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I'd planned ages ago that I'd train for the City to Surf then after that for the half marathon of the Melbourne Marathon - now I'm having second thoughts. I hadn't counted on being sick for so long. It's over 3 months now, which can't be normal. I swear, if I had sick leave and could take a week off to recouperate, I'd have been over all this ages ago, but since that isn't a possiblity, I think I want to cut back on stuff for a while instead of increasing it. There'll be other runs. I'm thinking if I don't do it, then I'll do the Burnie Ten and go visit my mum for the weekend.

Your health is a priority so do what's good for you hon. I really hope you shake this thing!

By Blogger Mary, at 8:19 am  

You have to look after yourself otherwise it's just going to get worse isn't it? What about a couple of days off? It would be better than nothing and might help you get better quicker. This thing seems to have been hanging around you forever. Take it easy.

By Blogger Briony, at 9:49 am  

Hope you get over this bug thing soon.

It's the worst thing when you're not well enough to do all the stuff you want to do.

Have a great day.

By Blogger Jaykay, at 11:02 am  

That's probably not a bad idea Kath - your health has to be your priority, and your body is obviously feeling a bit run down and is sending you some signals that it needs a rest. What a shame that you can't take some sick leave! What about taking a Friday or a Monday off and making it a three day weekend - yeah you miss a day's pay but it might be the little break that helps you finally get over this!!

The Burnie 10 would be an excellent return to competitive running for you. I hope you can use the time between now and then to rest, recover and then move forward with your goals.

I hope you're feeling much better very very soon!

By Blogger Philippa, at 2:59 pm  

I think that is the hardest thing to do...listening to your body and slowing down, especially when you set yourself goals.
Rest up and nuture yourself and hopefully you will be able shake the bugs for good :)

By Blogger Lee, at 4:17 pm  

There will always be other races and there is always next year :) Rather look after yourself and get strong!!! At least this decision will take a lot of added stress and pressure off you which will also help!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:50 pm  

It's a bugger that you have been struck down for so long with these bugs. It's a crazy thing your body is doing at the moment. I wonder if it is just clearing itself out - readying for the run home to goal??

Even if you don't do the c2s will you still be coming to Sydney?

By Blogger M, at 8:19 am  



Weigh In - 71.8 kgs

I actually weighed myself yesterday but didn't get a chance to update. Arrrggh! I've been eating far too much. I don't know what it is but I'm in love with food at the moment. Even when I'm not eating, I'm ogling fattening foods at the supermarket or on cafe menus.

One of my problems is that I start havng treats but then I do it so often it becomes a habit so then I have that and more treats on top. I started having an ocassional mini muffin at the coffee shop near work and now i have a mini muffin every day. I've got to cut all that out.

The other thing I'm cutting out is BAD food. I know some people say there is no bad food - just everyday food and treat food, but seriously some food is just plain bad - not because of the calories but there is no reason for eating it other than it's there. The other night, my sister and I went out for coffee and the cafe had the most fab looking cupcakes. How could we resist? But when I started eating mine, it was stale and not at all enjoyable. Still I ate the whole damn thing. What I *should* have done was send it back. Why the hell should I pay for (and eat) something that is substandard? That's what I'm going to do next time.

Yesterday I did a 14 km run. Well I ran a lot of it, probably walked about a third. Every single step was an effort and I had to push myself but I'm glad I did it. I was very sore last night but instead of staying home and resting, I went out to see some bands.

Sub standard food is SO not worth it. I would rather have small and divine than plentiful and sub standard.
Well done on pushing yourself for 14 kms - you're still a machine!!
Have a great week.

Word verification: buturr (haha)!!

By Blogger Briony, at 1:02 pm  

14km! Bloody hell!
Escalating treats, also bloody hell!

By Blogger Sue, at 4:01 pm  

Wow 14km run, that is excellent!

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 6:35 pm  

ye god! I know what you mean with the cupcakes... them and those cream cookies are really messing me up.

I'm with you on the cutting out the crap, I'm starting tommorrow!

I can't believe you're getting sick again ;( that SO sucks... it really does and I hope you get better soon. REST it up Hun.

(but wow@ 14kms heh seriously I am always totally in awe of you)

By Blogger Dee, at 7:41 pm  

Congratulations on getting through 14km. What a great effort. You'll soon be telling everyone about the 1/2 marathon you did on the weekend!!

And I so hear you on the food thing!!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:33 pm  

I got that way with the red licorice and macadamia and choc cookies lately...every day. Stop it! I have to too :-P

By Blogger Mary, at 9:10 am  

Substanard food is so not worth it and you are worth the good stuff!!

I had the same thing happen with a caramel slice on the weekend but after I ate it I promised never again I am worth the good stuff!!

By Blogger Bex, at 11:48 am  

Grrr, I'm so with you on the treat thing - how does it get out of hand so quickly good luck on getting back on track!

14kms!!! I'm not shitting you when I say you're an inspiration Kathryn - that is fantastic. Everytime I check your post updates and I see that before picture and read what you're doing now I think 'Nice work sister!'

By Blogger littlegrover, at 3:52 pm  

if you are running 14km in one go, I think you can have a muffin every now and then :) however, don't make a daily habbit of it because then it isn't special anymore.
Well done on the run. :)
I had a bad eating weekend too... the hazards of having a greek aunt who can cook :(

By Blogger Beee, at 6:43 pm  

Love the new look!! So professional, did you suss it yourself? Sorry haven't commented for ages, do drop in but find it hard to get thoughts out of my head at the moment.

By Blogger Jules, at 8:27 pm  




Cupcakes are my new obsession - I've even been dreaming about them. At around 150 calories a pop, they aren't too damaging (compared to say a slice of mud cake from your average cafe) and you get a whole cake! My sister calls them little magical cakes of completeness, or something like that. Check out 52 Cupcakes for some excellent food porn.

I've been thinking of buying a fabbo cupcake stand but fear the temptation to fill it (and then empty it).


The other night my sister and I were arguing, as you do, about which one of us our Nan hates the most. She told me that I was the favourite grandchild now because I've lost so much weight.

We tend to think that with age comes wisdom and maturity but there you have it - you can reach 90+ years of age and still think like a high school girl. My nan is like if Barbie grew up into a grandmother - she's all about the thinness and how you look. Academic or professional success mean nothing to her. To get in her good books all you need to do is be thin.

I think I'm growing up because hearing that I'm in Nan's good books doesn't make me want to go out and wolf down a pavola just to pack the weight back on in a fit of defiance. It's sad and scary but it's also so remote from me that it means nothing.


I'm thinking late August for the clothes swap (see previous post). More details to follow.

Me too - I loooove cup cakes!! I looked at the website but has to leave as I started salivating!!!
Yum cup cakes.

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 3:54 pm  

Oh dear, I better not look at those cupcakes!

I hope your Nan really does love you both. She is the one that is missing out by being too picky.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 4:11 pm  

cupcakes are bad!!! bad!!! okay, they are really good *weep*

I can't believe your nan is STILL worried about weight issues.. I hope that by the time I get to that age, I don't care anymore and I am living happily in my body.

By Blogger Beee, at 4:41 pm  

Oh my godness a barbie Nan thats a bit different ay!

By Blogger Ang, at 5:19 pm  

Thanks for the link about the cupcakes - how totally wonderful and evil at the same time.


I've off to make some low-fat muffins now - a poor substitute :S

By Blogger Ails, at 6:54 pm  

Wow Kathryn, your nan story is freaking me out! I thought I had the only weird nan in the world! What is it with nan's - your right, where does older and wiser fit into the equation.

Glad to see you are breaking some old habits.

Ohhhh, favourite!

By Blogger littlegrover, at 9:10 pm  

GIVE ME CUPCAKES!!! Its funny how tucked into every family there is a barbie wanna be - you know you have really grown up when you dont feel you have to please them anymore.

By Blogger Bex, at 8:45 am  

Barbie Nan - that's just so wrong in so many ways!
My current obsession is coffee friands - not so very different from cupcakes!

By Blogger Sue, at 9:05 am  

Gosh my grandmother is the total opposite of your nan - she is continually trying to shove food into me. I don't get to see her that often because I live so far away, but when I do visit she has a cake and biscuit smorgasboard ready!

By Blogger cdb, at 11:35 am  

Before I got back on the exercise train my big downfall was in part to a cupcake addiction. Actally, I think it was more the frosting...

Betty Crocker Devil's Food and Vanilla cake mixes made up as cupcakes are gooooooooddd.

By Blogger Kat, at 10:28 pm  

I too have been wanting to buy a cupcake stand. They are so cute when they're all filled up, but that's the problem! *LOL*

By Blogger Michelle, at 11:34 am  



Party Time!

Do you:
  • have heaps of clothes that no longer fit you cos you've lost weight?
  • need new clothes because none of your clothes fit you any more?
  • living in or around Melbourne?
  • love free stuff?

Yes. Well how does this sound? A gigantic, fun-a-rama bloggers clothes swap party. Bring along the clothes you no longer wear and pick up some spangly new threads. Stick around for dinner and drinks and fun.

Probable location: Fitzroy

Probable date: TBA

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc welcome.

What a bloody fantastic idea!!! I love it :)
One good thing about living in South Africa though, is that there are ALWAYS needy people so I have no problem finding a new home for my old (big) clothes *grin* I would LOVE to get some cheap smaller stuff though.
Nice one!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:09 pm  

That's a brilliant idea! You know, you make me (once more) regret that I don't live around Melbourne... The blogger meets in Melbourne and also the one's in Sydney always sound like so much fun and I wish I could be part of it too!

Have fun!!!

By Blogger alea, at 9:27 pm  

Great idea!

By Blogger Sue, at 6:50 am  

Awesome idea! Damn you Melbournites, you should all move to Sydney (or vice versa) LOL.

By Blogger Mary, at 7:55 am  

Hey Kathryn - I have always thought this was an idea that made sense - good luck and hope it all goes well. Now - how are you feeling....hope you are getting back on top of things. Not sure if I mentioned the new blog looks great and the photos are

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 9:39 am  

That sounds great Kathryn! My pile of too-big clothes is getting out of control and I have been trying to think of a way to re-distribute them to weight-losing people that might need them. Some have been barely worn, which is such a shame! Hopefully whenever you have it I can get down there to join in ;) Els

By Blogger Els, at 10:20 am  

Good excuse for a catch up. I'd be in that.

By Blogger linda, at 8:17 am  

What a good idea, wish I lived in Melbourne too!!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:06 am  

That sounds like fun... too bad I'm in Colorado!

By Blogger Mae, at 9:22 am  

What a fantastic idea - if only I didn't deposit 8 bags of clothes in the local charity bin 2 weeks ago. Hmmmph.... I'm sure I'll be able to hunt out a few worthwhile things!

By Blogger Ails, at 6:49 pm  




I'm sick - yet again. It's not faaaaaaair! Every time I start feeling well, I seem to overdo things and relapse. It's a viscious cycle. The worst bit is that I get so frustrated with not being able to exercise and not being able to go out. I can't just sit in my room staring at the walls until I'm 100% better. That would kill me.

I woke up this morning with zero energy and thought about going to work. I thought and I thought then I went back to bed. I woke up again at 11.00 am and decided I would go but first I had an errand to run. Since my sister moved here from Tassie she's not had a bed. She has a couch that she sleeps on but no bed. She expected to be working and being able to buy a bed long before now but then she got sick so has had no income for the past 2 months. She finally got some sickness benefits payment from Centrelink on Friday.

