 am  

Oi! Writer! Is the Godfather an awful, long movie, or an awfully long movie? :P

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:50 pm  

Yum, Vietnamese soup!

Good to hear you have some work going for you :)

Byw, great work on starting the Beginners' HM program. I am not going to get too concerned with the tempo work until I build my fitness. Even if I have to cut it back abit. It exhausts me just to think about doing 15mins worth at the moment, lol!

By Anonymous Lee, at 8:50 am  

I loved the Godfather but then I'm into all that mafia stuff. I grew up with Balkan mafia undertones LOL.

I'm funny about checking blogs if other people are around too. I find a lot of people just don't get blogs and can give you a bit of crap for it.

Sleep, work and now it's the weekend. Enjoy! :-)

By Blogger ombites (mary), at 10:29 am  



current weight:
76.6 kg

start weight:
110.1 kg

total loss:
33.5 kg

goal weight:
70 kgs



boobs: 100 cm

waist: 81 cm

hips: 109 cm

thighs: 50 cm


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Week 1 - Drink more water

Week 2 - Cut out sugary treats


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