On the weekend we went to Ikea and she looked at bed (I curled up on one and napped while she did that). We went to the cafe and she debated buying a cheap bed vs waiting to get the one she wants when I remembered I had a mattress in my storage space. Der! It's not a big mattress - I used to have a day bed in my old sunroom which was one of those old cast iron beds. It's narrower than a regular single bed and had a base and mattress made to fit it. Still a narrow mattress beats no mattress.

So anyway we went to my storage space today to get it. First off I'd lost the key to the padlock on my storage space so I had to get it cut off and buy a new one ($12) then we had to try to get the mattress into my car but still be able to use the rear view mirror and the gear stick. We managed all that and I finally got to work.

My poor storage space is looking very empty - next month I'm moving out. It costs me a fortune (more than the furniture in it would cost to buy new over the period I've had it) and it's too far away. I can get something much cheaper close to home.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this before - with all the flatmate debacle last week, I started looking on for a new place then decided I want to buy not rent but I can't afford to buy at the moment so I'm going to stick it out here with my cheap as chips rent for about a year until I can buy a little place of my own.

Anyway I had to go to the gym after work because I had a session booked with my personal trainer. I'd been planning to do cycle class straight after but felt like shit. I couldn't cancel the PT session without giving 24 hours notice so I went along and did that then came home. Grrrr! I hate not being able to exercise when I plan to.

How horrible to be sick AGAIN! Very, very frustrating :S

Oooohh, thinking of buying a little place to call your very own - very exciting!

By Blogger Ails, at 8:55 pm  

awwww are you taking vitamins? What you need is some sun!!! I would send you some but the postage is a bit expensive.

I am glad you have made a decision about the living arrangements. At least now that you have decided to stick it out, you can start saving like mad for your own place. I also want to buy something but property has gone insane here and there is no way i would ever be able to afford to buy.
I have an aunt in real estate in Melbourne. When you are ready to look let me know and i'll put you on to her. She is fantastic!!! ;)

By Blogger Beee, at 8:57 pm  

Saving to buy is a brilliant plan. Every time you want to throttle them, just imagine how great it will be to have your own place! (and maybe picture yourself banging them on the head with your broken frypan...)

By Blogger Sue, at 9:04 am  

It totally sucks when your are sick!! I am 10 days into head cold and still don't feel any better!! I think the cold, cold winter weather doesn't help.

How exciting about getting your own place!! Save, save save and you will be there in no time :)

By Blogger Lee, at 11:14 am  




If you live in Melbourne and you want to go to the Jam Factory, they now charge a $15 flat rate for parking over an hour. If you purchase something over $5 and have a receipt (note: you get no receipt for food purchases) you get it half price but that's still $7.50. I'm so very mad.

Arggh Kathryn... isn't it ridiculous?! Miles and I went to the movies yesterday with free movie tickets that I got for my birthday and it ended up costing almost as much as if we'd just paid for the bloody movie! Didn't help that we forgot to get the ticket validated so we ended up paying full price :o( Not happy jan!

By Blogger Brooke, at 7:26 am  

That sounds a bit much but if Melbourne is becoming anything like congested Sydney, it kinda makes sense. It may force us all to use public transport more. I don't know...just trying to put a positive spin on it and nope, I'm not a car driver. I should just shut up hey.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:06 pm  

That is one of the reasons I don't get to the city more often!

By Blogger Leighanne, at 2:21 pm  

$15? That's disgraceful. I can park in the city all day for less than that.

By Blogger Kat, at 10:26 pm  



I can't believe it - I've been bitching about how cold it is for months then today - slap bang in the middle of winter - I went for a run and actually worried that I should have put on sunscreen. Admittedly, I am very sun conscious but this gorgeous weather for winter.

I ran 12 km today, I think. The signs around here are so dodgy - I ran to Royal Park with a lap around Princes Park in the middle. One sign said it was 4 km to Royal Park then you go along a bit further and it says 4.3 km to Royal Park? Weird stuff.

I had a lazy day of shopping and massage and eggy brunch yesterday followed by a night of Australian music legend, Don Walker, at a country pub. Today I cleaned and dusted then ran. Tonight I'm cooking my favourite Coriander and Lemon Chicken for dinner then chilling out.

Kathryn, that is great. Sounds like you are starting to get the distance back in your legs to feel confident for the city to surf.

By Blogger deege, at 4:43 pm  

You are going to whoop City to Surf's but at this rate. PS you're too skinny - go eat a cookie or two yourself!! hehe

By Blogger Briony, at 4:52 pm  

Good for you recognising the need to stop worrying about every mouthful. And running 12km. I am so jealous.. You are obviously a very capable runner.

By Blogger michelle, at 6:04 pm  

Great weather in the morning, but how was the pelting rain this afternoon?!!! Having said that, great effort with your 12K run! Sounds like you've had yourself a weekend. BTW, I'm having your coriander and lemon chook recipe as well tonight!!

By Blogger Ails, at 6:12 pm  

I really have to try this chicken dish don't I? Does it have magical powers to make me run as far as you do!??!!

By Blogger Kenz, at 9:19 pm  

Do you have something you can wear that tells you how far you have run? Can those Polar watches (or a cheaper version) do it? I'm sure you know what you're average per hour is by now anyway hey. Either way, good going with the running!

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

By Blogger Mary, at 12:03 pm  



Weigh In 71.5 kg

Yeah, I'm up again this week. I'm not too fussed about it because I had poo issues again this morning. Also I've been back to the gym this week and it always takes at least a week for cardio to show up on the scales for me.

Andrew came over to watch the football with my sister the other day and so I went into spend some quality time with him (okay, I went in to scab his chocolatey football treats). We were talking about something, I can't remember what, and he said if I'd be the type of footy coach who, if my team were on a winning streak, I'd change the lineup just for the sake of it. And it's true. That's what I did.

Before I would average 1,500 calories a day and I'd do around 500 calories worth of cardio a day. Doing that, I averaged around a 1 kg loss a week. Then I read stuff about as you get closer to goal, the less you should eat. So I cut back on my daily calories.

Suddenly everything became a stress: I'd debate over my morning coffee or a piece of fruit. I couldn't eat the food I needed because I didn't have the calories. I felt like I could *never* have any kind of treat. So, in the end, I'd think stuff this, and threw the plan out the window.
I haven't counted calories or tracked my food in weeks.

I'm going to be at goal before I go to Sydney. That's 3 weeks to lose 1.5 kgs. I know I can do that. I'm going back to the winning formula.

Its always a good thing to go back to the basics that you know work for you. Especially when the scales get a bit stubborn!

By Blogger Briony, at 9:45 am  

Good girl! Back to basics.... You WILL do this!!

By Blogger Ang, at 11:32 am  

back to basics sounds like the key! hav a great wknd!

By Blogger Kt, at 1:13 pm  

I'm so glad someone else will talk about their poo issues. I've been trying to talk about it at home and everyone is spazzing out. Geez, all I said is that I am blocked, sheesh.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 1:13 pm  

You've got a good level head about your weigh in and I think that's a great way to be about this. I hear you about the winning formula and I am going back to counting and doing things the way I did when my losses were big too! You'll definitely be at goal with that attitude babe :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 6:21 pm  

Back to bascis is the best weigh to go - it obviously worked before!!

You will do it easily:)

By Blogger Leighanne, at 9:21 pm  

Wow, haven't checked in on you for are doing really well!! Good for you.

By Blogger LisaB, at 10:28 am  

What ever works huh?

Soooooo close to goal Kathryn, that is brilliant!

By Blogger Beckie, at 12:34 pm  



The Sweetest Words...

I picked my new top up off layby tonight and had a look in shop for a skirt to go with it. They'd had it on a mannequin with a red pencil skirt but I couldn't find any in the shop so I asked the girl about them. She pulled out the last one in stock and said the most magical words I've ever heard:

"You'd be a size 10, wouldn't you?"

Yeah, that's right. She thought I was a size 10. I love her. She is my angel. No one's ever thought I was a size 10 before, except for maybe when I was about 4 years old. The skirt was a bit on the tight side but it fitted! She trying to get me in a size 12 tomorrow.

oh that is just a sweet, sweeeeeeeet moment :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 9:53 pm  

Did you kiss her??!

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 9:55 pm  

very nice!!! You certainly made me smile ;)

By Blogger Beee, at 10:58 pm  

Is there a law against hugging shop girls?

By Blogger Sue, at 6:37 am  

I would've kissed her! So awesome Kathryn :)

By Blogger Brooke, at 6:41 am  

*nods* Yup, kissing would have been in order.

That is BRILLIANT!! Even a size 12 is amazing. (to me)

By Blogger Beckie, at 7:37 am  

sounds like another photo shoot coming up. how cool.

By Blogger linda, at 8:48 am  

that is a moment to be treasured!!!!!!!!! :) Love it!!!!!

By Blogger Ang, at 1:06 pm  

THat sounds lik ea truly magical moment, one which you have earned with all your commitment.

By Blogger michelle, at 1:36 pm  

WOW size 10, Just wow!

Awesome - and even better that it fitted!!!! omg that's !!!!!!

in awe and so proud of you Hun!

By Blogger Dee, at 6:19 pm  

Lucky girl!

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 10:09 pm  

I want pictures damn it! New top and cool new skirt, nice.

By Blogger Mary, at 6:17 pm  


Kathryn's Guide To Eating Apples

Since I'm such an expert at consuming large quantities of apples, I thought I'd share some handy tips:

  1. Only buy Pink Ladies. They are the superior apples by far. I cry if they don't have them at the fruit place.
  2. Grate apple over your breakfast cereal. I started doing this with my bircher muesli and now I do it with all cereals. Yummy.
  3. Take an apple in your bag for morning tea and another one for after the gym.
  4. Cut up apple slices and put some yoghurt into a bowl to use as a dip.
  5. Have a bowl of apples handy and all other snacks not handy. If I have the choice of grabbing an apple from beside or walking to the kitchen to make a snack, no way will I move. I'm far too lazy for that.
  6. If they have apples and other fruit in the cheap sell-out bags at the fruit place, buy up and make stewed fruit for topping your cereal and making easy, peasy desserts.
  7. Eat an apple to stay your stomach while waiting for dinner to cook.

See it's simple to eat 4 kgs of apples a week. The hard bit is carrying them home from the market!

4kgs! Far out! I'm more of a banana lover. Apples don't do it for me really.

By Blogger Ang, at 3:44 pm  

Isn't it funny, I just started eating apples again today!

The local apple place just outside Bendigo (Harcourt) has the most uneblievable UNWAXED apples. I'm not kidding when I say you can taste the difference 10 fold.

Thanks for the tips, I never thought of grating my apple. But I do cut up my fruit in a bowl of yoghurt.

By Blogger Beckie, at 6:33 pm  

I am a huge apples fan too. I love red delicious though...arn't they like bottom of the ladder in the apple social status?

LOL I am not too sure about the 4 kg in a week though! I love stewed apple, and apple grated into my porridge

The SKINS are brilliant by the way, thanks for more calf pain at all

By Blogger A Girl Running, at 6:37 pm  

*crunch* *chew* mmm good post.
I prefer yellow apples (can't think of their name now I think its Golden Delicious). I find that if i eat an apple mid afternoon it gives me an energy rush that I need :) mmmmm

By Blogger Beee, at 6:54 pm  

I hereby christen you Blog Apple Queen - what a great list packed full of sneaky ways to get one's fruit intake up! Love the grating over cereal idea :)

By Blogger Ails, at 7:33 pm  

you are SO on the money. pink ladies rule!

how much does the average apple weigh, anyway? 150 - 200g? If you start adding that up, you could reach 4kg pretty quickly, especially when using them in innovative ways like you do.

(OH apples also rock if you grate one along with a few carrots, shred some cabbage and red onion. makes a great coleslaw with white wine vinegar and lime juice.)

By Blogger Shauna, at 7:41 pm  

I'm into Fuji apples, myself, though the Pink Lady definitely has its place. Thinking of getting some and making a nice crumble, though I would really struggle to get through 4 kilos a week!

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 7:58 pm  

OK This is like a punishment list for me!!
But thanks .... tee hee

By Blogger Briony, at 10:03 pm  

Mmm, I like the grated apple over cereal idea. I'm more of a Royal Gala fan, myself.

By Blogger Cee, at 7:28 am  

Wow! 4kg's of Apples....that's amazing!

I've just found a lovely apple. It's called a Frimgold and to me it's a cross between a Granny Smith and a Golden Delicious.

I have one everyday at work.

I find that some apples make me bloat and make my lips feel funny, almost like the start of a cold sore...weird huh!!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 4:49 pm  

Yum, yum, yum! I'm an apple whore too and love a good apple in season. They're great in a Date & Apple Slice too :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 6:17 pm  



Run Baby Run

There's a run I do along the Merri Creek, 2 kms each way. I've never cracked it in under 30 minutes. I'm sure I've done 4kms in under 30 minutes elsewhere (and definitely on the treadmill) but never along this track.

This morning I went out for a run and did the first 2 kms in 15 mins. I turned around and pushed my legs to the limit on the way home, convinced that today would be the day...

32 minutes, damn it all.

I swear, despite signs to the contrary, it's more than 4 km. Also instead of stopping to check the time when i turn around, I should keep running. It all adds up.

Tonight I went to the dietician. I had to tell her what I normally eat and, as I reeled off the bircher muesli for breakfast and the turkey salad rolls for lunch and the stirfries and things for dinner, I had to laugh. It just sounded too perfect. 'I do eat chocolate,' I told her. She thinks chocolate is a fine thing to eat sometimes. So do I.

She did give me some helpful advice: instead of just having an apple as an afternoon snack before the gym, I should eat more - some nuts or fruit toast or a yoghurt; I do eat enough protein but not enough carbs, and while she didn't believe I eat 4 kgs of apples a week, she did say to get more variety in my fruits.

She gave me a booklet on foods to eat for diabetes and I freaked out at half the stuff in it. No way would I eat some ofthose things - far too many calories!

Saint Kathryn of the Angelic Foodstuffs, I kneel before thee.

I bet she loved you! Sorry - I have to end this comment here as your Halo is blinding me.

By Blogger Lainey, at 12:56 am  

4kg of apples a week is ridiculous! LOL. I wouldn't eat that many in a year. Actually maybe I would, i'm eating 3 or 4 a week now, so .... hmmm. But then you know how I feel about apples!! hehe
Have a great day.

By Blogger Briony, at 7:49 am  

what's the saying? "she'll be apples." I'm sure you'll crack the 30 minute mark soon. Well done for getting out there in this freezing weather.

By Blogger linda, at 9:11 am  

Catchin up on your posts - your flatmates need a reality check - to add to the sayings today I will add "give them an inch and they take a mile". The only way around their behavious is to do what you did and remove everything....your doing great with the running too and the PB will be not in the too distant future 8-)

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 11:49 am  

Wow - 4kgs of apples a week! I battle to get a lousy one into me a day. I'm impressed!

By Blogger Ails, at 12:46 pm  

Good going with your eating girl, you're a legend!

By Blogger Mary, at 6:16 pm  



...and the not so good...

I got home tonight and rescued my saucepan but as I was taking my cookware into my room I found my broken frying pan. The handle was completely busted yet the person who did it had put it away and said nothing! I can't believe it. If they'd told me they'd broken it accidentally and apologised then well and good, but that's just a crappy thing to do.

Also someone defrosted meat in my sister's microwave and when she went to warm up her wheat bag it was full of congealed blood. Obviously the "please wipe out the microwave sign on the door" isn't enough.

I found a notice up at a nearby cafe for a 1 bdrm flat to rent but I can't afford it at the moment and part me feels like I shouldn't have to move because of other people's crap. I think I'll just stay here and declare war.

Man, this is so turning into a "I hate my flatmates" blog rather than a weight loss blog but then everything in life is interconnected and stuff.

I think I did remarkably well today considering - all the housemate crap, plus I had a meeting with my writing teacher to explain to him why I want someone else to mark my work (ie. that he's such a dusty old academic that he doesn't really 'get' what I'm doing and therefore the feedback I get from him is not really helpful) and did I use that as an excuse to pig out? Did I get all wah-wah, I can't cope with confrontation? Nope.

I ate well and wagged my novel class to go do a spin class instead. As I walked down to meet my teacher, I felt bad - am I being awful for not just accepting what I'm given and who am I to complain - all those undermining thoughts. Then I thought hey, he'll turn up late and forget he arranged to meet me and be completely disorganised and that spurred me on. And I was right. Plus if I don't stand up for me, who will?

This is my novel, my baby, my really important life thingy. And this is my home, the place I live and pay rent for. These things are worth fighting for. As a few commenters said, I need to make a stand to get the respect I deserve.

On a completely seperate whinge - I went to Fitness First at Melbourne Central today instead of my usual branch. Holy moley, I thought my gym was crowded on Monday! I got into the change rooms and there were NO lockers. People hovered around waiting for lockers to become free but people kept coming and no one was going. I decided to take my bag into the spin room with me, which would have been a helluva lot easier if I'd not been wearing my big boots and big coat! The guy on the bike next to me told me that the Collins St branch gets so crowded you have to queue for a shower! I really appreciate my nice branch now.

The class itself was good though - full on. I think that's the hardest I've worked in spin in ages, or maybe I'm just unfit from being sick. I tell you though, the dance remix of Australia Crawl's Reckless was just wrong!

Btw there is no way I'll miss the Sydney Blogger's dinner (see Mary's blog for more details) -- I'm staying with my sister and she's the queen of organisation and general bossiness! She'll get me sorted.

I just read the other post and now this one and I would totally sit them down and talk to them, ask who broke your shit, tell them that you don't appreciate not being told even if it was an accident and re-discuss how the house-rules should be or something like is ridiculous that you have to put things in your room like takes me back to my early 20's and hiding the toilet paper in my room cause my roomie would neve buy any and just use mine...ugh.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 5:09 am  

I must say, if I came home & found one of my pots busted, it would be SO on! I'd be raising hell & asking who broke it & demand that they pay for a new one.

Yeah....possibly why I've lived by myself or with my younger brother since college. Little bro knows to respect non-stick, lol.

By Blogger Paige, at 5:32 am  

OMG those bastards. This is war now, you need to give it to them straight, no more pussyfooting around the situation.
Well done on not compensating a crappy day with eating and thank god for an organised sister! Wish I had one. LOL. Have a great day!!

By Blogger Briony, at 7:12 am  

If it was me I would store my things in my own room for my use only & put all of my energy into getting my own place. You will be soooo much happier.
I heard this bit of advice the other day:
* Chosse your battles wisely *
Ciao bella

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 9:54 am  

Yes - time for a meeting and sort it all out. You shouldn't have to feel like moving. The others need to learn to respect other people's property.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 11:17 am  

oooh that really isn't nice at all. But I so agree with Snaciepoo. You should confront them on this. It is so disrespectful and rude!! If I were you I would ask them to contribute towards a new frying pan. (instead of all chipping in for some communal stuff) ;)

I would go mad if my gym were so busy. I would probably have turned around and gone back home so well done on sticking it out!! That is another reason why I choose to go at 5am ;)

By Blogger Beee, at 3:35 pm  

I loved how u wagged your novel class to go to a spin class instead. Not good about your frypan.

By Blogger linda, at 4:19 pm  

I'd be stashing my pots under the bed. Possibly stealthily removing one pot at a time, because I'm not exactly confrontational...

It is all so unnecessary, and horrible, particularly the bloody microwave.

My gym is usually that busy in termtime, but then it has the advantage of being well-appointed and cheap, and out of term it's deserted. Balance is all!

By Blogger K, at 9:12 pm  

And I meant to say - I really like the new template!

By Blogger K, at 9:14 pm  

Yikes! How many flatmates do you have? Is it time for a nice cup of tea, a sit down and how about some fucking respect around this place?

By Blogger Mary, at 6:14 pm  


Gotta Love This...

Going to Sportsgirl at lunchtime and getting a cute purple cardi reduced from $70 to $25. Even better - it's a size M. Is that a 10 or a 12?

I thought M would be a 12 - but you just don't know with those shops, they don't really have 'real' sizes do they?
How could a 10 be a Medium? That would mean 12 is large and that's just bullshit!!

By Blogger Briony, at 7:28 pm  

who cares> its fricken tiny.
oh Sportsgirl - you lucky duck!
u should b proud as punch!

By Blogger airlie, at 11:55 pm  

LOL in Sportsgirl I reckon it'd be more close to an 8! YAY for new purply clothes :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 6:12 pm  



Is This Reasonable?

In my house, we don't really live communally. We all have our own stuff - my stuff is in a separate area of the kitchen. So twice lately I've been in the kitchen and found my housemates using my cookware. They've asked if it's okay and I've been a total wussbag and not said anything even though inside I'm screaming - USE MY SAUCEPANS AND I'LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP, MOFO!!!

I don't know what to do. I mean, they wash things up after they use them but I feel like I don't touch anyone else's stuff so they should leave mine alone. It also bugs me that they ask if it's okay when I'm in the kitchen and they have half cooked stuff in my pans. I should say it's not okay and make them remove it just to be a bitch.

The worst of it is the guy who lives here was cooking sausages in a pan FULL of oil. I kid you not. It's a nonstick frypan and he needs a whole bottle of oil? I washed that pan out very thoroughly before I used it.

The other thing that bugs me is that I buy everything non-stick and if they don't wash things up properly then they'll scrape the teflon which means my stuff is wrecked.

Maybe I should just take all my stuff out of the kitchen or maybe I'm just being a princess. I don't know. I got Andrew to replace the blown kitchen light on the weekend and I'm almost wishing I hadn't. With no light, none of the housemates cooked. Didn't worry me that much cos I'd just use my bedlight but the others aren't that ingenious. Now they are using my light to cook with my pans!


I went to the gym tonight and did a big hilly run. I hadn't been planning on running since I was so stuffed after yesterday but I finished work early and didn't want to hang around waiting for spin class. Afterwards I did a weights session. I got really pissed off because Monday is always crowded at the gym and there were heaps of personal trainers working out with clients. Some of those PT's think they own the gym. It's bad enough without them doing boxing sessions in the middle of the weights room and shit like that.

I so didn't want to go to the gym tonight at all. It was the biggest effort to drag myself there. But I did it and even upped my weights - except the Lat Pulldown. Last time, I put it up 10 kgs more than my trainer suggested, this time I couldn't even manage the weight she said. Different gym, different machine - who knew it would change that much though?


Now I must go to the kitchen and make sure my pan has been properly washed up then investigate lockable cupboards (I have a feeling secondhand office furniture shops could be the best bet -- an old stationery cupboard with a lock).

Hmmm tricky situation when you still want to be on good terms with people, and when you know they can sabotage it all when you are not there anyway. I think you are on the right track with a lockable cupboard of some sort. It is not princessey and you aren't making too much of a big deal about it. It is all about RESPECT and I think it would have been respectful to ask you first and then be OK when you told them to Piss off. (not that I think those would have been your exact words LOL).

If you can't find a lockable cupboard, a drill and a padlock would work just as nicely :D

Bad luck you missed the Melbourne meet. Make sure you have your shit together for the Sydney trip OK....

By Blogger M, at 11:56 pm  

I had that problem on the leg press machine in Kerikeri - until I realised it already had a 40kg weight on it permanently!

By Blogger Sue, at 6:31 am  

It's a difficult situation darl, but like M said, it's all about respect isn't it. I think it's perfectly reasonable to not want other people to use your stuff. Maybe you might have to store your cooking equipment in your room from now on!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 9:19 am  

You are SO not being a princess, it's your stuff for cripey's sake. I say move the stuff to your room, and tell them all to get "f'd", why can't they buy their own damn pans anyway? Idiots!! Oh and dance around the house singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me!!!!!
Oh and also I would like to reiterate what M said - you better have your shit together for the Sydney meet - who will I smoke with if you don't come?????

By Blogger Briony, at 11:24 am  

I think you are entitled to keep your own things in good condition for yourself. You don't use their stuff! Keep it in your room. It would be SO annoying if someone else damaged your things when you are so careful.

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 11:49 am  

Oooh I so don't miss commune living. I am the queen of clean and pretty much everyone i've ever lived with hasn't been clean at all :) Used to drive me batty!!! I think you should lock away your stuff. People like that don't get the message. Trust me ;) Telepathy doesn't work. If they ask, tell them that your teflon was being scratched and you paid too much money for your stuff to be ruined. Maybe you should suggest that everyone contributes towards buying some communal pots and pans? Get cheap ones so that you don't actually have to contribute that much and you don't have to use them. But the house mates will.

By Blogger Beee, at 3:31 pm  

Totally sympathize. The last time I had housemates, they didn't use my stuff without asking, but one of their boyfriends did.

On more than one occasion he cooked bacon in my pan and then left the fat, unwashed-up, to solidify. Nice. I'm vegetarian, but even if I hadn't been, I don't suppose I'd have relished washing up someone else's greasy yuk.

By Blogger K, at 9:05 pm  

*urgh* yep, plain and simple respect. Time to kick the repeat offender out so you can find another housemate. Yes, they're are great ones out there!

By Blogger Mary, at 6:11 pm  




I've been reading all about the blogger meet on everyone's blogs and am so sorry I missed it. The photos are great - everyone looks so happy and shiny!

Today I went to Princes Park for a run. I'm such a doofus - I sat around trying to work out if I wanted to run or not. See before my car got fixed and before I got ill, I'd run down to Princes Park (3km) then do a lap or two and run home. Today I thought about doing that but didn't want to get stuck with a 3km run home if it started raining. On the other hand, I really wanted to run outside, not at the gym.

Eventually my pea-brain worked out I could drive to the park and run. Der!

I did 3 laps (around 9.5 km) - the first one I ran, the second two I needed to take some walk breaks. Wah! Where has my fitness gone? Come back fitness, I need you. I thought about doing a fourth lap just as a walk but was bored of the same track around so came home instead.

It really knocked me out and I had to have a nap afterwards.

How weird is this? I got home and our wheelie bins were out on the nature strip. I seriously had to check the house number on the bins against the house number on the gate to believe they were ours. I couldn't work it out because I knew I hadn't done it and I knew my sister hadn't. Then I remembered our landlord had been around earlier in the day so he must have done it. One day my housemates will put the bins out and I'll surely faint!

The rest of my day was quiet. I wanted to do some rewriting of my book for class this week so printed it out and went to the coffee shop and had a chai and worked on it. Now I'm waiting for my sister to wake up. We bought canneloni at the market and were going to cook it for dinner tonight and I don't want to cook just mine (we have our fridges in our rooms - weird, I know, but that's how our house works).

I don't know if I mentioned this before but since my sister moved in she's been plagued with sickness. Even worse than me. She's had glandular fever and tonsilitis and all other manner of disease. Now she had to go have tests done cos she has some mystery illness. It bugs me cos she's always sleeping when I want to watch her cable telly.

I thought about going to body balance today but decided napping and writing were more important. I had a big thinky moment after body balance the other night. I spent the whole class thinking 'I'm so crap at this, why am I here?' but as I walked out of class all calm from the meditations, I realised I had it wrong. The reason I'm there is BECAUSE I'm crap at it. I need to do the stretching and core exercises because that's where I'm really weak. My flexiblity is non-existant.

At the end of the day, it's not like any of us *need* to be the best at these things. We aren't going to run in the Olympics or become the world Body Balance Champ (if such a thing exists).

How often do we get discourage because we aren't the best at something (often, if you are me)? But, newsflash, the chances of being the best are pretty remote. From now on, I'm going to focus on becoming better - a better runner, more flexible, better flexibility, better fitness. I'm there because I *need* to be, not to impress anyone else, not even to impress myself.

Words of wisdom! Focus on improvement, not competition.

By Blogger Sue, at 6:32 am  

I agree, you don't have to be better than anyone else, you just need to better yourself.
Have a great week.

By Blogger Briony, at 8:02 am  

Thats it girl - BFL mantra "Focus on Progress not Perfection"

With you and your sis being sick all the time do you think it might be environment related? What I'm trying to get at. Is your house maybe making you sick???

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 12:59 pm  

I love Body Balance and I am crap at it too! I seemed to have lost my balance in my old age, lol! I have noticed I get so much more out of it when I soley focus on me and not how great everyone else is at it.

By Blogger Lee, at 1:18 pm  

You are so right! I have often not wanted to join a class because I know i'm not good but who cares!! As long as I try :)
I hope your sister gets better.

By Blogger Beee, at 4:29 pm  

i totally know where you are coming from in regards to housemates not using your stuff properly!!! i got a brandy new wok for xmas and within the week my housemate was using metal tongs in it!!! scratches everywhere!!! common sense did not occur to her!!! im usually a wuss too about telling them to be careful how they use my stuff. i was so upset thou! so i dont't buy anything new or good anymore - our lease ends in oct and i am moving out!!!!

By Blogger nitadraven, at 8:49 pm  

Wow, good going with the running. I totally understand the "where has my fitness gone?" scenario but you'll get it back and I will too.

Share houses...loved them once but I'd hate it now BUT then I'd like 'em too. The good and the bad with any situation hey. I miss the social aspecy of a share house. We all got to responsible and serious (well, to a degree).

Good thinking about "why" you're going to BB. Actually, pretty darn good realisation that we all should go through. We don't have to be the best but it's good to try for ourselves.

We've got a Hula Hoop class coming up with the Sydney Bloggers and I reckon that's going to put us all to the test. I know I can't hula hoop but I going to bloody well try and have fun at the same time. Definitely won't be olympians!

Is your house the problem by any chance? Like sick work building syndrome? Maybe it's time to move?

By Blogger Mary, at 6:09 pm  




I so wanted to go meet up with the other Melbourne bloggers today but it wasn't meant to be it seems. I could lie about my reasons for a no show but I'm not the kind of person to hold back from making myself sound like a doofus.

I got up nice and early this morning, planning on a 9.30 cycle class but I felt like shit so went back to bed. When I woke up again it was 11.45 and I freaked. Then I checked the train timetable - if I caught the 12.13 express into the city, I reckoned I could make it. I rushed through my shower and chucked on some clothes then threw all my stuff into my handbag. As I left the house, I decided to take my ipod and ran back for it. I got to the train station in plenty of time but, when I went to buy my ticket, I realised I'd grabbed my backpack instead of my handbag! I had no money, nothing except my scungy post-gym undies from last night and some supermarket receipts. Arrrgghh!

I could have almost ran home and changed bags and made it back to the train in time except my shoes were sodden from the wet streets plus I had no house keys (they were also in the other bag) so had to get my sister up to answer the door.

To make things worse, my old mobile is now officially cactus so I've changed phones but have no one's mobile number. I decided it was a sign from the universe to stay at home. Damn it. I expect to see lots of lovely photos on everyone's blog and I'll definitely get my shit together for the next meetup.

Shoe Alert

I went to the outlet shop to get my comfy but ugly shoes yesterday. Luckily I ended up with comfy and cute shoes - a pair of black mary janes (called Doris which doesn't sound too groovy). They were $90 with full orthopedic support, perfect for walking to work and other such activities.

When we walked into the shop, they had a table filled with the grooviest shoes - lots of little flats in pinks and greens and reds. We 'oohed' and ahhed' until the lady told us they were samples and only in size 6.

If you live in Melbourne and are a size 6 foot, I highly recommend you get to Walk On Footwear on Queen's Parade. $40 a pair, bargain!

Oh Kathryn, sounds like you were the victim of a comedy of errors (or stuff-ups, really) :)

It would have been great to meet you - next time! It was a fantastic afternoon and I'm sure we'll repeat it soon :)

By Blogger Ails, at 8:02 pm  

Aww sounds like a crappy day hun! No wonder you didn't reply to my sms and my calls wouldn't go through. Will swap details on msn again.

Would have been great to meet you?

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 8:46 pm  

Sorry should have said meet up with you

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 8:47 pm  

I agree with the gals! No problems at all. Just know that you were missed, but you havent let us down.

I hope the afternoon turned out well in any case.

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:14 pm  

Sounds like one of those mornings. Well, we'll just have to do it all over again. Have a great Sunday.

By Blogger linda, at 10:11 pm  

Bummer, I hate those days, but it's definitely the Universe trying to tell you something.
Have a great Sunday.

By Blogger Briony, at 9:17 am  

LOL days like these, you just gotta laugh and have a drink :-) Cute shoes! I like Mary Janes (or as they call 'em, Doris).

By Blogger Mary, at 9:36 am  

Those shoe's are ssoooo cute, Kathryn! Thank's for the link, it seem's I also have to start buying shoe's outside of running with full "orthopaedic support".
I swear I am feeling more like a Granny every passing day!!

By Blogger Lee, at 1:22 pm  



Weigh In - 70.8 kgs

A gain on 0.3 kgs in the past 2 weeks. Not good but not unexpected since I've been unable to exercise for most of that time. And yeah, I have been living on lozenges and chocolate. My eating habits can be so bad when I'm sick. I can't even be bothered heating up something from the freezer so I just eat junk but I have tried to get a decent amount of vegies into me.

It amazes me when people talk about struggling to eat their 5 serves of vegies or whatever the recommended level is. It's something I've never had probems with. I guess I've been lucky in a way because even though I've been overweight all my life (oh yeah, except for now!), I've always eaten healthy meals. I prefer to eat lean meat and have never eaten stuff like chicken skin (yuk). I go crazy if I go for a day with no vegies. Five serves - phht! I'd happily eat that in one meal.

Even when I was a kid, I loved vegetables. I bet my Mum used to wonder why other parents complained because my sister and I would whinge if we didn't get enough vegies. We loved it when Dad wasn't home for dinner because we could talk Mum into making us a huge pot of vegie mash. We'd bitch if she made us eat *gross* stuff like steak or chops.

My other big love is fruit. I probably eat too much fruit. I can buy a huge bag of apples at the market and still run out before the week is out. There are few fruits or vegetables I won't eat. Eggplant is the only exception I can think of.

It's never been what I've eaten at meal times that's been my problem (well, when I cooked myself, otherwise it used to be pizza or Thai), the main issue for me has been what I ate between meals. I have the sweetest tooth ever and would eat a family block of chocolate every night after dinner. We'd have a big meal then Andrew would say... mmm, how about I go to the shops? And we'd get a block of Black Forest chocolate and wolf it down without really tasting it. If I had a moment of boredom at work (which was often), I'd run to the vending machine. I'd eat "healthy" stuff like Boost smoothies and sugar laden muesli from the coffee shop.

So yeah, when I started losing weight, the main thing was not changing my meals but changing my snacks and cutting out mindless eating. I've never cut down my portion sizes but will serve up a huge bowl of food that is 75% or more of vegies. I'll snack on carrot and capsicum sticks with some yummy low fat dip.

And, on that note, I must dash. I'm picking up Andrew and we are going to Preston market to do our shopping before work this morning - I hate those weekend crowds. I love going to the market with Drew. For starters, it's the only way I can ensure he gets some heathly food into him now he's left home. Plus he's my pack horse, because someone's got to cart those apples around for me. And it's nice to spend some time with him.

That's great about your fruit n vege habits....I really don't like fruit. I think it comes from my mum forcing me to eat lots of cheap apples and oranges as a kid. I think you have given me an idea for a challenge this week - 2 pcs of fruit a day. Have a great weekend and enjoy your

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 8:21 am  

I was expecting to come here and find you'd reached goal this week. 0.8grams to go! Come on girl............

By Blogger Ang, at 1:38 pm  

oh - you are sick too? it sucks doesn't it? I love working out and HATE when I get too sick to do it! Like now! Then, I start to eat shit too out of pure frustration.

Try eating some eggplant at a Japanese restaurant - they do it in a sweet soy sauce and it is just delicious!! Might make you change your mind


By Blogger airlie, at 2:30 pm  

I have also always loved veggies so much. I also pile them onto the plate at dinner time and sometimes for lunch i have a salad and thats all.. I do however think that my portion sizes are still one of my biggest issues but i'm working on it. You'll get rid of the 800grams soon. Keep doing what you are doing.

By Blogger Beee, at 5:01 pm  

Sounds interesting - I have always ated veggies. And never cooked before I started BFL earlier this year. My tastes have changed! There's only a few veggies I dont like. Pumpkin, sweet potato, beans, brussel sprouts Peas are OK if mixed with corn or something else. But anyway I eat veggies now but no way do I get 5 servings of veg and 2 of fruit per day. I love fruit but I rarely eat it. I do have some bananas yellowing up on my fruit bowl though.

Oh btw I am blaming you for thr orange tim tams that are now sitting in my pantry calling my name. Best they stay unopened until Sunday. :P

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 8:46 pm  

Cant wait to meet you tomorrow!

P.S. Whenever we started being naughty as children and acting feral, mum always said "RIGHT! Big dose of vegies tonight!"

Our childhoods sound the same from what I've read. We had no cash for luxuries or exotic fruits. Our treat was the big pot of mashed vegies mum.

By Blogger Beckie, at 9:10 pm  

I am very VERY similar to you in this respect and the snacking has been minimised! I generally do eat well but it's how much and yep, the snacks that are the factor.

By Blogger Mary, at 8:31 am  




I decided I was well enough to go to the gym tonight and do my weights workout but when I got on the treadmill to warmup, ended up doing a bit of a run for half an hour. I'm feeling fine so no harm done.

Tonight was my first time doing my new weights program without my personal trainer. I wanted to get in and do it before I forgot what I had to do. I think I did most of it right. She had down 35 kgs for the lat pulldown and that felt incredibly light so I put it up to 45 kgs. Not sure if she'd written it down wrong or my lats have just become super strong!

Afterwards, I headed to the steam room. I'm not a fan of the steam but humidity is very good for bronchitis so I sweated out 20 minutes in there. It worked a treat going by what I hoiked up on the way home. Oh yeah, that is definitely too much info! Sorry.

Tomorrow I'm planning on some light cardio and then body balance class, Friday an easy run. Hopefully I'll be all shiny new by then.

I've decided I'm going to be at my goal weight before I go to Sydney. I can do that.

We can call you 'Super Lat Girl'.

By Blogger Sue, at 6:17 am  

Good work with the exercise when feeling ~under the weather~
Do you enjoy doing exercise & going to a gym?

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 8:58 am  

Half an hour running and you're not feeling well??? You're my hero!

By Blogger Emma, at 4:22 pm  

You are so going to be at goal.. no doubt!! *grin*
I am also noticing that the weights are getting too easy for me. Maybe there has been a global shift in weight recently? mmmm interresting thought!!

By Blogger Beee, at 7:22 pm  

You'll definitely be at goal, well done!

By Blogger Mary, at 8:29 am  




I went to the podatrist on the weekend. She said my feet were great, they aren't diabetic feet at all. That rocks. I always thought I had great feet but it's nice to have an expert confirm it.

She gave me a list of running shoes that are best for my feet so as soon as I get some funds, I'm going shopping. I guess there is no point buying them until I get over this sickness because it would kill me to have new running shoes and not test them out. She also told me a place to get good orthapedic ugly but comfy shoes for walking to work. It's a factory outlet and just around the corner from home so worth checking out.

I am looking at running shoes now. Man, someo of them are ugly. I'm sure my podiatrist said I need purple shoes. Or maybe red. Red make you run faster.

Hey, I figured it out - they make running shoes ugly so you run faster. You don't want anyone to see you in ugly shoes.

LOL! I heard him say purple.

The running faster so people dont see you in ugly shoes comment CRACKED me up.

So much I had to use capitals.

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:18 pm  

hehe - yip you'll definately want to be going at a fair speed to avoid being seen. ;)

By Blogger Ang, at 6:52 am  

My dumb feet only fit in running shoes made in blue - usually baby blue with silver bits!
I sooooo wanted red running shoes.

By Blogger Sue, at 8:11 am  

I don't care how comfortable and how 'good for my feet' ugly shoes are - i'm soooo not wearing them!!

By Blogger Briony, at 11:50 am  

My sis and I call orthopedic shoes, 'chemist' shoes.

Now - in your last post you said your friend came round for birhtday drinks. Was it your birthday??

By Blogger linda, at 2:29 pm  

I have red and grey shoes, I used to have light blue ones.. I DEFINATELY go faster in my new ones ;) I want ones with lights on them!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 3:34 pm  

Yeah! Red definitely makes you run faster and purple well, they're the best colours :-) I think most gym shoes are ugly and those that aren't are bloody useless for support. Run baby run....LOL.

By Blogger Mary, at 9:08 pm  

I hate buying sports shoes - there aren't many in size 11. The ones I have now are comfortable but they're so old the white bits are a dull mushroomy grey/taup/pink - I think the soles have entire new life forms growing in them.

By Blogger Kenz, at 5:57 pm  



Weird Weekend

On Friday night, my friend Dave come over for birthday drinks. We watched a movie and sat around chatting then he left to drive home. Within minutes, he knocked on my window. His car was gone. I went out and it definitely had disappeared. Then my sister came out to help check, even though it had been directly across the road from our house. It felt unreal, like when you think your car has gone from the shopping centre car park but really it's on another level. But there are no levels outside my house. The car was most definitely gone.

I drove Dave to the police station then home. We cursed out the scum who do these things. Anita and I decided to become Veronica Mars style detectives and solve the case. We had some nifty ideas, like asking the neighbours if they'd seen anything and looking for clues.

Saturday the cops rang Dave. They found his car. Around the corner from my house, with the stereo and ashtray stolen. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely overjoyed that Dave got his car back and all, but it kinda kills your girl-detective rep when the car is discovered around the corner. I had thought of searching the nearby streets on the way home but I thought the perps (and car) would be long gone... and it was late and petrol isn't cheap. Now Dave says I'm a horrible detective. But I would have found it eventually. Who knew the cops were so on the ball?

Last night Anita and I watched National Lampoon's Barely Legal - a great movie if you like purile teen humour (we do) and made pretty sparkly signs to educate the housemates. Signs like - "please flush the toilet" and "don't leave your washing up in the kitchen for a week." I'm sure they'll welcome the opportunity for self-improvement.

My doctor said I could go back to the gym this weekend. He lied. I could no more go to the gym than I could... well find a missing car parked around the corner. Maybe I could go, but I sure couldn't exercise while I was there. I'm getting fed up. I feel like every weekend all I do is rest and sleep so I'm fit enough to go to work on Monday. I want my life back. My City to Surf running schedule is gathering dust. I haven't been eating much because I've lost interest but when I do eat, I've been living on lozenges and chocolate. Not such a balanced diet.

I have a new favourite drink - water with lemon juice. It's like lemon cordial without the annoying, sickly sugar. Yum. I did get some things achieved this weekend - changed and laundered the bed linen (esp nice after having night sweats last week), rewrote a chapter of my book.

Tonight Anita and I were chatting about stuff, like if we could time travel back and met our past selves, what we'd say to them. Our past selves had an excitement in living that we lack now. The sagest advice we could up with was to stock up on Dusty Rose lipstick before it gets discontinued. Yep, we are that shallow. But I think, looking back on any of my past selves, the main thing I'd say would be to believe in myself. So now I'm giving that advice to my current self, to save my future self from the need.

I will believe - that I can finish my novel and get it published, that I can get to my goal weight and maintain it, that I am fabulous and sexy, that what I want to do right now is the right thing to do.

Hey nice template change.

By Blogger deege, at 10:47 pm  

Great new look!

LOL at stocking up on the lippy colour!

Well put - not believing in yourself is counterproductive to achieving your dreams.

By Blogger Ails, at 11:40 pm  

oh i love that last para...

and the Dusty Rose line... hehe. Good on ya with all that writing! Looks like you won't have to fall back on the Girl Detective career path anytime soon :)

and the new look is TOPS!

By Blogger Shauna, at 1:30 am  

Hey! I've been lipstick shopping the past week and saw a Revlon Dusty Pink in Priceline. Is that the same thing I wonder??

You WILL finish your novel, you WILL get to goal and well heck, you're already sexy and fabulous ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 6:04 am  

There was a great story in the news here last week about a stolen car. This woman's car was stolen and when the police recovered it a week later the thieves had done it up! New tyres, new clutch, new steering cloumn, running heaps better etc. How cool is that!

By Blogger Sue, at 7:59 am  

Love the new look. I live on water with lemon juice in the arvo's. It kills the sweet cravings. Hope you get better soon.

By Blogger linda, at 9:35 am  

Have you tried an Echinacea boost. Awesome stuff - started taking it yesterday when I felt the dreaded bug coming and this morning feel wonderful again.

Wouldn't it be cool if there were time machines and the conversations we could hold with our past and future selves - like put on some make up the man of your dreams is at the dairy!!

By Blogger Bex, at 9:37 am  

Your new look blog is stunning! I love it!!!
You can always come to Johannesburg to be a detective ;) LOTS of crimes for you to solve.. and I can assure you that you'd be heaps better then our police here. hehe
Get some Viral Choice, they must have it somewhere there? Its an immune booster and works like magic!
I also seem to only get sick on weekends... very strange.

By Blogger Beee, at 4:39 pm  

You are a crack up sometimes. You know when they steal something like a radio and ashtray you wish the car had disappeared - it's not worth the insurance claim for a radio and ashtray but if the cars gone you can. It's just a freaking inconvenience and a huge cost. PITA!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 4:46 pm  

seriously, i haven't been here for ages and i haveso much to say! oh my god! the new look is gorgeous and u r gorgeous! lol at the girl detective thing! very funny and well done for the chapter!

By Blogger airlie, at 8:08 pm  

LOVE the new look.

I was just watching Today Tonight (because Im classy like that) tonight and they were talking about car theive racquets and how it's usually 10yr old kids that steal the cars. Fucking sad huh.

I want to invent a car alarm that screams "Fucking THEIF!!!!!!" in a whiney high pitched nasal voice.

Congrats on the Chap!

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:24 pm  

You kake me laugh - dusty pink lipstick

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 8:49 am  

Who steals a frickin' ashtray out of a car? Seems like an awful lot of effort for an ashtray.

By Blogger hot soup girl, at 6:44 pm  




Years ago, I used to make fake fur handbags to sell at markets. They were crazy bags, an explosion of colour and texture. My favourite, that I kept for my own use, I nicknamed Grungetta (after Oscar the Grouch's gf on Sesame Street). The body of the bag was lime green fake fur with red and purple maribu feather trim. I wish I'd taken a photo, you'd love it :)

Selling at markets, you get a lot of immediate feedback and the overwhelm reaction I'd get was: 'I love it but I'd never be brave enough to use it'.

That always struck me as strange. Handbags aren't scary, you don't need to be brave to use them. These are things that are scary: dentists, birds, people dressed in animal costumes, clowns, ventriloquist dummies, possums. Not handbags.

When I painted the lounge room in my old flat bright yellow, people said 'I love that colour but I'd never be brave enough to paint my house that colour'. When I bought my purple car - 'I'd love a purple car but I'd never be brave enough.' I've never considered any of these things particularly brave. I see something I like and I go for it. It's bright, it's pretty, it makes me happy.

Some things that take real bravery. Sometimes bravery is getting out of bed in the morning and going through the motions of the day, smiling and pretending nothing's wrong. Other times, bravery is opening up and saying something when the voices inside scream for you to kept quiet.

It's the little things: fronting up to a gym or putting on a pair of runners and heading out the door for a walk when all your life you've only ever associated exercise with humiliation; turning up to a barbecue with your own (healthy) food when you are known as the Cheesecake Queen; refusing seconds; signing up for a fun run; walking into an exercise class you've never done before; deciding to do it anyway when your exercise buddy lets you down; ignoring the excuses you've used every other time; knowing you are going to be crap but not caring.

On the surface, getting started towards a healthy lifestyle doesn't seem like that big a deal - it's the smart option and much better than ruining your health and your looks - but beneath it all, it's hella brave and hella scary. It isn't just about eating right and doing some exercise. I hate people who say that, like they'd tell an alcoholic all they need to do is stop drinking! The hard part, the gut-wrenchingly scary part, are those moments when you dig deep into your soul and defy your own perceptions of yourself.

If you've spent years, maybe a lifetime, being the girl who mocks exercise and orders desert, it's a huge turnaround in who are. I come from a family where our memories revolve around overindulgence. A good night out is one where you have to unbutton your pants. We take food seriously.

You have a role to play, and that role has never been the voice of reason or the voice of healthy choices. And within any group, these roles stack up like cards in card house. You move one and all the others shift. Sometimes the whole structure collapses.

Bravest of all is taking a long, honest look at yourself and realising you have to change. Being obese in our society is like farting in an elevator. Everybody knows but no one acknowledges it. You put on your poker face and pretend it's not you. For years, I'd hide the shopping bags from Fat Shops and take the label off of my clothes. If I shopped with friends, I'd say I only needed shoes. If nobody knew I bought fat clothes, then they wouldn't realise I was fat. You can't change without acknowledging what you are.

Everyday I see examples of people being brave, people who challenge themselves and push themselves, who fail yet get up and try again. You all are wonderful people who have said some mighty complimentary and head swelling things to me lately, without the motivation and support you give me every day, I'd be nothing. We are all brave in the steps we take, the small things we do every day and we should be justifiably proud of us.

You are about the only one that can make me cry and laugh at the same time.

Being obese in our society is like farting in an elevator. Everybody knows but no one acknowledges it What a fantastic line.

You know, you aren't bad on the whole support role either :D

By Blogger M, at 8:48 pm  

My mother once forbade me to get a purple car (well she was paying for some of it) because people would think that I was a lesbian. Seriously.

By Blogger deege, at 9:03 pm  

You hit the nail on the head chick! Bravery is just the word to describe what is needed on this journey :O) Birds are definitely big on my scary list!!

By Blogger Bex, at 9:19 pm  

Truly brilliant post. Loved it.

It's so hard to comminucate to people who don't have food issues what is truly means, day in, day out to take control of your lifestyle. But - you have done it perfectly. Communicated it and done it.

By Blogger Lainey, at 9:26 pm  

kick ASS :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 10:51 pm  

I can't add anything because this post was rock the kasbah.

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 7:07 am  

This is a brilliant post. Thanks for writing it.

Love the new blog-look!

By Blogger Sue, at 2:57 pm  

That is a beautiful post Kathryn. Very wise words indeed and you just reminded me to go for a runeven though I don't feel like it. We are all indeed very brave as we continue to step up to the plate each day even after we have been knocked down.

By Blogger michelle, at 2:59 pm  

Thank you for this post mate!

By Blogger Silverella, at 4:35 pm  

Mate - on the mark. A wonderful post!

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 9:36 pm  

what a fabulous post Kathryn! your blog looks great too!

By Blogger Kt, at 11:09 am  

Holey moley...I have 31 of your posts to catch up on!!

I love this particular post on bravery and I think you have such an amazing way with words to get what you're saying across. I really appreciate having come across your blog and being exposed to ideas that make me think.

You're one hell of an amazing woman Kathryn. Thank you for sharing :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 12:36 pm  

A truly fabulous post, Kathryn.

I too loved the "farting in the elevator" line, lmao!!

By Blogger Lee, at 2:59 pm  

You know it....luv the new blog style, luv the pics and luv your is really motivating to read your thoughts Kath as I can sooooo empathise with them. Thanks for sharing - you really make me feel like I can do it.

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 4:25 pm  

Oh Kathryn - I absolutely love reading your posts - I have to agree with M on this one - you make me want to kill myself laughing at the honest truth of what you say but at the same time you talk about the reality we are all facing and this can sometimes be sad and a little bit hard. Nevertheless, we are all in this together. Glad you find such support in the blogger world - I find equal support too.

By Blogger littlegrover, at 5:37 pm  

What a great post Kathryn - you have such a great way with words and just putting it down in such a wonderfully easy readable way (I am sure all those words shouldn't be used together but they say what I want to say right now !)
I love the new look of your blog too.
Looking forward to meeting you next month - keep up the great job that you are doing !

By Blogger Me, at 7:39 pm  

What a great post!

Occasionally I read a post which I think to myself "I wish I wrote that" and this one is one of those posts!

So eloquently written. I love reading your thoughts :)

By Blogger Ails, at 11:32 pm  

What a wonderful eloquent post Kathryn. You write so well.

It takes a lot of courage to take a good hard look at yourself, and to change. I'd never really thought about it in those terms before. People use the words determined, controlled, inspiring, self-assured, confident, etc. when it comes to successful weight loss, but we need to add brave in there too. That's what it all comes down to.

Wishing you a great week as you get closer and closer to goal!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 11:46 am  

That was a fantastic post. You write so well. And you are dead on, changing your body and your life is more about bravery than simply exercising more.

If I could have bought a purple car, I would've. My choices were green or black.

By Blogger Kat, at 12:43 pm  

I feel that you have taken a tour of my inner most thoughts and put them onto paper. seriously, it feels like you just wrote this post about me!
Thanks! For getting all that out there! Its so easy to lose track of where we've come from and how far we've come.
You are seriously one of the bravest and insightful people I have ever met.

By Blogger Beee, at 4:57 pm  


No Weigh In

I decided not to weigh myself today because I'm sure my body contains kilograms of mucus and phlegm at the moment. Plus I've been up all night coughing and drinking water.

I can't sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours at the most. Then I wake up and cough and cough and cough. At 3.00 am, I woke up feeling like absolute shit. All I wanted was more sleep. And, if I couldn't sleep, I wanted a cigarette. I made do with a lozenge but I'm so sick of blackcurrant soothers. As soon as I put the lozenge in my mouth, I had a coughing fit and swallowed the thing whole! My head ached and I had period pains. Nobody has felt as much self pity as me at 3.00 am.

In the end, I went into the bathroom and steamed my head then slept for a few more hours. I wish these antibotics would start working.

I hope you feel better soon - this really seems to be taking it's time to go.
Get better soon and look after yourself - maybe you could spend the weekend in bed getting better !!

By Blogger Me, at 8:44 am  

Sorry to hear you're so under the weather. Definitely bed rest required! I hope you get better soon ;)

I love the photos in the posts below. It's fabulous to stop and marvel at just how far you have come. You look stunning.

By Blogger Els, at 9:21 am  

Poor thing! that sounds horrible, this isn't the same flu is it?

ps. you have come so far, and as always beautiful as ever! loved the updated pohtos, and loveeee the 20s look, so gangster chic heh

By Blogger Dee, at 11:43 am  

I do hope you are feeling much better soon! Poor girl!

Love the new photo!

By Blogger Slim Suzy, at 12:53 pm  

You poor darling!
Have you thought about using nicotine chewing gum while you're sick so you can go without cigarettes? (And I know that comment probably just opened us both up to abuse about giving up all together!)

By Blogger Sue, at 12:54 pm  

Holy crap woman - I just saw your before photo and needed to tell you you look freaking fantastic and should be so proud of yourself and how far you have come! What an inspiration you are!

Take care and hope you feel better soon. As bad as you feel make sure you rest so you can get rid of this thing!

By Blogger littlegrover, at 2:11 pm  

I hope you are going to spend this whole weekend in bed, with a good book and lots of chicken soup!!! Stay warm and just rest!!!
I hope the anti biotics kick in NOW!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:11 pm  



Before and After

I thought I'd post these two pictures together. One was taken about five years (the one on the left that is) and the other is the recent one that I posted a few days ago. It's good to remember myself how far I've come for those days I feel fat and miserable.

I had to come out of lurkdom for this.
You are stunning.
And you have done an absolutely amazing job.
You are simply AMAZING.

By Blogger Becky, at 3:48 am  

Wow! Congratulations for all that you've accomplished over the past 5 years. I know how much work it must have taken.

By Blogger Christina, at 5:06 am  

In both photos your personality still shines through!

By Blogger Sue, at 6:17 am  

WOW! You look great!

By Blogger Nicole (SummersComing), at 6:28 am  

Using the words of an old cliche "A picture (or two) say a milion words" - what an amazing difference - well done on what you have achieved !

By Blogger Me, at 8:45 am  

WOW!! I would be printing this out and putting it in my wallet to carry around. That way when you next get a case of the "oh crap I don't feel like going to the gym" you can whip this out and get all enthused again.

It is a sensational difference and you should be bloody proud of yourself. This didn't happen because you took a magic pill one night, you worked your butt off the old fashioned way. And your waist, and your bust, and your legs.....

Have a great weekend Kathryn, hope the med's kick in and you start feeling better x

By Blogger M, at 9:39 am  


Sheeesh, you have worked bloody hard.

By Blogger Beckie, at 10:55 am  

You look amazing, I love your new profile photo. Sorry to hear that you're not well. Hope you feel better soon. At least the weekend is nearly here.
Rest up and take care of yourself.

By Blogger Briony, at 12:50 pm  

HOLY SHIT WOMAN!!! You deserve a medal!!! *big hug*. I am so so so proud of you! See, all that hard work is so worth it!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:09 pm  

WOW! You look amazing!


By Blogger 123, at 7:32 am  

Look at you go! Simply amazing!

I LOVE the new look too - had to check I had come to the right blog there for a second.

By Blogger Ang, at 5:52 am  

Fantastic before & after! You have worked so hard and come so far. I am so proud of you. You are my poster girl!! Love your style too.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:37 pm  

You have come so far Kathryn - you should be very proud of all you have achieved!





By Blogger Ails, at 11:12 pm  


Sick Day

I had the day off sick today but then seemed to spend half my time running around so am very tired now. I went to the market and got my shopping done, which will save me having to battle the crowds on the weekend. I love going to the market midweek when it's quiet and calm. Now I'm stocked up on necessities plus I got a huge bunch of daffodils. I love daffodils, only$2 and they are so cheerful and sweet smelling. The best thing about them though is they remind you no matter how cold and miserable the weather, spring isn't far off. I need that right now.

Then this afternoon we went to see Pirates of the Carribean, figuring that movie rest is as good as bed rest. I now doubt this theory. I kept hoping the movie would end soon so I could get home, but at least Johnny Depp has medicinal properties.

Hope you feel better soon Kathryn.

Loved your photos too!

And I'm with you on Johnny Depp....great Eye Candy!

By Blogger Jaykay, at 8:47 pm  

(((hugs))) Hope you are feeling better soon Kathryn.


By Blogger 123, at 7:33 am  

I totally agree with you re Johnny Depp. Yum ;)

Get well soon Kathryn, bronchitis always suck :(

By Blogger Ails, at 11:09 pm  

Johnny Depp has medicinal qualities!! *laugh* Very true!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 11:47 am  




I'm blushing from all the compliments. I've got to admit, they are flattering photos and I don't look like that in real life. I wore my new dress to work today. I'm always torn when I buy something new that I love - I want to wear it straight away but I also don't want to use up all the magic. Today I couldn't resist. Normally I wear a singlet then a couple of long sleeved tee shirts with a jumper or cardigan over the top to work. It keeps me warm but sometimes I feel so frumpy and ungirlie. My lovely new dress is 30% wool and lined, so I wore it and stayed toasty warm without even turning my heater on.

This morning I went to the doctor. He said I have bronchitis and I need antibiotics, he also admited my duffel coat and told me about the one he had when he was young that he loved, but best of all, he said I should be back exercising by the weekend (just in time for the NRG run with the Ausrun girls!). All things going well, I can do my first solo run through of the program my PT created for me this weekend too. It's weird... when I first went to her, she was reluctant to give me a program because she prefered working with clients.. blah, blah, blah.. now she's got a promotion to another branch so giving me a program was no bother. Suits me fine and it's a good program - exercises that work multiple muscle groups plus my core so I get lots of bang for my buck with a short routine. I have one last session with her in a few weeks to refine things and ensure my form is right so it's all good. I'm going to be buff like Buffy.

Other good things include seeing the podiatrist and dietician soon. I have appointments set up and I will be picking their brains extensively. I haven't been tracking lately but think I'll go back to it so I can get show the dietician and get her to really fine tune things.

I can't wait till i feel comfortable in dresses and girly clothes :) Not long to go i'm sure!! I am very much a jeans kinda girl... oh well.
Glad you went to the doc, I hope you can rid yourself of this flu once and for all now!!

By Blogger Beee, at 10:47 pm  

It's wonderful being able to wear girly clothes! I don't think I commented yesterday (brain is turning to mush here!) but you look wonderful, just wonderful, in your new clothes. Glad to hear that the flu might finally be on it's way!

By Blogger Philippa, at 1:01 pm  

woohooo - great to hear you'll soon be on your feet.

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 1:30 pm  

Bronchitis is not a good thing but great that it has be diagnosed and you will be back to normal as soon as the meds kick its sorry butt back where it should be.

Yay on wearing the dress out. I have been eyeing a heap of the dresses at Portmans lately and think one will be on the shopping list next pay. Are you a member of e-port? On their site you can register and get a gift voucher and 15% discount card. I am waiting for mine to be delivered.

Sorry - got sidetracked - you still look hot!! :D

By Blogger M, at 2:53 pm  




This is the dress. I look so saintly... dunno how that happened.

With my sister's fur stole. I think I look kinda 20s girl in this one.

And this is more the real me.

Hot to trot! Where are you taking it? That dress (and the gal in it) deserve a night out.

By Blogger CaramelKitKat, at 12:15 am  

Feeling hot, hot, hot? You look amaaaaazing. Check those cheekbones! I love it!

You have come so far. No wonder people didn't recognise you at the party last the other week.

Well done!

By Blogger Lainey, at 1:58 am  

How cute are you????


By Blogger snackiepoo, at 2:54 am  

supahot. and i love your style, sassy and 20s and i love your hair too :)

By Blogger Shauna, at 3:28 am  

Absobloodylutely drop dead gorgeous!

By Blogger Sue, at 6:29 am  

You look fantastic!!

By Blogger 123, at 8:18 am  

What a fantastic dress! If I lived near that clothes shop, I swear my Visa card would never forgive me.

By Blogger another sarah ..., at 9:12 am  

love the photo's - you look like a model!!

By Blogger Leighanne, at 9:48 am  

You are looking gorgous!!

** hot stuff ;)

By Blogger Ang, at 10:53 am  

*wolf whistles*

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:31 am  


By Blogger Silverella, at 3:44 pm  

wow i love it! You look stunning girl!!! The stole really finishes it off perfectly too!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:02 pm  

You are gorgeous young lady!!!

By Blogger Miss Slimmer Palooza, at 4:24 pm  

Hey hot stuff, that shop is going to make you incredibly well dressed and possibly broke!!!

Very cool choice!

By Blogger littlegrover, at 6:12 pm  

I love it - you look fantastic.

By Blogger linda, at 6:21 pm  

wow, 1920s girl really does suit u :) u look great, check out the collarbones on u!

By Blogger Kt, at 7:22 pm  

You are a crack up. What a great outfit. And those cheekbones, and slim arms. WOW - you are sensational :)

By Blogger M, at 2:50 pm  

Sexy, gorgeous, hot damn woman...Foxy Lady! *wolf whistles*

By Blogger Mary, at 12:38 pm  

What a great series of photos - you look phenomenal :) *wolf whistles*

By Blogger Ails, at 10:56 pm  


Meet Up

I plan to be there if I'm not infectious!


Shit you're quick!

I cam over to say "Sorry to hear you arent well" followed by a "GET WELL SOON! I wanna meet you!"

Thanks for posting my button.

By Blogger Beckie, at 10:43 pm  

Cam = came for you non-dyslexic readers.

By Blogger Beckie, at 10:43 pm  



I'm so turning into one of those old ladies like my Nan. You know the type - the ones you are to scared to say "how are ya..." to because you know they'll tell you, for hours and hours.

But tonight I'm feeling rather chipper! I had an awful arvo: I wanted to leave real early, like after lunch but things got dragged out and I finally got away at 4.00 hoping for some nice bed rest but it wasn't to be thanks to those pusculating genitalia heads that run our public transport system. I catch the tram near the museum, just on the outskirts of the city. So I waited and the first tram was packed to the rafters. You couldn't have fit a dust mote on there, let alone me. So I thought no worries, the next one will be better.

Four very sardine-filled trams later, I cracked. I thought of walking into the city and catching the train home then realised if the trains were running, the trams wouldn't be so packed. Normally I'd think nothing of walking home but today, with my battered lungs and my work shoes on, it was the last thing I wanted to do.

After another couple of trams went passed without stopping, I realised things were only going to get worse. It was nearly peak hour. I started walking then clever worked out I could catch the Brunswick St tram. Still a bit of a walk home, but not nearly so far.

As I passed the train station near home, they were putting an announcement over - the trains weren't stopping between Clifton Hill and Jolimont. For those of you without an intimate knowledge of the Epping and Hurstbridge lines, what that means is I could have caught the train home and it would have actually been an express! IF one of those lousy tram drivers had bothered telling us.

I hate public transport.

But this was meant to be about why I'm chipper. See after I got home, I went to my favourite neighbourhood clothing store and picked up my sexy black dress off layby. Woohoo! Pictures to come. And, since I've been eyeing off these cute little cherry tops for the past few weeks, tried one on. They didn't have a 14 so I tried a 12, thinking it would be too small but would fit by spring. But it fits now. And that rocks. I mean it probably would have looked a lot better had I not taken my bra off when I got home from work but I'm prepared to make the leap of faith that bra will only improve matters.

I think the top needs a red pencil skirt though. And some sexy red heels. Oh and there was the most divine 30s style tea dress with roses. That shop is going to be the death of my budget.

Btw, this is the first time I've ever had a LBD. I've had many a black dress before, but at size 24-26, you could hardly call them little!

Oh Kathryn - I grew up without a car so I can only tell you how much I understand your love (note, sarcasm) of public transport. I guess there is a silver lining in every cloud though, the outfit sounds gorgeous - I hope you are going to wear one of these numbers to the sydney's bloggers dinner

By Blogger littlegrover, at 7:54 pm  

I think I need to visit this shop, you make it sound divine. Congrats on the sz 12 top. Hope you are feeling better soon.

By Blogger michelle, at 9:36 pm  

Oooh yeah, I remember those evil public transport days. Its even worse in London... But here in Sunny SA we our excuse for public transport isn't even worth talking about so I have my trusty (or not so trusty at the moment) car to get me from a - b. yay!
I can't wait to see pics of your new dress!! hurry hurry

By Blogger Beee, at 9:41 pm  

I'm with you on the LBD mine have always been BBD too!

I love the style you are into. Ive said it before, it's very Betty Page.

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:03 pm  

Oh I can't wait to fit into my LBD (from when I was 17!)

Congrats on the size 12 top!


By Blogger 123, at 8:17 am  

YAAYYYYYYYYYYY on the size 12 top that fits you now - good for you !
I have never had a LBD - probably because I have nowhere to wear it too !!!! Maybe I should invest in one and then we would have to go somewhere so that I could wear it !
Thank goodness I don't have to rely on public transport - I think I would have lost it a long time before you did.
Take care and have a great week !

By Blogger Me, at 8:30 am  

How exciting to have a LBD - it's been 6 years since I've worn one, so I totally understand how great this is for you! And to fit in a size 12 top is great! You'll have to tell us where this shop is, all the clothes you describe sound wonderful!

By Blogger Ails, at 11:03 pm  


My Ongoing Saga of Illness

I have bronchitis now, I'm pretty sure. Woohoo, that means I can take antibotics and get better. That is my plan anyway. In the meantime, I can't smoke and that makes me grouchy. And I can't go to the gym. That makes me grouchy too. Plus I had to come to work today. Cos I have responsibilities and .... well okay, I had to come in because I don't fax off my timesheet today, I don't get paid.

I think you might be worth staying away from!

By Blogger Sue, at 2:47 pm  

I know you are going to hate me for this, but did you ever think that maybe the smoking is the cause of you getting sick so often?
When I used to smoke, I got sick all the time and it always ended up in my lungs. It was horrible!!

Do you get a product there called "Viral Choice"? Its an immune system suppliment that works wonders!!!

You need rest!!! feel better soon!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:31 pm  

Hey don't worry honey, i'll chuck down a couple of extra ciggies for you! haha
Have to get a few extra in anyway, i'm thinking about giving up for my 40th!! Yikes.

By Blogger Briony, at 5:58 pm  



Celebrity Slimdowns

Usually I have no interest in the goings on of celebrities - I've got enough shit to deal with in my own life without worrying about Paris Hilton or Victoria Spice Girl or some other airhead - but today my sister and I got sucked into watching Celebrity Slimdowns on cable. I can only blame my raging fever.

The thing that struck us both was that, with the possible exception of Oprah Winfrey, every single one of them looked better before. They showed Jennifer Aniston early on in Friends. She was a good looking girl. Jennifer Aniston now - a bag of bones in a designer dress. Same with Geri Halliwell and the chick that plays Sammi on Days of our Lives.

I remember reading something that said the reason for the trend towards skinniness was because most fashion dictators are gay men. They are attracted to body shapes that resemble young boys. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but I'd say the fashion dictators today are more like necrophiliacs - they are attracted to cadavers. I watched the Corpse Bride the other night and she looked better than most of these stars.

Does anyone really find that look attractive? When you look at the woman in Hollywood with realistic bodies, stars like Kate Winslet and Rose McGowan, now they are really hot.

Even the 'normal' healthy looking celebs are skinny - it's not natural to have to work THAT hard to keep yourself THAT thin. Tab (do they still make that stuff??) and laxatives (well you know about THEM now don't you!!) can't be a good diet.

By Blogger Briony, at 9:32 pm  

How funny - I was just watching an 'E' special on the 25 most sexiest people and Jess Simpson was one of them because of her gorgeous curves and 'real' body. Obviously an old show.. If TV is meant to add 10 kilos how skinny do they look in real life?? Hope your cold goes away fast.

By Blogger linda, at 10:21 pm  

I was just lamenting the fact that Kate Bosworth has fallen victim to the trend. She looked so good in Blue Crush with a nice healthy body, but now all her bones are showing. Not a good look on anyone.

By Blogger totegirl, at 12:29 am  

'Celeb skinny' is not attractive, healthy or appealing in my eyes.

By Blogger 123, at 7:25 am  

I have to agree - the skin and bones look doesn't appeal to me at all. Actually I don't know any guys who it appeals to either !
Good luck with getting rid of your cold - you really have had a bad run with your health lately - take care and look after yourself !

By Blogger Me, at 8:38 am  


How the hell would want to look THAT thin? I was looking a pic of one of the Nicole and she looked like an OLD lady all boney and yuck!

By Blogger Ang, at 12:48 pm  

I couldn't agree more!! I don't want to be skinny and gross like that at all. I like curves!!! I WANT curves!!! And who wants to have to live like that? I like food!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 4:27 pm  


Eating Issues

I've been doing some thinking about my pig out on the weekend, wondering why I do these kinds of things and have really started to work out some of the issues I have towards food.

When I was growing up, my family had a real feast or famine attitude. When dad got paid, we'd have treats aplenty but then things would get sparser and sparser through the month until eating anything non-essential - a slice of bread after school, some leftovers from the fridge - would be a major issue.

To make things worse, my dad was a contractor working for small businesses so he always had issues about getting paid. There was no regular date when payslip would appear. Sometimes he'd have to wait a week or more after the due date to get his money. I remember being dragged along to his boss's house on weekends when dad would go to pick up his pay and not being sure why. Looking back now, I think it was because having the kids along (and more than likely whinging about being bored and wanting to go home) made the bossman more willing to pay up.

When we did have treats as kids, it was all about getting in there first and getting what you could. A fight for survival. If Mum baked a cake or bought a packet of biscuits, you had to be ready to jump in before it was all gone. If you were doing something else, maybe engrossed in a book or drawing or taking a nap, then you missed out. I'm sure in some way, it was to make Mum's stuff more important than anything else that was going on. Drop everything, grab as much as you can, or tough shit - you miss out.

Of course, it's all fine to analyse this stuff and work out WHY you do things, but the more important step is work out HOW to change. I think the lesson I have to learn is that I'm in charge of my food. If I cook treats, they aren't going anywhere. I don't have eat everything at once, I can save some for later and be confident it will be there when I want it.


My cold is back. Why does this keep happening to me? I'm cursed. I've taken today off work and I'm trying to sweat it out because I need to get back to the gym. It's less than 6 weeks to the City to Surf and I'm panicking about the meagre amount of training I've done. The longest run I've done lately is 6 km.

I think you rock!

I think you have done so much in changing your attitude towards food, I think you are a concious gym rat now, and you still work on your outlook on food in a way that makes me really drop my jae at times.

Dont look at the one un-perfect tree mate. Look at the gorgeous forrest. You have made it happen!

By Blogger Silverella, at 3:03 pm  

Go you gorgous forest you !

Bummer about the cold! you have been sick for ages.... hmmmm time for some more vitamins?

By Blogger Ang, at 4:12 pm  

I've been thinking about the same thing lately. I posted about it on my blog. I think our childhoods had a lot in common. Feast or famine--and so I was always in famine mode, injesting every calorie available just in case. I hope that over time, showing ourselves over and over that we are not going to starve, no one is taking our food away, will let us really believe that. Which could change everything, right?

I agree with rock!

By Blogger Shaunta, at 4:14 pm  

aww hope u feel better again soon, i know that cold super annoyed u last time!

By Blogger Kt, at 5:25 pm  

Hey Kathryn - so glad you shared that with us - it has really made me realise that every reaction we have can be attributed to something. I think the fact you have acknowledged this is the first step in overcoming it. I am not quite brave enough to put down why I think I use food as my crutch but I guess the first step is that I am thinking about it.

Damn that pesky cold - Don't be stressing about the C2S - the fact that you are just going in it is important

Get better soon xxx

By Blogger littlegrover, at 6:21 pm  

Funny thing is that a similar thing happened to me yesterday. I was eating lunch at my moms house and we had leftover peri peri chicken (which is my favourite) and I got into the whole mindseat that I had to eat really fast so I couldn't have 2nds before everyone else finished it. I didn't even want 2nds!! I was full!!! Its terrible. I know I do this almost every time I eat at my parents house, its ingrained but I just have to change it somehow.

You've come so far and you are doing fine. A slip up now and then is okay and you must not beat yourself up for it.

I hope you get rid of this cold very soon!!!

By Blogger Beee, at 6:30 pm  

Hope you are feeling better soon (((hugs)))

By Blogger 123, at 7:28 am  

drown yourself in vit c and echinacea and rest!!! Or you will stretch a 2 week cold out into a 6 week cold and you;ll be too sick to even get to sydney.

BTW are you sure if you cook yourself treats they'd still be there? I mean your housemates stole your teatowel!LOL

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 7:42 pm  

I was discussing the cold thing with a friend last night.

My sickness (flu wise)has dropped dramatically (up to 85% less) since I gave up smoking.

I usually get flu symptoms now the day after going to a really smoky pub.

It'll be interesting to see what happens this time next year once you've given up too if that is what it is.

By Blogger Beckie, at 10:55 pm  

Re: childhood eating issues.

This was a very revelaing post. I completely understand where you were coming from.

In later teenage years, if my dad went away speedway racing for the weekend, my mum used to get movies, chocolate, lollies galore and takeaway food.

I learnt to associate the only time my mum was cuddly and happy was when she was like this. I like to recreate that feeling when I feel like Im not loved. Insane huh?

I never told her.

By Blogger Beckie, at 11:01 pm  




I got up this morning and got on the scales - stupid, I know - and I'd put on A LOT of weight. So, of course, I feel into a big funk thinking I'd ruined everything. Then I had stupid thoughts: I'd spend today eating nothing and exercise myself into oblivion. That is so not the way to do things.

When I'd settled down, I talked some sense into myself. Realistically, I'd only gone over my usual calories by about 1,000 or so. Okay maybe 1,500. There is no way that would add a hefty 3 kgs onto my weight. I mean, if went to the gym and did 1,000 calories worth of exercise, I wouldn't suddenly lose 3 kgs.

I think a lot of the gain is water retention. I ate way more carbos than normal yesterday (not that I do the low carb thing at all) and carbs hold water. Plus salty food.

Then I worked out my calender. Woohoo, I'm surely in the PMT zone. I've never been happier about an approaching period. Well maybe a few times when I was young and foolish and careless.

I can recover from this. Often when I think about making this being for life, I see it as being HEALTHY every single day forever, but then I realised I could look at it the other way around. Not that I can be piggy for the rest of my life, but that one day of stupid eating is not so dramatic in the broader scheme of things. It's a delay not a derailment.

You are correct about salty foods and carbs, i'm always heavier the next day if I have eaten these things. I'm sure you'll see a difference tomorrow. Like you said one day of bad eating can't make you put on 3kg, I bet what you ate didn't even weigh that much. Well maybe !!! LOL. Just kidding.

By Blogger Briony, at 3:20 pm  

Glad you sorted through that 3 kilo gain and worked out all the reasons. I don't think it was stupid to go on the scales this morning.You knew you had "stuffed" up a bit yesterday and if you hadn't gone on and saw the dreaded number you may not have reigned yourself in and had a good day today to make up. The scales can be our enemy but they can also be a good friend and help us a long.
You are doing so well and are now so close - you are going to get there very soon. You are such a prolific poster, it's great to get such regular updates. I am in awe of your running acheievements, you are amazing!!

By Blogger Lesley, at 4:58 pm  

1 day isn't even a derailment babe - life is like that sometimes in fact you just boosted your metabolism by having that binge - now make good use of the spike :p

By Blogger Jadey 0:-), at 5:41 pm  

One day of overeating won't undo all your hard work darl. Do what you know works, pull the reigns in and you'll be fine.

PS: "Vogue" was playing on the sound system at the train station this morning. Thought of you!!

By Blogger Philippa, at 9:57 am  

Hi there...pleased to see you didn't let the scales get you down...I think sometimes I tend to let my emotions run away full steam after a scale reading instead of taking it in my stride and thinking about what's been happening or will be happening...good on you for a positive attitude. have a great

By Blogger LeisaB NewMe, at 2:29 pm  




I haven't stopped eating today. It's like some kind of wacked out sabotage. What am I doing?

I decided this morning to cook up some stuff for the freezer - little quiches and muffins plus a pot of soup. Then I didn't have anything to put them in so I thought I'd get some gladwrap later. But I didn't. I ate them all. The little quiches weren't so bad - I used bread cases instead of pastry but the muffins, even if they are low fat. Not good. Not good at all. I'm not buying those low fat muffin mixes again. They are the path to bad things.

I have had to completely stop bringing things into my house that I may eat like that. It sucks that I don't have the willpower to have baked Doritos in my home and just have my standard 15 chips with lunch ...noooo, I can eat the whole bag.

Sorry you had a run in with that evil evil mini quiche bastard ;)

By Blogger snackiepoo, at 7:09 am  

What's doing? You're so close to 70kg. Cut it out missie! haha. Maybe buy the glad wrap in advance next time! Have a great muffin and quiche free day today!

By Blogger Briony, at 8:20 am  

i agree, buy the glad wrap in advance next time :)
never mind, its only one day!

By Blogger Kt, at 3:00 pm  



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